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UK Online Bingo Sites 2023 - Reviews, Bonus & Promotions

Play online bingo and enjoy a real money deposit bonus exclusive for United Kingdom players - (no download). Start with the UK's top #1 bingo site offering different bingo rooms to play instantly with real money to get a free bingo bonus. Continue reading this guide below to know more about UK bingo sites and check the current promotions to play online bingo at licensed sites. Check our selection of honest UK bingo sites. Have fun!

Bet365 Bingo

bet365 Bingo is one of the most loved UK online bingo site today where you will enjoy a wide range of promotions, tournaments (freerolls and buy-in) and free bingo. You can play a variety of online bingo games and new players receive a welcome bonus to start playing on mobile, tablet or PC. If you want a good and reputable UK bingo site, definitely you will love this option. The variety of bingo games are very good and the promotions will keep you entertained in a secure gaming emvironment. The navigation is user-friendly and you can play bingo on mobile devices or computer. The site has a license with the UKGC that will guarantee you will have a fair bingo experience. Have fun with online bingo games, chat games, and start with a welcome bonus.
Play at Bet365 Bingo!

The Best Bingo Sites in UK

You've reached the trusted destination for the best Online Bingo for UK players. This page will list the UK's favourite bingo site on the web offering a big variety of games. Meet and chat with new friends from around the United Kingdom while you have a lot of fun with state-of-the-art bingo games to play online.

Play Online Bingo with trusted UK gaming sites for as long as you want. Enter online bingo rooms at bet365 Bingo and get a signup bonus to play online bingo for money. Come and enjoy a fantastic variety of games online for an unlimited amount of fun.

Cash the Welcome Bonus to Play Bingo Games
WELCOME BONUSES: Reward points, Gift Coupons, Bonus offers and many perks await you on the top UK bingo sites. Enjoy regular promotions and bingo tournaments in progressive bingo games and enter special bingo rounds every 30 minutes or every hour with just by playing our exhilarating games.

Unlimited Bingo Buzz
The best UK bingo sites presents you with a vast range of online bingo games with the trendiest and funniest themes available on the web. So, get ready for an unplugged gaming experience on 75 to 90 ball bingo games. Do you feel it's time to elevate the thrill to the next level? Try out an exciting collection of chat specials anytime.

And to spike it up even more, join the most popular casino games including online slots tournaments, the new best kept secret on the web.

A great experience online bingo experience you can have over and over again
When you combine the bingo games with the lively and friendly nature of the chat hosts and players, the result is none other than a great gaming experience.

Some of the most exciting features we offer are:
  • 1 - Chat rooms
  • Every now and then, chat games are played in all bingo rooms to make things more interesting and interactive.

  • 2 - Free bucks
  • Special games award you with free bucks & free bonus money that allows you to engage in games for free -no risk for your budget at all.

  • 3 - Huge Jackpots
  • Have fun playing the jackpot games that most of the bingo sites are offering and players are having a lot of fun. A good online entertainment for any mobile device.

  • 4 - Player Bonuses
  • Well-paid prizes, free bonuses, and fantastic monthly promotions are just the icing on the cake. Come over, have fun, make great buddies to play with online and kick the day to day stress aside: bingo sites are open 24/7 so the fun will never over cause you can always come back.

  • 5 - Super friendly chat hosts
  • The chat hosts will keep you on your toes by doing everything they can to escalate the level of fun and excitement while you enjoy your favorite games online.

    It's time to join your favourite bingo site today and be a part of all the most exclusive circle of players and the happiest (and luckiest) people on the web.

    Online Bingo Uk Play Bingo

    Play Free Bingo Online

    A mighty storm known as free Bingo has shaken up the gaming world and swept millions off the ground. This virtual expression of a time-honored classic now comes at no cost and this unique quality is surely here to stay. During all these years, this game has reached the pinnacle of fame. So much that people play it on daily basis and feel something's amiss if they don't. It is the result of an Internet revolution and online gaming is fast topping the charts among gamer's preferences these days. Just sign up and play to find out what's so big about free bingo.

    With free bingo online coming to the fore, playing it in the traditional fashion has long been sidelined. When it comes to discussing the perks, you'll like to play those selections that don't cost you a pound. Free bingo certainly ranks high on the parameters of comfort, fun, accessibility, and profitability.

    Where else can you earn quick bucks and make friends in a Jiffy? Free bingo is the way to go. Trying to think of an online avenue that gives you all this and allows you to play without money? Just join your favourite bingo site to start playing now. But there is more: there are plenty of things to enjoy as additional features such as getting to meet new people, grabbing big bonus offers, entertainment all day long, and in addition to this you also have the opportunity to play for free. There is something for everybody at our site including progressive, speed bingo and many other selected free games.

    Hard pressed for time? No worries, playing for free it's still free anytime. All you need to do is sign up and start playing bingo games online.

