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Welcome to casinobillionaire NFT project. Here you will find my own NFT drops and also links for other interesting NFT projects from friends and business partners. This is a collaborative space where I will be publishing everything interesting that you can enjoy in terms of NFT art, NFT games, marketplaces, and NFT communities to share knowledge and increase your exposure. Don't forget to join at least one NFT community to start sharing your experiences and story. If you need collaboration for your project, feel free to contact me in my Twitter.

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Dolz is a new project that allows its users to collect and play in an exclusive ecosystem especially developed for NFT collectors and gamers, running in an adult metaverse. As part of the iStripper site, users can now collect NFT cards. The VR Paradise will allow users to enter a multi-player environment with their 3D NFTs. NFT artists and partners can also take the opportunity to launch their NFT collection on the platform. You can stake your DOLZ token on play to win games to get babydolz. The platform will also offer discounts, unique content, and exclusive NFT collections. Keep checking this page for updates about this project.

This NFT project is managed by iStripper company which is operating since 1998. This means you will be dealing with a solid business with excellent reputation.

Visit to start!

Dolz Nft MetaverseDolz Nft Metaverse 2

casinobillionaire NFT

casinobillionaire NFT is a project that is bringing old media (vintage ads, pictures, arcade games, and styles) back to life. There are good artworks lost in the universe and I believe they must be immortalized. My idea is to take my collection of vintage artwork and renew some of them to make them forever in the Blockchain. I have TBytes of vintage images, most from arcade games and with casino/gambling thematic. I'm working on each one to make them available in HD, editing and painting them again with original colors, and then generating multiple versions through a photo edition software script.

Casinobillionaire Nft Vintage Blackjack NFT drop

NFT - Friends & Partners

Since my interest in NFT art started, I found several communities and very talented NFT artists. So, nothing better than recommending some of my favorite projects here so you can also know more about them. Below you will find a list of my favorite NFT projects in March 2023 and productive communities on Twitter spaces. Follow them and engage with their creations. You will love them.


Cryptosluts is a very good collection created by Fullmetalmagdalene which is a very talented artist. She is very active in social networks updating for new NFT drops and collections. What I liked in the Cryptosluts NFT project is that collectors will get 10% revenue share of all merch featuring their NFTs. Find more about her art here.

Cryptosluts Nft Fullmetalmagdalene

1 - Stoner Ape Club

Another very interesting project that is a collection of 6,666 unique Stoner Apes that are present in the Metaverse and NFT. One of the most interesting cannabis NFT projects. A big community to support each other. You can search them on discord and Twitter. Collectors can get their own Stoner Ape to have a unique and rare NFT collectible art that is stored as RC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. When you buy one of their art you will get a membership to the investors' club. The community is growing fast and feature multiple benefits for its members.

Stoner Ape Club NFT Community

2 - Crypto Cannabis Club

Crypto Cannabis Club presents 10,000 unique token avatars on the ETH blockchain giving you access to various engaging benefits including the Crypto Cannabis Cup. It will soon have a shop with unique and limited edition merchandise for its holders. Crypto Cannabis Club is also very active on events and trade shows in Canada, USA, and Europe to reach the cannabis community and engage in new partnerships with established brands in the industry. These actions go beyond the NFT space. The project also has play-to-earn games allowing its holders to compete against each other in the Crypto Cannabis Cup. The community will also have access to an immersive experience through the best metaverse platforms like Decentraland, Sandbox, and Cryptovoxels. Users can interact in a social environment and enjoy events in the Metaverse.

Crypto Cannabis Club Nft Community

3 - Skurpy - Social Media platform for NFT & Crypto

NFT community (artists and collectors) finally can catch up in a dedicated social network dedicated to NFT and Crypto. Worth remembering that this site is working without any kind of algorithm manipulation which means you will get the deserved exposure. You can also engage in groups or create your own group of interest on the platform. For NFT artists and collectors, Skurpy is a good option to get noticed because the focus is very clear. A very nice initiative and a very active and productive community that is supporting NFT artists around the globe.

Skurpy NFT Social Community

5 Sites to Buy and Sell NFTs

Below you will find a list of sites to buy and sell NFTs. The list is far to be completed and you can collaborate by submitting reviews of other sites that are not listed here. My goal is to list the best NFTs sites to help you to identify which one is the recommended marketplace for you.

