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NFT Megaways slot review

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This is the NFT Megaways slot game review. A themed slot game that explores the new trend in art - the exciting world of the NFT's (non-fungible token) that is taking the attention and investments of both artists and art collectors. The game studio RedTiger is exploring this buzz through the slot game NFT Megaways. In this review, you will learn how this NFT themed game is reproducing the realm of digital art which is collecting unique items that are used to win big in this creative video slot. Continue reading below for the most complete and detailed review of this NFT game.

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Nft Megaways Slot Game Review

About NFT Megaways slot game by Red Tiger

The game was produced in a look-and-feel of 8-bit that will cater to the attention of vintage video game fans, including me, the reviewer that is writing this post for you. The game was beautifully designed with nice pixelated graphics, vibrant colors, and animations that will try to reproduce a crypto-art marketplace. There is a lot to explore in the NFT Megaways slot game and in this in-depth review, you will learn everything the game has to offer.

To make the whole gameplay experience more realistic, the symbols are a reproduction of a collection of NFT-style arts that includes different memes and cryptocurrencies.

Actually, in this game, you will count on four different "crypto punks" as wild symbols that will enhance your gameplay. The crypto punks will only land in the horizontal reel that is the "crypto punks bar". These expensive cryptopunks was bought by the game studio to grant the use exclusively in the game.

Four different crypto-punk arts can land in the horizontal bar and trigger multipliers and wild substitution.

Nft Megaways Slot Game Big Win

The game has an AUTO-PLAY button that allows you to set up to 100 spins to be played automatically. There, you can set some conditions to stop the auto-spin function: loss surpasses some limit, win surpasses some limit, and stop when a bonus round is triggered. This will give you better control of your gameplay session.

When you get a win, you can double the amount if you decide to risk it using the "Gamble" feature. From there, you can choose red or black. Be aware that you can lose your win.

Finally, you can adjust your bet size from 0.10 to 20.00 by using the buttons + or -.

Big Wins on NFT Megaways slot game

The main goal of the "crypto punks bar" is having a crypto-punk symbol there when you get a winning combination. Depending on the symbols in the winning combination, the game can trigger different specials including multipliers.

For low-paying symbols, the crypto-punks art will activate a multiplier accumulator. When high-paying symbols are part of the winning combination, the game will activate the cascade feature normally and new symbols will fall to cover the empty spaces. The cascade feature is also activated when other symbols part of a winning combination is matched with the one on the crypto punks bar.

Now, if a crypto-punk art is active in the horizontal bar and a winning combination is marked, the low-paying symbols part of it will be collected and transformed into multipliers. This can generate a multiplier of up to 30x. The low-paying symbols are represented by cryptocurrency logos: bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and doge.

Nft Megaways Slot Review Crypto Punks
Crypto Punks Bar - four different crypto punks as wild symbol


There is also the crypto-spins symbol that is used to trigger the free spins round (crypto-spins). NFT Megaways slot game has the possibility of up to 25 crypto-spins (free spins). The round is triggered when the player gets at least 3 crypto-spins symbols in the reels. This will award 10 crypto-spins. For each additional crypto-spins symbol, the game will add 5 free spins.

The crypto-spins round can be re-triggered as the scatter symbols can still land during the round.

Another good thing during the free spins round (crypto-spins) is that the multiplier will only reset by the end of the round. This means you have more chances to get a higher multiplier during the free-play round.

As the game says: "Get Punks, Get Rich".

3 Crypto-Spins10 free spins
4 Crypto-Spins15 free spins
5 Crypto-Spins20 free spins
6 Crypto-Spins25 free spins

Symbols on NFT Megaways video slot game

The game has 8 symbols in a total of which 4 of them are high-paying symbols. The game has the reproduction of four crypto-art pieces as the high-paying symbols and 4 cryptocurrencies as the low-paying symbols (maybe because of the volatility of the cryptos).

The symbols can land in a 1x2 format.