  • 24/7 bingo games
  • Bingo tournaments every hour
  • Free bonus to play bingo
  • Responsive customer support

  • When I say free Bingo online, I mean it! No strings attached. Play without making a deposit and interact with other gaming enthusiasts like yourself in the chat rooms. Share tips and tricks with them. You can also participate in special chat games available only for exclusive members. So, wait no more and give the free games section a go to realize what this awesome game has in store for you.

    Play Bingo Uk Free PlayPlay Bingo Uk Free Play

    Free Online Bingo Games for Everyone's Taste

    Join your favourite UK Bingo site and be part of a large fan base to play both free and cash games. Its popularity stems from the fact that these games are convenient to access and easy to play. Free bingo games are a great marketing tool used by various gaming websites to draw the attention of gaming fans. In fact, in their competitive spirit these websites are introducing new and exciting free games on a nearly daily basis for fun and real money.

  • 75 ball bingo
  • The most popular sites include a wide range of winning patterns for all likes. 75 Balls spinning all at the same time throughout the game, and any of them are very easy and entertaining to play. If you want to have a lot of fun, simply join the chat room right now.

    The bingo sites also provides a great chance to play jackpot games and to experience lots of fun for all players. Accessing the bingo websites takes only minutes but the fun can last for hours. No other gaming website gives you this much fun with so little effort.

  • 90 ball bingo
  • Want to know what makes 100% free bingo games so special? They are designed so you can play online the very same games you'd play for real money without spending a single pound when you choose our "play for fun" mode, an ideal source of entertainment for those who like to play for the sake of playing. Plus, fun money games also act as the perfect tutorial to gain experience without risking actual money. Constant practice through free games helps players get a better understanding of the dynamics involved. Therefore, with the help of these games, more experienced players can improve their skills and on the other hand, newbies can familiarize themselves with the game.

    Best Bingo Sites UK

    What makes our Free Online Bingo Games so special?
    Free online bingo games come with innovative promotions launched every month to enhance the experience even more. For this reason you will find more and more bingo games at no cost online, as well as engaging chat rooms where you can interact and have fun with people from diverse communities while you enjoy our free bingo games. Moreover, there is a huge list of themes to choose from including, Block of 5, Alphabet Bingo, Add 'em up, Grunion Run and so on.

    Registered players in the chat room can play 100% free online bingo games today hosted by chat monitors who are not only helpful but really fun to hang around. No need to download: you can play online and if you win, you'll be rewarded with generous goodies and fantastic bonuses after you have completed the required play through in order to cash in.

    This play through criterion may vary from game to game and from site to site. So, before you play on any game make sure you have thoroughly read the terms and conditions.

    About 75 Ball Bingo Game

    Playing free bingo online has become a favorite hobby for many across the globe. Words like easy, simple and fun best describe this hugely popular game. Although quite effortless, the basic requisites of playing online bingo include a keen ear, eye and swift reflexes.

    Out of many online bingo game types, 75-ball bingo is very interesting. A famous pastime in the United Kingdom, this game is so named because numbers from one to 75 are called out. 75-ball bingo utilizes a card that has five vertical rows and five horizontal ones. This card also has the word "BINGO" notably displayed right on the top.

    How to go for it?

    If you wanna play online 75 ball bingo, get a card that has 25 spaces including a blank one. There are literally hundreds of different cards, all created to make an online bingo games more interesting. Arbitrary numbers are assigned vertically under each letter of the word "BINGO". For instance digits from one to 15 are appointed under column B, next 15 digits under column I and so on and so forth. These numbers are called out by the dealer as a combination like B6, I20, etc.

    The aim of 75-ball bingo is to mark all the matching numbers to form a particular design. The players do this by marking the numbers called on their cards. The first person who completes the design shouts out Bingo! to tell other players and the dealer that he/she has won the game. It is only after the dealer reviews the numbers on the players card that their win is confirmed. A new game starts after this last step.

    Patterns in 75 ball bingo

    In a 75-ball bingo game, there are hundreds of possible bingo patterns. Certain designs are counted among the famous ones, including one line with five numbers that are arranged vertically, horizontally or diagonally, a square, the digit 8, the alphabet E, F, & O. The Coverall pattern is the most popular of them all. An opportunity to win big cash prizes, coveralls are achieved when all the squares on the bingo card are covered. The reason behind 75-ball bingos popularity is the fact that it is faster and its patterns are easier to complete. As per global industry stats the players for 75 ball bingo are on continous hike.

    About 80 Ball Bingo Game

    We all have played Bingo online and enjoy it thoroughly. 75 ball Bingo and 90 ball Bingo games are the ones that come to mind whenever one thinks of Bingo. But have you done the 80 ball Bingo yet? Exciting in its own right, 80 ball Bingo is a brand new version of online Bingo games.

    Quite unique in character, the games specialty stems from its distinct bingo cards. Also known as shutter, the cards in 80-ball Bingo are marked off by closing the slides to cover them, which is when the numbers are called out. In this game, the tickets are organized in four columns and four rows, with every column having a dissimilar color.

