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NFL betting Sites - USA & Canada gamblers - Live odds

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Below you can check the updated NFL scores and the complete schedule of the games (preseason, playoffs...). If you want to bet on NFL games, you will get a welcome bonus when you make your first deposit. The comment section below this post will keep you updated on the upcoming NFL matches with real-time odds, picks & lines. Find the best sports betting sites to bet on football in Canada, NZ, South Africa, India, USA...

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This live NFL score is showing you the next football matches with basic predictions. This score will show you NFL betting odds. Click the match to get in-depth analysis and complete reports about the odds in different markets and other betting picks. It will also help you to get a complete NFL schedule.

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American football has grown massively in terms of popularity with the passing years. The National Football League (NFL) is said to enjoy the highest average attendance for any global sports league. So, it is not a surprise that the growth of football betting has been on similar lines.

But as football betting progressed, so did the expectations from platforms. That is where bet365 comes into the picture. At bet365, you get access to a plethora of football leagues, tournaments, and matches to bet on. An expansive selection of matches like these, open up numerous football gambling opportunities for fans. So go ahead and make the most of this game at the best online sportsbooks.

There are a lot of sites you can check the NFL betting lines: Draftkings, Yahoo Sports, ESPN, Mybookie are just a few of them. But the place with NFL odds and a user-friendly calculator cannot be found so easily. That's why here you can check everything you need to bet on NFL with the best online gambling sites. The most trusted and respected gambling brands.

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Best Sites to Bet on Football

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Nfl Betting Odds Lines

How to Bet on Football Games Online?

This is how players can bet on football games online:

  • Select your preferred game from various ongoing football matches played in various leagues.
  • Place bets on a match's outcome. The betting results will be declared once the match is over. You can check the active wagers in the ‘open bets' section of the football page.
  • You can also place wagers on specific outcomes within a football match. For example, ‘will a defensive touchdown be scored', ‘total tackles and assists by a player, ‘total punts in a game' etc.
  • If you win money in a match, encash it by using a four-digit security pin from your wallet through various convenient payment methods.

Why Bet on Football?

Sports betting sites offers dynamic betting opportunities to its users -- you can wager on a multitude of football gambling tournaments, matches, etc. The referral programs help bring in friends and other acquaintances, earning you cash credits for each entry. Those who are new to the platform can hone their skills with practice matches before taking on cash games.

Key Factors to consider in Football Betting

Listed below are important factors that can influence the odds in football betting -

  • The team's form and strength - The favourites and underdogs in a game are often decided on the basis of a team's form in the recent past. Previous head to head results, in particular, have a strong influence on the team's odds in a match.
  • Home field advantage - Many teams often enjoy a long success streak on their home fields, while others experience the same for few matches. Sportsbooks keep an eye on these trends when formulating odds for a game, ensuring fair gameplay.
  • A team or player's details - Some teams are known to have an offensive lineup and vice versa. By sourcing details specific to certain strengths and weaknesses of players and teams, a strong edge can be earned when it comes to betting. That is because sportsbooks often keep track of these minute details too when creating odds for a match.
  • Injuries and Suspensions - Sudden injuries and suspensions are known to derail a team's strategy for a tournament. So, it is no surprise that bookmakers maintain a keen eye on such news in the niche and factor in the data when odds are being decided for a game.

Types of Bets That Can be Placed on Football

Here are the various types of bets you can place on football games:

  • Moneyline: where only the team you pick should win the game
  • Point Spread: a team must win by a predetermined number of goals. The wager also applies to losing a game by a set number of goals.
  • Totals: betting on the total number of goals scored in a game.
  • Props: betting on specific outcomes in a game, such as whether a particular player will score a touchdown, the number of field goals scored in a game, etc.
  • Parlay: a bet involving multiple games. All teams in the wager must win their individual matches for the player to win a parlay.
  • Future: betting on how a player or team will perform over a specific duration or the entire tournament or season.

Football Betting Glossary - Terms to Remember

Here are some terms that football betting fans should remember:

  • Wager: a synonym for ‘bets'.
  • Spread: odds which are used to establish the betting parameters on the basis of football scores
  • Handicap: when one team receives a virtual headstart over the other.
  • Bookmaker: the entity that sets the odds, and is responsible for accepting and paying off the bets.
  • Cover: the betting result of a points spread bet.
  • Cap: the award given to a player for exceptional performance in a game. It also refers to the number of games a player has played for a team.
  • Bankroll: the amount of money wagered.
  • Chalk: the team favoured to win in a match.
  • Runner: an individual who places bets on someone else's behalf.
  • Square: a casual gambler who does not rely on reasoning when placing bets.
  • Sharp: a professional bettor who relies on strategies and reasoning.

Did You Know? - Facts about American Football

There are some incredibly fascinating facts that you can find when looking back at the history of American football.

  • The first American football game was played between two college teams, Princeton and Rutgers University. Unlike today, players were not supposed to pick the ball, rather the ball was kicked or swiped with hands to the scoring zone.
  • The first AFL–NFL World Championship, now known as Super Bowl, was played in 1966. New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers have scored the most number of wins with 6 tournament titles each.

Football Betting FAQs

  1. Which football leagues are the most popular to bet on?

    The most popular football leagues to bet on worldwide are as follows:

    • National Rugby League - It is Australia's premier domestic men's rugby league. It has been played since 1998 and comprises of 16 teams. Teams from New Zealand also participate in the tournament.
    • NFL - It is an American football league that features 32 teams. At the end of every playing season, the teams face off against each other in a culmination tournament known as the Super Bowl.
    • Canadian Football League - The league features nine teams, each representing a Canadian city. Similar to the Super Bowl, this league's season ends with an elimination tournament known as the Grey Cup.
  2. How do I deposit money to a betting site?

    You would need a VISA, MasterCard, Interac, Bitcoin or other methods for making transactions online. You can even use Bitcoin or e-wallets for these transactions. All you need to do is log in, open the wallet page, and make a transaction according to your preferred choice.

  3. How do I withdraw money from a betting site?

    Most betting sites have adequate security measures in place for payouts. You could simply use the saved bank/card details on the platform to withdraw money using a 4-digit pin.

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    Sunday NFL NFC Championship

    Sunday NFL NFC Championship - San Fran +3.5 @ Seattle - handicapper Pro Pick - San Fran
    Sunday NFL NFC Championship - San Fran +3.5 @ Seattle

    San Fran +3.5 @ Seattle

    Third time is a charm between these two hated rivals in the NFC West because the winner of this one goes to the Super Bowl A split on the season, one a blowout in here with Seattle winning hands down, and then a hard fought battle in San Fran where the Niners managed a 2 point win. A Battle of Titans here for lack a better term, but there are some clear cut keys here that have me thinking the wrong team is favored.

    Look no further than the box score from last weeks New Orleans game for Seattle. The Saints had over 400 yards total, eclipsing the Seahawks 277 yards. Amazing the Hawks has just 13 first downs in that game, and the Saints had 25. Seattle's offense has sputtered their last 4 games, and they rely on trick plays in many spots to make big plays, and their downfield passing game is average at best.

    The value in the line is the hook, over 3 points here in what should be a great game. San Fran built to win championships, good QB, good coach, stout defense with good LB's and a pass rush, a great running game, awesome tight end playmaker and 2 WR's who could start for anyone. All the elements make them the better team. San Fran also has experience in this spot, and Kaepernick is 4-1 as a starter in the post season.

    I am very aware of Seattle's home field advantage, the biggest in the NFL, but the 12th man does not play the game and I see value in this line on the dog. I would almost sprinkle a little on the moneyline here with San Fran as well.

