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Las Vegas poker - MGM Grand Poker Room Review

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Phone: (702) 891-7434
Address: 3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Editor's Review
MGM Grand Poker Room News

MGM Grand Poker Room Information

Tables: 23

Texas Holdem: Yes
2/4, 4/8, 6/12, 10/20, 20/40.
Rake: 10% / $4 max.

30/60 and up also offered when enough players are interested.

Rake on 30/60+ games is timed.

Find detailed information about Internet Poker and Poker Rules.

No-Limit Holdem: Yes
$40 min/$200 max buy-in.
$1/2 blinds.
Rake: 10% / $4 max.

$100 min/$500 max buy-in.
$2/5 blinds.
Rake: 10% / $4 max.

Stud: Yes
7 card stud.

Omaha: No
None offered regularly, but would open if interest list large enough.

Tournaments: Yes

Weekend Wait-Time: Short. 15 minutes tops.

Smoking Allowed: No
The MGM Grand poker room is a completely non-smoking poker room.

Poker Room Rate: Yes
Daily Room Discount:
$40 discount off applicable room rate

Daily Play Requirement:
5 hours

Editor's Review - MGM Grand Poker Room

Total Rating: 4.15

Room Quality Rating: 5
The MGM is one hip poker room. Surrounded by popular tourist attractions on all sides, the MGM poker room has no trouble enticing players to join the action. On one side is the MGM's excellent brand-new (remodeled) sports book, on the other side is a trendy new bar named Centrifuge. To the left is the live lion habitat, and to the right is the Rain Forest Cafe. Not too far away is the popular night-club, Studio 54. The MGM poker room is situated squarely in the middle of all this amazing action, drawing poker players from every angle.

Perhaps the attraction contributing most to the MGM's hip poker room feel is the Centrifuge bar. Complete with go-go dancers and rock music, the Centrifuge bar looks like it attracts a lot of younger poker players. It's the type of bar that you may expect to find at the Palms. This means loud music and good looking people. The loud music and go-go dancers could be a distraction to some (male) poker players, but the action at the bar spills over and really sets the tone for the MGM poker room's environment: A poker room exploding with energy.

The actual room has some of the highest quality furnishings anywhere in Vegas. There are brand new poker tables, each with built-in auto shufflers, drink holders, and marble rims (a feature that looks and feels good, but does tend to make poker chips slide all over the place). The poker tables also have bright yellow commitment lines (commitment lines are line drawn inside of the table: once you push your chips over the line it means that you have committed your chips to the pot).

The chairs at the MGM poker room are also brand new. They are covered with suede like-fabric and are wider than most poker chairs in Vegas. Although they're not quite as nice as the Bellagio chairs, they are still easily among the most comfortable poker chairs in Vegas (especially for a larger dude such as myself).

This is a 21st century poker room. The MGM poker room has invested heavily in technology. There is a state of the art list management system. There are at least eight beautiful high-definition televisions hanging on the walls. And, there is an electronic “control center” located at each table that allows the poker dealers to do everything from summon an elusive cocktail waitress, to track player comps. Cool stuff indeed.

The poker room is non-smoking, well-lit, and the poker tables are well spaced – meaning maneuvering through the poker tables on your way to the restroom or the snack bar is no problem at all.

As far as overall poker room quality goes, the MGM easily earns a (5) in my book. In fact, the MGM poker room sets the standard for how a poker room in Vegas should look and feel.

Competition Rating: 3
It's tough to get a handle on the competition because the room is so new. However, initial indications look good. On my trips to the MGM poker room it was packed with younger, inexperienced players. Several players at the $1/$2 NL game had clearly never played a live no limit game. This is good.

On the other hand, I could point out at least one or two local players at almost every table I looked at. These are guys that I have seen around town at various poker rooms. They are regular poker players that are decent enough to keep coming back. These players are definitely not the drunken tourist(s) that you pray for.

Despite the locals, I expect the poker room to attract a lot of tourists, and hopefully a lot of inexperienced players. The poker room is centrally located in a high-traffic area of the MGM casino, and of course the MGM Grand Hotel has 5,000-plus hotel rooms to draw players from. This is not a small hotel. I expect that the games will be consistently fishy.

Dealer Rating: 3
Unfortunately, the dealers at the MGM poker room leave a lot to be desired in terms of competency. These dealers clearly did not transfer from the Bellagio (also owned by the MGM). The dealers I had were inexperienced, and slow. They made many mistakes such as pushing pots to players with losing hands, not knowing when to make new players post blinds, and committing mis-deals far too frequently. A lot of these dealers appeared to be fresh out of poker school. They need a lot of work, and it shows.

But, I will say that the MGM poker room dealers are friendly and helpful. The dealers summoned cocktail waitresses when asked (and sometimes without being asked). They called chip runners to bring racks and floormen for table decisions without any trouble. And, the dealers engaged in friendly poker table banter (without trying to audition for amateur night at the comedy club).

If I could rate the dealers a 5 on personality/service and a 1 on dealer competency, then I would. Alas, I'll rate them a (very generous) 3 for now, and I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that their competency will improve with experience. You can't survive forever on personality alone.