1 - Opensea

Site Nft Opensea Review

This is one of the most popular NFT marketplaces for artists and collectors to buy digital art using Ethereum cryptocurrency and wallets like MetaMask. The platform has a user-friendly interface, easy navigation and one of the pros is the big variety of digital art available. Opensea is very secure and is listed on Forbes as one of the most valuable NFT sites.

2 - Rarible

Nft Site Rarible Review

Rarible is getting more attention from artists as the platform announced new functionalities and also the possibility to lower the gas fees. The platform wants allows artists to mint their art with zero fees. Rarible uses efficient tools to manage your NFTs and is one of the favorite NFT marketplaces today. Their proprietary token (RARI) is another good reason to join Rarible platform resulting in passive income for holders. Rarible is set to get a good market share in the next years.

3 - Mintable

Nft Site Mintable Review

This platform also has its own proprietary token (MINT) that is used to reward its users on every NFT purchase. The platform also pays up to 10% for sales referrals. Opensea used to offer the same incentive. Mintable allow collectors and investors to buy digital art using ETH or USD through credit card. So, if you are not familiar with Ethereum wallets you can still buy NFT using credit card.

4 - SuperRare

Nft Site Superrare Review

The SuperRare NFT platform can be seen as a more exclusive environment because the artists will be first evaluated and approved by the team before starting to use the site. This results in fewer artists but high-quality artwork available attracting more collectors and investors on board. SuperRare only allows payments with ETH and offers two possibilities: buy now or NFT auction. The site also pays royalties for secondary sales which is interesting for both artists and investors.

5 - Foundation

Nft Site Foundation Review

Foundation is another well-respected NFT platform that also features exclusive artists carefully selected to be part of the community. New artists are also welcome to sign up and list their NFT art. Foundation NFT platform successfully connects new and emerging artists to collectors and art enthusiasts around the globe. You can use the Ethereum wallet Metamask or WalletConnect to buy NFT art at Foundation.

Women in NFTs

I am searching for talented artists through the hashtag #WomenInNFTs on Twitter. I found so many interesting projects and below you can find some of my favorites. Support Women in NFTs! Here at casinobillionaire we support women's entrepreneurship and most of our collaborations are with talented women in different areas. We are always empowering women. In the NFT space is not different. Here you can check talented NFT artists. We are constantly sending these recommendations to our newsletters and social networks.


Check a beautiful and stylish art produced by the Indian artist Ronna. Animations, collages, words with a lot of creativity. Worth a look: Check here!

Yuliia Novikova

Yuliia Novikova Nft Womeninnft
Yuliia is a talented digital artist and NFT creator based in Ukraine. Her artwork is basically drawings very well produced. You can check her art on Opensea, Foundation, and on her Instagram account. Check here!

Solid Women Club (SWC)

Solid Women Club Nft Project
This project is all about diversity, Inclusivity, and Women Empowerment. The revenue made through their NFT collection will go to support charities for Women's Empowerment. Also, one t-shirt will be donated to the homeless. Collectors will receive a high-quality print of the NFT to frame. The SWC is announcing its collection on opensea. Solid Women Club will give back their efforts in this way: 5% to MALALA FUND, 5% to GLOBAL FUND FOR WOMEN, 10% for WOMEN with NFT PROJECTS, 500 T-SHIRTS to THE SALVATION ARMY. Check here!

Women Intense NFT

Women Intense Nft Art Project 1022
The NFT project "Women Intense NFT (WIN)" is working with the use of art as a medium to get diversity and equity. The group wants to fill the gaps in women in STEM by supporting women to get better opportunities and life quality. The project has important partners on the social side including The Green Belt Movement, Nature Volunteers Association Sri Lanka, and Global Blockchain Women Alliance.

Digital Art - What is NFT? - Blockchain - CryptoArt

Digital artists are exploring the emerging NFT art space, offering limited editions of their works that are tokenized in the Ethereum Blockchain. Artists can produce digital art and register its authenticity in the Blockchain. It can be said that crypto art is Bitcoin in form of art. NFT means Non-Fungible Token that gives the concept of scarcity of digital art. Check more information about crypto art and a few ways to explore it as a collector or artist. NFTs usage is taking the art industry to the next level. Here you will learn What is NFT, how it works, and how to start selling or collecting.

Buy NFT art with the guarantee of authenticity and scarcity? When I started to study blockchain I always heard that this technology could be applied to everything and the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is just one of its applications.

Now, with cryptoart emerging I can be sure that blockchain usage is limitless and some innovation is the only thing required to start giving new levels to a traditional market.

