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Game of Thrones Power Stacks slot game review

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Regardless of which character you wanted to see on the Iron Throne, there is no doubt that Game of Thrones was a phenomenal series that had us on the edge of our seats. From disturbing incest romance to Lannisters paying their debt, everything was pure gold, and we all loved it. But after the series ended, it left a hole inside us that we couldn't fix. For now, you have the new Game of Thrones themed slot machine to play online and have some fun. I'm talking about Game of Thrones Power Stacks slot game that is reviewed here in this post.

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Game of Thrones Power Stacks slot game was released by Microgaming. The game has 5 reels, 40 paylines, and a lot of bonus features. The free spins round is my favorite because the winnings are doubled. This video slot has a return to player (RTP) of 96.2% and a payout potential of 25,000 times your bet. Just like you, we are GoT enthusiasts...

... and for that reason, we reviewed the Game of Thrones Power Stacks slot game to fill that void. In this review, we will get into the details of this game and how it can help you get over your GOT fever. So stick till the end to find out everything about the GOT power stacks slot game.

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Game Of Thrones Power Stacks Slot Game Review

Overview Of The Game of Thrones Power Stacks Slot Game

The GOT-inspired slot game is the courtesy of Microgaming partnered with Slingshot. Microgaming isn't new to GOT-themed games because it released its hit Game of Thrones 243 back in 2014.

Now, Microgaming is trying to up its stakes with the new GOT-inspired game that takes you through the realm of the nightwalkers, into the Targaryen dens, and over the King's landing. So strap your seat belts because we are going to say "DRACARUS."

The game has 5 reels and you can get a winning combination starting with 3 matching symbols. The highest pay comes with 5 of a kind combinations.

You can bet from 0.20 to 20.00 per spin. The betting limit is not so good because it doesn't call the attention of both penny slot machine players (that stake usually 1c, 5c) or high rollers (that stakes above $50 per spin).

Even with the return to player (RTP) of 96.2%, the game looks very volatile just like the previous version released many years ago. The hit frequency will be lower than the average of other slot machines, which is quite usual in branded games.

With high volatility game, a big win offer is always expected, and that's why the payout potential is 25,000 times your bet which can result in a lot of money.

Theme:Game of Thrones
Limits:0.20 - $20.00/spin
Jackpot:Yes (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Valyrian)
Features:Link & Win, Power stacks and free spins
Free Spins:15
Max. Free Spins:15 per round
Payout Potential:25,000 x your bet
Game Studio:Microgaming - SlingShot
Released Date:November 2021
Reviewed on:January 2022

Graphics of the game

Graphically speaking, the game is much better than the original launched back in 2014. The characters of the show are used as symbols, and thank god they are animated. You can find several symbols from the show with their unique meanings. These symbols are also hyper-realistic and seem like they were taken directly from the show. All in all, the graphics of this game are pretty cool, and we weren't disappointed.

Everything is just like the Game of Thrones HBO TV series and the game was properly licensed to complete the first version. The new version is much more detailed in terms of graphics and animations.

The design of this game is approved by HBO, making it a branded GOT game.

Symbols of Game of Thrones Power Stacks Slot Game

The game has various symbols, and unlike its previous versions, the symbols are easy to distinguish if you are familiar with the series. The house symbols represent your payout, and they are ranked according to how they were in the series; for instance, the Lannisters are on top, and then the rest follow.

The high-paying symbols are characters from the series, which include Sansa Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, Tormund Giantsbane, Night King, and Wildings. It's no surprise the Jon Snow symbol has the most payout; after all, he was the main character.

The wild symbol is the logo of the series. In addition, this symbol offers a fantastic 25x payout when it appears on all 5 reels acting as a replacement for the missing symbols.

The lower paying symbols are the logos of the Houses Greyjoy, Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen.

Below you can check all the symbols and the maximum payout you can get with a 5 matching combination.