    80 Ball Bingo Speed

    The speed at which 80 ball Bingo is played surpasses both 75 and 90 ball Bingo. Thats one of the reasons why many have started opting for this fast-paced, action-packed online bingo games. In order to play the free bingo game, one needs to first choose the cards by clicking on the ?ticket selector button displayed above the cards.

    The Call Board

    The call board used in 80 ball Bingo resembles that of the 75 ball Bingo game with a few modifications. It consists of five rows of 16 digits, for a total of 80 possible digits. These digits are further divided into four groups of different colors, after an interval of 20 numbers.

    Another exciting feature about 80 ball Bingo is the variety of game patterns that it offers. Normally, the game includes 80 full card that is quite similar to 75 ball Bingos blackout or 90 ball Bingos full house. Horizontal line, diagonal line, vertical line, big X, letter S, and Double line are some of its other patterns. Any player who has ever played 75 or 90 ball Bingo could play 80 ball Bingo easily.

    How to Play 80 Ball Bingo?

    80 Ball Bingo is the newest addition to the Bingo family of games. 80 Ball Bingo has its own really great unique features. 80 Ball Bingo is really special because of its cards. They are also called shutter boards because when the numbers are called, you mark the numbers by closing the slides to cover them! Each 80 Ball Bingo ticket has four columns and four rows. Each column in has a different color: red, yellow, blue and silver.

    In order to buy the 80 Ball Bingo Cards, you have to first select them by clicking on them with your mouse. The ticket youve selected will be highlighted and Ticket selected! will be shown. Then you buy the selected tickets by clicking on the Buy Tickets button. Once you do that, the cards you chose will change color and the words Ticket Bought! will be seen. Now youre ready to play 80 Ball Bingo!

    Pay attention to the 80 Ball Bingo call board while the game is going on. Its made up of five rows that have 16 numbers. There are a total of 80 possible numbers. Whats different from the other free bingo games is that 80 Ball Bingo has four number groups separated by their color: numbers 1 to 20 are red, 21 to 40 are yellow, 41 to 59 are blue and 60 and 80 are silver.

    Just like its bigger brothers, 80 Ball Bingo has really cool patterns like the Center Square, Four Corners, Big X, 80 Full Card - which is like 75 Ball Bingos Blackout or Full House in 90 Ball Bingo. Remember, once you get the right 80 Ball Bingo pattern, you win!

    About 90 Ball Bingo Game

    An absolute rage in Australia and Europe, the game of 90-ball Bingo finds many takers from the age group of 20 to 60. A game which is quite popular in places such as the United Kingdom and Ireland, Bingo offers three opportunities to win per session. In comparison with 75-ball Bingo, 90-ball Bingo provides quick and ceaseless action.

    There are many online bingo games sites that offer this tremendously interesting game. The game is called 90-ball Bingo because that is the maximum number of balls that can be called in a session. It makes use of Bingo cards that have nine vertical columns and three horizontal rows. The game is really interesting because there is a distinct prize for every player that completes a single horizontal line, two lines, and/or finishes a full house.

    More balls means more fun

    The cards used in 90-ball Bingo games have numbers that are spread out across three rows. Each of these rows has four blank spaces and five numbered spots. The numbered spots have digits ranging from 1 to 90. As far as the columns are concerned, the first one has digits from 1 to 10, the second column has numbers from 11 to 20, and so on until the ninth column.

    The game proceeds when the dealer begins to call out numbers arbitrarily. Just like the way it's done in 75-ball Bingo, you have to mark each number called on your card. The goal of 90-ball Bingo is to achieve any or all of the three patterns and then shout out the word Bingo! to declare a possible win. Only after the dealer confirms the numbers on your card are you announced a winner.

    Patterns in 90 ball bingo

    90-ball Bingo has three essential patterns that include a one line, two line and full house. The first player who's able to complete a horizontal line wins one line pattern, the one to cross off two horizontal lines wins two lines pattern and, finally, the player hits full house when he/she finishes all three lines. Every bingo pattern has a different prize value that increases from one line to full house. The online Bingo games are indeed exotic, enjoyable and you can make oodles of money easily.

    How to Play 90 Ball Bingo

    90 Ball Bingo is traditionally called "Housie" in the United Kingdom. Now it is most popular in parts of South America, Europe, and Australia as well. It's also becoming one of the world's most popular Online Bingo Games.

    How 90 Ball Bingo is Played
    The best part about 90 Ball Bingo is that it has multiple prizes in a game for each pattern. 90 Ball Bingo has prizes for each bingo pattern like one horizontal line, and then two horizontal lines. The full house - which has the biggest award is when you get all the numbers on your 90 Ball Bingo card!

    90 Ball Bingo Cards
    The 90 Ball Bingo game card has three horizontal rows and nine columns. The first column in the 90 Ball Bingo card has numbers that range from 1 to 9, the second column has 10 to 19, the third column has 20-29, the number range continue until the last column which contains numbers between 80 to 90.

