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eSports in India - Best Sites & Updates in 2023

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Today, India is one of the most lucrative markets in eSports and there is a real growing perspective in the country. Also, Indian gamers are dictating that the new trend of eSports in India will be mobile. This is because of the massive share of Pubg Mobile in the Country. India is now very solid and professional and the Indian eSports scene tends to grow very fast from now on, with the support of several startups working to get investors into the sector.

eSports in India is now classified as a professional sport and will be overlooked by India's Department of Sports. The Indian Esports Federation is now working to take the sector to the next level with open opportunities for investments and sponsorships.

The billion-dollar eSports market already has India well-ranked and scaling to be on top. India's growth in eSports can be seen in several areas including the purchase increase by the consumers influenced by the competitions. The gamer is now seen as a professional video game player and investors are taking the opportunity really seriously.

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There are a lot of online gambling sites in India that are now offering esports betting. It is important to state that you must pick licensed and trusted gambling sites, with an excellent reputation. Be aware that new gambling sites are being launched every day but also vanishing leaving their clients alone in the dark. For this reason, if you want to bet on esports, you must pick the right gambling site, with valid licenses.

The sites listed on this page will give you the best odds for esports gambling. You can also check my blog for esports tips before stake real cash. Anyway, this is just a small portion of this post that will go in-depth into the Indian esports market. Let's continue to explore this huge business and career opportunity.

eSports in India

Indian eSports Success and Market Outlook

Tirth Mehta from Gujarat won his first bronze medal in the Asian Games 2018. This was the first esports medal for India. He plays a video game called Hearthstone which is categorized as a collectible card genre. There are now many other Indian gamers doing a great job like Bugha (won the Fortnite World Cup), OG (The International), Astralis, Arslan Ash, and others.

The Indian eSports market is on the way to the top of this billion-dollar industry. It is expected that the growth of eSports in India worth 118.8 billion rupees by 2023. Part of the massive investments is provided by eSports firms abroad that are seeing India as a big opportunity to profit huge amounts of money and scale their business in Asia.

Here at, there is also a list of the best sports betting sites in India offering the possibility of bet on eSports competitions and leagues. The post will help you to find trusted sites offering esports gambling for Indian clients.

Not only the money involved in the eSports in India is growing. More and more fans and occasional spectators are following the tournaments and making India the top viewer country for eSports events. The Indian Gaming League, DreamHack Mumbai, ESL One Mumbai, COBX Masters, ESL India Premiership, Dew Arena, DreamHack Delhi, and other events became a huge success on viewership attracting foreign businesses to invest and organize eSports tournaments in India.

The Acer Predator Gaming League is the eSports tournament in India organized by the computer manufacturer Acer. This is a good initiative, but the Indian esport market has a different characteristic: it will work only with mobile phones. eSports players in India are all-in with mobile games. It will be very difficult to have some results with PC gaming.

eSports in India

Today, India has over a hundred million online gamers which already attracted the attention of eSports businesses like APUS, Yoozoo Games, Tencent Games that are investing huge amounts of money and establishing shops in the country.

If you pack everything together you realize that the future of eSports in India is promising. There are foreign investors, tournaments, a big audience, professional businesses, and internet giants with important support. Everything is showing the big deal of Indian eSports, making the country scale the ladder of the top positions of the gaming industry.

Indian eSports startups that are working with investments in the market: JetSynthesys, FanMojo, Nodwin Gaming, and Cobx Gaming. On top of that, a lot of online casinos and sportsbooks in India are starting to cover the events. You can now watch live esports in India and place your bets at the same time. This is a good advancement in terms of technology and shows that India is doing big steps to become the main country in the scene.

Again, one of the main reasons for this insane growth is only one game: Pubg and other mobile games.

Pubg Mobile in India

There are some changes that we can predict for the future of eSports in India. One thing is for sure, mobile games will be the king in the country. Pubg Mobile in India became a real fever making the country show up on all charts when it comes to players and audiences. Pubg Mobile is the most downloaded mobile game in India. The title will play a very important role in the Indian eSports ecosystem.

Mobile games are very popular for Indian gamers because it is easier and convenient to play games on mobile phones. A big share of Indian gamers are playing on mobile and we can see PC games in a free fall in the country. For example, you cannot compare the numbers of gamers in Pubg Mobile with Dota 2 which is on the decline now. It is a matter of time to see tournaments replacing some titles and prioritize mobile gaming rather than PC. At least in India.

The massive amounts of Indian gamers and eSports teams in India are growing fast with a dedication to mobile games. It is difficult to see how a PC tournament will work in a few years, especially when it comes to sponsorships. Mobile esports tournaments in India will be the next big thing in the country with an extremely higher audience if compared to PC games.

