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VIP High Limit Club - Online Casinos

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High limit online casino games offer you the same VIP benefits of casinos in Las Vegas, UK, or Monaco. High rollers can play high limit slots, live Roulette, live Blackjack, and other games directly from a real casino to have exclusive limits, personal support, higher bonuses and other rewards such as free cash, gifts, VIP events, travel and more.

VIP High Roller Casino Deals
  • Higher Bonuses;
  • VIP Casino Bonus;
  • Free Spins & Free Cash;
  • Dedicated VIP Casino Host;
  • Exclusive Tournaments & Races;
  • Luxury travel to premium destinations;
  • Premium Tickets for Sports and Concerts.
  • VIP High Roller Casino Deals

    Luxury Casino
    Luxury Casino - $1,000 Bonus
    Play now!

    Access the High Limit Lounge dashboard
    VIP High Roller Casino Deals

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  • About
  • Table Games
  • Top High Roller Casinos
  • VIP Casino Player
  • Benefits of a VIP Casino Player
  • How to choose a High Stakes Casino?
  • High Limit Blackjack for High Rollers
  • High Stakes Blackjack at Online Casinos
  • High Limit Online Gambling
  • Land Casinos Merging Online
  • USA High Roller Casinos
  • High Roller Bonuses

  • About

    Casinobillionaire is specialized in exclusive deals for high roller casino players. If you are a VIP at another casino contact-me and I will work to get you many more.

    I will negotiate the best deals for high limits betting and you will receive much better comps and rewards. is home for VIP casino players.

    Play high limit slots, Blackjack, Roulette, or any other game and enjoy VIP casino bonus and many other perks that only high stakes players can get.

    You will get the most of your casino experience at and its VIP casino hosts associated with the best online gambling sites.

    VIP High Limit Casino Room
    Luxury Casino

    Luxury Casino is the right place for serious punters. If you are interested in high limit gambling, Luxury Casino can cover any bet limit from 1c to 25,000 and that`s why this casino has over 10 million players. Some maximum bets are : Blackjack - $10,000 ; Roulette : American Roulette $50 inside bets/$400 outside bets ; Video Poker $125 ; Slots $500... Play a huge selection of high limit slots including multi-million progressive jackpots.

    VIP Casino Room - high limit gaming
    VIP High Limit Casino Room

    VIP Casino Player - Benefits

    To be triggered as a VIP player at any casino, you have to reach different standards requested by casinos offering a VIP program. Normally, high rollers are determined by higher deposits and regular basis wagering.

    Online casinos offer attractive VIP programs for different games: live Roulette, live Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, high limit Slots and Video Poker.

    High Roller programs are offered by most of the online casinos to reward regular/loyal players and high stakes gamblers.

    If you play in high limits, I can help you to get the best benefits and rewards for playing your favorite casino games. VIP players will get exclusive perks like:

    What you will get

  • VIP Casino Bonuses;
  • Higher payout limits;
  • Personal VIP Casino host;
  • Special and Unique Gifts & Activities;
  • Invited only premium tickets for sports and concerts;
  • Exclusive rewards: VIP events, extra cash, extra bonuses, Luxury Gifts, Travel, and more.

  • How to become a VIP Casino player?

    The VIP service is only available by invitation and you can enter through your frequent play or your high-stakes betting. The key to receiving a VIP invitation is to play on tables on a regular basis.

    If you play high-limit slots or table games at any other online casino and want more benefits, contact me and I will send you a personal agreement based on your gameplay. I deal directly with casino VIP hosts to get the best deals for my readers/players.

    High Limit Lounge

    As a VIP customer you will have exclusive BENEFITS and the highest limits. To start and test the games, wager 20 and get 20 free. The betting limits can range as high as you want (from $// 3 to $// 80,000).

    Live Dealers 24/7 - HD streaming from a real casino studio;
    Your VIP Casino Host - Pitboss team services via Live Video Chat;
    High roller tables for Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Casino Hold`em, Three Card Poker with higher cash bonuses;
    Top class hospitality VIP event invites;
    Limits from $// 3 to $// 80,000

    VIP Casino Room - high limit gaming
    VIP Casino Room - high limit gaming

    Table Games

    High Limit Slots

    Table games are another good possibility of high-stakes gambling. Most of the online casinos have real dealers streaming table games from real land-based casinos or dedicated studios. You can play live Roulette, live Blackjack, and Baccarat with the highest limits.