    Pro Pick - San Fran

    NFL - Free Pro Pick on Wisconsin

    NFL betting deal - Free Pro Pick on Wisconsin - Wisconsin -3.5 @ Indiana
    Wisconsin -3.5 @ Indiana

    Oddsmakers setting up a trap line here? Well, if they are I am drinking the Kool aid on this one because Wisconsin is the vastly better team in this one, and Indiana has issues all over the place. The Hoosiers lost a ton of talent last year and are struggling with turnover issues, and quitter frankly just getting the ball up and down the floor.

    The KEY in this game tonight is the defense of Indiana, allowing a whopping 82 ppg their last 5 games. On the other side of the coin the Badgers do what they do best, play defense, to the tune of allowing just 58 ppg their last 5 and scoring 82 ppg on offense and in that 5 game span they have nailed down 50% from the floor in FG%. While Indiana is never an easy out at Assembly Hall, Wisconsin who rolls in here ranked 3rd in the nation and undefeated should win this game against a turnover prone offense by 6-8 points.

    Wisconsin has dominated this series winning 10 in a row, and cover the number 10 out of the last 12 series meetings. I see nothing changing that tonight, the Badgers claw their way to a win here.

    NFL - Free Pro Pick on Wisconsin

    NFL Wild Card playoff free play

    NFL Wild Card Playoff free play - New Orleans, Eagles, Saints

    New Orleans +2.5

    Whole world loves Philly at home, and New Orleans cannot win on the road. Yeah yeah yeah, heard it all week, and so did Sean Peyton and Drew Brees and company! The Saints have the better QB and vastly better defense, in the post season. Last time I checked that means something in the Playoffs, regardless of recent trends of just shoot em up and run wild. I wish I could get this at 3 but am going for the Saints to win outright. Eagle QB Foles a good story but beating Dallas just to get here is not impressive, Dallas sucks and had a backup QB who looked good against this defense last week.

    Yes outdoors, yes away from the Big Easy, but the Saints are well coached by a veteran coach and have one for the best QB's in the biz here, and the Eagles have no answer for Graham in their secondary. With a young defense and the potential of QB Brees to light them up, rest assured the moment could get too big for them fast. Also bear in mind the Saints coasted to a home win last week, and Philly went balls out in a last second win on the road, and an emotional one as well. Also one thing to consider is the fact the NFC East was flat out weak this year, New Orleans battle tested and better, the road / home issue in my opinion gets reversed this week

    Contrarian Play maybe - Saints 28 Eagles 23 – Grab the points

    NFL Wildcard Games

    NFL Wildcard Games - Tease your way to profits - NFL Playoff predictions
    NFL Wildcard Games - Tease your way to profits

    Here we go, the stage is set, NFL Playoff action this weekend and some great scenario's to consider, but in my past experiences, the wishes of the fans and the general public rarely come to fruition. Last year the wild card team favorites went 4-0 ATS , and underdogs in the wild card rounds the past 2 years have went a wallet draining 1-7 ATS. So laying short points or points in general look like a good prop. But as always trends reverse and the smarter way to look at this weekends games would be to manipulate the lines.

    I will borrow a stat here I saw in a publication:

    Wildcard Playoff Games since 1978
    1-3 Point Dogs are 27-19-2 ATS
    Home dogs are 13-5 ATS

    There are some very short lines this weekend with the exception of Cincy who is laying a touchdown. As always in betting, the VALUE IS IN THE NUMBER. As I always preach, in the NFL, and any sport for that fact, you are betting Numbers, not games.

    To add value to that philosophy, 2 Team 6 Point Teasers give you an advantage against the line, especially in the post season. Side and Total!

    Lets look at two scenario's in both these cases that give you value: (and remember you can combine a side and total together in a teaser as well)

    Side Play Teaser Value

    Kansas City adding 6 points gives you them at +8 - A solid value with a good team hell bent on revenge and having Jamal Charles running around, one of the top yardage offensive players in the NFL, and a defense that is capable. Throw that in with Cincy and tease them down to -1, against a Charger team who backed in here by default and help from the refs last week, whose secondary if Dalton shows up at all should get shredded in this game, and we all know Cincy at home destroys people.

    Totals Play Value

    Yes, Saints and Eagles will score points, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! Take that total of 53.5 and tease it down to 47.5 and take the OVER. Heck, The Eagles let Kyle Orton look like Joe Montana last week in a win, and we know both these teams strength is offense. Then take the total of 47 in the Green Bay - San Fran game and tease it UP to 53 and take the under. San Fran's defense should shut down Green Bays offense, and with game time temps of 4 degrees, and both teams wanting to run it, especially San Fran with Frank Gore, this Under at a raised line value is a solid value.

    There is more than 1 way to skin a cat so to speak, and Teasers adding value to a tight line is one way of looking at and wagering the NFL Playoffs. These are just two examples.

    NFL Analysis - Dallas at Jerry World

    NFL Analysis - Dallas + 6.5 to 7 at Jerry World for all the marbles
    Dallas + 6.5 to 7 at Jerry World for all the marbles

    The NFC East Title on the line. Tony Romo out, John Kitna called up from nowhere to fill in as a backup, Kyle Orton to lead the Cowboys on Sunday Night at Jerry World in a marquee game. Dallas has seen this movie before, ….win and you're in! For those of you living under a rock, it has not worked out well for the Cowboys or their backers. Perhaps with Romo being out, Dallas is more attractive? I say yes. This will force Dallas to run it more, and at days end Bill Callahan and Jason Garret cannot screw up that game plan! Philly can score no doubt, but I expect the best defensive effort of the season by Dallas here. Not sure this one is not a nail biter on Sunday night, Week 17 in a must win never come easy in any scenario. You always look at every angle on the planet to take home dogs in the NFL, and if you lay points on the road over 4 or 5 points, there is eminent doom that awaits you in most cases.

    Philly has been on fire and scoring points with ease and blowing people out. Their performance against Chicago was the best of the season and they in fact have surprised many with Foles at QB and Chip Kelly's high octane attack has gained traction. The whole world loves Philly here without Romo in the game, but we are betting into numbers and not games here in the NFL. The sooner you realize that the better.

    At days end, I like Dallas to cover the number here and think they will find success running the ball and using short play action passes to the tight end and Dez Bryant should find some room here. That said Philly will trade punches as well. I expect a 3-4 point game here in a hard fought battle for the division title, the value lies in taking points here.

    Dallas plus the number. I have a premium play on the TOTALS PLAY in this game Sunday, be sure and check it out!

    NFL Week 16 - Statistical Analysis

    NFL Week 16 - Statistical Analysis - USA sportsbook analysis

    Courtesy of Joe Gavazzi -
    NFL Wk #16.... Statistical Analysis from Joe Gavazzi Winning Sports Advice
    102-48 ATS play any NFL team who outrushes their foe by 30+ yards in a game
    103-27 ATS play any NFL team who runs the ball 30+ times in a game, if their opponent does not
    101-19 ATS play AGAINST any NFL team who runs the ball 22 or less times if their opponent does not
    134-26 ATS record of any NFL team who has a positive TO margin in a game
    33-2 ATS record of any NFL team who has a +3 or more net TO margin in a game
    131-17 ATS record of any NFL team who wins the game SU vs. opening line of 6 or less

    Sunday, December 22, 2013

    Miami (-2-) at Buffalo 1:00 PM EST

    Miami has overcome defensive injuries, along with those in their OL, to enter today's game on a run of 3-0 SU, 5-0 ATS. Those wins have included outright upsets of the Jets, the Steelers, and the Patriots. They've also come while this Miami team was “hunting” a playoff spot. Now that that has become a potential reality, the psychology switches with playoff pressure becoming a meaningful factor. Last week, Miami, in a net 0 turnover game, got a 24-20 victory against New England, despite being outgained by 75 yards. The Bills went for 198 overland against the Jags in recording a rare win. That sets up a situation that gives pause to the strength of this selection. You see, the Bills are 0-8 ATS following their last 8 wins.

    Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs (-7) 1:00 ET

    All the squares will be flocking to Kansas City “need” this week against an Indianapolis team who has already clinched their division. In the entire history of the NFL, inflated lines like this have proven they are dangerous to your bankroll. The public is now enamored with a KC team that has scored 101 points the last two weeks. A closer inspection of last week's 56-31 victory at Oakland shows that KC was outrushed 130-78, but took advantage of a +6 TO margin. The reality is that following their 9-0 SU start against sub .500 teams, the Chiefs went 0-3 SU ATS in losing to .500 or better teams Denver (twice) and San Diego. Far prefer a Colts team who will be playing loose following their clinching 25-3 home victory vs. Houston. Concerns are their lack of offensive efficiency without WR Wayne and the fact that the Colts have allowed an average of 33 PPG in their previous 4 road outings.

    Denver (-10) at Houston 1:00 PM EST

    This will clearly be the public's favorite game of the day. Everyone will expect QB Manning and the Broncos to bounce back now that divergent results of last week have left them tied with the Chiefs, and at risk of playoff positioning against New England. A closer look at the Denver log, however, shows us that fortunes have turned for the Broncos following their 10-0 SU, 7-3 ATS start. In fact, since that time, they have gone just 2-2 SU ATS. Only once since their bye week November 3rd have they won a game by more than 10 points. Furthermore, in 6 road starts only once have they won by more than 8 points. There is little doubt that Houston is the most disappointing team in the NFL this season. Expected to contend for the Super Bowl, they enter today on a 12 game losing streak and a 2-11 ATS record. That's when it's time for you and I, along with the Lone Ranger, to step in with the value on the contrary play of the week.

    FREE Sunday NFL - Bears at Philly

    FREE Sunday NFL Tony George Sports Bears @ Philly - USA

    FREE Sunday NFL from Tony George Sports

    Bears @ Philly

    By Tony George

    Who wants part of this side play? Bears could take the drivers seat in their division with a win, and Philly will know what Dallas did earlier in the day as this is the late game Sunday. WOW what a set up. This is coin toss game says Tony George, however the value in the line is the totals play. At 55 points back in the day, that was automatic under however in the last 2 Sundays the NFL set a record 2 weeks ago with the most TDs ever on a Sunday and last week the most points scored ever on Sunday. The totals line in this game is 55.

    This game Sunday is prime example of the new era in the NFL, offense all over the place and 2 defenses who cannot stop anyone. Chicago made Cleveland last week look like a good offense, and Philly is ranked 30th in the NFL in yards allowed and with QB Cutler back, 2 solid wide receivers and Matt Forte running around Philly is going to have to put up points against a wounded bears defense missing key players including Tillman, and they will do it. I see both teams in the high 20's or low to mid 30's in a shootout. Remember Philly went over the total 2 weeks ago at home in a blizzard with 8 inches of snow on the ground. Shootout all the way.

    The VALUE Play in this game is Over the listed total. Check it out.

    NFL Top 10 Power Ratings - Week 9

    NFL Top 10 Power Ratings - Week 9 - Seattle, New Orleans, Kansas City, Denver, San Fran, Cincinnati, New England, Green Bay, Indy, San Diego

    The halfway point of the season is here, and one team remains unbeaten, and that is Kansas City. Any Reid should be a shoe-in for the coach of the year in the NFL, Sean Peyton not far behind after a year hiatus, but Kansas City's turnaround is nothing short of amazing, even with QB Alex Smith in house, the basic team from last year was intact coming into the season after 2 wins in 2012. Strength of schedule is also figured into these numbers and here is how I see it based on my database and stats compiled to this halfway point in the season.

    1. Seattle (95) - With just 1 loss to the Colts, who also have beaten San Fran and Denver, it is Seattle's defense that is the difference maker. When we look at all around numbers, special teams and home field are huge for Seattle, and their offense is just good enough with balance and lack of turnovers to eek them out over top of New Orleans who also has just one loss, a respectable one to New England on Tom Brady's last second heroics in that loss. Ranking 6th in points scored and 3rd in points allowed against the rest of the NFL is simply the makings of a great football team, and they are well coached and given the chance for home field in the playoffs they will be damn near unbeatable in the post season, if in fact that scenario occurs. Scary thing is WR Harvin is coming back full strength for an additional downfield threat!

    2. New Orleans (94) - Yes another 1 loss team here, and as mentioned nothing to hang your head over in a last second loss to New England. Sean Peyton's return and a strong home field for the Saints have them in my number 2 spot. No doubt Drew Brees is a top 3 QB in the NFL, but it is the defense of New Orleans that has me excited about this team. They are 4th in points allowed overall, and while the offense can trade punches on the scoreboard with anyone in the NFL, when the defense is this good, the high octane and well managed attack on offense by Drew Brees is tough to get a win on, especially when the offense is ranked 5th in points scored and 3rd in the NFL in passing. Their division is weak as well as only Carolina really poses any threat, as Atlanta is a total mess.

    3. Kansas City (92) - The only unbeaten remaining at the halfway point, but you also have to look at schedule with the likes of Jacksonville, Cleveland, Philly, NY Giants, and Oakland as wins and 3 of those were at Arrowhead. The defense is ranked #1 overall for Kansas City and it is for real, however the offense lacks any explosiveness and is very vanilla, but efficient. Given the nature of teams like New Orleans and Denver's quick strike capability, and Kansas City's lack of big plays stretching the field vertically, I have them ranked 3rd overall. Games loom large against division rival Denver upcoming in the second half.

    4. Denver (91 - tie) - The defense is a huge concern for Denver's long term chances. Teams like Seattle, New England, New Orleans would shred them, and Indy already did. While Peyton Manning is a rock star at QB setting records all over the place, the defense cannot keep opponents out of the end zone and sooner or later this is going to be a big issue in the later stages of the season and post season. We have seen Denver beatable against the likes of Indy and in Week 8 Washington had them on the ropes, and the Skins defense is about as bad as anyone. Not sold on long term chances here for Denver but if they shore up the defense, they have a shot in the AFC, and they do have Kansas City twice in the next 2 months which will be huge games.

    5. San Fran (91- tie) - It is the offense of San Fran that has caught fire in the last 5 weeks and one cannot discount a healthy Vernon Davis in this offense, he is a game breaker. With Kappernick getting back into form, and the defense playing better, and some hardnosed coaching, San Fran has to contend with Seattle in their division which is weak outside of the Hawks. San Fran's early stumbles seem to be water under the bridge and they are climbing fast.

    6. Cincinnati (90) - While the Bengals have won with smoke and mirrors and some last second miracles, one cannot discount the front line on defense for Cincy, and they are in a weak division and should again see the playoffs for the third straight year. More option on offense for QB Dalton this year and he is starting to play much better than earlier in the year. 1-2 at RB and options at WR and TE make them a threat, racking up 49 on a good Jets defense in week 8. Cincy's defense is allowing just 18 points per game, good enough for 5th in the NFL.

