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September Promos 123 Bingo Online

Online Bingo

September Promos – 123BingoOnline

$25 is yours, to play for FREE!

A 300% bonus is yours too, with a 150% cash back...on your first deposit!

What´s more, you can carry forward up to $50 of your wins from the free sign-up bonus!
No time-limits either, on the cash-back for the first deposit!

On all other deposits... collect an assured 250% bonus!

Walk with the Lions!

We know that gaming thrills extend to the wild too, and we´re giving one lucky player and his/her partner that break.

A break that extends 7 days and 7 nights!
And includes a tete-a-tete with a couple of African lions and their cubs!

Jokes aside, here´s a chance to take that lion safari you´ve always dreamed of. In Kenya, with your partner! ALL expenses paid.

To get there, your deposits must be made prior to September 20. Each deposit gets you an entry ticket for the prize. At month-end draw, we will pick one lucky player for the prize.

The more tickets you accumulate the more chances of winning the Lion Safari prize.

Let that lucky player be you!

Bingo Bonus Blast!

There´s no stopping bonuses on 123BingoOnline! Every deposit of yours invites a 10% extra bonus on the next deposit you make! For instance:

Your 2nd deposit bonus: 250%
The 3rd deposit bonus: 250% + 10% = 260%
The 4th deposit bonus: 260% + 10% = 270%

Take your deposit bonus up to 500% !

Wagering No More!
If you wish, you can opt out of the play through restrictions to make your withdrawals. Make a no-bonus deposit, and withdraw as and when you want!
On Slots and Keno, enjoy the best of both worlds! Make a deposit, get a 100% bonus, and withdraw as you please! Can things get any better?

The VIP Lounge!
Find your place among the top depositors of the month, and get the privilege of a super bonus, for the rest of the month!
1st Place – 300% Bonus
2nd Place – 200% Bonus
3rd Place – 100% Bonus

Chart busters at 123BingoOnline!

Free rounds...on fair grounds!
Who doesn´t enjoy a free round? Especially when you can win some real cash from it as well?

Play at least 15 bingo games in the Red Room all month, without the care of a deposit! And qualify for the month-end draw that selects three lucky players! Prizes as follows:

1st Prize: 200 BBs + $30 Cash
2nd Prize: 100 BBs + $20 Cash
3rd Prize: 50 BBs + $10 Cash

Online Bingo

Highly recommended for new sign ups, and for those with BBs to spare!

What´s more, there´s a chance to double the winning amount! By making a deposit! Of any amount!

• Play a minimum of two cards per game
• You don´t need to deposit to enter
• Winners are selected through a random draw on October 1

Power Hours

Power thrills, and power hours thrill absolutely!

Get a taste of power bingo in the Highroller Room.... for a gift pack of cash and BBs!
From 9 PM to midnight, everyday!
Make sure you´re in the following categories to win:

Categories Prize
Maximum Games Won $20 + 50BBs
Maximum Cards Played $15 + 30BBs
Maximum Games Played $10 + 20BBs

Online Bingo

To qualify:
Play at least 15 games during the event hours
Make a deposit in the last 7 days

Bingo NFS

Here´s bingo that challenges your eye-power! Before you know it, you´re richer by $50!
So race up to the Green and Red rooms for a taste of speed bingo at these timings:

Rooms Timings (EST)
GREEN Room 11 am - 12 noon
RED Room 3 pm - 4 pm
Prizes for top three winners:

1st prize: $50 Cash
2nd prize: $35 Cash
3rd prize: $20 Cash

Note: Buy a minimum of 10 cards per game. Get 5 cards absolutely FREE!

Fair and Square Bingo

$2,000 to bingo in the first 35 calls!

Put on your best attitude to sweep the numbers at blackout bingo!
Buy 6 cards, just like everybody else, for $2 each.
At 10 PM, every night.

Get $2,000 to bingo in the first 35 calls.....
Or a Guaranteed $500 if you´re the first to bingo!!

It´s a Grand Friday!

Make Friday deposits a habit! You never know when $1,000 could just drop into your account!

Make a deposit of $75 to get an entry into the Friday Fortune Raffle for $1,000!
And wait till 11:30 PM for your name to be announced!


If you want it, you can do it,
Take your time, do it right, you can do it!

Bring luck to your side with the LUCKYME pattern!
Play each of the LUCKYME letters over a week, one a day. Once you´ve bingoed on all 7, you´re into the weekly raffle draw that selects one lucky player for the week!
And the lucky player gets a gift - a new gift every week! Bingo all four weeks, win all the gifts!

Patriot Day Raffle

A tribute to our patriots, with a cash raffle of $7,777!

Get an entry with a deposit of $100. Deposit $175 for 2 entries, and $250 for 4 entries!

The raffle will be drawn from the 1st 2000 entries. The winner will be announced on October 2!

1st Place Prize – $3,333 CASH
2nd Place Prize – $2,222 CASH
Two 3rd Place Prizes – $1,111 CASH

Hurry!! You surely wouldn’t want to miss this!

All promotion times shown here are in Eastern Time (USA East Coast)
GMT + five hours / European time + six hours

90 Ball Spins

PJPs hold court at Ruby Bingo!

