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What is Progressive Blackjack?

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Do you know that Blackjack game can also have a progressive jackpot prize? Slot machines are very known for their progressive prizes, but only a few know that it is also possible on Blackjack tables. Players who love to play this popular card game also known as 21 can also play the progressive jackpot version. But... What is Progressive Blackjack? How to play Progressive Blackjack? Let's find out in this blog post.

With a lot of enthusiasts around the globe, both land-based and online casinos are offering different versions of Blackjack games.

You have the popular Blackjack Switch, Blackjack Surrender, VIP Blackjack, and many more. Today, you can also play live Blackjack directly from a real casino studio without leaving your home.

There are a lot of possibilities for the fans of this classic card game and Progressive Blackjack is a version that is taking the attention of all players.

Basically, you can play the classic Blackjack game with a chance to win a progressive jackpot prize. Sure, if you want, you can place a small side bet to enter the run for the progressive prize. Progressive Blackjack game is available to play online or at Las Vegas casinos.

Click here to play our Progressive Blackjack free game
Progressive Blackjack free game

How to play Progressive Blackjack?

The good news is that you can play the Progressive Blackjack game just like you play the traditional twenty-one game.

The rules are exactly the same on the base game and details of the number of decks (total number of cards) may vary from casino to casino. You can read more technical information below. All technical specifications can be found directly at the casino you are playing, or in the game rules at online casinos.

You place your regular bet for your hand and you can decide whether or not to participate in the jackpot.

Side bet for the Jackpot

If you want to play and also have the chance to the progressive jackpot, you can place a side bet to enter.

A side bet is a small bet you place beside your main bet.

For example, if you place a bet of $50 per hand, you can place a side-bet of $1 to play the Progressive Blackjack game and have the chance of winning the pot.

Progressive Blackjack free game

Notice above my bet of $10 the switch I need to turn on, to opt-in the jackpot game

You can also sit in a Progressive Blackjack table or play Progressive Blackjack online without paying the side bet, then you will be playing only the regular game and you won't be eligible to hit the jackpot.

You can also place the side bet in some hands you want, not during your entire gameplay session. You can play Progressive Blackjack game multi-hand which allows you to play several hands simultaneously and also place a side bet for each hand to enter the progressive jackpot game.

At online casinos, on top of your main betting area, there is a small button (see image above) you must turn on if you want to play for the progressive jackpot. When you turn this button on, a small side bet will be placed automatically. This procedure can be done on each hand you are playing, if you are playing multi-hand blackjack game at online casinos.

How to win on Progressive Blackjack?

Progressive Blackjack is all about the Aces card.

When you play Progressive Blackjack and place the side bet to have the chance to win the jackpot, your main goal is to get as much Aces card as possible.

The Aces is the card that can pay you the entire progressive pot or award you up to 5,000X your wager.

The payout will vary accordingly to the quality of the Aces you have.

For example, suited Aces will pay more than unsuited Aces. We can analyze the progressive payout table for the Progressive Blackjack game developed by Playtech, as an example of how much you can win:

  • 4 Suited Aces: win the jackpot;

  • 3 Suited Aces: 5,000 times you wager;

  • 4 Unsuited Aces: 2,500 times you wager;

  • 3 Unsuited Aces: 250 times you wager;

  • 2 Suited Aces: 100 times you wager;

  • 2 Unsuited Aces: 50 times you wager;

  • 1 Ace: 50 times you wager;

  • Progressive Blackjack free game

    Opting to participate the progressive jackpot will add more action on your gameplay.

    This is just an example for you to have an idea of how much you can win playing Progressive Blackjack at online casinos.

    In this case, I listed the payout table from a Playtech game which can be different from other providers.

    Anyway, playing at online casinos or at Las Vegas casinos will give you different versions of the game. The only thing you really need to know in this Blackjack version is that you can decide whether or not you want to place a side bet to have a chance to win the progressive prize (entirely or a share of it).

    If you like to play Blackjack online, you will enjoy this version just like another huge success here at - Blackjack Switch.

    Progressive Blackjack free game

    Unfortunately, you cannot play the full version of the game on free-play (demo version) as the casino requires you to play Progressive Blackjack with real money.