    7. New England (89) - No one wants to play ther Pats at home. They are a 1 loss team, and it has been ugly at times, but with QB Brady getting a handle with his new WR unit, and Gronk returning, one has to like their chances of winning their division with ease. The defense has been stout against the pass all year with a solid secondary and they are ranked 6th in points allowed overall. Tough team to beat at home.

    8. Green Bay ( 88) - How good is Aaron Rodgers? Pretty damn good considering a dominant performance in Week 8 with a rash of injuries all over the map on offense. Green Bay's chances are climbing up the chart once healthy on both sides of the ball are enormous, and they now have the ability to run the ball which takes the pressure off the QB and the passing game. The Pack are 2nd in total yards on offense and ranked 3rd in scoring, but their pass defense is suspect and against good teams may have to shoot it out to win.

    9. Indy (87) - Yes the Colts beat 3 of the teams in the top 5 here, but losing Reggie Wayne has me dropping the Colts 4 places this week, and it is undetermined whether they can recover from that injury with their offensive scheme. Also Trent Richardson to date has been a bust, and their ability to stop the run is a huge concern, as teams can eat the clock and keep their offense off the field. Indy has p[otential with QB Luck making plays, but can he do it alone now without his star go to receiver? Tough break for a team who can play with anyone and is very well coached.

    10. San Diego (86) - Phillip Rivers quietly having a good year and the balance on offense has been key for the Chargers who do not miss Norv Turner at this year. The Chargers can sustain drives and beat people physically this year. The offense is a respectable 4th in total yards and ranked 14th in scoring overall. The defense is above average and are tough in the red zone, they are 9th in points allowed but 28th in the NFL against the pass, and they give up big plays down the field. With KC and Denver in their division and a pesky Oakland team who already handed them a 10 point loss, they are looking at 8 or 9 wins max.

    Disappointments that were in the Top 10 as the season began - Houston and Atlanta are simply a mess. The dirty birds defense is like a funnel to the end zone, and their offense is a MASH unit to skill players and Houston's offense and QB situation is deplorable as they are now starting Keenum who was on the scout team 3 weeks ago over a now healthy Schuab. Chicago dropped out of the Top 10 due to injuries with Cutler and Briggs but if they can hang on for the next 2 or 3 weeks, they can make a run at Green Bay, their offense has no limits when they are all on the same page and are a Top 10 caliber team.

    Weekly picks: MLB, NFL, NCAA

    Weekly sports picks MLB, NFL, NCAA by Tony Geroge - Sports Handicapping
    World Series Preview and Series Pick
    Both teams playing in this year's Fall Classic, The World Series in MLB are capable of winning it. I thought I would break down the two teams in very short order and give you some opinions worth considering as the first pitch goes Wednesday Night in Boston at storied Fenway Park.
    Odds to win it all
    Boston 5/7
    St. Louis 6/5

    If you like offense this will be the series for you, especially if you are a Red Sox fan, since the Bean Town boys are 1st on offense overall in MLB, including runs per game. The Red Sox also are second MLB in with a team batting average of .277 on the season. Impressive stuff to go along with a solid starting pitching rotation overall. St Louis ranks 3rd and 4th in those 2 categories on offense, and while both teams have solid pitching, with St Louis leading MLB in overall starting pitching ERA, there is going to be some scoring, by BOTH teams, but with Boston ranked 14th in overall ERA the run support will be in the Cards favor in my opinion.
    That said, game to game handicapping with be situational on a per game basis, but I would look for more Overs than Unders in this series, which I feel may go all 7 games. The pitching at days end is what gets it done, and for my money St Louis has the better pitching overall. What the Cards did to Kershaw and the Dodgers in the last game of the NL Pennant was amazing racking up a 9-0 win. Boston had much more drama in their final game against Detroit.
    You have Wainwright (under a 3 ERA on the road) and Lester (under a 3 ERA at home) opening up in game 1 on the hill, and the Red Sox are a slight -117 favorite at home to take game 1. The total is 7.
    My premium play can be found at My Pick is the ST. LOUIS CARDINALS TO BE THE MLB WORLD CHAMPIONS

    Georgia Tech -10 @ Virginia - Saturday October 26
    The Yellow Jackets are off a convincing win at Syracuse where they hammered the Orangemen 56-0 last week, while Virginia was still trying to figure out how to mount an offense against a suspect Duke team who won at Virginia by 13 points. The number in this game is just a little bit more than 10 points with the visiting Yellow Jackets this weekend laying double digits. Georgia Tech has the 4th ranked rushing offense in the NCAA at over 300 yards a game this season and also has a very stout defense ranked 17th in points allowed. Is Georgia Tech going to look past Virginia, they have Pitt next week and that game has no history, so I do not see GT slowing down. With a fast paced offense and a solid defense, they are no way that Virginia who is a deplorable cover team covering just 5 out of their last 21 games and who gave up 421 yards last year to the triple option attack of GT.
    With defensive numbers like Georgia Tech as, and offensive numbers like they have, their limited ability to pass the ball hampers them little in this game, and I see a score similar to last year's blowout in Atlanta which was 56-20. Lay the points in this one and do not break a sweat. These yellow jackets should have some serious sting this weekend.
    Pro Pick on Georgia Tech from Tony George

    NFL - Cleveland at Kansas City -7 – Total 39.5 - Sunday October 27
    The Kansas City Chiefs stand alone in the NFL as the only unbeaten team remaining, who would have thought back in mid August? Well Tony George did, as it was his top Win / Loss Futures play on the board where he took KC over 6.5 wins to the bank last week as KC got by a pesky Texans team at Arrowhead and won their 7th game. The Browns roll into the loudest stadium in the NFL this Sunday with major Quarterback issues, no running game and no pass game against the NFL's #1 ranked defense at home. This is the last place Cleveland wants to be this weekend, I assure you. The line is Kansas City by 7 in this one, the same number Kansas City could not cover last week against a Houston team starting a QB off the scout team. Tony George says the value in this game not the point spread but the Totals Play.
    Both defenses are solid, Kansas City can flat out get after the QB and lead the NFL in sacks on a record pace right now, and with their secondary limit big plays down the field. Spread attacks and high octane offense like Dallas and Philly were completely rendered useless against this defense that has 4 Prop Bowlers from last year's 2 win team on it. At day's end Kansas City's offense is very suspect and the Browns' defense is the strength of their team with 3 Top 10 rankings. Points will be a premium, and with every game the noose gets tighter for KC as all eyes are upon this. This is much like last week's game against Houston, low scoring and tight and while the points are tempting to take, it is the UNDER which is far more tasty here.
    Pro Pick on the Under from Tony George

    NFL tickets

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    Welcome to our NFL Guide (not only a NFL Betting Guide). Here you will find useful information not only about NFL betting but also NFL tickets on sale, lines, odds and many more.
    Before moving forward in our NFL Guide, let's talk a little bit about the famous National Football League. This league has grown really fast and it`s by far the most popular and lucrative sports league in the US. Lately known as the "Americas Pastime", Baseball at NFL today is the biggest sports league because of its die-hard fans.


    Every year, millions of fans and sports enthusiasts purchase NFL tickets and fill stadiums across the USA to capacity. There are always huge waiting lists for all NFL season tickets and you can purchase tickets for the entire NFL schedule in the comfort of your home. If you are looking for NFL tickets on sale there is a comprehensive tickets website that can help you to purchase NFL tickets here.


    We have all the recommended online sportsbooks on our sportsbook page where you will find all information about bet on NFL. You can easily check NFL betting lines, NFL betting odds and also check the complete NFL schedule.