Our 90 Ball Ruby Room has a $100 Progressive Jackpot swinging delightfully close! And promises to stop at a full house within 45 calls! (or less!)

Once you’ve emptied the money-bag, the PJP starts ticking again for the next game! Chance to net a BIG catch!

Bingo War!

A sparring match with no losers! To play, get into one of two teams in the Ruby Room, between 5 and 7 PM, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

If your team ‘bingos’, it scores 1 point. If both teams bingo at the same time, each picks up another number.

The team holding the number closest to the bingoed number wins 10 points!
The CM keeps the score as the game progresses, and awards 100 BBs to the team with the highest points!

Crazy X

Follow the chat host as he picks a number during the Crazy X session.
If the selected number connects to 4 other numbers to form an X shout ´Crazy X´ in the room!

The first 2 roomies to yell in the room win some easy BBs! If the X is formed within the first 15 Calls, two roomies will win 3 BBs each else they will win 2 BBs each.

Play Monday to Thursday, between 5 pm. to 7 pm. in the Ruby Bingo Room.

• Players must make a minimum deposit of $50 in last 10 days and play 2 or more cards to qualify for the 90 ball chat specials.

Bingo Barrel...

Chutes and Ladders!

The Red Riders, the Blue Beasts, the Green Goblins and the Yellow Yellers are getting down to some serious fun!

Join any of these teams and get ready to move with the bingo number! If the number takes you to the bottom of a ladder, climb up fast! Landed on a chute? No worries…. there’s a surprise gift still!

Use this chart to track your position on the board.

Play till you reach square 100. Winning teams share the BBs as follows:
1st Place: 200 BBs 2nd Place: 150 BBs 3rd Place: 100 BBs 4th Place: 50 BBs

• Chutes and ladders will be played every Monday between 9 pm. – 11 pm. and Wednesday, 4 pm. - in the RED Room
• Players shall enroll their names 30 minutes prior to the game.
• After registration don’t forget to collect your unique Team ID from the chat host
• To claim your surprise gifts, go to live help with your unique Team ID

Hot Dog!

Some hot BBs for chatty chatters!!

Pick out any number between 1 and 75 and watch for it to be called in the game. When your number is out, shout ´Hotdog´ and your ´Number´. The first 2 chatters to do so get 3 BBs each, plus a chance to choose another chatter, who gets 1 BB.

Join in the camaraderie every Tuesday and Friday in the GREEN Room, between 7 pm. to 9 pm.

There’s no better way to make friends than to gift them BBs!

Bingo on B-13

B-13 is the number of the month. It gets you 13 BBs every time you bingo on it!
To claim your reward, contact Live Help with the game ID#.

Grandparents Day

Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting! Or are they just antique little girls?
Share your special moments with your grandparents with us on September 13. In the Green Room, from 7 to 9 PM.

And get 5 BBs for the sharing!

Three best tales, voted by the roomies, will win 10 BBs each at the end of the two hour session.

All promotion times shown here are in Eastern Time (USA East Coast)
GMT + five hours / European time + six hours


Color Balls

All the alphabets are given bingo colors. Roomies get a Bingo color as per the first letter of their names (Alias)

When the bingo number is called, all players holding the color of the bingoed ball get 1 BB each! And the Bingo winner gets 3 BBs.

B – Blue Ball
I – Red Ball
N – Grey Ball
G – Green Ball
O – Yellow Ball

Play in the Green Room every Monday and Thursday from 7 PM to 9 PM

Online Bingo

Table Races

Join any of the five teams at the B I N G O Table Races!
Each team must have at least 5 members and you cannot switch teams once you’ve decided

If you bingo on your allotted team (Letters of BINGO) you win 10 points.

At the end of the two hour session, the team to score maximum points shares 200 BBs. Runners´ up share 100 BBs.

Play in the Red Room from 7 pm to 9 pm on Tuesday and Friday.

Muppet Treasure Island!

This island isn’t big enough for the two of us!
Hawkins and Long John Silver bare their fangs for the buried treasure, and let’s see who wins!

Join either of the two teams and span out over your territory on the bingo board as follows:

Hawkins´ territory: 1-37
Silver´s territory : 39-75

The crew that bingos on the other team’s territory wins 5 points! And if the bingo is on some special numbers, the loot is as much as 75 points!
Fight it out till the end of 2 hours in the HighRoller Room and share 200 BBs on winning!
Every Wednesday and Saturday, from 9 PM to 11 PM!

Note for Share-a-Chat
• To ensure your seat at the Share-a-Chat, participate in chat and play 2 cards min.
• Chat host discretion is final in conducting games, declaring winners and prize distribution.
• Players must make a minimum deposit of $50 in last 10 days and play 2 or more cards to qualify for the chat specials.

All promotion times shown here are in Eastern Time (USA East Coast)
GMT + five hours / European time + six hours

Casino Specials

The Keno-py!

What’s under the ‘keno-py’? $375 at the weekly tourney, for 5 lucky players! Collect as many points as you can on the game and take away cold cash!