    How to Buy 90 Ball Bingo Cards
    In order to by 90 Ball Bingo cards, you first have to select them by clicking on the card you want to buy with your mouse. You'll find that the card lights up and see the words, "Ticket selected!" When you're done with your selection, buy them by clicking the "Buy Tickets" button. You'll immediately see "Ticket Bought!" and the cards you've selected will change color. Now you're ready to play 90 Ball Bingo!

    90 Ball Bingo Call Board
    90 Ball Bingo call board is almost the same as the 75 Ball Bingo call board except, 90 Ball bingo has more numbers so the call board has six rows of 15 numbers each. The total number in the 90 Ball Bingo is of course, 90 numbers.

    How to Mark Your 90 Ball Bingo Card
    Once a number is called on the call board, see if you have the number on your Bingo card(s). Mark the square space of your Bingo card by clicking on the square with your mouse. The square will now have a colored circle. If you have the 'auto-daub' feature in the game, your 90 Ball Bingo card will automatically be marked.

    90 Ball Bingo Pattern
    In order to win at 90 Ball Bingo, you need to get the numbers in the correct bingo patterns. The marked squares have to produce a pattern. Different colors will light up and indicate how far you are from a BINGO. You can also make use of features like "Best Card Sorting" or "Best Card Highlighting" so that you know which of your cards are closest to winning. This is why 90 Ball Bingo is played in 3 levels - one for the horizontal line, two for the two lines and then the Full House.

    Where to Play 90 Ball Bingo
    The best 90 Ball Bingo halls have an atmosphere with great friends who are also die-hard Bingo enthusiasts. You can use the 90 Ball Bingo chat feature to talk to other players. You should also look for online Bingo halls that give you great Bingo bonuses. Site like Bet365 Bingo will give you 300% bonus on your first deposit. It doesn't end with that, they also give you 250% bonuses on other deposits! Don't forget to check out the promotion sections where monthly and seasonal promotions are always there. You can even team up with friends and better your chances of winning! Bingo online is really a great tool to make money alongwith fun.

    Are you Ready to Play Online Bingo Games?

    UK Online Bingo games bring the tradition of playing bingo into cyberspace. Online Bingo games add new dimensions to Bingo, making it a more exciting and thrilling experience. Because of the busy lives, cost of travel and traffic congestion, people are starting to play Bingo online. Bingo parlors or Bingo halls has become less popular. Online bingo games promise 24/7 unadulterated fun with minimal effort. And you can play Bingo online from the comfort of your home.

    Playing online free Bingo games is exactly like regular bingo, albeit faster and quicker and more easily accessible. There is a plethora of reputed UK sites where you can play Bingo online. Those sites also offer great deals, amazing entertaining games, and great customer service and plenty of interesting online Bingo games. When you play UK Bingo online, cards get sorted automatically. The winner is the one whose card fills all the required spots before others and he or she gets to shout bingo. So when it comes to play Bingo online, players do their best to be heard!

    Frequent update that's keeps you attached
    Bingo will never stay the same after you play free online bingo. There are interesting twists and turns and modifications in online Bingo games to ensure more fun and greater involvement of the players. Interesting online Bingo games variations are available on the Internet in terms of the patterns, ball speed, chat games, jackpot amount, progressive jackpots, card prices and many other factors. When you play Bingo online, you will love the excitement and rewards offered by Bingo.

    Another interesting feature about online Bingo games is the chat room which allows players to interact with one another, play Bingo games online with one another, compete against one another and display an infectious camaraderie. These chat rooms are often age specific, event specific or may be specific to certain online Bingo games. And they have developed their own lingo too; acronyms like WTG (way to go) when a player wins are commonly used. When you play Bingo online, you can interact with people from different countries across the globe and from different walks of life, which makes the prospect of playing online Bingo games all the more alluring.

    Online Bingo games are simple and you need not be the smartest or the most intelligent to play them. Bingo is a game perfect for leisure and relaxation which can relieve you of stress and boredom without an iota of effort. Online Bingo games can be played at all times and is not the lonely affair you might think it to be. To play Bingo online is a great way to enjoy yourself, make friends and rejuvenate yourself after a hard day's work. So what are you waiting for? Get to play Bingo online and be all set to shout out loud the magic word- BINGO!

    Choose & Play Bingo Games without Restrictions

    Play Bingo amidst seasoned players at our online rooms, where action is always in full-swing. My recommended UK bingo sites provide you with the most exciting experience with 75 ball games which include 24 numbers and one blank space. Select and buy the card of your choice and win on our unique range of patterns. Try us and find out what makes us stand out from all the rest!

    Most of the sites are not only the place to play Bingo. Some of them allows you can try a whole array of chat games, enjoy humongous bonuses, surprise treats and challenging online tournaments. The mission is to fill every moment of your day with fun and valuable promotional offers. Participating in weekly tournaments provides you with a great chance to get entertained for many hours.

