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The Launch of Grand Mondial Casino in Canada

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Anne Smith is the Wizard of the Grand Mondial Casino.

My friend Anne Smith was the founder of the Grand Mondial Casino and it seemed like she did everything by herself to start the company.

She built it from the ground up with only my loan as financial assistance to purchase her first property. I was good friends with someone who worked with the best real estate company in town so I hooked the two up to negotiate a good deal on a property.

Anne did all the negotiating herself and she was able to work out a fantastic deal with the real estate agent. I was impressed since she never had experience negotiating such a deal in her young life.

The Launch of Grand Mondial Casino

She had a vision for the Grand Mondial Casino and she was determined to get the casino off the ground to see her vision come to life.

I told her I would provide her a loan for whatever amount she negotiated with the real estate agent. She was so grateful for my loan that she told me I would be the first one to see the Grand Mondial Casino once construction was completed.

I was ecstatic she would let me hold the honors of being the first person to see the completed casino.

I had no doubt the casino was going to be extremely successful once it opened. I had known Anne Smith since we were kids and she had always been a persistent person.

Once she had her mindset on a goal, there was no stopping her from achieving it. The Grand Mondial Casino was an idea she concocted while we were in college roughly a decade ago. I could not believe she was still committed to opening the casino at this point in time.

She told me she had lots of setbacks throughout her life, but she was dedicated to getting her idea off the ground. I admired her persistence.

I got lucky and had lots of financial success, but Anne Smith was not so lucky during her young adult years. There were lots of family strains which required her to put her goals to the side for a few years.

She nearly went bankrupt before another one of her good friends helped her out. She fought her way back into a decent financial standing and she was finally in a solid position to pursue her goal of opening the Grand Mondial Casino.

I could see the excitement in her eyes when she talked about what she wanted to bring to the casino. She wanted it to be the best in the entire city and that was going to be no easy task.

There were nearly 50 casinos in the city and many of them were some of the most highly rated casinos in the country. However, I knew that was not going to deter Anne Smith from her ambitions of having the best casino in town. I had all the confidence that the Grand Mondial Casino would be up there with the best of them since my good friend would be the brains behind it.

The Launch of Grand Mondial Casino

Opening Night of Anne Smith's Grand Mondial Casino

After several months of planning, organizing, and tedious construction tasks, the Grand Mondial Casino was ready for opening night.

Anne Smith had a look in her eyes like I had never seen before.

I knew she was simultaneously excited and nervous about the casino she envisioned for years finally coming to life.

She gave me the first look of the casino just like she said she would and it looked amazing.

The vast array of slot machines were unlike I had ever seen at any casino in my life.

The décor was equally unlike anything I had ever seen at a casino before and I was confident the customers would fall in love with it.

The Grand Mondial Casino truly took on the vision Anne Smith had for it.

It was a casino more tailored to females and its overall theme would be one in which women of all ages would fall in love with.

Even though the theme of the Grand Mondial Casino was more suited for women, I did not think a male would necessarily have a rotten time.

The slot machines were a great variety and there were many poker tables customers could play at.

Anne told me she hired four poker dealers and she had seven poker tables. I advised her that she might want to consider hiring a couple more in case the popularity of the casino soared through the roof.

She was modest in her expectations, but I thought she had all the workings of one of the best casinos in the area.

Opening night of the Grand Mondial Casino had finally arrived and Anne was a nervous wreck. She was shaking and I had to take her to the side to calm her down.

It was not uncommon for her to suffer from routine anxiety attacks and the nervousness of the casino opening triggered one of her attacks.

I knew everything would be fine and I assured her the Grand Mondial Casino was going to perform fabulously on its first night of the casino scene.

The casino had a special opening time of 5:00pm, but it would usually open much earlier during the day moving forward. There was a decent crowd outside of the front door waiting for the casino to open its doors.

I thought it was a good sign to see nearly 100 people waiting outside before opening.

It was a confidence booster Anne Smith needed and she was relieved of her anxiety attacks for the rest of the night.

When the doors finally opened at 5:00pm, the slot machines were where everyone gravitated.

The variety of games Anne Smith had installed was impeccable and it rivaled any combination of games any other casino could offer. The poker tables underperformed, but it was simply because the slot machines were so popular.

The crowd kept getting larger and larger throughout the night and I knew the Grand Mondial Casino was going to be a force to be reckoned with in the casino business.

Even though Anne Smith had her doubts, she was starting to see her hard work finally pay off.

The Launch of Grand Mondial Casino

The Popularity of Anne Smith's Grand Mondial Casino Skyrockets

The Grand Mondial Casino performed much better than Anne Smith expected, but I was not surprised of how popular it was with the crowd.

Everyone who was in attendance had a fantastic time playing the spectacular variety of casino games that were offered.

I asked a few people in the crowd what they thought of the overall vibe of the Grand Mondial Casino and they were all in love with it.

There were many people I did not bother asking since it was obvious by their reactions when winning prizes at slot machines.

Even though Anne Smith had originally envisioned the casino to be more suited for women, there were dozens of guys who were in love with the new casino.

All of Anne's hard work was finally coming to the surface. When it was close to closing time at 2:00am, she was all smiles and did not seem tired at the late hour.

A few customers had to be forced to leave by the miniscule security team she had hired just in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Once the final customers left the building, she sat down and reminisced on the Mondial Casino's spectacular night.

Over the next several months, the popularity of the Mondial Casino had taken off and it soon became one of the most popular casinos in the city. That was truly saying something since there were so many great casinos in the large city Anne Smith and I lived in.

Nevertheless, the Grand Mondial Casino was a masterpiece of a casino and it would soon be the most popular casino in the city at the rate it was going.

I was not surprised Anne was able to repay me the loan I gave her in only five months.

I had the loan set at the lowest interest rate possible so she did not inquire any extra costs paying the loan back. It did not matter since she was able to repay the loan in its entirety quicker than I had ever imagined.

I was confident the Grand Mondial Casino was going to be successful, but I did not think it would be one of the top casinos in the city in less than six months.

It was a testament to Anne Smith's work ethic and the unique vision she possessed for the casino.

It was odd how she had such an affinity for casinos since she never had a particular yearning to attend them while we were growing up.

I went to casinos constantly while we were in college, but she rarely wanted to go with me. However, she had a truly one of a kind layout for the Grand Mondial Casino.

I think she was secretly planning the layout of her casino on the rare occasions she did come with me. She must have taken flawless notes since her casino was off to a better financial start than any other casino the city had to offer.

There was no holding Anne Smith back of how far she could take the Mondial Casino in its climb to become the most popular casino in the city.


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