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Indian Cricket Team - Cricket Betting Sites in 2023

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If you are interested in the best cricket betting sites or looking for a secure and honest way to bet on Indian Cricket team, the only thing you need is to pick trusted sites to have fun and watch your cricket live stream. To help you, here at you can check the best online sportsbooks to bet on cricket and also watch Cricket live streaming. Continue reading below for a detailed review:

This page will list the best cricket betting sites in India so you can start with a free cash bonus and have fun with cricket wagering on your favorite sportsbook online. As you know, online gambling in India is growing fast with hundreds of sites offering Indian punters the possibility to play casino games and bet on sports. Be aware that only a few of them are trusted and honest. On this page, you can find the top sites to bet on Indian Cricket Team.

Online IPL Betting - The Best Cricket Betting Sites

Bet on the IPL match with one of the best Cricket betting sites online. Check all Indian Premier League match odds & get real cash on your bet with Bet365, Casumo, LeoVegas, Videoslots & other honest gambling sites

Here at, you can check a list with the best sports betting sites in India to bet on cricket through all the leagues, international tournaments, and test series. You can also enjoy the best Fantasy Cricket Apps to make you experience even better.

What is the Indian Premier League?

The Indian Premier League is a T20 tournament that has been hosted by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) since 2008. IPL is said to be the most-attended cricket league in the world. The league is played between eight teams, representing eight states of India. IPL follows a double round-robin league and playoff format, i.e. each team plays against other competing teams at least twice.

Indian Premier League Betting on Bodog

The Indian Premier League, or the IPL, is one of the most popular cricket leagues in the world. The T20 league is also the biggest tournament for online cricket betting. Bettors are known to collectively bet millions of rupees annually on this star-studded cricket tournament.

Cricket Online Cricket Betting

How to bet on IPL matches online?

Betting on Indian Premier League matches is a simple process; with the key steps listed below:

  • Players pick a match from the IPL schedule available on Bodog.
  • Players place bets on the outcome of the selected matches. The bet could be on the winner of the match or specific outcomes, such as 'highest run-scorer', 'wicket in the 18th over', etc.
  • The results of the bet are shared once the outcome has been declared. Players can then withdraw the winning amount from their Bodog wallet through various payment methods.

Cricket Betting Indian Cricket Team 22

Why is Bodog considered the best site for IPL betting?

Cricket betting enthusiasts are always on the lookout for an easy-to-play and engaging experience online. Bodog provides that experience with a sleek interface and collection of lucrative betting odds. The online betting experience is further enhanced for Bodog players with offers like the 600% Sportsbook Welcome Bonus. Players can use this bonus to secure additional credits for multiple bets during the lucrative Indian Premier League season.

IPL Cricket Betting Tips and Tricks

  • Track and study performances - every team and player in the Indian Premier League has experienced highs and lows in their performance. Bettors can use data from these past outcomes to develop a data-backed estimate on the current season's outcomes. This measure helps maximize the probability of winning a bet online.
  • Keep an eye on external factors - cricket matches are often affected by external factors such as weather, pitch conditions, etc. Players can get valuable insights on a match's outcome by understanding the impact of such aspects.
  • Maintain a dedicated bankroll - players should create a bankroll specifically for big-ticket leagues like the Indian Premier League. The stakes of such leagues are high. That is why a dedicated bankroll is required to minimise the scope of losses. Additionally, players will be able to gamble responsibly with a measured budget.

List of the Teams that Play in IPL

Here are the list of teams that are currently playing in the Indian Premier League:

  • Mumbai Indians
  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Delhi Capitals
  • Kings XI Punjab
  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Rajasthan Royals
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad

Cricket Betting Guide

IPL Cricket Betting - The Different Types of Bets

Players can place various types of bets on Indian Premier League matches on Bodog. Some of these bets are:

  1. Moneyline Bets - betting on the team that seems most likely to win the match.
  2. Over/Under Bets - the sportsbook sets a benchmark for the total number of runs scored in a match. Players need to estimate and place bets on whether the total run count will go above or below the target set by the platform.
  3. Point Spread - the sportsbook ascertains which team is favoured to win a match. It also estimates the number of runs that the team will win by. Players have to analyze and bet on whether the number has been overstated or understated.
  4. Futures - betting on the likelihood of a team winning an entire tournament or league.
  5. Parlay - selecting multiple games as part of a single bet. The results of all the selected matches should be in the player's favour to win a parlay bet.