    No doubt this is the KING OF SPORTS... a good NFL team worth more than U$900 million, TV channels such as NBC, FOX, ESPN, and CBS already paid over U$3 billion a year which is more than NBA and MLB together.
    We have also to mention the merchandise sales which is always over U$3 billion and in average, an NFL team makes $5 million in shares of these sales (12% - 15% share of the sales).

    National Football League Teams

    Below you will find all NFL teams to purchase your tickets. Choose the NFL team you want to purchase tickets to browse all games and purchase your tickets instantly.

    Alternatively, you can check all NFL schedule to purchase tickets for all NFL games.

    Baltimore Ravens
    Buffalo Bills
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Cleveland Browns
    Denver Broncos
    Houston Texans
    Indianapolis Colts
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Kansas City Chiefs
    Miami Dolphins
    New England Patriots
    New York Jets
    Oakland Raiders
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    San Diego Chargers
    Tennessee Titans

    Arizona Cardinals
    Atlanta Falcons
    Carolina Panthers
    Chicago Bears
    Dallas Cowboys
    Detroit Lions
    Green Bay Packers
    Minnesota Vikings
    New Orleans Saints
    New York Giants
    Philadelphia Eagles
    San Francisco 49ers
    Seattle Seahawks
    St. Louis Rams
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Washington Redskins

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    What are the best sites to bet on NFL?

    Based on your location, you will find different sports betting sites recommended to bet on NFL. Punters from Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, India will love the sites listed on this page.

    How can I deposit to bet on NFL?

    You can deposit using several banking methods like Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Neteller, Paysafecard, UPI, Bank Transfer and many more.

    Is NBA betting legal?

    Yes, it is legal and the sites listed on this page are licensed to offer NBA gambling.

    Check the comments section below for the latest NFL betting picks and predictions.

    Last update: 19 January 2022

  • Comments and updates about NFL betting Sites - USA & Canada gamblers - Live odds:
  • Name:
    Comment: New York Giants Vs Philadelphia Eagles - Giants-Eagles in All-NFC East Playoff Tilt - Someone the NFC East is guaranteed to reach the Conference Championships. The No. 1 Philadelphia Eagles will host the No. 6 New York Giants this Saturday night (8:15 PM ET, FOX), with the Eagles checking in as 7.5-point favorites in what should be relatively calm conditions at Lincoln Financial Field. The No. 1 Philadelphia Eagles (-7.5) host the No. 6 New York Giants this Saturday night (8:15 PM ET, FOX) in the Divisional round.

    Comment: Bills-Bengals on Monday Night Football - The 12-3 Buffalo Bills and 11-4 Cincinnati Bengals have already locked down playoff spots in the AFC, but there will be plenty on the line Monday night (8:30 PM ET, ABC) when they meet at Paycor Stadium - especially for Cincinnati (+1), who are just one game up in the North. The next edition of Monday Night Football (8:30 PM ET, ABC) features the 11-4 Cincinnati Bengals hosting the 12-3 Buffalo Bills as 1-point home dogs.

    Comment: NFL Odds: Eagles-Cowboys at AT&T Stadium - Having already clinched a playoff spot, the 13-1 Philadelphia Eagles can claim the NFC East title this Saturday (4:25 PM ET, FOX) with a win over the 10-4 Dallas Cowboys. Philadelphia are 1.5-point road dogs; they beat Dallas (+6.5 away, with Cooper Rush at QB) 26-17 in Week 6. The 13-1 Philadelphia Eagles can clinch the NFC East on Christmas Eve (4:25 PM ET, FOX) by beating the 10-4 Dallas Cowboys (-1.5 at home).

    Comment: Football - NFL - Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills: Dolphins, Bills Prepare for Snowy Saturday - The 10-3 Buffalo Bills will host the 8-5 Miami Dolphins this Saturday (8:15 PM ET, NFLN) as 7.5-point favourites in a very important matchup for both NFC East rivals - provided the snow doesn't force them to move again. Up to six inches is expected for Orchard Park just before kickoff. Snow is in the forecast for Saturday's AFC East matchup (8:15 PM ET, NFLN) between the Buffalo Bills (-7.5 at home) and Miami Dolphins.

    Comment: Niners, Hawks Resume NFC West Rivalry - Brock Purdy and the surging San Francisco 49ers will try to extend their six-game winning streak this Thursday night (8:15 PM ET, PRIME) when they visit Geno Smith and the slumping Seattle Seahawks, losers of four straight ATS. The Niners are 3.5-point road faves with a total of 43.5. Brock Purdy and the San Francisco 49ers (-3.5) visit Geno Smith and the Seattle Seahawks this Thursday at 8:15 PM ET on Prime Video.

    Comment: Kansas City Chiefs vs Cincinnati Bengals odds - Offensive Juggernauts Clash on Sunday - Two of the top QBs in the NFL will go toe-to-toe this Sunday (4:25 PM ET) when Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs visit Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals. The Chiefs are the toast of the NFL, leading the league in points scored per game (29.6) and yards per game (430). But the Bengals will be getting key offensive contributors back in Ja’Marr Chase and Joe Mixon for this one. Don't miss the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the Cincinnati Bengals in a rematch of last year's AFC Championship Game. The action gets underway at 4:25 PM ET Paycor Stadium.

    Comment: Defense on Display in Bills-Patriots - Two of the best defenses in the NFL will do battle this Thursday night (8:15 PM ET, PRIME) when the 6-5 New England Patriots host the 8-3 Buffalo Bills (-5.5). Unfortunately for the Bills, they'll probably be without LB Von Miller after he suffered an ACL injury last week. The 8-3 Buffalo Bills (-5.5) visit the 6-5 New England Patriots this Thursday night (8:15 PM ET, PRIME) in a crucial AFC East matchup.

    Comment: Dallas Cowboys Aim to Bounce Back in Week 11 Against Minnesota - The Dallas Cowboys slid to third in the NFC East with their Week 10 OT loss to the Green Bay Packers. They'll be extra motivated to turn things around when they head to US Bank Stadium on Sunday to face the Minnesota Vikings, who are quietly contending with the Philadelphia Eagles for best record in the league. Game time is at 4:25 PM ET, and the Cowboys are 1-point favourites. Don't miss the Minnesota Vikings-Dallas Cowboys Week 11 matchup at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Action starts at 4:25 PM ET.

    Comment: Jets-Pats at Gillette Stadium - Every game in the AFC East matters this year, including Sunday's game between the second-place New York Jets (6-3 SU and ATS) and the basement-dwelling New England Patriots (5-4 SU, 5-3-1 ATS). CBS has the coverage at 1 PM ET, with New England laying 3 points to their division rivals. The 5-4 New England Patriots are looking for the season sweep this Sunday (1 PM ET, CBS) over the 6-3 New York Jets (+3 away).

    Comment: Los Angeles Chargers vs. San Francisco 49ers - Sunday Night Football - Week 10 - Chargers Enter Week 10 as Underdogs Against 49ers - The Los Angeles Chargers (5-3 SU and ATS) will be in the underdog role for the first time in six weeks when they face the San Francisco 49ers (4-4 SU and ATS) for Week 10's SNF. Their 5-3 record may be somewhat misleading, as three of their wins in the last four weeks have come either OT, or razor-thin win margins. The 49ers, meanwhile, are coming off a bye and reaping the rewards of the Christian McCaffrey acquisition. After a week of rest, the San Francisco 49ers will be raring to go in their Sunday Night Football matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers. The action starts at 8:20 PM ET.

