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What is the best Tom Ford Perfum - Oud Wood or Tuscan Leather?

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As a huge fan of Tom Ford fragrances, I'm now to pick a new one, and a little doubt about which is the best perfume for me: Oud Wood or Tuscan Leather. A quick review on both fragrances can help you on decide which TomFord Perfume is the best for you. Remember: I am writing about Tom Ford Perfumes meaning that it is far away ahead from other brands. I used to say that Tom Ford Perfume is not a simply fragrance - it is a completely different experience. Call a Tom Ford Perfume an experience makes all difference, as Tom Ford develops his private blend collection based on his own experiences on travel, meeting, business, etc. So, I am here with two samples: Oud Wood or Tuscan Leather. What I have to say about them? I spilled Oud Wood and Tuscan Leather in two pieces of paper. In the first moment, I noticed Tuscan Leather more attractive. It seems to have the strongest presence and maybe it could be the recommended fragrance for any occasion. The brand new luxury car, with those good smell of leather inside, seems to be the best for me. On the other hand, we have Oud Wood Intense which have a higher concentration formula, meaning it will be with you for more hours. Both masterpieces and it is very difficult to pick one, it's almost impossible to make a fragrance battle between Tom Ford Tuscan Leather vs Oud Wood. We all know that their fragrances are the highest possible quality.

Tom Ford Perfum - Oud Wood or Tuscan Leather? VS Tom Ford Perfum - Oud Wood or Tuscan Leather?

Since he released his private bland collection, back in 2007, his name became a synonym of the best fragrances in the world. That's why a big doubt on what's the recommended perfume is quite usual, especially when it comes to choosing from two top fragrances like Tuscan Leather (which is the best leather fragrance of the world) and Oud Wood. Which one can win this battle? Back to my 2 pieces of paper with both fragrances spilled I noticed Oud Wood Intense still more present than Tuscan Leather after one week. This is because of the concentration level of Oud Wood Intense. This also explains the higher price of OudWood Intense (U$270) and TuscanLeather (U$205) at time of writing this review. When I try OudWood first, I can't find TuscanLeather so intense because of the higher concentration formula on the first. On the other hand, when I try TuscanLeather first, I see the fragrance still there (in a piece of paper after ONE WEEK!). Both are amazing fragrances, just like every each by Tom Ford private blend collection. What I will do is go to the shop, try both again and then decide which one to pick. Anyway, when you buy a TomFord perfume, you can request a small sample of any fragrance you are interested in. So, I will get the fragrance and the sample and during the way will decide to buy again one or another. It's very difficult when it comes to the genius Tom Ford. When I go to Las Vegas and go to play casino at The Venetian Hotel at night, TuscanLeather seems to be the best perfume for me. While on summer days, hanging on the beach pubs during the evening, or at fine restaurants, Soleil Blanc could be better. See the difference?


One thing I started to say recently about Tom Ford fragrances is:
"Tom Ford perfume is not a perfume... it is an experience" - © Casinobillionaire 2019

For those who don't know the fragrances, it will sound a little bit weird or just like those crazy fans on Beatlemania style, but it's not. It is really an experience because there is a personal touch in each fragrance that was made based on places, music, meetings, conversation, wheater, cities, travel. The private blend collection has a history behind each fragrance. For example, Tobacco Oud (and maybe Tobacco Vanille) was a gentlemen club in Italy where people hang-out or arrange business meetings while tasting premium tobacco. Soleil Blanc was inspired from a trip to the Caribbean where you can find the white sands, clear ocean water, and Sun. You can check the white bottle refer us to something peaceful and when you try the fragrance you will feel exactly that. Other fragrances like Mandarino Di Amalfi, Costa Azzurra, Fleur De Portofino, Neroli Portofino Forte, Sole Di Positano has the same kind of inspiration. These are all good for summer time.

Tom Ford Perfum - Oud Wood or Tuscan Leather?

Tom Ford Perfum - Oud Wood or Tuscan Leather?

Again, it's almost impossible to find what's the best Tom Ford perfume, as it can change based on your style and taste. One thing is for sure: you will be acquiring an excellent product made in state-of-the-art with high-quality raw material and steps away from the competition. These fragrances are simply the best not only because they will last much more than any other brand but also because of the unique smell that cannot be reproduced by others. So unique, so classic... an amazing experience! You can check the bestseller Tom Ford fragrances here and start choosing your next one.

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