Almost half of the money prizes in 2019 were provided by Pubg Mobile esports tournaments. Actually, Pubg Mobile was the game that pushed the prize pool to increase 180% in 2019 and that's why this mobile game has an important role in the market. Alone, this game is responsible for 60% of the growth of eSports in India.

A lot of new things are being expected from now on. India will be part of the top countries leading the esports market and will worth billions. Pubg Mobile will continue to be the favorite esports game for Indian gamers especially because of the Pubg Mobile Club Open (PMCO) and the fact India has the biggest audience and players for this mobile game. It is a matter of time to see the modern Pubg Mobile Lans enter the Indian market. Dota 2 is likely to slow down because the heavy investments will be focused on mobile games esports tournaments. Call of Duty: Mobile could be another great hit in India.

To put even more action in the scene, online gambling sites in India with electronic sports betting are offering a lot of promotions for clients who want to bet on eSports. Upon registration, clients will receive a real money bonus and during the tournaments, the sites usually offer reload bonuses and race competitions.

eSports in India

About E-Sports

The eSports have taken up a lot of space in the media, whether on specialized websites or news portals, social networks, and television channels. Competitions are constantly being streamed live on Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, and other platforms.

This huge exhibition reveals the big amount of money involved in the competition prizes and sponsorship deals. The eSports market raised an estimated revenue of US$ 906 million in 2018, and year after year we have seen considerable growth.

Moving these amounts of money, with more and more teams and championships with millionaire awards, live streams, events, and millions of fans, why there are still a lot of people who don't take electronic sports seriously?

It was with this in mind that I prepared this article in order to explain a little about what an eSports in India is, what the modalities are, the main teams in India and in the world and the biggest championships.

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What is eSports?

Possibly originated in South Korea eSports (electronic sports) are professional competitions for electronic video games, usually played in real-time and with live broadcasts on TV channels and gaming websites like Twich.

The disputes involve structured teams formed by professional athletes (gamers), who are maintained through sponsorships and real legions of fans.

To get an idea of the size of the success, the 2016 LOL World Championship finals (League of Legends) have already generated more audience than the NBA finals of the same year. With the COVID19 pandemic, things moved totally online and the growth continues even with the restrictions of the physical event.

The formula for success originating in Asia has invaded the world, bringing together popular games, championships that are amazing shows and celebrity players. Let's understand a little better the types of electronic games.

Big Variety of e-Sports Games

There are a variety of types of electronic sports being played around the world. Some modalities, however, are more successful in the competition than others, such as FPS and, more recently, Battle Royale.

Just as games share audiences with several different genres, esports also have well-defined and varied categories. Check out, below, the most successful segments in the electronic sports championships around the world.

1 - Battle Royale

Battle Royale is the latest genre in the competitive scene. The modality, which became popular with the releases of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, H1Z1, and Fortnite, both in 2017, consists of three basic pillars: survival, exploration, and extraction of resources available on the map. The player (or group) who remains intact until the end wins.

As it is a relatively new niche, professional Battle Royale tournaments are still being structured. Fortnite, for example, only won an official circuit in 2019, although it was the game that most awarded prizes in 2018. Epic Games, the game's developer, said it would invest $100 million in competitions.

2 - FPS

The FPS games (an acronym for "first-person shooter", or "first-person shooter") are the most traditional games in history. Some of the most famous games in this style are CS: GO, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, and Overwatch. The games of this genre are focused on the perspective of a protagonist, whose only explicit visual reference is his firearm. To get an idea of such longevity, Maze War and Spasim, the first titles in the category were published in 1974.

Since then, championships of the most varied games have moved the competitive scenario. Millions of spectators gather every year to watch tournaments in person in arenas or remotely on streaming platforms. The money invested is another differential. Counter-Strike is the second most awarded game in the history of esports.

3 - MOBA

Not as old as FPS and not as recent as Battle Royale, the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre is a phenomenon in the world of electronic sports. In this modality, the player takes control of a character who, along with his team, has the mission of taking down the opponent's base. The game combines elements of RPG and strategies in real-time. The popular games in this category are LoL, DotA 2, Smite, and Heroes of the Storm.

MOBAs also move millionaire figures. Since 2014, the DotA World Championship 2 (The International) is the championship that most distributes money at the end of the calendar. It was US $ 172 million (approximately R $ 637 million) in eight years of competitive presence. No wonder, it is the game that won the most in the history of competitions. League of Legends comes in third.

4 - Card Games

CCGs (Collectibles Card Games) or collectible card games also make up a significant portion of the market. From the physical tables to the virtual world, the genre has kept its original characteristics to win new fans over the past few years. The sport mixes two fundamental principles: assembling decks and executing strategies.

The themes are extremely diverse and range from medieval elements to futuristic concepts. In addition, each game has its own particularities. In Yu-Gi-Oh !, for example, players can choose between magic cards, traps, mergers, and monsters. Hearthstone, the most famous title in the segment, is based on the culture of the World of Warcraft. There are also Gwent, Artifact, and more games in this style.