    Comment: Is Vikings-Bills a Super Bowl LVII Preview? Division leaders clash this Sunday (1 PM ET, FOX) when the 6-2 Buffalo Bills host the 7-1 Minnesota Vikings. Buffalo may be a game behind in the standings, but they're 7.5-point favorites for this matchup, with a total of 48 on what should be a windy day at Orchard Park. Josh Allen and the 6-2 Buffalo Bills (-7.5) host Dalvin Cook and the 7-1 Minnesota Vikings this Sunday at 1 PM ET on Fox.

    Comment: Lamar Jackson vs. Tom Brady in Week 7 Matchup - We'll get to see a sharp contrast in styles when QB Lamar Jackson faces Tom Brady for Thursday Night Football. The Ravens are 1.5-point road favourites after coming off of a gritty Week 7 win over the Cleveland Browns as 6.5-point home favourites. Brady and the Bucs did not fare so well in their Week 7 matchup against the Carolina Panthers, who held the Bucs to just three points. Don't miss the Baltimore Ravens-Tampa Bay Buccaneers Thursday night matchup at Raymond James Stadium. Kickoff is at 8:15 PM ET.

    Comment: First-Place Ravens Host Browns - The Baltimore Ravens are only 3-3 (2-3-1 ATS), but that’s good enough for first in the AFC North. They'll host the 2-4 SU and ATS Cleveland Browns this Sunday at 1 PM ET on CBS; the Ravens are 6-point favorites on what should be a calm and seasonably warm afternoon. Lamar Jackson and the 3-3 Baltimore Ravens (-7) will host the 2-4 Cleveland Browns this Sunday, kicking off at 1 PM ET on CBS.

    Comment: Wilson Likely for Broncos-Chargers - The pressure is on QB Russell Wilson to turn the Denver Broncos (2-3 SU, 1-4 ATS) around when they visit the Los Angeles Chargers (3-2 SU, 4-1 ATS) next Monday at 8:15 PM ET on ESPN. Wilson (lat) is considered likely to play after receiving a PRP injection last Friday. The 3-2 Los Angeles Chargers are 5-point home favorites for next Monday's battle (8:15 PM ET, ESPN) with Russell Wilson and the 2-3 Denver Broncos.

    Comment: Tampa Bay Host Kansas City in Marquee Matchup - There's a potential Super Bowl LVII preview coming up this Sunday (8:20 PM ET, NBC) when Tampa Bay welcome Kansas City to Raymond James Stadium. Tom Brady and the Bucs (2-1 SU and ATS) are 3-point underdogs to Patrick Mahomes and KC (2-1 SU, 1-2 ATS) with a 44-point total. Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady will duke it out this Sunday when Kansas City (–3) visit Tampa Bay at 8:20 PM ET on NBC.

    Comment: Packers Playing Behind Versus Bears - The Green Bay Packers (0-1 SU and ATS) are in an unfamiliar position: behind the Chicago Bears (1-0 SU and ATS) in the NFC North standings. The Packers will try to bridge the gap as 10-point home faves on this week's edition of Sunday Night Football (8:20 PM ET, NBC). Aaron Rodgers and the 0-1 Green Bay Packers host Justin Fields and the 1-0 Chicago Bears (+10) this Sunday at 8:20 PM ET on NBC.

    Comment: NFL - Los Angeles Rams VS Buffalo Bills - Is Bills-Rams a Super Bowl LVII Preview? The Los Angeles Rams are the reigning Super Bowl champions, but the Buffalo Bills are this year's favorites - and they'll collide next Thursday night in the opening game of the 2022 NFL regular season. Kick-off is at 8:20 PM ET on NBC, with the Bills pegged as 2.5-point road favorites. The Los Angeles Rams are 2.5-point home dogs for next Thursday's season opener (8:20 PM ET, NBC) versus the Super Bowl favorites, the Buffalo Bills.

    Comment: Patriots Host Giants for Preseason Opener - Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots welcome a familiar face back to Foxborough this Thursday (7 PM ET, NFLN) when they open the preseason against the New York Giants (-1.5). Brian Daboll, who worked under Belichick for nine years, will make his NFL head coaching debut for New York. The New England Patriots (+1.5) welcome the New York Giants to Gillette Stadium this Thursday night (7 PM ET, NFLN) for their preseason opener. Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots (+1.5) start their 2022 preseason this Thursday (7 PM ET, NFLN) against the New York Giants and their new head coach, Brian Daboll - a former Belichick protege. The New England Patriots host the New York Giants (-1.5) this Thursday in the preseason opener for both clubs, beginning at 7 PM ET on the NFL Network. Giants head coach Brian Daboll will debut under the headset against his former boss, Bill Belichick.

    Comment: NFL Odds: Jags-Raiders in Canton - The Las Vegas Raiders will open the 2022 NFL season this Thursday (8 PM ET, NBC) when they host the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio. The Raiders are 1-point favorites over the Jacksonville Jaguars on what should be a warm night at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium. The Las Vegas Raiders (–1) will host Thursday's Hall of Fame Game in Canton versus the Jacksonville Jaguars at 8 PM ET on NBC.

    Comment: LA Rams Take Super Bowl LVI - The Los Angeles Rams are the world champions of football. They beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 at Super Bowl LVI, although it was Cincinnati covering as 4.5-point underdogs on Sunday's closing line. The Rams are now +900 third favorites for Super Bowl LVII, behind Buffalo and Kansas City at +700. ========== Bengals-Rams at Super Bowl LVI - The Los Angeles Rams remain 4-point favorites for Sunday's Super Bowl LVI tilt (6:30 PM ET, NBC) with the Cincinnati Bengals. The total, however, has slipped 50 to 48.5. Rams TE Tyler Higbee and Bengals TE CJ Uzomah are both questionable after suffering sprained MCLs during the Conference Championships. =========== Bengals-Rams at the Big Game - It's time to get ready for Super Bowl LVI. The NFC champion Los Angeles Rams will host the AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals for this year's big game, starting at 6:30 PM ET on NBC, and the Rams are 4-point favorites at SoFi Stadium with a total of 49. ======= Cincinnati Bengals Keen to Win First Super Bowl - The last time the Cincinnati Bengals made it to the Super Bowl Finals was in 1988 with Ken Anderson under centre. Now they'll try it again with second-year QB Joe Burrow calling the shots and the LA Rams supplying the opposition. The Rams are 4-point favourites for the big game, which is set for Sunday at SoFi Stadium.

    Comment: Patrick Mahomes vs. Joe Burrow in AFC Conference Championship - It was Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals who came out ahead against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs when they faced off in Week 17 of the regular season. Burrow passed for four touchdowns, while Mahomes tossed for two, leading the Bengals to disrupt the Chiefs' eight-game win streak with a 34-31 victory. Now the two teams will face each other again in the AFC Championship game on Sunday. ======== Niners, Rams Look for Super Bowl Return - The Los Angeles Rams lost Super Bowl LIII, while the San Francisco 49ers did the same the following year. Now one of these teams will make it back to the Big Game. They'll meet in Sunday's NFC Championship round (6:30 PM ET, FOX), with Los Angeles laying 3.5 points at SoFi Stadium.