1st Place - $125 CASH
2nd Place - $100 CASH
3rd Place - $75 CASH
4th Place - $50 CASH
5th Place - $25 CASH

• Keno-py plays every Sunday from 00:00 to 11:59 pm.
• You need to make at least $75 deposit over the last 7 days to qualify.
• Players are requested to raise a ticket to enroll to the promotion of their choice after making a deposit
• Standard conditions apply

Table Turners

Mega Blackjack Blast

Play Blackjack, Highroller style!
A weekly tourney from Monday through Sunday awards top three players (players to win most games):

1st Prize: $300 CASH
2nd Prize: $200 CASH
3rd Prize: $100 CASH

• Play through / wagering requirements not applicable.
• Mega Blackjack Blast plays from Monday 00:00 through Sunday, 11:59 pm.
• You need to make at least $75 deposit in last 7 days to qualify for Mega Blackjack Blast.
• Players are requested to raise a ticket to enroll to the promotion of their choice after making a deposit
• Standard conditions apply

Poker Peaks

To get to the Poker Peak, wager the most on table and video poker games! Top three players get

1st Prize: $300 CASH
2nd Prize: $200 CASH
3rd Prize: $100 CASH

• Winnings will be given based on weekly wagering only.
• To participate in Poker Peaks you have to make a deposit of at least $75/week.
Slots Party

Smashing Weekdays Slots Tournament

The Weekdays Slots Tournament gets off to a smashing start on September 7. Stay tuned till September 24 and be among the top three players to wager the most during the tourney hours. Win prizes galore:

1st Prize – $150 Cash + 300 BBs
2nd Prize – $100 Cash + 200 BBs
3rd Prize – $75 Cash + 100 BBs
• Smashing Weekdays Slots Tournament plays from Monday 00:00 through Thursday, 11:59 pm.
• You need to make at least $75 deposit in last 7 days to qualify for the tournament.
• Players are requested to raise a ticket to enroll to the promotion of their choice after making a deposit
• Standard conditions apply

Super Weekends Slots Tournament

On the weekends between September 4 and September 27, the Super Weekends Slots Tournament will play! The top five slot players to wager the most will walk away with:

1st prize – $200 cash + 400 BBs
2nd prize – $150 cash + 350 BBs
3rd prize – $100 cash + 300 BBs
4th prize – $75 cash + 250 BBs
5th prize - $50 cash + 200 BBs
• Super Weekend Slots Tournament plays from Friday 00:00 through Sunday, 11:59 pm.
• You need to make at least $75 deposit in last 7 days to qualify for the tournament.
• Players are requested to raise a ticket to enroll to the promotion of their choice after making a deposit
• Standard conditions apply

All promotion times shown here are in Eastern Time (USA East Coast)
GMT + five hours / European time + six hours

Weeks Bingo Bonus Tourney

Tourney Room opens at 1PM
Penny games play from 1PM to 4 PM
Tourney 1 (Teams) plays from 4 PM to 6 PM
Intermission games 6 PM to 7 PM
Tourney 2 plays from 7 PM to 9 PM

All Tourneys are played from Monday through Friday (4 pm. to 6 pm. Teams) and 7 pm. To 9 pm.

Pre-Buys are Mandatory upon entry to qualify for any tournament.

Games Schedule

Monday Night: Pair Bingo (Teams) and Royal Fish Feast

Tuesday Nights: Dragons - Damsels (Teams) and Royal Treasures

Wednesday Nights: Kings & Queens and Whacked Out Wednesdays

Thursday Night: Crusaders (Knights, Wizards & Bishops) (Teams) and Happy Hours

Friday Night: Knaves (Paupers-Peasants-Wenches and Jesters) (Teams) and Chariot Races

Note: Keno will be played at random times

All deposits for Bonus Tourney will be put into a drawing at the end of the month. Only two lucky winners will receive $100 in CASH.

To play just make a deposit of $50 or more from Sunday through Friday and partake in our Week’s Bingo Bonus Tourney. One deposit is good for all FIVE nights, both tournaments!

All Tourneys are played from 4 pm. to 6 pm. & 7 pm. To 9 pm., Monday through Friday in our Special Bonus Tourney Room.

1st week 1 entry
1st and 2nd week 2 entries
1st, 2nd and 3rd week 3 entries
ALL 4 weeks8 entries!

• Pre-Buys are available 1 hour before and after the game session and are greatly appreciated. (4 pm. to 5 pm. and 10 pm. to 11 pm.)
• You must be playing cards to be eligible for Tourney room prize- You must give acknowledgment to qualify for any tournament

Tourney Pack- ‘Fish Bowl’

Bingo on the Fish bowl ‘number’ and shout ‘Fish Bowl’ to WIN! Fish Bowl starts out at 5 BBs every night. If not one wins, the ‘Fish Bowl’ keeps on increasing by 5BBs until its won!

All promotion times shown here are in Eastern Time (USA East Coast)
GMT + five hours / European time + six hours

Online Bingo

Author: Alex Ramos

Alex Ramos

Author Bio: Alex Ramos is a casino specialist that reviews online gambling sites and games. A professional blogger that dedicates its career for online casinos and online entertainment. He is graduated in Computing Science and is working in the online gambling industry since 1997.

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