    Depending on the casino you are playing, a VIP deal can allow you to play up to $200,000 per hand. You will be playing in a real casino on the internet.

    The live casino games are streamed in high-definition from a casino studio or a real land-based casino and can be played on mobile devices or PC.

    Could you ever imagine playing a real casino that is streamed to your mobile? Now it is possible. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need a better deal for your high-limit betting on tables.

    VIP Casino Room - high limit gaming

    Top High Roller Casinos

    Below you can check a selection of premium online casinos to lay with high limits. On top of the casinos part of our VIP lounge dashboard, you can enjoy other trusted gambling sites to have fun.

    Check below a list of trustworthy casinos that supports high limit gambling online. All casinos are very well established and well funded, online for many years.

    Slotland Casino
    Slotland Mobile Casino

    If you like to play online slots in high limits, and do it every day for hours and hours, nothing better than find an online casino to reward your deposits giving you extra bonuses and all deserved VIP treatment. Slotland Casino doesn`t charge deposits fees and welcome new players with a $1000 welcome bonus package. You will instantly play a variety of online slots with high quality (no download necessary).

    All online slots players will receive also $100 free when your deposits sum $1,000 and multiples. ( $1,000 ; $2,000 ; $3,000 etc ). Slotland VIP CLUB award loyal casino players with extra bonuses and also an exclusive newsletter containing the most generous slot bonuses.

    If you play high limits online slots, Slotland Casino offers everything you need to be a winner and begin your spins with huge bonuses and extra money. Slotland is very recommended to play high limit slots as the casino has a very interesting VIP scheme and benifits of exclusive bonus for higher deposits.

    Mansion Casino
    Mansion Casino High Roller VIP

    Mansion Casino has a very well structured VIP program providing its clients the exclusive bonuses and invitations in a club especially developed for loyal players offering:
  • Personal VIP Casino host
  • Customized promotions
  • Special gifts for special dates
  • Invitation for VIP events
  • Higher limits for deposits, bets and withdrawals

  • VIP High Limit Casino Room
    Saint Vincent Resort Casino Italy - live roulette online
    Totally innovative: Play roulette live from Saint Vincent Resort alongside real players and guests !
    VIP High Limit Casino Room

    VIP Casino Player

    When you start playing at any online casino, all your deposits and bets are recorded and just like a Casino in Las Vegas, if your deposits and wagers are a little bit higher than the average players, your name will be eligible to VIP status and a VIP casino host will contact you to send you a personal invitation.

    Players can be invited to a VIP program for different reasons: by betting $50 /hand; by depositing $1,000 or $10,000 or even being frequent on tables or on slot machines.

    It is exactly the same situation of many high limit Las Vegas casinos: if you bet or deposit above the average of other players, you will get an invitation to access the Casino VIP program.

    Benefits of a VIP Casino Player

    As a high roller casino player, you will access exclusive benefits. Starting with bonuses: you will have higher and frequent bonuses, also called as "high roller bonus". Some casinos offer you bonuses on every single deposit.

    VIP players can receive free casino money regularly and a big rebate on losses. You should receive exclusive invitations for VIP events or a complimentary trip to a luxury resort.

    As mentioned above, the benefits are exactly the same as all Las Vegas casinos because you are a VIP!

    How to choose a High Stakes Casino?

    The strategy to choose a high stakes casino is the same used for other online gambling websites. As high rollers spend a larger sum of money, we need to recommend accredited online casinos to guarantee both safety and fast payouts.

    High limit tables attract serious and professional gamblers looking for winning more money using their large bankrolls. We carefully select a different casino for each situation.

    Some advantages of being a Premium Casino Player at online casinos are the exclusive services and treatment these players receive including 24/7 support, huge bonuses, free gifts, special offers, and membership in the VIP clubs, and more.

    Here in this page, you will find a complete guide to high limit casinos for high stakes gamblers, comparing high limit casino games and high roller bonuses for our accredited online gambling sites.

    So, it's not an easy task to find an accredited online casino offering high stakes games with high roller bonuses among other factors such as the limit you want to stake, payout percentage, security, user-friendly, wager requirements and etc.

    High roller players usually spend more time on Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and high limit slots, but there are other games to bet on high stakes: Dream Catcher, Wheel of Fortune, and more.

    Our high roller casino list is updated every week and you will find the most up-to-date information for high stake casino games, game limits, huge bonuses, and promotions. VIP casino gamblers will find a comprehensive list of high stakes online casinos with its VIP Clubs explained.