    Comment: Jimmy Garoppolo vs. Aaron Rodgers in NFC Divisional Round - After a dramatic wild card upset over the Dallas Cowboys (-9.5), Jimmy Garoppolo and the San Francisco 49ers will head to Lambeau Field to face the well-rested Aaron Rodgers and the Packers as 6-point road dogs. Coach Shanahan is confident that Fred Warner and Nick Bosa will be available after sustaining injuries in the wild card game. Game time is 8:15 PM ET on Saturday; FOX has the coverage. ====== Kansas City, Buffalo Meet Again in Divisional Round - Two of the NFL's top young quarterbacks will be in the spotlight this Sunday when Josh Allen and No. 3 Buffalo visit Patrick Mahomes and No. 2 Kansas City. CBS has the coverage at 3:30 PM ET; chilly conditions are expected at GEHA Field, with temperatures dipping below 20 degrees.

    Comment: Wild Card Weekend Starts with Cincinnati Bengals vs. Las Vegas Raiders - After a dramatic Week 18 overtime win, the Las Vegas Raiders snuck into the postseason they're No. 5 in the AFC. Their wild card matchup pits them against the No. 4 Cincinnati Bengals, who beat them 32-13 in Week 11 of the regular season. The Bengals are 5.5-point home favourites to repeat on Saturday. ====== Cowboys Host 49ers in Wild Card Matchup - The Dallas Cowboys (12-5 SU, 13-4 ATS) won the NFC East title and the No. 3 playoff seed in their conference. The San Francisco 49ers (10-7 SU, 9-8 ATS) snuck in with the No. 6 seed. They'll meet this Sunday in Arlington, kicking off at 4:30 PM ET on CBS.

    Comment: Playoffs on the Line in Chargers-Raiders - The Los Angeles Chargers (9-7 SU, 8-8 ATS) will make the playoffs with a win this Sunday over the Las Vegas Raiders (9-7 SU, 7-9 ATS), beginning at 4:25 PM ET on CBS. The Raiders can still lose as 3-point home dogs, provided Indianapolis and Pittsburgh also lose once more. ========= 49ers in Do or Die Season Finale - For the San Francisco 49ers to make the playoffs, they have to win their last game of the season. Unfortunately for them, their final game is against the LA Rams, who've clinched the second seed in the NFC. The Rams are laying four points on the spread to the 49ers, who got the upper hand in Week 10.

    Comment: Vikings, Packers Renew Rivalry at Pivotal Time - Tensions are always high when the Green Bay Packers (12-3 SU, 11-4 ATS) host the Minnesota Vikings (7-8 SU, 8-7 ATS), and they'll be even higher this Sunday night. NBC has the coverage at 8:20 PM ET, with the Packers laying seven points against a Vikings team on the playoff bubble. ===== Dallas Hosts Arizona this Sunday - Two high-powered offenses will clash this Sunday when the Dallas Cowboys welcome the Arizona Cowboys to town. Kyler Murray hasn't had the success he's used to of late, so he'll look to get his club back on track in the unfriendly confines of AT&T Stadium. The action gets underway at 4:25 PM ET.

    Comment: Colts-Cardinals in Saturday Night Special - The Arizona Cardinals (10-4 SU, 9-5 ATS) hope to snap their two-game mini-slump this Saturday night (8:15 PM ET, NFLN) when they host the Indianapolis Colts (8-6 SU, 9-5 ATS), who have won five of their last six contests. The Cards are laying 1.5 points with a total of 49.

    Comment: Chargers Meet KC on Thursday Night Football - Kansas City (9-4 SU, 6-7 ATS) will go for their seventh straight win this Thursday when they visit the Los Angeles Chargers (8-5 SU, 7-6 ATS), live at 8:20 PM ET on Fox. The Super Bowl champions two years ago are 3.5-point favorites with a total of 51.

    Comment: Bears-Packers at Lambeau - The Green Bay Packers (9-3 SU, 10-2 ATS) can put another nail in the coffin of the Chicago Bears (4-8 SU and ATS) when they meet at Lambeau Field for this week's edition of Sunday Night Football. NBC has the coverage at 8:20 PM ET, with the Packers at -12.5.

    Comment: Patriots, Bills Fight for AFC East Lead - Long-time divisional rivals will meet this Monday night (8:15 PM ET, ESPN) when the 7-4 Buffalo Bills host the 8-4 New England Patriots. Buffalo are 3-point favorites; they beat the Patriots 24-21 when they met at Orchard Park last year, but New England bagged the cash as 4-point underdogs. ====- Ben Roethlisberger vs. Lamar Jackson in Week 13 - Pressure is mounting for the Pittsburgh Steelers to make the changes necessary to return to their winning ways after tying the only winless team in the league and getting dismantled by their division rivals, the Cincinnati Bengals. Their next opponent is the Baltimore Ravens, whose 8-2 record masks some of the struggles they've had this season. Game time is at 4:25 PM ET on Sunday.

    Comment: LA Rams Face Aaron Rodgers and Packers at Lambeau Field - Fresh off a bye, the LA Rams will lay it all on the line when they hit the road to face Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. The Rams had two straight losses leading into their bye, and pressure will is mounting to turn things around in Week 12. The Packers are coming off a loss too and will be motivated to rebound as 1-point home favourites against the Rams.

    Comment: Dallas Cowboys, Las Vegas Raiders Highlight Turkey Day - After losing their second game in three weeks, the Dallas Cowboys (7-3 SU, 8-2 ATS) will try to regroup this Thursday when they welcome the Las Vegas Raiders (5-5 SU, 4-6 ATS) to AT&T Stadium as 7-point favorites. CBS will provide the Thanksgiving Day television coverage at 4:30 PM ET.

    Comment: Prescott and the Cowboys Visit Mahomes and the Chiefs - In what could be a Super Bowl preview, the Dallas Cowboys (7-2 SU, 8-1 ATS) will attempt to extend their lead in the NFC East when they head to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs (6-4 SU, 3-7 ATS). It'll be a matchup between two impressive offenses, and the total is sitting at 56 points. Tune in for the 4:25 PM ET start time on Sunday.

    Comment: Tennessee Hosts New Orleans on Sunday - The Tennessee Titans (7-2 SU and ATS) continued their dominance over the NFL's top clubs in Week 9, with a road victory over the LA Rams. They'll welcome the New Orleans Saints (5-3 SU, 4-4 ATS) to Nissan Stadium this Sunday (1 PM ET) as the Saints look to bounce back after a last-minute loss to the Atlanta Falcons last week. The Saints are 3-point road underdogs heading into this one.

    Comment: Browns-Patriots on CBS - With the first half of the 2021 season behind them, the New England Patriots and Cleveland Browns each find themselves in the playoff hunt at 5-4 SU and ATS. They'll meet this Sunday (1 PM ET, CBS) in Foxborough; the Patriots are laying 1.5 points with a total of 45.

    Comment: Cowboys Welcome Broncos on Sunday - This Sunday (1 PM ET), the Denver Broncos will begin life after Von Miller; the linebacker was traded on Monday to the LA Rams. Their first test will be against one of the NFL's best offenses, in the Dallas Cowboys. And with Dak Prescott expected to make his return after missing Week 8, Dallas should be firing on all cylinders.

    Comment: Titans-Rams on Sunday Night Football - The Tennessee Titans (6-2 SU and ATS) have taken down some big-name teams lately, but they'll likely be without RB Derrick Henry (foot) this Sunday when they visit the Los Angeles Rams (7-1 SU, 4-4 ATS). NBC has the coverage at 8:20 PM ET, with Los Angeles laying 7.5 points.

    Comment: Pressure Mounting for Chiefs in Week 8 Matchup Against Giants - The pressure is on for Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs to salvage their season if they want to make the playoffs. They're coming off a painful 27-3 loss to the Tennessee Titans in Week 7 and now face the New York Giants for Week 8's Monday nighter. The Giants are riding high after a dominant 25-3 win over the Carolina Panthers last Sunday.