IPL Cricket Betting Glossary - Terms Every Player Should Know

  • Wager - a synonym for 'bet'.
  • Odd - the possibility of an event's outcome. This unit helps measure the scope of returns on a bet.
  • Dead Heat - an outcome where there are two or more winners of a bet. For example, there are two batsmen who are the highest run-scorers of a match, creating a tie in the betting event. The bet is then reduced to half the original stake.
  • Hedging - placing bets on the opposing side along with the original wager. This measure helps minimize the scope of losses.
  • Lock - when a wager is expected to be an easy victory.
  • To Win Outright - betting on the winner of an entire tournament or league.
  • Value - receiving the best odds for a bet.

IPL Betting - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is IPL betting legal in India?

    Online cricket betting in India is legal. Players can safely bet on various cricket matches with an international or Indian betting site.

  2. How to win at IPL betting?

    Thorough research and strategies backed by data are key to maximizing the possibility of winning an IPL bet. Regular practice also helps fine-tune strategies and attempt more complex bets.

  3. Which team won IPL maximum time?

    Mumbai Indian is the only team that won IPL 4 times followed by the second in line is Chennai Super Kings that won IPL for 3 times.

Online Cricket Betting - Bet with India's best betting site

Enjoy online cricket betting with India's trusted online betting site. Bodog offers great deals on cricket betting odds for live cricket match online

Exciting Cricket Betting Opportunities

Cricket is one of the world's most popular, so it is no surprise that cricket makes up a huge portion of the market for betting sites in India. The activity has become so popular that Indian betting sites are now being bombarded with requests to include county matches and tournaments to their list of events.

Bodog caters to this growing demand by presenting an expansive collection of online cricket betting opportunities. Whether it's international matches or local favourites like the Indian Premier League, the selection of matches and betting odds on our cricket betting site is sure to leave even the most passionate gambler satisfied.

How to Play Cricket on Bodog?

Here is how players can proceed with an online betting game on Bodog:

  • Take your pick and select your preferred game from a list of ongoing cricket matches played in various regional and international tournaments.
  • Place your bets on the outcome of that particular match. The results of the wager will be announced once the game is over. The ongoing wagers are listed within the open bets section of the page.
  • Players also have the option to place bets on specific outcomes within a cricket match. For example, 'a single run at the fall of the 4th wicket', 'total runs scored in the 86th over' and 'top-scoring batsman of the match'.
  • On winning a certain amount, you can encash it by using a four-digit security pin from your Bodog wallet via the desired payment method.

Why is Bodog One of the Best Indian Betting Sites?

As a cricket betting website, Bodog is all about keeping the process fun and easy to follow. To begin with, the schedules of all the matches for the week are listed on the website. The list includes cricket matches from tournaments played across the globe, featuring both county and international games. You can also keep tabs on live scores from ongoing matches through the updates provided within the statistics section.

When players finally get down to placing their bets, the easy navigation and lag-free interface makes the process a breeze. Once the matches are over, payouts are just as fast and convenient.

The Bodog Referral program is another great feature.  Here, players can earn cash credits to use on their various wagers by sharing referral codes with their other interested individuals.

Once a player signs up for the first time, there are often welcome bonuses offered by Bodog. Players can use these bonuses to experiment during their initial games without incurring any major losses to invested amounts.