5 - Fighting Games

Fighting games, or fighting games, are titles focused on martial arts. In this type of genre, basically divided into the 2D, 3D, and teams subcategories, one (or more characters) is usually controlled in order to defeat the opponent (or group of enemies) within a given ring and with timed time. Who never heard about Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, Mortal Kombat, and Dragon Ball?

Within the competition, the releases of the genre are not left behind. The segment even has a tournament that brings together the main games of the class: the EVO (Evolution Championship Series). In addition, the best esports athlete in 2018, elected by the Game Awards judges, was Dominique “SonicFox” McLean, player of Street Fighter 5 and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

6 - Simulators

The simulators try to reproduce the characteristics of traditional sports existing in real life such as football, basketball and motorsport. Although they are old, loved by the community and extremely competitive, they are not the most profitable and assisted in the current context. The genre is below all the modalities listed so far.

FIFA, EA Sports football simulator, was the most prestigious title in recent years. The franchise distributed about $ 2 million (about R $ 7.3 million) at the end of each season - the EA Sports Global Series. American sports also have professional circuits: NBA 2K (basketball) and Madden NFL (American football) are the main examples.

eSports in India is growing more & more

I can say this is the sport for the new generation of spectators and gamblers. This is not online gaming. This is sports because players depend on their skills and strategies to win a competition. The popularity with the young audience is huge.

eSports can't be confused with online gaming because when you play electronic sports, it depends on your skill. The multiplayer games require a good strategy and timing for the gameplay. So, the skill games that are played in tournaments can be in teams or individuals facing each other.

FIFA, NBA, and UFC are examples of real leagues that are also available in the electronic format in online esports tournaments. To play a multiplayer game in a competition, players are required to have a lot of coordination involving the action, view, thoughts, concentration, and synchronization with other teams' members.

The youth audience called the attention of brands that are now interested in entering the market to get a piece of the pie. During the COVID19 pandemic lockdown, different than other businesses, esports gained even more traction. Both gamers and bettors are interested in this area making esports possibilities wider than any other.

The future of esports in India is so bright that you can already see the ecosystem around electronic sports being very well structured. Just like I wrote above, the market size is set to reach Rs 11 billion in 2025. But, you must remember that the ecosystem is beyond esports tournaments and sponsorships. It involves much more businesses and online gambling making the prediction of Rs 100 billion.

The Indian market has 1.5 million electronic sports players. The events are being made by several organizers and game platforms are generating over 80 million unique viewers.

Another important point is the game studios' growth. More and more games studios are startup in India with the only goal to develop video games for e-sports tournaments.

Streaming platforms are also adapting for this new trend. The possibility of huge revenue on esports live streaming is forcing existing streaming platforms to update their services and also face the competition of new platforms especially developed for live gaming streaming.

Advertisements are also a big thing as the massive audience continues to grow and brands see this as an opportunity to interact with the viewers.

All these trends will result in just one thing: bigger prizes through big sponsorships.


What are the esports career in India?

You can be a player, bettor, commentator, influencer, blogger, and developer. There are a lot of possibilities even if you don't want to be a player. Statistics and artificial intelligence are other fields very lucrative in esports in India.

What is the esports players salary in India?

If you are interested in esports earnings - eSports players in India can get a very different range of salaries. Depending on the deals and sponsorships a player has, it can vary from INR 40,000 to INR 2 lakh per month.

Can you bet on esports in India?

Yes! You can bet on esports in India and enjoy big money prizes and free cash bonuses to start. Check in this page, honest bookmakers offering esports betting. The sites listed here have the best esports odds and tips for online wagers.

Is esports legal in India?

Yes! The government of India put esports with traditional sports and classified as multisport event. Now, esports is a professional sport in India which is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world.

What is the expected growth of esports in India?

The massive growth of esports in India is overcoming records every year. It is expected that the Indian esports market reach 670 million by 2025. It is said that it is a billion-dollar market. With esports being classified as a professional sport, these numbers will skyrocket.

What are the top influencers in esports in India?

Total Gaming, Techno Gamerz, CarryisLive, Live Insaan, Payal Gaming, Aaditya Sawant, Animesh, Kaash Plays & and other gamers. Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka.
eSports teams: Velocity Gaming, Team S8ul, Godlike esports, Orangutan Gaming, Enigma Gaming.

Last update: 16 March 2023

Author: Alex Ramos

Alex Ramos

Author Bio: Alex Ramos is a casino specialist that reviews online gambling sites and games. A professional and independent blogger not linked to any casino corporate media or association. Alex dedicates its career for online casinos and online entertainment. He is graduated in Computing Science and is working in the online gambling industry since 1997.

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