    Comment: Packers Hope to End Arizona's Undefeated Run - Aaron Rodgers has almost single-handedly led the Green Bay Packers (6-1 SU and ATS) to the top of the NFC North standings. This Thursday night (8:20 PM ET, FOX/NFLN), Rodgers will try to hand the NFC West-leading Arizona Cardinals (7-0 SU, 6-1 ATS) their first loss of the 2021 campaign.

    Comment: Saints Head to Seattle to Face Russell Wilson-less Seahawks - The New Orleans Saints have been dealing with injuries all season long. After a much-appreciated Week 6 bye, they return for Monday Night Football to face the Seattle Seahawks at Lumen Field. Seattle's backup QB Geno Smith is standing in for injured Russell Wilson for a second straight week now. New Orleans are pegged as 5.5-point favourites, and the total is 43.5 points.

    Comment: Ravens Host Bengals in AFC North Battle - The top two teams in the AFC North meet this Sunday (1 PM ET, CBS) when the 5-1 Baltimore Ravens host the 4-2 Cincinnati Bengals. The Ravens have won five straight at 3-2 ATS, while the Bengals are coming off a 34-11 victory over the Detroit Lions (+3.5 at home).

    Comment: Josh Allen, Bills Face Ryan Tannehill, Titans in Week 6 Clash - Week 6 in the NFL regular season culminates Monday with a thrilling AFC matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans. The Bills have established themselves as a top threat in the league, with the best offense (34.4 PPG) and defense (12.8 PPG). Their next test will come in the form of the Titans, who are capable of scoring on the ground at will, thanks to the league's top rusher, Derrick Henry.

    Comment: Cowboys, Patriots Featured in Week 6 - Two storied franchises heading in opposite directions will meet this Sunday (4:25 PM ET, CBS) when the New England Patriots host the Dallas Cowboys. The Patriots are 1.5-point underdogs at press time with a total of 48; there's a chance of rain in Sunday's long-range forecast for Foxborough.

    Comment: Bills-Chiefs on Sunday Night Football - After racking up seven touchdowns in their big win over Philadelphia, the Kansas City Chiefs (2-2 SU, 1-3 ATS) will give their Super Bowl hopes a more serious test this Sunday night when they host the Buffalo Bills (3-1 SU and ATS), kicking off at 8:20 PM ET on NBC. - NFL Odds: Bills 3-Point Road Dogs Against Chiefs on Sunday&8239; - The Week 5 Sunday Night game will see two AFC juggernauts face off as the Kansas City Chiefs host the Buffalo Bills. Early betting has been on the Chiefs, who went -2.5 home favourites to -3. The total is a massive 56.5 points for these two teams that have the most productive offenses in the league after the Arizona Cardinals.

    Comment: Rams 4.5-Point Favourites to Beat Undefeated Cardinals in Week 4 - Both the Rams and Cardinals have had strong season starts with perfect 3-0 records. On Sunday at 4:05 PM ET, they will face off at SoFi Stadium, and the Rams will lay 4.5 points to the Cardinals as home favourites. The Rams went 2-0 against Arizona last season with Jared Goff under centre. Rams' QB Matthew Stafford has lived up to the hype thus far, passing for nine touchdowns and getting picked just once.

    Comment: Brady, Belichick Reunite for Bucs-Pats - Tom Brady will face his former club for the first time this Sunday when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1 SU and 1-2 ATS) visit Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots (1-2 SU and ATS), live at 8:20 PM ET on NBC. The Bucs are -6.5, with a total of 52.5.

    Comment: Eagles-Cowboys on Monday Night Football - The Dallas Cowboys (1-1 SU, 2-0 ATS) host the Philadelphia Eagles (1-1 SU and ATS) on Monday in the first meeting of the year for these NFC East rivals. The Cowboys are 3.5-point favorites. Philadelphia DE Brandon Graham will likely miss the rest of the season with an Achilles injury.

    Comment: Aaron Rodgers and Packers Head to Levi's Stadium to Face 49ers - Aaron Rodgers and co. looked focused and determined in their Week 2 victory after starting the season in disarray. They will need to maintain that level of focus in their next matchup: a road game against the San Francisco 49ers for Sunday Night Football. The 49ers will be laying 3.5 points to the Packers as they look to continue their undefeated season start.

    Comment: Lions, Packers Already in a Hole - Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers looked absolutely awful in Week 1. The Detroit Lions lost too, but at least they pulled out a miracle back-door cover. They'll meet at Lambeau Field for the Week 2 episode of Monday Night Football, kicking off at 8:15 PM ET on ESPN.

    Comment: Jimmy Garoppolo vs. Jalen Hurts in 49ers-Eagles Week 2 Matchup - Week 2 of the 2021-22 NFL season will see the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles face off at Lincoln Financial Field. The spread is less than a touchdown, with San Fran listed as a 3.5-point favourite at press time. Both teams are coming off of Week 1 victories against low-ranking opponents, so Week 2 will work as a good barometer to see how competitive these teams will be this season.

    Comment: NFC East and South Showdown in Bucs-Cowboys Season Debut - The 2021-22 NFL season starts Thursday with an NFC matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tune in at 8:20 PM ET to see Tom Brady lead the Super Bowl winning squad against the Cowboys, who expect to see QB Dak Prescott suit up after missing the latter two-thirds of the 2020-21 season. Bucs are listed as 8-point home favourites at press time.

    Comment: Dallas Cowboys Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Cowboys, Buccaneers Open 2021 Regular Season - The defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers will host the 2021 NFL regular-season opener this Thursday when they host the Dallas Cowboys. Game time is 8:20 PM ET on NBC, and the Bucs are 8-point favorites with a total of 52, on what should be a hot night at Raymond James Stadium.

    Comment: NCAAF - Alabama-Miami on ABC - The No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide start their title defense this Saturday when they face the No. 14 Miami Hurricanes at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, beginning at 3:30 PM ET on ABC. The Tide are 19-point favorites with a total of 61.5; QB D'Eriq King (knee) will start for Miami.

    Comment: Bears-Titans on NFL Network - The Tennessee Titans will close out their 2021 preseason schedule this Saturday when they host the Chicago Bears, with the NFL Network providing the coverage at 7 PM ET. Head coach Mike Vrabel might be absent for the Titans, as he is currently in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19.

    Comment: New England Patriots Vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Hurts, Jones Reunite as Eagles Host Patriots - Two former title-winning quarterbacks at Alabama will meet again this Thursday night (7:30 PM ET, NFLN) when Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles host Mac Jones and the New England Patriots. Hurts is Philadelphia's new starting QB. For now, Jones is second on New England's depth chart behind Cam Newton.

    Comment: Chiefs-Niners in Santa Clara - The San Francisco 49ers hopes to get a taste of revenge this Saturday when they host the Kansas City Chiefs in their first meeting since the Chiefs beat them at Super Bowl LIV. Game time is 8:30 PM ET, and the Niners are 2.5-point favorites for this Week 1 exhibition contest.

    Comment: Gilbert, Haskins Featured at Hall of Fame Game - The Dallas Cowboys will face the Pittsburgh Steelers (-1.5) this Thursday at the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio, kicking off at 8 PM ET on FOX. With the starting quarterbacks on the sidelines, the focus will be on Garrett Gilbert for Dallas and Dwayne Haskins for Pittsburgh.

    Author: Alex Ramos

    Alex Ramos

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