    Lots of ways to enjoy
    Play bingo games with your friends in the Nickel, Quarter and High Roller rooms: choose your favorite and take away enormous pots and rewards. While your free cards are being played automatically, you can enjoy the liveliest and most vibrant chat so you can interact, meet other online games enthusiasts and share your experiences with them. You can also learn how to play bingo when you try our free room to play games for fun.

    Powered by the most advanced technology provided by renowned online gambling software maker, the sites are honored to have you come and play Bingo round-the-clock. You'll be confident to know we're strict when it comes to the security and you'll be delighted to know we have a 24/7 live customer support feature in case you face any problems so we can assist your promptly.

    If you would like to learn How to Play Bingo Games, here you can learn how to play 75, 80 and 90 Ball bingo games.

    So just relax and play Bingo games to your heart's content!

    Online Bingo UK Reviews

    UK bingo scene is experiencing something new with Back 2 School Bingo ! Back2School Bingo was launched few months ago and it's totally approved as one of the best online bingo websites for UK bingo players due their bonuses, promotions and state of the art bingo games that's guarantee fun for everyone. Back2School Bingo is an interactive and exciting online bingo community and you can start playing in few minutes after your sign-up and claim your 200% match bonus. You will enjoy the best online bingo entertainment with Back2School Bingo. New players will receive a 200% Bonus in Bingo Bonus Money, up to a maximum of £100 Deposit. As an incentive to keep you playing , a 25% Bonus in Bingo Bonus Money, on all deposits £10 - £100.

    Giggle Bingo is a kind of online bingo you should play. Not only because the £5 free immediately credited when you sign-up or because the massive 200% welcome bonus up to £200 in your first deposit. There are more things that makes Giggle Bingo a very cool UK online bingo to play and win big. You will receive a 50% match bonus in all deposits, also you can find weekly and monthly promotions. Sweepstakes, progressive prizes, Bingo Ball fro Life promotion, bingo cruise and much more. Now that you know a little about Giggle Bingo, take some time and visit Giggle Bingo website and start playing bingo instantly.

    - Bet365 Bingo
    - Jackpot City Bingo
    - 32Red Bingo
    - Back2School Bingo
    - Caesars Bingo
    - 888 Bingo
    ... and many more: BritainPlay, YAYbingo, MintBingo, BootyBingo, BalmyBingo, BlightyBingo, BetfairBingo, KittyBingo, SundaeBingo, PaddyPowerBingo, PizazzBingo, QualityBingo, BonnieBingo, TedBingo, TwoFatLadiesBingo, CoralBingo, SunBingo, BetFredBingo, FoxyBingo, BuckyBingo, VirginBingo, BuzzBingo, MirrorBingo, PoloBingo, DoubleBubbleBingo, LuckyPantsBingo, VelvetBingo, BingoStorm, SwankyBingo, RobinHoodBingo, CrackerBingo, ladbrokesBingo,

    Needless to say, 32Red Group is one of the most trusted group on gambling industry. Playing bingo at 32Red Bingo is an incredible experience that begins when you get £10 free to play a variety of bingo and other games.

    Caesars Palace Las Vegas brings to all UK bingo lovers the chance to join CAESARS Bingo today and receive a fabulous 200% Welcome Bonus up to £400. So deposit £10 and you'll automatically have £30 to play, and that's just the beginning! CAESARS Bingo will also give you 20 Free Bingo cards to get started with and a 50% Reload Bonus on your second deposit !

    888 Bingo
    888 Bingo is an award winning bingo site by 888 that offers you 20 free cards to start playing for the chance to win lots of cash. You will have the chance to win 1 MILLION POUND in the 888 Bingo coverall 3 times a week ! Not only online bingo, but also Scratch Cards, Roulette, Video Bingo and much more!

    Jackpotjoy is the UK's leading online Instant Win and Bingo site with over 3,000,000 players offering in its Ad Break Bingo the chance of win £250,000. You only have to login to receive your daily Ad Break Bingo numbers. The winning numbers will be revealed in the ad break during Deal or No Deal on Channel 4.

    New players receive £25 absolutelly free and also enter in the give away of 10 daily Golden Tickets to play in the epic £5,000,000 Bingo Game! A great bingo community to play for huge jackpots and fantastic bingo promotions.

    Here is our online bingo section. We listed trusted UK bingo websites where you can play internet bingo and have lot's of fun. Have fun! Play one of our approved online bingo halls and make money and friends. Bingo is a very friendly game that you can make new friends and huge money. Hope see you on hall of fame with some huge money prize.

    888 Ladies Bingo
    888 Ladies Bingo is an online bingo full of promotions and hot offers that you will keep playing for hours. 888 Ladies Bingo offers to all new members a special 150% welcome bonus up to £150. You will find huge jackpots at 888 Ladies Bingo and you could be the next big winner for £8,888 Guaranteed Coverall Jackpot, £888,888 Coverall, and much more. You will count with daily big cash jackpots at 888 Ladies Bingo, so access the website and read about the current promotions.