Art collectors, art investors, and enthusiasts are now reading more about NFT which is taking the art market to the next level. Digital artists are producing limited editions of art and giving collectors the opportunity to own them through a smart contract based on Ethereum Blockchain.

No more art piracy, no art steal, totally secured and authenticated. The best deal is that you can do simply everything imaginable applying blockchain to the art universe.

NFT Art is perfect for the protection of both digital artist and art collector.

Blockchain allows us to get 100% authenticated, limited edition digital art pieces, or crypto-collectibles that are only available online.

Using cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum), you can buy a limited edition of digital art totally authenticated. There are specific ecosystems that are used to sell digital art. Some of them are using an auction system while others allow you to buy instantly.

When you buy an NFT art, you have the right over it. You can resell or charge royalties upon the usage of your registered NFT art.

Register your account at Opensea and start getting used with this platform that is the best NFT art marketplace.

Digital artists are working with the concept of scarce art. If you get yours, you have a secure and authentic digital NFT art piece that is probably unique in the ecosystem. As I already said, the application has no boundaries.

You will be the owner of the NFT art you buy online and you will have all legal rights over it. You can allow your art to be featured in a blog post or resell it to other collectors.

The artist who created the NFT art can still receive royalties every time the work is sold from third parties.

In some cases, artists also produce printed merchandise featuring the NFT art enabling the owner to get a share of every sale in the real world.

Let's say you bought one "crypto punk" and the artist decided to print some sticks and t-shirts with this art. Every sale of this merch will give you an extra income because you are the owner of the artwork.

Some people may say, I don't care if the piece is authenticated and original ... I can get a simple copy of it and store it on my mobile device or PC.

Serious digital art collectors and investors, on the other hand, knows exactly what I am talking about. It is authentic digital art, sometimes with a very limited number.

Yes, you can get a fake copy of Monalisa, but it will be worth nothing. The original piece is what matters for serious collectors, and this is the same concept for digital art collectors.

NFT Digital Art is emerging and some people may not feel comfortable with the concept. Just like when e-books started, avid readers were saying it won't last too long. NFT art is growing fast and if you take a look into the most expensive transactions, you will be sure this new trend is one way.

What is NFT?

This is how a piece is authenticated. Every NFT digital art will contain a unique signature that makes it unique. We can compare it with an air ticket, that is marked as yours and includes a sequence of numbers that identifies your property.

NFT (non-fungible tokens) is used to authenticate digital art. It is a digital authenticity that makes the artwork unique. The scarcity is also very important in this case. Artists can produce unlimited copies but can also limit the number of copies available online.

With the concept of non‑fungibility, you can only buy or sell the art as a whole. It is not possible to own a percentage of it.

Artists will have their work protected against copies as it will be registered in the Ethereum Blockchain. Buyers can have their digital art collection with proof of ownership. The future sales can also generate residual income for artists.

Crypto collectibles are also using NFTs to bring classic collectible items tokenized and available for the new era of collectors. CriptoKitties is one of the examples of crypto collectibles. You will also find Baseball cards, music, drawings, animations, and many more. Everything digital can be sold as NFT.

Art based on Blockchain

If you are not used to Blockchain, you can start reading my post about how to start a Bitcoin wallet. The cryptocurrency wallets will allow you to buy and hold not only Bitcoin but also Ethereum (ETH) which is the crypto widely used in the NFT marketplaces.

The authentication of every NFT art is registered on Ethereum Blockchain. Once the art is sold, the new owner will receive the property of the NFT that will be registered on Blockchain, and so on.

You can sell, resell, how many times you want.

Let's examine some of the possibilities:

What is CryptoArt - Digital Art site

NFT by Digital Artists

Renowned or new artists can produce some works exclusively for cyberspace. It is just like having the same collectibles you use to have, but only available online and with limited availability.

There are rock bands releasing limited edition albums as NFT. Artists painting unique digital art. NBA athletes making rare collectibles available for collectors. Video Games allowing their players to buy extra power or skins. There are even restaurants making their famous snacks available as NFT.

As you can see, the possibilities have no boundaries.

  • Authenticated, original digital art
  • In the blockchain, the artist can easily "flag" this work as original. For example, there are only 3 pieces of an oeuvre and as this is added in the blockchain, there is no way you can add more or less. Also, piracy copies are easily identified and are not recognized by specific digital art marketplaces.

  • No more art steal
  • When you buy Cryptoart, the process is similar to transferring Bitcoins to other people. Once you get the Bitcoins, it is locked into the blockchain and no one will change it. You bought digital art, and you will get your NFT art property guaranteed by blockchain technology.

