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Slot Machine Calculator Free Tool

This Slot Machine Calculator free tool was developed to give you an idea on the return of the game (RTP) based in a symbol's combination. You can read the instructions below the software screen. The Slot Machine Calculator by is used to review the games and also is free to use and you can use it to better know more information about the odds of certain games. Additional instructions on how to use the software can be found below. This software is for classic 3 reels slot machines.

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About this Slot Machine Calculator

This software is only for classic three reels slot machines, also called "one-armed-bandit". This is a free tool you can use while playing slot machines at any casino in Las Vegas and also at online casinos. You must know the symbols' sequence and distribution throughout the reels to get more realistic results of the calculation.

Normally, slot machine players observe the symbols landing and take note of the sequence. Then, they do a kind of puzzle to build the symbols sequence and distribution per reels. Using this information and also the paytable of the slot machine will give you the probability of win and the total return to player (RTP) of the game.

Slot Machine Calculator Free Tool
This free slot machine calculator is only for classic three reels slot machines!

How to use this Slot Machine Calculator?

This free slot machine calculator tool is available to help you to find the real conditions and probabilities while playing at casinos (both land-based or online).

  • 1st part
  • - Enter the slot machine name (optional);
    - Enter the number of reels the slot machine have (this version is only for 3 reels slot machines);
    - Enter the number of symbols;
    - (Enter the number of symbols per reel - For example, if a slot machine have 6 symbols, probably the game will repeat the symbols and each reel could contain 30 symbols) NOT REQUIRED ANYMORE - it will be calculated after the forms are completely filled. . - Enter the number of winning combinations / pay-table / pay-lines;

  • Step 2
  • Some important factors must be part of this second step of this free slot machine calculator tool.

    Enter the paytable. List the symbols.

  • Step 3
  • The Number of Symbols per Reel: this is probably a difficult task that only the slot machine manufacturer will know. I'm not sure if the audited documents attached to the slot machine seal includes any kind of more technical information.

    Anyway, to get an exact result we must know how many symbols each reel includes. For example, in a 3 reel slot game, the symbols could be Bar, Orange, Lemon, Cherry, and Seven - 5 symbols. On each slot it could include these symbols in different sequences, like this:

    Reel 1: Bar, Orange, Lemon, Cherry, Seven, Lemon, Cherry, Seven, Orange, Seven, Seven, Lemon, Cherry, Cherry, Orange, Lemon.

    Reel 2: Bar, Orange, Lemon, Cherry, Seven, Lemon, Cherry, Seven, Lemon, Cherry, Lemon, Lemon, Bar, Orange, Seven, Orange.

    Reel 3: Orange, Lemon, Cherry, Seven, Cherry, Seven, Bar, Orange, Lemon, Seven, Lemon, Orange, Lemon, Cherry, Cherry, Cherry.

    As you can see, the symbols are distributed in different orders on each reel. You'd probably noticed the lack of "Bar" symbols on the reels which is obviously the reason for the symbol being a high-paying symbol.

    How can you find the symbol distribution per reel?

    There are no miracles. You will need to play the slot machine and do the job: take note of the symbol's sequence landing on each reel, then when you notice the sequences are repeating, you are probably done.

    Play just like a puzzle and build the symbols' sequence. Play the slot machine once again to check if the combination makes sense. Then, feed the slot machine calculator software with the information found.


    In this section, we are going to go in-depth and deconstruct the slot machine. Number of each symbol per reel: this is important information to have to calculate the return to player and winning possibilities.

    For example: if a slot machine has 3 reels, it is important to know how many Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, and high paying symbols the game has on each reel. The reel 1 could have 2 Wilds while on the reel 5 only one.

    Based on the information in the section above we are going to calculate the number of combinations of all wins, return combinations, and the return of all possible wins using all possible combinations as a base.

    If you know the exact information about how many Wilds, Scatters, and other symbols each reel contain, move to the next section to continue with the slot machine calculation.

    Instructions How to Use the Software

    There are a few requirements you must follow when filling the information of this slot machine calculator. The pay-table (as shown in the picture below) must be filled using the number of symbols + symbol name (Three Seven, Three Grape) - NOT PLURAL. Yes, it must be this way because it must match with the symbol name in the next table.

    So, if you enter "Three Sevens" and in the symbol distribution table you enter "Seven", the software won't match the symbols. Also, you must enter "Three Seven" to differ the symbol table that will be only "Seven".

    Inform "Three Seven" and then put the credit/coin prize in the third row seems redundant, but I won't fix this in the software right now. My priority is to put the spins simulator to show the payouts per number of spins and then check if the return to player (RTP) found in the calculator makes sense.

    Fill the Pay-table correctly:

    Slot Machine Calculator Free Tool
    This is how you need to fill the paytable form of the slot machine. A bit redundant, but important to match the form below

    If the BAR symbol will pay 5,000 coins for three in a row, enter "Three Bar" (NOT PLURAL) and "5,000" in the 3 in a row field. The "Three Bar" (Bar) must match with the symbol name of the "Symbols Distribution" table in the form below.

    Slot Machine Calculator Free Tool
    If you used "Three Bar" to inform the payout in the first table, here you will need to enter "Bar" to match the symbol's name between the two tables

    New Versions of the Software

    I am planning to launch new versions very soon. I am working to get a gameplay simulator that will show you the average time and number of spins to get a big win. The first step will calculate the total return (RTP) of the slot machine and the next module (under development) will simulate gameplay.

    It will include the average time between spins and also the total amount of time needed to get a big win.

    Another module I will add is the automated script that will solve the symbols' sequence puzzle. You will enter the sequence of the reels spin after spin and the software will automatically build the symbols' sequence and also calculate the symbols' weight per reel.

    Even though these new additions will take some time, you can still use the software with the return calculation to get an idea of how volatile the slot machine is.


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