    Luxury Casino VIP

    High Limit Blackjack for High Rollers

    The luxurious limousine with Dom Perignon bottles that takes the VIP blackjack player at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas will take him to his Penthouse which is not an exclusivity of casino players in Las Vegas anymore.

    High roller players playing high limit Blackjack at online casinos are also experiencing the VIP side of it, enjoying travels, dinners, sports events and many more.

    Blackjack at online casinos is practically the same as playing Blackjack in Las Vegas. You will be qualified as a VIP casino player and will start getting a lot of benefits.

    You will have your dedicated VIP casino host ready for you, higher limits at Blackjack tables, bigger bonuses, and exclusive promotions.

    Online Blackjack games are now the same as all Las Vegas blackjack tables. You can play live Blackjack with real dealers from a brick and mortar casino or a dedicated casino studio to stream the game for players worldwide.

    Online casinos are even better than Vegas casinos for the simple reason of the cost of operation. You will get much better comps and perks at online casinos today because of the margin available to comp high limit Blackjack players.

    High Stakes Blackjack at Online Casinos

    Online Blackjack became much more popular in the last years. For some time, most of the casino players were visiting online casinos to play slots and it seems most of the online casinos are only advertising slots as the main attraction.

    But, they forgot that a huge and growing number of Blackjack players are now merging to play live Blackjack at online casinos because it is the same thing as play in Las Vegas casinos.

    There is no difference at all. You don't need to travel and face all the hurdles of waiting times, crowded airports, to play Blackjack tables anymore.

    And that's why high rollers are also merging to online casinos. Online casinos can give you a better quality of promotions and also setup the limits you want for your gameplay.

    Your comps will be even better for playing online. In the early days, Las Vegas casinos were offering a lot of benefits for high stakes players.

    Today the thing is completely different. With a lack of time and huge waiting for flights and road trips, most of the Las Vegas high rollers are now playing online.

    Most people think you only can play Blackjack online with lower limits, betting $5, $10, or $50 per hand. Sure, you can find online Blackjack tables offering $1 games, but you will also find Blackjack tables with $10,000 / hand.

    In the image above, you can see that you can play Blackjack online betting from 0.50 to $5,000 per hand. There are online casinos offering much higher limits going beyond the $10 grand per hand.

    If you are a VIP casino player, you can get the same status in an online casino.

    You can ask your casino host for higher limits and if you want to bet $50 thou', $100 grand per hand, you will get a customized live Blackjack table to enjoy your high limit gaming session.

    Sure, it is not the kind of player that wants to find a way on how to play free blackjack at online casinos. Most of Blackjack high rollers don't care too much about casino's welcome bonuses. They want high limit tables and really good comps.

    VIP Casinos - High Limit Online Gambling

    Welcome to our High Limit Room. This page is for casino players looking for reliable casinos to place bets a little bit higher. Access the exclusive VIP casino rooms for high stakes betting and enjoy not only a red carpet treatment but also the most generous bonus, comps, huge payouts, and very special gifts.

    All casinos listed here offer exclusive premier services for all VIP casino players including the highest limit on tables, personal customer service, special royalty awards, and exclusive high roller promotions (gifts, travels, and more). The wager limits are as high as you would like to bet.

    Needless to say, our high limit online casinos are trusted and approved so your money, privacy, and security are guaranteed. Welcome to the high roller area, where huge bonuses, rewards, VIP events, and special VIP promotions are all waiting for you.

    Check above our recommended online casinos to play in high limits with incredible VIP programs.

    High Limit Slots

    High Limit Slots

    Playing online is just like visiting a Las Vegas casino and head to the high-limit slots club, where the slots lounge features hundreds of slot machines that you can play up to $5,000 per spin.

    If you used to play high limit slots in Las Vegas, you can easily get the VIP status at any online casino and start getting the best rewards for your gameplay, while enjoying the highest jackpots.

    Slots lounge at Vegas casinos like The Venetian, Caesars Palace, Orleans Hotel, Red Rock and others, offers exactly the same benefits of online casinos.

    Your Las Vegas-style action is exciting in a collection of slot machines with huge jackpots including the progressive jackpots slot machines like Major Millions, Mega Moolah, Arabian Nights that are paying a multi-million dollar prizes.

    You will have guaranteed fun. To play high limit slots and enjoy everything a high-roller deserves, check my recommended casinos.

    You can also contact me to get the best VIP casino deals for you at trustworthy casinos.

