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DeFi Gambling - Decentralized Online Casinos

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DeFi Gambling – Advantages of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and dApp (Decentralized Apps) on Gambling - The first gambling websites were launched in 1994, and ever since that time, it has exploded to become a phenomenon like no other. Now, mobile devices and an ever-connected world has negated most of the challenges that online casinos face, as every person can now gamble from their phone. The rise of DeFi (decentralized finance) and dApps (decentralized apps) means that customers can gamble on the blockchain. Totally transparent and provably fair.

Blockchain is like the new darling of the block, as everything is happening on the platform, whether crypto trading or online shopping. Now online gambling has also been added to the list, and it shows where the future of casino and sports betting is now headed. You can check a detailed post explaining everything about Bitcoin Casinos - and always being updated with new information.

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There are several benefits for DeFi gambling, and we will be touching on a few of them shortly.

1 - Transparency

The biggest benefit to DeFi gambling is the immense transparency to gamblers. They can be under no illusions that they will be cheated by the system and can truly place wagers knowing that they will get fair results. That will make a massive difference to the number of people inclined towards casino gambling and sports betting.

The house may always win, but with DeFi and dApps, the gamblers know that they are not being cheated out of their hard-earned money. That is a big benefit as it inculcates trust in the system and ensures that the system does not unfairly cheat users through unfair methods.

It usually means that they will enjoy a plethora of casino games and can bet on sports of their choice without being worried that they will lose their money.

The blockchain will record everything, including the payouts, losses, and wins, games' results, as it is transparent, and that will fill everyone with confidence that they will not lose out when betting or gambling. It eliminates the risk of fraud and ensures complete fairness during gambling and betting on any platform. The data integrity of the blockchain platform ensures that gamblers and punters will be under no illusions as to how they have lost or won their bets.

2 - Provably Fair Games

Another huge benefit of DeFi and dApps is that they will prove to users that all the games are being played in a fair manner as a third-party intermediary. There is no risk of rigging or turning the odds against the users, and that plays a big role in ensuring that more betters and gamblers turn towards online casinos and sports betting websites.

The fact that the games will be recorded on the blockchain and managed by third-party intermediaries is another feather in the cap of blockchain. The entire presentation of the games will be fair, and as players have irrevocable proof of that, they can ensure that they can place bigger bets without the threat of being cheated by the system.

The fairness of the games is important to players because they are placing real cash on them, whether playing casino games or sports betting. Having everything on the blockchain ensures that they can gamble in confidence, knowing that there is no threat of any fraudulent activity. It will encourage even more players to trust the system and turn towards online gambling and sports betting.

For example, the results of a given spin in a slot machine are already done in the blockchain. Then, you must follow the instructions available in the casino to get your spin result and certify the game is indeed fair.

3 - DeFi Games

The main issue with DeFi games is that they can be played on the blockchain and offer players the chance to play to earn. As a player, you can be inside the game and play as your character and earn real money that can be used in the real world. DeFi games have changed the future of gaming and ensured that players could enjoy being part of the game. Apart from that, they can win real money through the play-to-earn model, which is another huge benefit of the games.

Currently, there are a vast majority of DeFi games available on the market, and you can choose what game you want to play. It's a massive advantage to players and also encourages new players to take a risk and invest in such games. They can buy their avatars and build special characters knowing that they will be earning real money by completing tasks in the game. It's a special model, and with DeFi and dApps, they know that they will not be cheated.

The play-to-earn model is very popular nowadays, as there is nothing better than playing video games and earning real money in return. The fact that the games are on the blockchain is another incentive to players as they can trust that the money they have invested in the game is secure and will not be stolen or the game will defraud them. It can be a big benefit, as it encourages a fair gaming environment for everyone, and players can earn real money without taking big risks.

The use of cryptocurrencies is the key here. You don't need any middle man that will cost you extra fees and add predatory rules for your financial gaming transactions. You are your own bank.

