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Why Poker Players Win Big With Bitcoin?

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Some of you may be asking what the relation of poker and Bitcoin. Apart of the use of Bitcoin in some poker rooms, it may be nothing to do, but after talking with some friends (professional poker players) they told me they are doing very well in the cryptocurrency market, especially with Bitcoin. Poker players have some interesting quality: they don't get stressed/nervous too easily. They can hide their emotions and train to keep as much calm as possible and analyze the situation with no emotions. Surprisingly, during my last hang-out with friends, sippin' a beer, they told me they all have Bitcoin wallets and are very excited with the increase of usage of the cryptocurrency. I told them that like a casino affiliate, I surveyed some gaming sites about the usage of cryptocurrency and they told me that Bitcoin is 99% used and other alt-currencies less than 1%. So, poker players are holding their Bitcoins thanks for their ability on tables. They don't let the pressure ruin their focus. They can analyze the situation, adapt the strategy and go ahead. They are all confident that Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency with large acceptance today, including by millennials which are using BTC in gaming sites and also on brick-and-mortar shops. I already wrote about the importance of Bitcoin usage. It doesn't matter what famous people talk about a cryptocurrency is the crypto is not being used. Bitcoin is the most used cryptocurrency and that' s why poker players are on it. Sure, they are very used with all this because there are a lot of Bitcoin poker sites available today, allowing them to play online poker with the cryptocurrency.

Why Poker Players Win Big With Bitcoin?
Poker players uses their table skill on cryptocurrency

Poker Players and Bitcoin

The relation between the success of poker players with Bitcoin makes sense. Some of them are using the crypto only for investment while other only for the usage at poker sites accepting Bitcoin. There are some of them mixing investment and usage and in this way trying to increase the number of coins just selling and buying. Poker players are used to the pressure and bluffs. If Bitcoin went down, they don't start selling the coins desperately. Different than that, they hold the coins and analyze the situation, compare the situation with some similar events on the past, make a further prediction and take the decision. Let's take the real facts: all gaming sites I asked about BTC usage, told me the cryptocurrency is the most used if compared with all other cryptos. Experienced investors are not selling. Poker players, very used to stress situation are not selling. Keep on mind that famous people promoting other cryptocurrencies are doing this only because of the money. Or do you think that Olga Buzova's cryptocurrency will be someday more powerful than Bitcoin? If you are a kind of person that gives attention to famous people talk (cryptocurrencies influencers) you will lose money. I did it on past. In the near future you will see another new forks happening (you don't need to be a fortune teller to predict this) and digital influencers or famous celebrities promoting the new cryptocurrency. Keep away from it. On long-term, Bitcoin will always win these battles because it is the most USED coin in cyberspace and land-based businesses.

Practice Poker

If you are interested, you can start playing online poker as well and improve some important points not only for businesses purposes but for your life. For example, during our conversation, one of my friends said: "You will only lose money if you sell your Bitcoins" - otherwise, wait for Bitcoin to recover again and win. I keep the focus on BTC, but poker can help you on several points. I recommend you to check Bet365 Poker which is a trusted site, online for many years and approved by experienced players. The competition is not too hard if compared with other dedicated poker sites - bet365 has sports, casino, games, financial, bingo and poker.

Bet365 Poker could be a good way to improve both: poker and bitcoin skills

You can also play a free online poker game available on my free games page. This free online poker game is instantly available to play on mobile or PC and you don't need to download (no-install, no-signup). I think you will have a lot of fun and will learn something different. After playing the free poker game, go to bet365 poker and play with real people to train your behavior and test your stress/pressure management. You will use if for life.

Stay with Bitcoin !!

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