Cricket Betting Tips to Keep in Mind

Listed below are some tips that can help improve the scope of winning cricket bets in future -

  • Weather forecast - Weather has a big influence on cricket matches. From stalling matches to moisture impacting the pitches, it is recommended to keep a tab on weather forecasts on the days prior to a match.
  • Can bet on both teams sometimes - While many bet on teams they are loyal towards, sometimes betting on both teams in a match can be beneficial. The momentum of a game, especially in limited over matches, often swings drastically towards the second half. Such cut-throat match finishes can yield a small profit at times, or at least help break even.

Popular Cricket Tournaments to Consider for Betting

Listed below are some of the popular cricket tournaments that are popular among bettors -

  • ICC Cricket World Cup
  • ICC Champions Trophy
  • ICC T20 World Cup
  • Asia Cup
  • Ashes Series
  • Indian Premier League

Glossary - Cricket Betting Phrases and Terms Every Player Should Know

  • Prop Bets - these let you place money on specific outcomes within a game rather than on the match results. For example, 'total runs by a batsman', 'the number of wickets taken in an over' etc.
  • Three-Way Moneylines - the traditional Moneyline method involves two outcomes: win or lose. In the three-way Moneyline method, you get to play safe by betting on win, lose, or draw options.
  • Betting Odds - refers to the probability of an event occurring and helps in estimating the payout from a winning bet.
  • Dead Heat - a scenario where there are two or more winners in a cricket betting event.
  • Futures - bets placed on tournaments scheduled in the future.
  • Hedging - a strategy for placing bets on outcomes that are different from your original bet. This helps in securing a profit regardless of the result.
  • Lock - when a placed bet is an easy winner.
  • Point Spread - odds used to determine the parameters of betting on the favourite or underdog team.
  • Over/Under - a wager on whether the team's total run count would be below or above a specific number.
  • Outright Bet - a wager placed on the overall outcome of a league or tournament.

Indian Cricket Team Betting

Frequently Asked Questions About Cricket Betting

Here are answers to some of the most asked questions about online cricket betting:

  • What is the minimum bet amount I can place?

    The minimum bet amount on sportsbooks is ₹50. Whereas the highest bet amount can differ from game to game. If you wish to place a bet above this amount, a request will be sent to Bodog executives for approval. Upon securing this approval, your bet will be accepted.

  • What payment methods can I use?

    You can use Visa, Mastercard, AstroPay cards and bitcoins along with various local payment methods and gateways to deposit and withdraw money from a Bodog account.

  • What are the things I should look for on a betting site?

    Before signing up for online betting sites, you need to consider the safety and security of those platforms. For example, Bodog offers secure connections and fast payouts to players when they sign up.

  • Play and Win Big on Bodog

    Cricket betting is just one of the many gambling experiences available on Bodog. For example, fans of online poker and online casinos in India can find engaging options across multiple slots and card games on the platform.

    Within sports betting itself, there are a number of other games that players can try their hand at.

    2nd April 2011: The day I fell in love with cricket again

    For a nation whose heart beats for the sport of cricket, this fan account of the day India sealed the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup will surely resonate.

    The night before had been tough. Sleep had, and still is, one of my closest associates in life, but somehow that night, it turned its tail towards me in rather curious fashion. I'm not sure why, given the week leading up to it had been as serene and stable as I can remember. Commute had been strangely kind, work was full of optimism and passion, and back at home, everything seemed to have genuine care about it.

    Nonetheless, time passed and gave way to a sweet summer sunshine that had neither the burn of its predecessor nor the gloom of its descendant. A morning befitting of what would turn out to be one of the greatest 24 hours in the life of an Indian cricket fan.

    The realisation that India were going to play the final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 that very day triggered me off my bed, where I lay thinking about the possible explanations for what had happened the night before. The clock had however, already hit 11 by then, making me hurry up. A screening had been organised in my housing complex, starting from 1:30 in the afternoon – an hour before the game.

    To my surprise, even the most ardent of my anti-cricket activists, I mean friends, were in attendance for the event. The Lankans had chosen to bat and were in our grip for most of their innings. United cheers of patriotism and love for the country ringed after the fall of every wicket and was unlike any sight I had ever seen.


