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Digital Art - What is CryptoArt? - Blockchain

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Digital artists are exploring the emerging crypto art space, offering limited editions of their work that is tokenized in the Blockchain. Artists can produce digital art and register its authenticity in the Blockchain. It can be said that crypto art is Bitcoin in form of art. NFT means Non-Fungible Token that gives the concept of scarcity of digital art. Check more information about crypto art and a few ways to explore it as a collector or artist. NFTs usage is taking the art industry to the next level

Buy cryptoart with the guarantee of authenticity and scarcity? When I started to study about blockchain I always heard that this technology could be applied to everything and the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is just one of its applications.

Now, with cryptoart emerging I can be sure that blockchain usage is limitless and some innovation is the only thing required to start giving new levels to a traditional market.

Art collectors, art investors, and enthusiasts are now reading more about cryptoart which is taking the art market to the next level. Digital artists are producing limited editions of art and giving collectors the opportunity to own them on Blockchain.

No more art piracy, no art steal, totally secured and authenticated. The best deal is that you can do simply everything imaginable applying blockchain to the art universe.

CryptoArt is perfect for the protection of the digital artist and the collector.

Blockchain allows us to get 100% authenticated, limited edition digital art pieces, or crypto-collectibles that are only available online.

Using cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash), you can buy a limited edition of digital art totally authenticated. There are specific ecosystems that are used to sell digital art. Some of them is using an auction system while others allow you to buy instantly.

Some people may say, I don't care if the piece is authenticated and original ... I can get a simple copy of it.

Serious digital art collectors and investors, on the other hand, knows exactly what I am talking about. It is authentic digital art, sometimes with a very limited number. Digital artists are working with the concept of scarce art. If you get yours, you have a secure and authentic digital art piece that is probably unique in the ecosystem. As I already said, the application has no boundaries.

Yes, you can get a fake copy of Monalisa, but it will worth nothing. The original piece is what matters for serious collectors, and this is the same concept for digital art collectors.

Digital Art is emerging and some people may not feel comfortable with the concept. Just like when e-books started, avid readers were saying it won't last too long. Cryptoart is growing fast and if you take a look into the most expensive transactions, you will be sure this new trend is one way.

What is NFT?

This is how a piece is authenticated. Every digital art will contain a unique signature that makes it unique. We can compare with an air ticket, that is marked as yours and includes a sequence of numbers that identifies your property.

NFT (non-fungible tokens) is used to authenticate digital art. It is a digital authenticity that makes the artwork unique. The scarcity is also very important in this case. Artists can produce unlimited copies but can also limit the number of copies available online.

With the concept of non‑fungibility, you can only buy or sell the art as a whole. It is not possible to own a percentage of it.

Artists will have their work protected against copies as it will be registered in the Blockchain. Buyers can have their digital art collection with proof of ownership. The future sales can also generate residual income for artists.

Crypto collectibles is also using NFTs to bring classic collectible items tokenized and available for the new era of collectors. CriptoKitties is one of the examples of crypto collectibles.

Art based on Blockchain

If you are not used to Blockchain, you can start reading my post about how to start a Bitcoin wallet

Let's examine some of the possibilities:

What is CryptoArt - Digital Art site

Cryptoart by Digital Artists

Renowned or new artists can produce some works exclusively for the cyberspace. It is just like to have the same collectibles you use to have, but only available online and with limited availability.

Authenticated, original digital art: in the blockchain, the artist can easily "flag" this work as original. For example: there are only 3 pieces of an oeuvre and as this is added in the blockchain, there is no way you can add more or less. Also, piracy copies are easily identified and are not recognized by specific digital art marketplaces.

No more art steal: When you buy Cryptoart, the process is similar to transfer Bitcoins to other people. Once you get the Bitcoins, it is locked into the blockchain and no one will change it. You bought a digital art, and you will get your Cryptoart property guaranteed by the blockchain technology.

What is CryptoArt site

Real art pieces

This technology is not only available for digital art but for real oeuvre in a Museum. Let's say a museum need some funds to restore oeuvres. They can allow art investors to buy tokens for some oeuvre (collective purchase). In this case, using cryptocurrencies, art collectors from any part of the world can buy a share of famous art located within museum walls. They can sell their share or keep for a future multi-million dollar sale. This is just an idea of what you can do.

There are dedicated sites to CryptoArt and you can visit several projects including for collectibles (cryptokitties, cryptopunks, rare pepe wallet, mycuriocardst) and also paintings at

One curiosity is that one of the biggest transactions of cryptoart was on CryptoKitties, when one of the felines was sold by 600ETH (US$ 170,000).

Digital Artists can adhere to this new trend which is the buzz in the art world now. Again, after reading a few about it, I can be sure that many other interesting applications will come soon. Let's think further and imagine what can be done with the music, fashion, models, or film industry. Now, I am getting used to the blockchain and I know everything can be projected to run into a blockchain and then guarantee safety and privacy for all projects. I think the music industry will be the next to get some innovative services using Blockchain. Well, as I am getting more ideas I will update this blog post.

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