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Video Games to Exercise Your Brain

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You ever heard about going to the gym to workout biceps, chest, legs... but, do you know your brain needs a good workout as well? I wrote this blog post to list some video games to exercise your Brain and still guarantee fun for you. Today, we have a mobile to help us in basic math operations and most of the daily activities are quite the same. This means your brain can atrophy just like if you stop your biceps workouts. This is a very serious problem that can also bring you a lot of other symptoms. And you know how you can work out your brain? Playing some specific video games online. Here I will list my favorite online games I use to play a few minutes to exercise my brain. It is also a great way to start a productive day as it can be a warm-up for your decisions.

Play free Tetris online
Tetris is one of the classic video games

Not sure your brain can atrophy? I invite you to check this simple math game with basic operations (+/-). The game will count how many seconds (or minutes) you will take to solve a basic math expression like 7 - 13 - 3 - 4 =. Check here ( and let's see how you are on basic 1st grade math. Some people could think it is silly, but you can be sure it is a very important mental exercise.

Response Time

For example, when you are driving it is very important a good reflex in a lot of situation. The capacity to watch several points at the same time and notice something wrong and take action immediately. Yes, you can laugh on me, but for those who like to play Pinball knows exactly what I am talking about. I'm a pinball enthusiast for many years and still playing online for some minutes when I can. Pinball games can train you for fast reactions. You notice the problem and you act very fast, with great precision. The response time is improved drastically because of pinball games. It is another excellent exercise. Other interesting games for improve your reaction time is Frogger and Formula Racer.

free pinball games online

Memory Loss?

How your memory is doing? Are you the kind that cannot remember what I wrote in the last paragraph? You can play the classic memory game to start working on improving your memory capacity. Your memory loss is just lack of exercise your memory with something basic. Play memory games are one of them. You can practice when you have some minutes available. I like Simon Says and Sudoku. You can start playing SimonSays online which is very easy and anyone knows how to play. This is a good start to improve your memory. When you feel SimonSays is not more a challenge for you, move to Sudoku and that's when the things you become harder. Sudoku is a big challenge. Try both games and I'm sure you will like the results.

Simon Says video game
Simon Says is a good game for Memory loss

Another important thing is the capacity of the correct reasoning. Sometimes you must think fast and find the best solution quickly. Again, just like driving the car, there are occasions we must have a wide outlook of the place/situation we are. That's why I like Tetris. It is exactly what I'm talking about. You have to have a wide view of the gameplay area and think fast on which location you need to drop the pieces. It is a game you will have to use reasoning, reaction and keep an overall view of what is happening. Excellent mind exercise.


There are a huge variety of online games you can practice to exercise your memory and improve reaction time and other important senses we must keep in form. With a more and more huge daily routine, it is difficult to find some time to play online, but if you bookmark this link, you can easily find some minutes and start playing some of the games listed in this page. Try to find some minutes during the week and start practicing these free online games. have a dedicated page full of Arcade and Skill games so you can be sure new games will be uploaded very soon. I'm also very interested in these games to help me to keep my memory in good health. New improvements will be made in the free games page and new games will be added. Let's keep playing, my friends!

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