    Mahela Jayawardene and Thisara Perera's late onslaught drastically changed the mood inside the camp. Groans of frustration and calls for retirement of many of the Indian bowlers followed as India were set a target of 275 to chase under the lights of the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

    There were discussions all around regarding how the Men in Blue should approach such an effort at the midway point. I, on the other hand, chose to turn to music, as I often do when faced with an emotionally-draining situation.

    The sight of Sachin Tendulkar and Virendar Sehwag walking out did nothing but further raise that agitation within me. A quick glance to the right, left and back and I saw the same bewildered and uncertain look on each of the 200+ faces watching on with me.

    I still find it hard to explain what I felt when those two wickets fell. A dark emptiness filled each cell within me. It was as if the world meant nothing to me anymore. The courage to fight on suddenly disappeared until the pair of Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli made serious inroads.


    The latter's dismissal at a critical stage brought back the same feelings as before, taking a backseat for good at the sight of the then-India captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni walking out. The No. 7 had a glittering look of confidence in his eyes that somehow passed on to me.

    The most iconic day in history of Indian cricket! On this day 8 years ago in 2011, every Indian shade a tear after watching India lifting the World Cup after 28 years!! This moment will never be replaced in our hearts.

    Even Sunil Gavaskar can never forget that six of MS Dhoni.

    - Mufaddal Vohra (@mufaddal_vohra) April 1, 2019

    The confidence would be vindicated as Dhoni and Gambhir, followed by Yuvraj Singh, inched us closer to victory. Drums could already be heard behind me, but I wasn't moved. I wanted to capture the moment in the purest form and thus, waited patiently. My patience was soon rewarded, as the Indian captain's thump into the crowd was met with a cheer so strong that it could be heard right across the border. My heart exploded and burst into a kind of ecstasy that probably happen just once or twice in a lifetime. Hugs, crackers and songs filled Mumbai, along the rest of India, that night, revealing and testifying how cricket is more than just a game in India.

    Indian Cricket Team Betting Online

    Some interesting news and facts

    Throwback Thursday: Brian Lara's greatest Test innings - At a time when West Indies cricket was directionless and demotivated, Brian Lara rallied his men and brought about one of the greatest turnarounds in cricket history. The Frank Worrell Trophy, which used to be a yearly four-match Test rivalry contested between West Indies and Australia has dwindled in its frequency, currently down to a seven-year gap between its 2015 and upcoming 2022 edition. However, some of the stories surrounding the event are the stuff of cricketing lore.

    One of those revolves around Brian Lara, the series' top-scorer (2,815) and for good reason. At a time when West Indies cricket was in a dark place, and as a result, so was Lara, the 1998-99 edition of the tournament provided a much-needed shot of hope.

    Troubled Times - Lara had taken over captaincy of the West Indies team at a time when it was hard to simply hang on to the reins, let alone hope to steer it toward a better road. A pay dispute between the players and the West Indies Cricket Board resulted in an ugly affair that saw some players getting sacked briefly, including Lara himself, and a demoralised South Africa tour followed, where they lost the Tests 5-0 and ODIs 6-1.

    Under this cloud of uncertainty and doubt, the team went to face Australia, with Lara's captaincy extending to the first two matches only. Without doubt the most potent team in the world at the time, the Aussies were fresh off delivering a 3-1 thumping to England in the Ashes. Therefore, it didn't surprise anyone when they easily opened the series with a victory in the first match.

    Sudden turnaround - The second match was where it all changed. A rejuvenated West Indies side up 431 in the first innings, with 213 of them coming off Lara's bat. An even more successful bowling attack in the second innings saw the Aussies dismissed for 177 and losing the second match. As he accepted the Man of the Match award, the gears were already turning in Lara's head heading into the third match.

    The series now levelled; Lara was reinstated as captain for the rest of the series. At the third match, Australia put up a worrying total of 490, with captain Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting putting up 199 and 104 respectively. By comparison, West Indies were all out for 329, trailing the visitors by 161.