    Caesars Bingo
    Direct from Caesars Palace Las Vegas to all bingo lovers in the UK ! Join CAESARS Bingo today and you'll receive a fabulous 200% Welcome Bonus up to £400. So deposit £10 and you'll automatically have £30 to play, and that's just the beginning! Once you're a member, CAESARS Bingo will also give you 20 Free Bingo cards to get started with. Plus, you can get a fantastic 50% Reload Bonus on your second deposit! So don't miss out, experience all your favourite games with a touch of Las Vegas style excitement today.

    Jackpotjoy is the UK's leading online Instant Win and Bingo site with over 3,000,000 players. The good folks at Jackpotjoy love an innovative new concept, and when we found out that they were sponsoring Deal or No Deal we knew that they?d be pulling out the stops and coming out with something pretty special! The whole idea of Ad Break Bingo sounded pretty fantastic even before we knew what it was all about - and when we found out you could win £250,000 for FREE by playing it we knew that Jackpotjoy had raised the bar further than we thought possible! The rules are simple: log in to the site before 2pm on any day of the week (except Saturday) to reveal your Ad Break Bingo numbers for the day. They'll be revealing the winning numbers in the ad breaks during Deal or No Deal on Channel 4 that afternoon and if your numbers match the winning numbers you'll win a straight £250,000! It's that simple.

    Virgin Bingo
    Virgin Bingo will offer to all new bingo players an exclusive 100% bonus for deposits starting at £10. There are a lot of promotions at Virgin Bingo , like trip draws, huge jackpots, reward points. When you visit Virgin Bingo home page, maybe you will see a message to sign up today to receive £1 FREE. The online bingo is a very professional bingo managed by one of the most trusted operators: Virgin Games.

    Jackpot City Bingo
    Play at Jackpot City Bingo is a real cool experience. Jackpot City Bingo is managed by Belle Rock Entertainment, so you don´t need to worry about quality, fast payouts, jackpots, security and player support. The Jackpot City Bingo was launched in 2008 but this group operates online gambling websites since 1997 with brands like The Gaming Club, Jackpot City Online Casino, River Belle Online Casino and Lucky Nugget Online Casino. You will receive £10 free to play at Jackpot City Bingo, and will also love their jackpots, games and all fun you will have in this hot bingo website.

    Platinum Play Bingo
    Platinum Play Bingo is a kind of online bingo you should play. Not only because the £10 free immediately credited when you sign-up or because the massive 200% welcome bonus up to £100 in your first deposit. There are more things that makes Platinum Play Bingo a very cool online bingo to play and win big. You will receive a 50% match bonus in all deposits, also you can find weekly and monthly promotions. Sweepstakes, progressive prizes, Bingo Ball fro Life promotion, bingo cruise and much more. Now that you know a little about Platinum Play Bingo, take some time and visit Platinum Play Bingo website and start playing bingo instantly. Platinum Play Bingo complete review

    Sun Bingo
    Join Sun Bingo today and get a 100% Welcome Bonus up to £100. So deposit £10 and you'll have £20 to play with! It's easy to get started; simply sign-up, make your first deposit today and Sun Bingo will treble it. And that's not all you can also grab a 50% bonus on your second deposit up to £50.

    Heart Games
    Claim up to £100 at Heart Games today! Sign up to Heart Games today and you'll automatically double your cash with a fantastic cashmatch bonus up to £100. Simply, deposit £10 and you'll have £20 to play any of our great games, from classic Bingo 90 to spin-tastic Slots and quick-fire Instant Win games. Plus, only at Heart Games can you listen to your favourite Heart DJs whilst you play and chat in the friendliest online chat rooms.

    Ruby Bingo
    Ruby Bingo for online bingo and cool chat with huge network cash prizes and jackpots. 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo plus progressive slots, video poker, scratch cards and more. Up to 110% instant bonus - 24/7 super chat games - up to 60% bonus on ALL deposits

    Mecca Bingo
    Every day at Mecca Bingo one lucky bingo player will win an amazing £10,000 Jackpot!The Mecca Bingo daily £10,000 Jackpot could be in your account at any time so start playing now and give yourself a chance to win ! All new bingo players at Mecca Bingo will receive a special bonus up to £50 in FREE PLAY! All you must do is register as a real player, deposit between £5 to £50, and Mecca Bingo will match your deposit. Mecca Bingo is part of the Rank Group and is licensed and regulated by The Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

    Party Bingo
    Party Bingo is operated by PartyGaming that includes very known websites as Party Poker, Party Gamon, Party Casino and others. The games offered by Party Bingo is american style online bingo including games with a great range of prices since 2c - 50c and $20 to $50. The Party Bingo is in the same quality of other Party Gaming software. So, you will don´t have any delay to enter into the action and start playing a very good online bingo. I know Party Gaming is a very known group by you. Maybe you already played Party Poker or Party Casino. There's lot's of investment in this group and big jackpots and promotions are guaranteed at Party Bingo. All bingo halls at Party Bingo offers chat (except Extreme Bingo). There are different games in each bingo hall so it's very recomended that you check the bonuses section to know what's the hot game. You can choose play at Party Bingo with play money to know how the games works before you start playing for real money. When you are a little bit tired of online bingo , Party Bingo will give you an option to play other cool online games including slots, video poker and keno. All games are offered in play money and real money. There are also a great feature that you can track all your spends and winnings.