Below you can check the symbols` paytable:

Symbols payout table

SymbolMax Payout
Nft Megaways Slot Review Diamond
Shiba dog
Nft Megaways Slot Review Shiba Dog
Monalisa with sunglases
Nft Megaways Slot Review Monalisa Sunglasses
Twitter bird
Nft Megaways Slot Review Twitternftart
Tesla Cybertruck
Nft Megaways Slot Review Tesla Cybertruck
Nft Megaways Slot Review Bitcoin
Nft Megaways Slot Review Ethereum
Nft Megaways Slot Review Litecoin
Nft Megaways Slot Review Dodgecoin

You will also notice the jackpot symbol. This is part of the Red Tiger Gaming progressive jackpot feature that is triggered when you get at least three jackpot symbols on the reels. The game has 3 different jackpot prizes that are constantly ticking. You can check the current progressive prize on the left side of the gameplay area.


  • Diamond
  • 6 = 3x
    5 = 2x
    4 = 1.2x
    3 = 0.7x

  • Shiba Dog
  • 6 = 1.4x
    5 = 1.2x
    4 = 0.7x
    3 = 0.5x

  • Monalisa NFT
  • 6 = 1.2x
    5 = 1x
    4 = 0.6x
    3 = 0.4x

  • Twitter NFT
  • 6 = 1x
    5 = 0.8x
    4 = 0.5x
    3 = 0.3x

  • Tesla Cybertruck
  • 6 = 0.8x
    5 = 0.6x
    4 = 0.4x
    3 = 0.3x

  • Bitcoin NFT
  • 6 = 0.7x
    5 = 0.5x
    4 = 0.3x
    3 = 0.2x

  • Ethereum NFT
  • 6 = 0.6x
    5 = 0.4x
    4 = 0.3x
    3 = 0.2x

  • Litecoin NFT
  • 6 = 0.5x
    5 = 0.3x
    4 = 0.2x
    3 = 0.1x

  • Dodge NFT
  • 6 = 0.4x
    5 = 0.3x
    4 = 0.2x
    3 = 0.1x

    Visually Nice but still a no creative video slot game

    NFT Megaways video slot game has a very nice layout. The pixelated graphics makes the gameplay area very thematic with the revolution of digital art marketplaces and very futuristic. The game features nice animations of flying cards and animated signs with neon. The sounds also play an important role to give the final touch on what an NFT environment should look like.

    Unfortunately, the gameplay stills without any innovation which is a pity.

    Nft Megaways Slot Game Review Cover

    Lack of innovation

    If the game is thematic on NFT ( non-fungible token) you will immediately bring to your mind the revolution and innovation in the art industry that is now directly linked to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

    Graphically speaking, the game meet this goal but when it comes to the gameplay, NFT Megaways is still a boring slot game. All the sameness is here: wild symbols, free spins, winning combination, multiplier, progressive jackpot. No skill games portion is present. Like all slot machines, you will act like a zombie spinning the reels and waiting passively for the result.

    I believe the Red Tiger (excellent game studio) should add more innovation to this game. Especially because it is related to digital art on the blockchain. But they prefer to use the look-and-feel and keep the boring gameplay just like any other slot machine.

    A couple of creative ideas...

  • It would be nice to have something emulating a blockchain with crypto-collectibles being added and then trigger a skill-based routine to give the chance to win a prize.

  • The game should also have a kind of random NFT generator making exclusive symbols land in the reels. The possibility to "collect" the rare symbol to the blockchain and sell it later to throw it back to the reels.

  • NFT game

    And what about having a real NFT game embedded? Can you imagine having an authentic NFT game working with this slot machine? I mean: you can acquire NFT art from a given marketplace (opensea, rarible, foundation, mintable, hicetnunc,...) and authenticate this art as a valuable symbol or a wild.

    Or the game "NFT Megaways slot" could have their own NFT collection allowing players to buy and have the artwork embedded in the game as a power symbol. Why not keep a community on Discord to announce new NFT drops and special items that can be used in the game?

    This kind of innovation will attract the NFT community to engage with the game in a very interactive way: buying NFT art, being active on Discord discussions, selling NFTs, and many more.

    There are so many possibilities when it comes to NFT art, but unfortunately, NFT Megaways stays on the side of the mediocre slots.

    The game studio ought to plan some interactive features to take the attention of the NFT community including investors that should have the opportunity to collect rare items and send them back to players.