    However, the second innings saw a reborn West Indies bowling effort. Courtney Walsh was particularly ferocious, claiming five wickets and reducing Australia to 146 all out. Still, a daunting target of 308 now loomed for Lara and his men, who ended the fourth day at 85/3.

    A new day - Bright and sunny weather greeted the players next day and the Aussie pacers were hurling some real fireballs. With a couple more wickets falling, Lara knew the time was now and along with Adams, he stepped up the aggression.

    Plenty of masterful shots followed, including a trio of boundaries off Stuart MacGill's first over and soon, he was up to fifty after a swooping six over Shane Warne. Putting his feet to good use, he kept the spinners at bay while Adams kept playing perfect second fiddle.

    Tempers flare - The fury was high on both sides, as one of Glenn McGrath's bouncers hit Lara's helmet, leading to an angry brush of shoulders between the two. McGrath did it again, but this time Lara took him for a four, sending crowd into quite an uproar. Soon, just like his half-century, Lara hit the 100-run mark too off a hapless Warne.

    Then Adams fell, followed soon by Curtly Ambrose and Lara now had to score six of the 308-run target with the partnership of Walsh, record-holder for most ducks in the tournament till that point. To his credit, Walsh did a good job of defending during his stint at the striker's end, before Lara came back to it.

    Last man standing - Predictably, Lara's worst adversary McGrath was brought to bowl. Two runs off the first two balls were followed by three dots and a wide. Lara ended the over with just one of the two runs needed to win, and it was back to nail-biting times for the West Indians as Walsh stepped up to bat.

    Somehow, he defended his wicket from McGrath and Lara was back to face Adam Gillespie. He didn't waste much time. A quick boundary and the West Indies crowd erupted, literally, from the stands and poured out on to the field.

    Lara had scored 153 of the 233 runs scored during his time on the pitch. It was an incredible feat and a much-needed result for a side that had lost their way. Even though they weren't able to win the series overall — the Aussies won the fourth match — Lara's performance went down in the annals of cricketing history as one of the greatest performances ever.

    Wasim Jaffer, an ideal role model for aspiring cricketers

    Famous for his humility and grace, the 41-year-old is someone to look up to for all the right reasons. He will turn 41 this Saturday (February 16) but Wasim Jaffer is still very much at the top of his game as he quietly basks in the glory of yet another successful Ranji Trophy campaign. It was Vidarbha's second consecutive triumph at the prestigious event and for Jaffer, it piled on top of an already tall stack of accolades bagged over the years.

    Hence it is probably a safe bet that he will very much be in demand next year. But is it just his skill with the bat that makes him such a draw on the domestic scene?

    He is, without doubt, a natural born batsman. That much is evident every time he strikes the ball. However, it is his pragmatic, happy-go-lucky outlook, coupled with his wizardry at the crease, that has made him a role model for the men on the nascent Vidarbha squad.

    Bharath Seervi


    Wasim Jaffer's teams in #RanjiTrophyFinal:

    Mumbai1996-97: Won
    1999-00: Won
    2002-03: Won
    2003-04: Won
    2006-07: Won
    2008-09: Won
    2009-10: Won
    2012-13: Won

    Vidarbha2017-18: Won
    2018-19: Won

    10 finals. 10 titles.

    Cheteshwar Pujara, part of the Saurashtra line-up who lost to Vidarbha in the finals, summed it up nicely for Indian Express, “The moment I met Wasim bhai, I realised that he was very down to earth. Very approachable, and always ready to share his vast knowledge.”

    HUMBLE BEGINNINGS - To better understand this aspect of Jaffer's make-up, we need to look into his past. Growing up in a chawl in a former transit camp in Bandra, he was the youngest son of a bus driver who had just one wish, to see one of his four sons play cricket for India. After financial shortages hampered the chances of eldest son Kalim, it fell on young Wasim's shoulders.