    Bingo Day UK
    Bingo Day UK is very popular online bingo hall played and approved by bingo players in UK. Bingo Day UK offers incredible odds a very professional customer support and a easy to navigate website where you can check the lastest promotions and download the bingo software, that is supported by PlayTech. Bingo Day UK will welcome you with a hot 125% bonus up to £125 FREE and 25% bonus on all future deposits ! You an use both Switch and Solo cards. You can also play European Roulette, Video Poker, Keno, scratch card, slot machines and more. Bingo Day UK pays £500,000 daily in prizes, so start receiving your £125 bonus and take your share of this huge money prize !

    Virtual Bingo UK
    Virtual Bingo website offers Online Bingo Games and Slots Machines, Keno, Poker and more. Virtual Bingo offers full Live Support in both Spanish and English to help get you started and provide you with any assistance you may need in order to make your experience with us as enjoyable as possible. We offer the first multi-lingual Bingo environment on the Net, including full bi-lingual Technical and Customer Support. We provide the widest variety of fun and exciting weekly specials and promotions with prizes that include progressive jackpots, All-Inclusive trips, Cruise Vacations and unique jewelry items, coupled with the largest deposit bonuses and payout percentages on all games of any online bingo site.

    Just like our name Virtual Bingo means Friend we want yours - all of them! So much that we will pay you 50% on every dollar that your friends deposit (please see rules and conditions) for the first 60 Days. That can mean HUGE dollars back in your pocket. Everyday we have a new promotion or special going on to make your day a little more exciting. Check what is going on NOW at AmigoBingo. 200% Bonus on first deposit new accounts. After first deposit on our site, you will earn 200% on all deposits over $50. All deposits under $50 will get a bonus according with the VIP level player. Our system will automatically decide what method earns you the LARGEST amount and apply this amount to your deposit: check the website for details.

    River Belle
    You know River Belle as a very professional online casino with superior games, prizes and customer support. You should know that River Belle also offer great online bingo games in the same way they offer online casino. As soon you access River Belle online bingo you will see the bingo schedule that will tell you when the next game starts and what´s the money prize. While you are waiting for the next online bingo game, you can play mini slots and start your fun and winings. You will also see the jackpot's count. At River Belle online bingo you will have a lot of promotions and offers. The welcome bonus will match your £50 deposit, and you will start play with £100. You can claim your 100% bonus in deposits since £10 !

    Prestige Bingo
    Prestige Bingo is an online bingo that offers you a welcome bonus up to $120 free to play a high quality, user friendly internet bingo. You will also receive +60% bonuses on all subsequent deposits. The software is by PlayTech, so you can be sure you will experience a very respected online bingo games. Download Prestige Bingo now and star your internet bingo action.

    Take some time to visit Betboo website and you will see a brand new online bingo that is doing a great job with bingo players ! Betboo Bingo offers some exclusive bonuses structure where you can receive a 100% bonus in your first deposit and 25% in all other deposits you make. Betboo Bingo developed a wide range of bingo games and slot machines. You can play free games to test your skills and then start playing with real money. The games are very cool. The sounds, graphics and animations are very professional and you will play this bingo for hours !

    Bingo Tournament - 888ladies is handing out twin luxury passes aboard the 20th annual World Championship Bingo Tournament & Gaming Cruise!

    Want to make the most of your referrals to 888ladies? Just watch how they go bonkers for bingo between July 1st - August 30th, craving a return flight to Fort Lauderdale and the Caribbean for 8 days aboard the luxurious Carnival Miracle!

    The lucky ladies will scratch and claw for the chance to win a share of the $80,000 prize pool, and $20,000 at BlackJack and Slot side tournaments.

    90 Ball Bingo, easy to join, interactive chat, fantastic promotions, games starting at just 5p, secure software, 24/7 support including live chat. Our auto-daub bingo-technology means you just kick off your shoes, sit back and relax. Instant play - No download necessary. Welcome bonus: Get £5 Free, NO deposit Required.

    Deposit Bonuses: Get up to £100 on your first deposit As an All Bingo Club newbie, you will receive a 100% match bonus - up to £100 - on your first deposit. And if you play at All Bingo Club and you will qualify for... 25% cash back on every single deposit up to £25.