    You can enter the Progressive Blackjack game on free play mode and test the limited version of the game.

    To activate the side bet, you must be playing with real cash. However, you can play this free game to see how the table looks like and get familiarized with the gameplay.

    Click here to play our Progressive Blackjack free game
    Progressive Blackjack free game

    Where to play Progressive Blackjack?

    Our top online casinos listed in our casino ranking are offering different versions of this Blackjack game and you will be able to play with real cash on your mobile, tablet, or PC.

    No download is required as the game will run instantly on any browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and more). To help you to find the best online casinos to play the Progressive Blackjack game, you can enter the free-play version and check below the game my top #5 online casinos.

    As you can see, these casinos are highly recommended for real cash games because they are very solid, with an excellent reputation, online for many years, and very well established in the igaming market. All casinos have a legal license in Malta or United Kingdom and you will have different versions of Blackjack games, including Progressive Blackjack. So, yes... I can easily say that those are the best casinos to play Blackjack.

    Blackjack odds

    As you may know, the payouts are usually 3:2 for natural 21 and 1:1 for other combinations that sum 21 which makes a lot of players complain about the gaming odds.

    Normally, the games are played with 5 decks of 52 cards that are placed in a card shoe. The 5 decks are shuffled after each hand played.

    In this context, the player could be submitted to predatory odds when entering the progressive jackpot game. You cannot play multi-hand in this version of the game. For a better house edge, you must pick games with a higher jackpot (150k, 200k) which is very difficult to find. Your side bet will contribute to the current and the next jackpot. That's why the jackpots started from a considerable amount.

    What is Progressive Blackjack?

    Progressive Blackjack FAQs

    What is progressive blackjack?

    Progressive Blackjack is a regular 21 game that allows the player to opt-in to a side game which is getting Aces to win extra money prizes or the entire jackpot pool. Players must place a side-bet to also have the chance to win the jackpot

    Is there a progressive blackjack mobile game?

    The Progressive Blackjack is developed in html5 so you can play on all mobile devices, desktop computers, laptops and tablets using any platform (iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows). The graphics and playability is exactly on the same high-quality on all devices.

    Can I play Progressive Blackjack for free?

    No, the Progressive Blackjack game is only available to play with real money. There is a free version here at but the jackpot is not eligible in the demo mode. You can play the regular version to stay familiar with the table before to deposit and play with real cash.

    What is the Progressive Blackjack slot max win?

    It depends on how much the progressive jackpot is. Each $1 players paid to participate will contribute to increase the jackpot. Normally, the prize is around $100,000. Players can also get up to 5,000 their stake depending the combination of Aces on their hands.

    What is the Progressive Blackjack RTP %?

    A standard Progressive Blackjack game have a return around 56% depending on the rules of each game.

    Where can I play Progressive Blackjack for free?

    You can play a free version of Progressive Blackjack here at and also by visiting our recommended online casinos. You can get bonuese and freebies to start playing online.


    This is another great version of Blackjack game to play online at trusted online casinos or at Las Vegas casinos. Unfortunately, I don't know any online casino offering Progressive Blackjack with live dealers but you can for sure play the online version of the game.

    So, if you want to play live Blackjack in USA you probably won't find any option with this version of 21. On the other hand, with the online version, you can easily find good options. Progressive Blackjack is all about the Ace cards - the more and the better combination of Aces, the more you can win. I'd say this is a very interesting version of 21 table game that can add you an extra thrill, especially when you qualify to win a share of the progressive jackpot.

    On the other hand, I must advise you that the odds could not be the best, especially if you are playing with tables with a lower jackpot value. If you are not comfortable playing with a ridiculous house-edge, go ahead and give a try. Otherwise, I'd stay with the classic live Blackjack with real dealers which will put you better house edges. Have fun!

    Last update: 29 April 2020

    Author: Alex Ramos

    Alex Ramos

    Author Bio: Alex Ramos is a casino specialist that reviews online gambling sites and games. A professional and independent blogger not linked to any casino corporate media or association. Alex dedicates its career for online casinos and online entertainment. He is graduated in Computing Science and is working in the online gambling industry since 1997.

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