  • Residual art revenue for the artist
  • The artist which sold an NFT art will not only get the payment of the sale but can also enable to get royalties every time the art is sold by third parties. This will result in an important residual income to the artist. Remember that the art can increase its value over the years and the artist will get a share of every sale.

  • Residual revenue for the collector
  • There is also another possibility which is having your NFT art printed on t-shirts, mugs, stickers, and other merchandise. This will enable you to get a share of the sale of every item because you have the rights over the artwork.

    What is CryptoArt site

    NFT Art on Casino Games

    It is happening not only on regular video games that are allowing its players to get powerful cars or arms, or simply dress a unique skin not available for anyone else in the community. NFT art is also present in slot games at online casinos.

    This is the case of the NFT Megaways slot game produced by the games studio Red Tiger that is now available at online casinos. The game features 4 crypto punks that were bought by the game studio and are used in the slot game as Wild symbols.

    NFT Megaways slot game is using NFT art - 4 crypto punks
    NFT Megaways slot game is using NFT art - 4 crypto punks bought to be featured in the game

    The rise of Bitcoin casinos, or crypto-casinos, is also exploring the possibilities of NFT art. There are multi-player games called Crash that are using NFT art in several ways. We should start seeing some innovation in casino games, especially the old boring slot machines being replaced by new innovative gambling games based on blockchain and using NFT. NFT games are now a reality in the video game world. The play-to-win concept is widely accepted by video game players and something similar is starting to happen with online gambling sites.

    The Most Expensive NFT Art Sold

    There are dedicated sites to CryptoArt and you can visit several projects including for collectibles (cryptokitties, cryptopunks, rare pepe wallet, mycuriocardst) and also paintings at

    One curiosity is that one of the biggest transactions of crypto art was on CryptoKitties when one of the felines was sold by 600ETH (US$ 170,000).

    The first tweet of Jack Dorsey was also sold as an NFT for U$3 million.

    One of the most reported sales was the NFT "The First 5000 Days" by Beeple that was sold for U$69 million on March 2021.

    Anyway, big brands are also engaged in NFT art and I can quote NBA, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Nike, music artists like deadmau5, Kings of Leon, DJ 3LAU, and many others.

    I believe this blog post will help you to understand what is NFT and how NFT works.

    Basically, anything that is digital can be sold as an NFT: music, text, photography, draw, animation, video, etc.

    Real art pieces on Blockchain

    This technology is not only available for digital art but for real oeuvre in a Museum. Let's say a museum needs some funds to restore oeuvres. They can allow art investors to buy tokens for some oeuvre (collective purchase). In this case, using cryptocurrencies, art collectors from any part of the world can buy a share of famous art located within museum walls. They can sell their share or keep it for a future multi-million dollar sale. This is just an idea of what you can do.

    More to come...

    Digital Artists can adhere to this new trend which is the buzz in the art world now. Again, after reading a few about it, I can be sure that many other interesting applications will come soon. Let's think further and imagine what can be done with the music, fashion, models, or film industry. Now, I am getting used to the blockchain and I know everything can be projected to run into a blockchain and then guarantee safety and privacy for all projects. I think the music industry will be the next to get some innovative services using Blockchain. Well, as I am getting more ideas I will update this blog post.

    Review by: Alex Ramos
    Last update: 10 February 2022


    What is NFT?

    NFT means Non Fungible Token. An NFT is something digital (picture, video, draw...) that can be sold online entirely. All registration and sales are stored in the Blockchain to protect both creator and collector.

    Where can I buy NFT art?

    You can buy NFT art at Opensea which is the biggest and most popular digital art market place. Register your account and start exploring all digital art from NFT artists around the world.

    Is NFT art a good investment?

    Yes, it is. If you are an art collector and investor, you can buy NFT art from emerging digital artists and have the work valued a lot. There are several cases of NFT artists selling art for $100 and less than one year the same work was valued to over U$90,000 due to the growing popularity of the artist.

    I still not understanding how NFT works?

    Read this blog post again carefully and register your account at Opensea. Start exploring NFT art there making your favorite folder and eventually buy your first NFT art. Practice is everything! :)

    Will Metaverse complete NFT?

    For sure, Metaverse will take NFT art to the next level. You can have a NFT museum totally automated and have the AI in an import role to pack everything. Metaverse will enhance the NFT art experience like never before.


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