    Anyway, I'm sure the innovation will hit online casinos - starting with crypto and bitcoin casinos. Some of them are launching incredible games that are provably fair and full of innovative features.

    More NFT art?

    You noticed my expertise in the subject, right? That's because I am in the digital art area - studying, reading, and also having my own corner at casinobillionaire NFT with some of my favorite NFT arts and also home for the future branded casinobillionaire NFT art at Opensea.

    If you are interested in the subject, you can also read my blog post explaining What is NFT.

    If this is not what you have any interest in NFT and you are here just because of the RedTiger slot, I also have good news for you. You can play a free version of the game on demo mode with no registration and no deposit required. Click here to play NFT Megaways slot game for fun.

    More Information

    Game Studio:Red Tiger
    Theme:NFT art
    Lines:Up to 200,704
    Bonus Rounds:3
    Limits:0.20 - $20.00/spin
    Max. Free Spins:25 per round - unlimited retrigered
    Max. Multiplier:30x
    Payout Potential:10,499 coins
    Format:6x7 reels
    Released Date:September 2021
    Reviewed on:14 September 2021

    Real NFT art in the game

    The company bought four cryptopunks in a popular NFT crypto art marketplace at the start of 2021 to develop this game. Now the four cryptopunk art are visible in the game as wild symbols. The game is inspired by the cryptocurrency market that is directed linked to NFT art.

    The four cyberpunk arts that were bought by Evolution land in the horizontal reel and have the power to activate multipliers that will increase during any consecutive winning. The "cyberpunk bar" is where the wilds will appear.

    To better explain to you: the game studio RedTiger was purchased by Evolution. Evolution bought the cryptopunks by LarvaLab which is a creative business working on several innovative projects. You can check the collection of NFT cryptopunks and why not, start collecting some of them.

    This is an honest and clear review of the game that will explain to you correctly every aspect of NFT Megaways video slot. Curiously, I have good knowledge about NFT art and casino games, so, I can say this review is a perfect match for the things I know the most in this world. Be aware of casino affiliate sites offering scam casinos with rogue free spins deals. They just want your money and will recommend you rigged casinos to play. Instead, you can check my casino ranking to play NFT Megaways slot with real money at trusted online casinos.

    Now you can try the game on demo version with no deposit required. You can also play with real cash through the best online casinos listed here at - check the top #5 ranking on the home page.

    Review by: Alex Ramos
    Last update: 9 February 2022

  • NFT art thematic - original
  • Real NFT art on it
  • Good payout potential
  • Game available for mobile devices (no dowload)
  • Lower betting limit

  • Cons
  • Lack on innovation
  • maximum bet of $10.00 per spin
  • Lack of creativity for a NFT game
  • Same slot mechanism as hundreds of other games

  • FAQ

    Is NFT Megaways slot game available for real cash gambling?

    Yes. You can pick your favorite online casino to play this NFT-themed slot machine with real money. Check my casino ranking to find which casino is offering NFT Megaways slot.

    What is the return to player?

    The return to player (RTP) on NFT Megaways slot is set to 95.66% which makes this game volatile. The average of a medium variance slot is 96.50%

    What is the maximum payout of the game?

    Punters can win up to 10,499 times their bet. This is a high payout potential typically usuall in volatile slot machines.

    Is there real NFT art on NFT Megaways slot game?

    Yes. The game studio bought 4 NFT crypto punks to be featured in the game. The crypto punks can be seen on the top bar of the game while you play for fun or real money.

    Can I play this free NFT game?

    Yes. You can play this free NFT game online with no deposit required. Click the PLAY button on top of this review to start.

    What is NFT art?

    NFT art is an unique piece of digital art that is registered in the blockchain. The owner can sell this art to anyone with the authenticity being validated through blockchain (the most secure and trusted technology). Artists can still getting royalties fees when their NFT art is sold to third parties. NFT art is secure for both artists and collectors.

    Author: Alex Ramos

    Alex Ramos

    Author Bio: Alex Ramos is a casino specialist that reviews online gambling sites and games. A professional and independent blogger not linked to any casino corporate media or association. Alex dedicates its career for online casinos and online entertainment. He is graduated in Computing Science and is working in the online gambling industry since 1997.

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