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4 - The Metaverse Casinos

Another one-way highway is the presence of casinos in the Metaverse. There are a lot of interesting projects going on and in the near future, you only need to enter the Metaverse to play slot machines, play blackjack, dice, baccarat, or bet on sports. This is happening already. There are casinos in the Metaverse operating and accepting wagers. You can simply visit Decentraland and search for an open casino to gamble online.

The metaverse is a very important trend in terms of technology since the iPhone. Online casinos and land-based casinos don't want to miss this trillion-dollar opportunity. Many experts point to the move as an inevitability for the future of Big Techs.

Eric Sheridan of Goldman Sachs together recently said that the metaverse is an "$8 trillion market opportunity".

While international brands have already realized the opportunity and entered the race with high investments since 2021, in the online casinos and gambling sites we are going to see some solid moves in 2023.

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5 - Blockchain Casinos

Everything I mentioned in this post is possible because the Blockchain technology and I can resume everything here in just one word; TRANSPARENCY.

Gamblers are getting aware of it. Any software can manipulate results very easily. Even if the casino game is licensed in trusted jurisdictions, the coding can be changed remotely using one of the several ways to manipulate results. This kind of technique was used since 1990 with computer viruses using polymorphic codes to bypass anti-viruses. Today, it is widely used by s embedded in word and pdf's.

Compared with Blockchain transparency, a casino license is worth nothing if the player cannot verify the game result.

Blockchain casinos are not centralized and the games' results are already set. Every player can get a unique ID of their gameplay session and then search the blockchain for the trustworthiness of the games' output.

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The advent of DeFi gambling and dApps has made a big difference in the online gambling and sports betting industry. Gamblers and punters can look at their wagers, check the games' results, winnings, and losses knowing that they are on the blockchain and there is no chance of them being defrauded of their winnings. The system's transparency and the fact that there are more dApps in the works is a big benefit for players as that helps encourage them to put more of their hard-earned money into the system.

The future looks very bright for DeFi gambling and dApps, and it ensures that people will also trust online gambling and sports betting websites for the foreseeable future. The major benefits that they will get in return are a shining light and an example of the potential of blockchain. It is very likely that DeFi gambling is here to stay, and more gamblers will be raising their voice in its support.

Gambling predates thousands of years and has spanned several ancient civilizations. In the 9th century in China, playing cards were invented, and in Egypt, the earliest recorded pair of dice were excavated, which shows that gambling and betting were prevalent in society. If you look at the earliest days of the commercial internet, it was only a matter of time before gambling went online.

The name of the game now is Blockchain that can be read DECENTRALIZATION. dApp, DaO, DeFi - It's better online gambling sites start acting and take a ride in this one-way highway.


What is DeFi Gaming?

DeFi means decentralized finance and is widely used in blockchain games. Using the Ethereum blockchain, games can have each result authenticated in a smart contract. DeFi is the token transactions that can be made in play-to-earn games. You can send and receive with no middle man lowering the fees and bureaucracy.

What is Provably Fair games?

When you can check the slot machine's result and verify it is really fair, you can call it provably fair. Blockchain casinos shows you ways you can verify the result is trusted. The games' results are based on blockchain operations that can't be manipulated by the software.

Can I play Metaverse casinos?

Yes. There are good options available and we can expect many other online casinos and land based casinos will move to the Metaverse. Metaverse casinos is a one-way highway and the obsolete online casinos are with their days counting down.

Why DeFi Gambling is an advantage?

Different than regular and obsolete online casinos, DeFi Gambling is what players want for several reasons: transparency, trustworthiness, privacy, security, and more. Read a few pros of DeFi gambling here in this post.

Author: Alex Ramos

Alex Ramos

Author Bio: Alex Ramos is a casino specialist that reviews online gambling sites and games. A professional and independent blogger not linked to any casino corporate media or association. Alex dedicates its career for online casinos and online entertainment. He is graduated in Computing Science and is working in the online gambling industry since 1997.

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