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Bitcoin - Which is the Most Used Cryptocurrency?

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I know this is such an obvious blog post, but I decided to write about it just to let you know my talks with some of the biggest gaming sites I have agreements. With more and more gaming sites accepting cryptocurrencies, and with more and more cryptocurrencies emerging (and vanishing out-of-the-blue), I think this blog post will help you to stay focused on strong cryptos that you can really use and hold (as an investment, to protect your money, to buy something, etc.) So, Which is the Most Used Cryptocurrency? Sure, it is Bitcoin - everybody knows that. The main problem is that some celebrities and digital influencers are now involved in marketing new cryptocurrencies and taking the attention of people that are not used to this. The problem is that those celebrities and digital influencers are doing these marketing campaigns for money. Some of them are also business partners of the new cryptocurrency that the only purpose is to take your money. Be smart!

Which is the Most Used Cryptocurrency?

I work as an online casino affiliate since 1999 and I know everyone in this industry. I took some time to interview some of the oldest gaming operators, with over a decade of history and for sure, very well established. ALL OF THEM replied me that Bitcoin is the most used cryptocurrency. Bitcoin represents over 99% of the crypto usages in these gaming sites. This shows that people are aware of it and keeping away of all rip-offs. There are a lot of people interested in online poker that are using cryptocurrency to play in order to make the things safe and add an extra layer of privacy. Bitcoin poker sites are growing very fast because the security, trustworthiness, and privacy that Bitcoin provide to its users. While celebrities (famous soccer players, singers, socialites) and digital influencers are trying to get a piece of the pie, they are only getting a small piece of it from newbies that don't understand the risks of a new cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, experienced crypto users are focused on Bitcoin. I heard a lot of users selling other cryptos to stay only with Bitcoin. After the controversial fork of BitcoinCash / Bitcoinsv, users started to sell BitcoinCash or exchanged the coins to BTC.

Which is the best Cryptocurrency?

I'd say that Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency because even after so many forks and when a new cryptocurrency is launched, BTC still solid if compared to other cryptos. Other cryptos I think interesting and worth a look are Ethereum and Litecoin. Both Ethereum and Litecoin has a very low usage percentage if compared to BTC, but, Ethereum smart contracts are something really interesting that is taking the attention. I'd say that smart contracts are the best thing on Ethereum, much better than ETH as crypto money. So, it will depend on what do you want a cryptocurrency. Do you want crypto to buy, sell, hold, invest on long term? Bitcoin is for you. Would you need to get smart contracts? Ethereum is for you.

Win One Free Bitcoin

My opinion is that a cryptocurrency must be used. For example: where you will use BitcoinSV? Total speculation here. No one is using it, sites are not accepting it, and even worse, wallets are not working with it. I'd say that Buzcoin, cryptocurrency by the Russian pop-singer Olga Buzova has much more usage than BitcoinSV, BitcoinABC, BitcoinCash and all other coins that may be emerged by opportunists. will be soon announcing the launch of a very interesting content platform to monetize your videos and online content using Bitcoin. That's what I'm talking about: the use of the coin, just like money. I already published a blog post about the usage of Bitcoin as money, not as a SafeBox on your bedroom. Sure, use something as an investment, but keep in mind that you must have options to use it: buy airfare, book hotel, rent a car, buy good, pay for services, receive payments, etc.


People must study to understand a little about cryptocurrency / blockchain to choose what is the best cryptocurrency to use. Talking about crypto to be used as money, Bitcoin is the best option. All other small cryptos and alt-coins are here for other things. In a quick talk with some gaming operators, I found that Bitcoin is the most used crypto, so, if you want something for use, invest or hold, you should look no further and start learning more about BTC. I already have some blog posts done and in a few minutes, you can learn How to start a Bitcoin wallet. Don't waste you time with other small cryptos. If you are a law student or professional, look more information about smart contracts with ETH. It will have a usage for you. In other words: buy and invest in something that you will use, not because a celebrity is marketing it online.

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