    High Stakes Blackjack Online

    Blackjack is a game loved by high rollers and you can find a much better variety of live Blackjack tables with a range of limits.

    There are a lot of Blackjack players betting from $100 up to $10,000 per hand, but these groups of players must be playing in a reputable online casino otherwise their gameplay would not be enjoyable as it could be.

    I have a list of the best online casinos which can offer high rollers attractive deals to play Blackjack in high stakes. For any assistance, you can contact me and I will be happy to help you in finding the best deals for you. You can be sure that you will have the most of your Blackjack gameplay.

    High Stakes Poker

    Play For Big Cash Prizes In High Stakes Poker sites.

    Once you have perfected online poker, you can think about upping the bounty by playing high stakes poker. After all, we are all looking for that online poker game that gives us the extra thrills and surprises.

    Well, you are in the right place to play high stakes poker. We offer a good selection of accredited online poker rooms with huge prizes and give you the chance to put it all on the line to win thousands and thousands of euros. We often host high stakes poker tournaments where you can play other poker fans from around the globe and play for thousands of euros.

    The stakes are huge, and you will have to bet all your winnings to be in with a chance to walk away with a potentially life-changing amount of money. If you are ready to take the gamble and you know poker rules, then we are happy to provide you with the best online poker rooms to play high limits.

    High Stakes Poker Can Win You Amazing Trips - High roller online poker sites don't just only offer huge cash prizes to stake your bets on, but also offer amazing trips to a variety of destinations all over the world such as Las Vegas, Monaco, Macau, Ibiza... Past locations that have been won when playing online poker include Malta and Cannes.

    Imagine the fact that playing online poker can actually help you to jet-set all over the world in the best casino destinations. Once you've become a pro at online poker, you can play with the professionals and the stakes can get higher than you could imagine. With plenty of support, you have a great chance to win some big bucks when playing high limit poker.

    High Stakes Poker

    High Limit Craps

    Every time when we see Craps table at any land-based casino we see a lot of fun and huge money amounts. At online casinos, these aspects are not different.

    You can play high stakes Craps betting highest limits on roll of the dice to win huge amounts of money. Players interested in high limits Craps can count with special services and exclusive treatment waiting in online casinos ready to receive high roller players. On the other hand, if you choose a wrong casino to bet in high stakes you will lose your time and money.

    Playing Craps in high limits can give you large sums of money, especially because of the exclusive high roller bonuses and extra comps that casinos offer for all premium casino players.

    As a high roller player, play high stakes craps will give you exclusive VIP bonuses dealing directly with your personal casino host.

    All these offers will give you much more money in your casino account and increase your chances to win big. That's why high rollers always receive free money on casinos!

    You can visit our High Limit Casinos to see a complete list of the hottest high rollers casinos. You can check for the highest limits on Craps tables and choose which high roller casino to play.

    High Limit Roulette

    High Limit Roulette

    If you like to play in high limits at casinos, please check our approved online casinos which you can play high stakes roulette. In our High Stakes Online Casinos page, you will find a great variety of high limit Roulette tables from U$200 to U$2,000 and all these limits can be increased if you request directly to the casino.

    You know, if you play Roulette in high limits you can make not only huge money but also receive incredible casino comps and also VIP exclusive bonuses. This all will result in much more money in your casino account as the high roller bonuses are very attractive. Some casinos will also award you will extra VIP bonuses, VIP comps, gifts and if you are a real serious high stakes player, you can win complimentary trips and much more!

    Land Casinos Merging Online

    I've been working with a few VIP casino players to merge them into online casinos. Also, another group of high roller casino players that were playing at online casinos with a very weak VIP program.

    They contact me through my VIP page listed on the top menu and I started to work very hard to get them the best deals. Now they are very happy playing at the best online casinos and enjoying much better benefits.

    At Las Vegas casinos, high rollers and whales (highest betting limits possible) can ask for everything. That's why they say in Las Vegas everything is possible.

    One high roller may come to the casino manager and say he will play $10 million per night, but he wants an exclusive Blackjack table in his room.

    The casino will do it for this amount of cash. The same for online casino players. For much less amount, I made an exclusive live Blackjack table for a high roller at one of the best online casinos. Boom!! At online casinos, everything is possible as well.

    Some players think that online casino deals are always online vouchers, free bets, cashback, casino bonuses and more. No way! VIP casino players are always getting free travel to jet-set destinations, tickets for sports events, exclusive events for casino players, shopping spree, and some gifts unexpectedly arriving in your postal mailbox.