    He made good on it though, juggling school and cricket and making it to the Mumbai's Ranji Trophy side by 18, and in only his second First class game, he scored an unbeaten triple-century to stamp the ticket for the journey to his life's calling.

    THE RAJA OF RANJI - While his forays with the national team were not as successful as he would've liked, he reigned supreme on the domestic circuit through the years. He enjoyed success in the Duleep Trophy as well as in the Carribean and South Africa but his Ranji Trophy record is the shining stud in his arsenal, with ten titles from ten finals and eight of those came with the Mumbai squad.

    Fast-forward to 2016 and a disappointed Jaffer was contemplating sitting out the season. However, Vidarbha coach Chandrakant Pandit, himself another ex-Mumbai player, understood the value of Jaffer's vast experience and the positive influence he would impress upon on the team and brought him onboard. The rest, as they say, is history that continues to be made.

    Jaffer is today a man completely at peace with himself, crediting all his success to the Almighty and putting the rest down to destiny. He can finally rest his bat and settle down with wife Ayesha and their two kids, but for a man of his competence, the phone will likely start ringing long before that.

    Can Rohit Sharma replicate his Vizag brilliance in Pune?

    Rohit Sharma knocked it out of the park in his first stint as Test opener for India and has given enough reasons to believe he will continue his form in the second match as well. The first of three Test matches between India and South Africa saw Rohit Sharma shine in his new role as Test opener. His scores of 176 and 127 runs eased India into a dominating victory in Vizag that many predict will be repeated at Pune.

    We take a look into what makes 'The Hitman' so good in his new role and whether we can expect more of the same in the second Test, at Pune's MCA Stadium.

    Big shot - While it's fair to say Sharma's demeanour, both on and off the pitch, is the complete opposite of Virat Kohli's fiery temperament, there's no shortage of fire when it comes to racking up big scores on a consistent basis.

    Most sixes by an Indian in a single:

    ODI – Rohit Sharma (16 vs 🇦🇺)
    T20I – Rohit Sharma (10 vs 🇱🇰)
    Test – Rohit Sharma (13 vs 🇿🇦)#OneFamily #CricketMeriJaan #INDvSA @ImRo45 @BCCI

    - Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) October 5, 2019

    He regularly lives up to his well-earned nickname of 'The Hitman' for not letting up at any point and continuing to whack balls out of the park. As a result, has racked up huge hundreds in white ball cricket, and it was the case at Vizag too.

    Bagfuls of experience - There's nothing Rohit Sharma has not experienced in cricket. For 12 years and counting, he's been dipping his toes in international cricket, and is now a grizzled veteran who is hard to stump on most occasions.

    This was evident in the way he opened the innings, with patience and perseverance marking his every move. All the while, he was also easing in youngster and fellow opener Mayank Agarwal.

    Pitch mystery - Sharma's in his element on spin-friendly Indian pitches, and he demonstrated that to a fine degree in Vizag. Reading the spinners like a book, the 32-year-old played his shots perfectly. However, the pitch at the MCA Stadium in Pune might favour swing more so than spin, especially if the expected rains arrive at some point.

    The alleged tiff between him and captain Kohli seems to have smoothed over as well. On the eve of the second Test, Kohli said about Sharma, “If a guy like him at the top of the order plays the way he does, we are going to be in situations to go for victory in most of the Test matches. So we are all very happy for him. It's time to let Rohit Sharma enjoy his batting in red-ball cricket.”

    Aye, aye skipper! We couldn't agree more.

    India's probable XI: Rohit Sharma, Mayank Agarwal, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (Captain), Ajinkya Rahane, Hanuma Vihari, Wriddhiman Saha (Wicketkeeper), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ishant Sharma, Mohammed Shami

    Can Rohit Sharma replicate his Vizag form in Pune?

    The Best T20 Batting Partnerships

    The T20 extravaganza has been associated with a lot of fun and quick-paced games but the series has also offered some tremendous batting partnerships over the years. From those that have regularly played at the opening positions to even those that surprised their team and everyone watching down the list, there have been several memorable instances in these games. With 10 seasons of this globally renowned series already complete and the 11th season just around the corner, it seemed fitting to look at some of the best batting partnerships that kept users engaged and had bowlers at the end of their rope.