    What you may know already about Bingo Bingo is played by pulling manually or electronically from a hopper that holds many moving balls, each marked with its own number (the amount of balls depends on the type of bingo being played.) Corresponding to these numbers, are cards that each player sits with marked with different number/letter patterns (the letters go in accordance to the word bingo and again, the number of balls is determined by the type of bingo being played.) As the balls with the number/letter combinations are called off, players mark off (or daub) the corresponding combinations on their bingo cards and aim to create specific lines or patterns in order to complete a bingo. The first to complete the pattern wins the game.

    There are two main types of bingo. 75-ball bingo (which is played mainly in the US) and 90-ball bingo (which is what is played in the UK, Australia and parts of Europe.)

    For each game, there is a chosen pattern that the player must complete in order to win Bingo. If the player is able to reach Bingo within a predetermined number of balls, the player wins the jackpot prize. The jackpot can be split is more than one player wins.


    Why People Play Free Online Bingo?

    In one word: Convenience. Getting dressed and driving to the bingo hall takes time. What is more convenient than sitting leisurely in the comfort of your home and enjoying a session of free online bingo? Not just this, while enjoying free bingo online, you have the ability to meet people you normally wouldn't come in contact with you through the chat rooms. It has become a true worldwide phenomenon. Playing free bingo gives you hours of online excitement, but more often than not, people come to win real money. Simply fund an account and you're off to a Bingo bonanza.

    How to Start Playing Free Online Bingo Now?

    You can be playing free bingo online in a matter of minutes. Simply register your screen name and a validation code will be sent to your email account. There is no extra software required so you can start playing immediately free bingo online right here, right now! You'll find several regular exciting variations of the game. Pick the game of your choice and play free bingo your way.

    What are some of these special Offers?

    Many free online bingo websites have their own currencies and provide you with an option of exchanging it for online loot or cash. Other bingo sites plays in real pounds, and if you choose to fund an account those pounds are yours. Playing free online Bingo is a great way to practice your game. Then, take advantage of our offers to start playing for real money.

    Is playing bingo online legal?

    We do now know the laws for every jurisdiction in the world and highly recommend checking with your local authorities to find out the exact law in your jurisdiction and acting in accordance with those regulations.

    I'm ready to cash out! Where can I withdraw my money?

    Withdrawals and deposits are both done through the Cashier. Simply click on the Cashier button inside the software and click on the Withdrawal page. Here you will find a list of all the different methods of withdrawal that are available to you. We recommend reading through them and deciding which is the best option for you. (Should you have any questions at this point, don't hesitate to call the customer service)
    The tab marked "Pending Withdrawals" shows the withdrawals you have requested that are still being processed. There is a period of 4 days for pre-processing where the site looks into the security aspects of each players account to verify that everything is in order. During this period, you can cancel the withdrawal request to transfer the money back into your account. However, once this period has passed, it is impossible to cancel the withdrawal. For our VIP players, this processing time is less.

    I won the Jackpot!!! What's next?

    First of all, congratulations!!
    Now, you have a few different alternatives at this point and the choice is entirely up to you. You can immediately withdraw all your funds, but we recommend leaving in a small amount to play with as it takes a few days for the money to be wired to you. Most of our players usually leave some of their winnings in for future play.
    Remember that upon making a withdrawal, any bonus money that you haven't played, or any money in your Bonus Reserve that haven't been converted yet from wagering will be removed. If you don't want to lose that money, use those funds first and then make your withdrawal. .

    I won! Why did I only get half the shown prize amount?

    This means simply that you've tied with another player! Because of the timing involved with winning a round of bingo, this doesn't happen very often yet sometimes lady lucks winks at more than just one... (perhaps she's just twitching?) If two players win the same game, the prize is split and the prize can be split between multiple people.

    When I reach Bingo - what happens next?

    As discussed above, as you approach bingo, your cards begin to change color. Once you reach Bingo and your card turns gold, you will be notified that you have reached Bingo!
    While most of our veteran brick and mortal bingo hall players still tend to shout out "BINGO" you don't really have to on the online version. The beauty of modern technology takes care of everything for you! The software automatically shows that you have won and counts your win (and puts the money you've won into your balance!)
    It doesn't matter which bingo game or hall you are playing in, you will always be notified of your win (even if you are in different halls or games or even if you're playing side games like slots or keno, etc!) When the jackpot is won, an announcement goes out to all players (again, regardless of where they are in the software.)

    Can I chat to the other players who are playing?

    Yes! We encourage player chat as we feel this is part of what makes online bingo so much fun! Other forms of online gaming don't allow this feature as it's not an integral part of the gaming culture, bingo however, is unique in this aspect and we feel it's part of what makes the game so special.
    You can chat with players from across the globe (in English) inside the main chat room and once you meet new friends, we allow for private chat between players as well.
    Inside the chat room, you can also play in our fantastic chat games, win prizes and make friends all while you're still playing bingo!

    How can I see my game history?

    Most of the UK bingo sites offer the ability to see your past game history. When you click on the "game history" button you will be able to view your game history even while you are in another game.

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