    There are a lot of VIP casino players playing live Blackjack at online casinos and not having the correct treatment. If you play high limit Blackjack and are betting $100 / $500 / $1,000 per hand, you must be getting the best deals possible. If not, I can get you into the right casinos with the right casino managers to enjoy the proper high roller deals.

    Professional players are not searching on how to play Blackjack, especially high rollers. It is all about the best casino deals.

    I have the best casino bonuses and promotions for VIP casino players to play Blackjack online with high limits. You can get the best live Blackjack deals while playing at online casinos recommended by and also enjoy the highest bonuses.

    USA High Rollers are Attracted by Online Casinos

    There's a VIP side of online casinos where high roller players receive exclusive treatment including huge bonuses, no limit wagers, personal support 24/7 and other great offers from high stakes casinos.

    Most of the online casinos are ready to receive high rollers and offer them a VIP experience that can be anything from extra bonuses to special gifts and free trips.

    The high roller world in online casinos is exactly the same for land-based casinos, so, serious gamblers can take advantage of this VIP services and play the limit they want.

    You can start your high roller experience choosing which high stakes casino you want to play. In our high limit lounge, you will find a comprehensive list of high roller casinos with bonuses and game limits.

    We listed all accredited high stakes casinos with the game limits including high limit Blackjack, Slots, Baccarat, Roulette, Craps, and many more games.

    All USA Online Casinos offer different limits on high limit Blackjack, so, you should check our High Stakes Online Casinos page to see a list of high limit betting casinos allowing high limit Blackjack.

    Below you can play high limit Blackjack without money to see how your hands are playing like a High Roller. If you want to go direct to real money high limit Blackjack, enter in our High Stakes Online Casinos page now!

    Mr Green Casino VIP

    An exclusive VIP club for casino players looking for an unique gaming experience.
  • - Monthly cashback and exclusive promotions (higher bonuses and prizes);
  • - Dedicated VIP support service and fast payments;
  • - Invitation for events, luxury travel & more...If your deposits in last 2 months are 7,000 or you have a VIP status at any other casino, you will be welcome to the VIP lounge at Mr Green !

    Everest Casino is a very traditional online casino offering an attractive welcome bonus and monthly promotions. You can play high stakes BlackJack, high stakes Baccarat, high stakes Craps, high stakes Roulette betting the limit you want.

    You can start betting $30, $50 / hand, and then (if necessary) ask your casino manager for increased limits. This is a recommended casino to play in high limits because they are really well established with over 10 years online and a respected background on the gambling industry. Everest Casino is definitely a brand you can trust.

    This casino is running for many years and has provided the best online gaming experience to gamblers anywhere in the world. You will notice the Jackpot Casino website is very easy to use and you can start playing in a few seconds choosing the download version or the instant play version.

    The welcome bonus, promotions, and huge jackpots made Jackpot City Casino one of the best online casinos in the industry today. On top of all this, their fast payouts and online support guarantee gamblers' satisfaction.

    Blackjack High Limit: 1000 credits - Blackjack Multihand: 1000 credits - Baccarat: 500 credits - PaiGow poker: 200 credits - Play high limit slot machines.

    One of the preferred casino games for high rollers is undoubtedly the high limit Blackjack. High Rollers casino players like to play high limit Blackjack not only on land-based casinos but also in online casinos.

    High Roller Bonuses

    In online casinos, high stakes players can enjoy not only a variety of casino games but also enjoy an exclusive VIP gaming experience. The red carpet is for those casino players wanting to play high limit Blackjack, high limit Roulette, high limit Craps, high limit Baccarat, and other casino games.

    One of the best attractions inside the VIP lounges is the huge bonuses offered by high stakes online casinos for all VIP players. Most of these high roller bonuses are awarded not only in the first deposit (welcome bonus) but in weekly deposits! Some high stakes casinos offer weekly free money for their best VIP players. It all depends on your gaming level.

    Professional and serious casino players can receive more than high roller bonuses... they can receive special gifts and also free trips!

    The high roller world in online casinos is exactly the same as you heard in land-based casinos.

    If you like to play in high limits, you should access our High Limit Room to enjoy huge bonuses, VIP treatment, and a wide range of accredited high stakes casinos.

  • Author: Alex Ramos

    Alex Ramos

    Author Bio: Alex Ramos is a casino specialist that reviews online gambling sites and games. A professional blogger that dedicates its career for online casinos and online entertainment. He is graduated in Computing Science and is working in the online gambling industry since 1997.

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