    Murali Vijay and Mike Hussey, Team Chennai

    An exciting partnership and one of the few that have managed to score over a 100 runs that also lead their team to a win. The click of this partnership came as a surprise as neither was considered as a strong opening batsman in himself but since they were paired together, this Indo-Australian duo has been nothing short of explosive. They have been a reason for CSK being crowned the champions in two IPL seasons though the most noteworthy being the 159-run partnership against RCB in the 2011 final. The duo has scored 1367 runs in 35 innings at an average of 40.2.

    Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers, Team Bangalore

    Two of the most-loved cricketers, whether they play for their nation or their IPL team, the partnership of Kohli and de Villiers is like that of legends. Stalwarts in themselves, their partnership is enough to drive any bowler rushing back to the pavilion. This duo is the only one with two 200-run partnerships in this series. Their ability to hit the ball hard and with a clear focus is one that has seen their team win several matches. At present, they have scored about 2200 runs in 53 innings at an average of just over 45.

    David Warner and Shikhar Dhawan, Team Hyderabad

    These opening batsmen start strong from the first ball and set the tone for their team's victory pretty much at the offset. They have accumulated over 1200 runs that have led their team to a win. In fact, the partnership of these two was also a significant contributor for the team winning its first title in 2016. They have scored over 2350 runs in 50 innings and have an average just above 48.

    Rahul Dravid and Ajinkya Rahane, Team Rajasthan

    Not necessarily a partnership that most people expected to work, this is a true example of classic playing and modern aggression. Though this partnership lasted only three seasons, it certainly made a strong impact on everyone. Rahane managed to be the perfect dovetail for ‘The Wall' by offering a steady partnership for the team to strengthen its batting score. Even though RCB didn't win several matches in the T20, this dynamic duo certainly left its mark in the series. They scored a total 1145 runs in 32 innings and had an average of over 35.

    Brendon McCullum and Dwayne Smith, Team ChennaiBrendon McCullum and Dwayne Smith

    As if the explosive opening partnership of the CSK was not enough of a battle for the bowlers, these middle-order batsmen are extremely destructive too. Though they only formed their partnership in 2014, the Kiwi and Caribbean duo complement each other wonderfully. A great off-field friendship that transforms into a stunning on-field partnership is ideal to further strengthen the batting order of CSK. The duo has managed to score over 1250 runs in 34 innings at an average of just under 37.

    Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle, Team Bangalore

    Kohli may be well-known for his partnership with de Villers, but there is no forgetting the explosive result when it's Chris Gayle at the end of the crease with him. All Gayle needs to do is find his rhythm at the start, because once he's in the groove it becomes an impossible feat for bowlers to move him. Add to this a stubborn and consistent partner like Kohli and it seems like RCB are here to stay. The duo has managed to score an outstanding 2787 runs in 59 innings and have a whopping average of over 52. They also hold the record for the most runs scored by any batting partnership in the T20.

    With this season of the T20 series just a little while away, the excitement for this game is on the rise. The mesh of players from different countries and their ability to destroy some of the world-class bowlers is a sight to behold. Cricket enthusiasts are constantly evaluating the plays trying to identify where the next memorable instant will come from. While the bowlers also have their share of glory in these games, it can't be denied that the explosive batting prowess displayed by some of the iconic batsmen is what keeps the audience coming back for more, and in some cases with changes in the T20 auction, also changes the fan's loyalty for a team!

    Last update: 05 April 2023

    Author: Alex Ramos

    Alex Ramos

    Author Bio: Alex Ramos is a casino specialist that reviews online gambling sites and games. A professional and independent blogger not linked to any casino corporate media or association. Alex dedicates its career for online casinos and online entertainment. He is graduated in Computing Science and is working in the online gambling industry since 1997.

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