Symbols payout table
SymbolMax Payout
Iron Throne (Scatter)
Game Of Thrones Power Stacks Iron Throne
Game of Thrones logo
Game Of Thrones Power Stacks Logo Symbol
Jon Snow
Game Of Thrones Power Stacks Jon Snow
Daenerys Targaryen
Game Of Thrones Power Stacks Daenerys Targaryen
Sansa Stark
Game Of Thrones Power Stacks Sansa Stark
Night King
Game Of Thrones Power Stacks Night King
Tormund Giantsbane
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House Targaryen
Game Of Thrones Power Stacks House Targaryen Emblem
House Lannister
Game Of Thrones Power Stacks House Lannister Emblem
House Stark
Game Of Thrones Power Stacks House Stark Emblem
House Greyjoy
Game Of Thrones Power Stacks House Greyjoy Emblem

The table above gives you an idea of how much you can win with a 5 matching symbol combination. To check the complete payout table of each symbol of the game, check the listing below:

  • Iron Throne (Scatter)

  • 3 - 1x
    4 - 10x
    5 - 100x

  • Game of Thrones logo

  • 3 - 2.5x
    4 - 5x
    5 - 25x

  • Jon Snow

  • 3 - 1.25x
    4 - 2.5x
    5 - 7.5x

  • Daenerys Targaryen

  • 3 - 1x
    4 - 2.25x
    5 - 7x

  • Sansa Stark

  • 3 - 0.9x
    4 - 2.2x
    5 - 6x

  • Night King

  • 3 - 0.75x
    4 - 2.1x
    5 - 5.5x

  • Tormund Giantsbane

  • 3 - 0.6x
    4 - 2x
    5 - 5x

  • House Targaryen

  • 3 - 0.5x
    4 - 1.25x
    5 - 2.5x

  • House Lannister

  • 3 - 0.5x
    4 - 1.20x
    5 - 2.4x

  • House Stark

  • 3 - 0.35x
    4 - 1.0x
    5 - 2.2x

  • House Greyjoy

  • 3 - 0.35x
    4 - 1.0x
    5 - 2.0x

    RTP and Payouts on of Game of Thrones Power Stacks Slot Game

    The game offers an excellent RTP (return to player) rate of 96.20%, packed with a sizeable winning steak of up to 25,000x your money. The game comes with a 40 pay line, and you'll need a 5 of a kind to win big.

    You can also get a big win when entering the bonus rounds. To know more about the game's features, continue reading below as we are going to explain the free spins, Power Stacks, and Link&Win.

    Anyway, just like stated above, the game is very volatile.

    How Does The Game Work?

    When you start the game, you are greeted with a dragon before logging into the game. You'll see a 5x4 slot reel with different symbols and characters.

  • Power Stacks feature
  • On the left-hand side, you'll see a small spinner that displays a random symbol. This symbol is super-stacked, and when it's displayed on the screen, it triggers a stack effect.

  • Link&Win feature
  • Dotting the grid on the top are special coin symbols. When your land 6 coins on the screen, it triggers the "Link & Win" feature where all the symbols are removed except for the ones that triggered Link and Win.

    The game will award you 3 re-spins to match the coins on your screen. If you do, you win big, but if you fail, you take what the symbols on the screen have to offer.

    Game Features

    GOT power stacks slot game has two features that can increase or decrease your winnings. Here is a detailed look at them.

  • Fixed Jackpot
  • The fixed jackpot feature is in the "Link and Win" feature, where you get 3 spins to link the coins that triggered this feature. This feature is among the top payout stakes and can be triggered multiple times throughout the game. The RTP is 96.2%, but it isn't fixed. This means you can earn less than 96% RTP as well.