Cocktail Rating: 5
The MGM cocktail waitresses are average in the beauty department. Sure, there are some lookers, but this aint the Palms, Rio, or Hard Rock. However, these ladies are QUICK! They bring drinks faster than I can suck 'em down. Best of all, they serve RED BULL! If you have read other poker room reviews at, then you probably know I'm a Red Bull addict.

In addition to their speedy service the MGM cocktail waitresses are genuinely friendly and personable. Nice ladies.

Also, beginning in the next few weeks, the cocktail waitresses at the MGM poker room will be able to serve food right at the table (just like Palms and Harrahs). The food will be available from the snack bar menu, and the waitresses should be able to supply poker players with menus. Poker players will be able to make their food requests 24 hours per day without having to get off their butts.

Lastly, I have to mention that each poker table is equipped with a cocktail paging button. This is a new gimmick, and it seems to work. The dealer presses a button, and moments later a cocktail waitress appears to take drink requests from poker players. It's like magic baby. It's a very hot poker room feature. I'm sure this mechanism contributes to the speedy service.

Management Rating: 3
The MGM poker room is brand spank'n new, and the management is overwhelmed – overwhelmed by the abundance of players, and overwhelmed by the tricky new technology.

On my first trip to the poker room, I was inadvertently seated at a $4/8 Texas Hold'em table, even though I had requested to play $1/2 No Limit Hold'em. My name was prominently displayed at the top of the No Limit list, and I didn't realize that I had been directed to the wrong table until I bought chips and sat down. The worst thing is that after I alerted a poker room manager to the error, someone else had been called ahead of me and taken my $1/2 NL seat. The manager promised to put me at the top of the No Limit list, but she seated at least one MORE player before I eventually got seated a few minutes later.

This was very poor list management, but it was because of the technology. The managers are not yet familiar with the computer system. In a few months, I don't expect that there will be many problems, and I'm betting that the computer driven list management system will make the MGM poker room one of the smoothest run rooms in Vegas.

The computer screens that display the wait-lists are really cool. The screens show the order of names on the wait-lists for each game, as well as the total number of waiting players for the entire room. Interesting information.

Also, even if the wait-list is long, you can freely wonder around the MGM. When you add your name to the list, if there is not an immediate seat available, then you are given a pager, similar to that found in restaurants, that will alert you when your seat is ready. More poker rooms need this feature!

Finally, the poker room managers were very friendly. They called me by name, personally walked me to the cashier to buy chips, then personally seated me at my table and wished me luck.

Yes, the system has some bugs that need to be worked out, but eventually I expect to rate the MGM poker room a (5) on management. For now, it's a (3).

Comps Rating: 4
The Comps at the MGM are pretty good, especially for such a high quality room. Players in raked games earn $1 per hour, up to $10 per day. The comps are redeemable almost anywhere in the MGM Grand Hotel, including all the great restaurants.

Signing up for the MGM comp card is very simple. Just show your drivers license when you check in at the manager's desk. They print comp cards right on the spot, and you don't have to fill out any paperwork because the information is taken directly from your license and input in the computer.

When you receive your comp card, just hand it to the dealer when you sit down at a poker table. The dealer swipes your card through a magnetic card reader, and boom – you're hooked up. As long as you're seated, you're earning comp dollars.

Separate “food vouchers” are also available at management discretion. I'm not sure how much these vouchers are for, or exactly when they are awarded, but they are available.

Jackpots have not been announced yet, but I understand that something is in the works.

Also, a special MGM poker room rate should be available soon.

MGM Grand Poker Room News

Congratulation EvanNorth winner of May 2006 MGM poker promotion
Summary:All Vegas Poker supporter EvanNorth from New York, NY will be checking out the new MGM Grand poker room soon. He won our May drawing for a free night at the MGM Grand Hotel. Read the poker trip report he contributed to qualify for the drawing, and then submit your own review so you can enter the June drawing.

MGM Poker Room Las Vegas Now Offers Sit-N-Go Tournaments (SNG tourneys).
Summary:Yesterday the poker room at MGM began offering Sit-N-Go poker tournaments. Buy-ins are $60 and $110. These SNGs are offered all day long.

MGM Grand Poker Room Has 100 Player Reviews at All Vegas Poker.
Summary:MGM Grand: Congrats on becoming the first poker room at All Vegas Poker to receive 100 player reviews. Vegas card room executives should pay attention. A lot can be learned from the success of the poker room at MGM Grand.

New Promotion: Win a Free Night at the MGM Grand Hotel.
Summary:How would you like to spend a night playing poker at the brand new MGM Grand poker room? Here’s your chance! and The MGM Grand Hotel have teamed up to offer supporters of a chance to win a free night’s hotel accommodations, plus two free tickets to the MGM Grand Buffet.

Massage Service at the MGM Poker Room. Masseuse in Las Vegas.
Summary:I feel like a million bucks! The MGM poker room is now offering a massage service for its players. This is a first for Las Vegas card rooms, and I hope it sticks.

Author: Alex Ramos

Alex Ramos

Author Bio: Alex Ramos is a casino specialist that reviews online gambling sites and games. A professional blogger that dedicates its career for online casinos and online entertainment. He is graduated in Computing Science and is working in the online gambling industry since 1997.

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