    The jackpot amount is different on the base game and free spins. Let's take a look at how much the jackpot will pay you in each situation:

    Jackpot on Base Game:
    Bronze: 20 times your bet
    Silver: 100 times your bet
    Gold: 500 times your bet
    Valyrian: 2,500 times your bet

    Jackpot during the Free Spins round:
    Bronze: 40 times your bet
    Silver: 200 times your bet
    Gold: 1,000 times your bet
    Valyrian: 5,000 times your bet

  • Stack Feature
  • Among many features of this game, you'll be particularly interested in the wild feature because it has the massive potential of multiplying your stakes. It's also the highest payable combo in the game, and to look for the wild symbol, just keep your eyes out for the game's logo. This feature offers 25x stakes for every full-line and 1000x stakes for the full screen.

    Game Of Thrones Power Stacks Slot Game Review Big Win

    Free Play Version

    The game is also available on demo mode. You can play for free, with no deposit required and don't even need to register an account. Go to the practice mode to play Game of Thrones Power Stacks for free.

    Click Here to Play the Free Version!

    Game Of Thrones Power Stacks Slot Game Review

    Game of Thrones themed slot machine game
    Very good graphics
    Good features

    Betting limit not attractive
    Lack of innovation

    Summary of Game of Thrones Power Stacks slot game

    The Game of Thrones Power Stacks is an amazing game specially designed for franchise fans. If you like taking risks, this game will speak to you because to get to the top; you need to bet on your luck. Overall, the game has fantastic graphics and pictures of the GOT characters. The game has a fixed jackpot that increases your winning chances, plus you can always rely on the stack feature.

    Keep in mind that out of the four jackpots available, you can choose from the highest to the lowest. The user-friendliness of this game has improved a lot from its previous versions, and you'll quickly get the hang of what you are doing. The symbols are pretty much straightforward, and you'll instantly understand their payout if you are a GOT fan.

    Last but not least, players can expect a massive improvement in graphics from the previous version of the game. The partnership with Sling has paid off in terms of visuals, and while they aren't out of this world, the visuals are a step in the right direction. We expect future versions of this game to work on graphics and animation a bit more to make the game look more lively. Plus, a few more jackpot options would make this game even better. That's it for now, and we hope you like our review of the Game of Thrones Power Stacks Slot game. Good luck playing!

    Review by: Alex Ramos
    Last update: 20 January 2022


    Can you play Game of Thrones Power Stacks slot game for real cash?

    Yes, the game is available at real money online casinos offering Microgaming slots. Check the casino ranking on this blog to pick honest casinos to play Game of Thrones Power Stacks slot game with real money.

    Is the RTP on Game of Thrones Power Stacks slot game very low?

    96.20% is the average on pretty much all medium variance video slot games. The problem is that Game of Thrones slot machine is more volatile because the fatures and jackpots. The base game can pay you up to 100 times your bet while the features can pay you up to 25,000 times your bet.

    Is the Game of Thrones Power Stacks slot game rigged?

    The Game of Thrones Power Stacks slot game is a legal video slot game, released by Microgaming and available at licensed online casinos. You can play it for fun and real money enjoying a secure and trusted gaming environment.

    Where can I play Game of Thrones Power Stacks slot game on free demo mode?

    You can play Game of Thrones Power Stacks slot game for free with no deposit required. The free-play version is available here and you can play on any mobile device and desktop computer using any platform.

    How to win big with Game of Thrones Power Stacks slot game?

    One of the ways is by triggering the free spins round. Firstly, the scatter symbol can pay you up to 100 times your wager. Secondly, during the 15 free spins, all wins will be doubled. The feature Link&Win can be started during the free spins round.

    What is the maximum win on Game of Thrones Power Stacks slot game?

    The players can win up to 5,000 times the betting amount if triggering the jackpot during the free spins round. The payout potential of the game is 25,000 times your stake.

    Author: Alex Ramos

    Alex Ramos

    Author Bio: Alex Ramos is a casino specialist that reviews online gambling sites and games. A professional and independent blogger not linked to any casino corporate media or association. Alex dedicates its career for online casinos and online entertainment. He is graduated in Computing Science and is working in the online gambling industry since 1997.

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