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Travel - St. Barths - JetSet Hotspot

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St. Barths: Saint-Barthélemy - This island is all Côte d’Azur but with a Caribbean vibe!

St. Barths - Jetset Hotspot

St. Barth’s is just a short plane flight from the US and is one of the most perfect and exclusive little islands. It is set in the middle of the Caribbean Sea near Anguilla and St. Maarten. This small French Island is part of the French West Indies. The island itself is tiny, it’s barely over 8 square miles. The roads wind up and down steep hills (the kind of hills you don’t think your car will ever make it up). Tucked away in the woods you’ll find many private villas for rent, most with breathtaking views of sea and even the surrounding islands such as Anguilla.

St. Barth’s is a perfect winter getaway to escape the cold weather of the US, as long as you don’t mind the island being more crowded. Christmas, New Years and Carnival are the most crowded and most expensive times to visit the island. However, these times can also be the most fun!

Billionaire tycoons, celebrities and the "nouveau riche" dock their yachts in the Gustavia port and often have parties for those "in the know". The island’s amazing restaurants and sexy lounges are packed until the wee hours of the morning with supermodels, celebs, locals and wealthy visitors. All day, the beaches are crawling with topless tanned bodies and toned hard bodied men, along with the elite sun worshipers from around the globe. There is always a "scene" somewhere in St. Barth’s, you just have to find it!

St. Barth’s has an arguable number of beaches. Some say 14, some say 20 regardless of the number, there is one thing everyone agrees with, they are all beautiful. Most with white sand and crystal clear water. Water sports are popular, including surfing, windsurfing, jet skiing, boating, snorkeling and scuba. The locals love to surf Toiny for the rip curl and Lorient for the breaking waves. We loved watching them from dry land! This island is unique in the Caribbean, it’s super clean, safe and has very friendly locals. You can come here to relax and enjoy the sun and hide, or you can come to "see and be seen". Either way, St. barth’s is it!

St. Barths - Jetset Hotspot

St. Barths - Jetset Hotspot

St. Barths - Jetset Hotspot

St. Barths - Jetset Hotspot

St. Barths Beaches

  • Baie de St Jean

  • Anse de Lorient

  • Anse de Marigot

  • Maréchal

  • Grand Cul de Sac

  • Petit Cul de Sac

  • Anse Toiny

  • Grand Fond

  • Grande Saline

  • Gouverneur

  • Grands Galets

  • Anse de Public

  • Corossol

  • Colombier

  • Petite Anse

  • Flamands

  • Anse des Cayes

  • St. Barths - Top 5 Tips

    1. Make Your Reservations FAR, FAR in Advance

    St. Barth’s is unique. Family and couples generally come back year after year to this small, super exclusive island. That means that the hotels and restaurants book up sometimes years in advance with their most exclusive and valued regulars. These hotels are small and open the rooms for peak-season and holidays to the regulars first. Then if there are any rooms left over, they go down their list of "hopefuls" until all rooms are booked.

    In peak season, it’s possible that you will be unable to get a room for the exact dates you want or even in the exact hotel you prefer, so as soon as you make the decision to go, book your room. Once you get there and decide (like everyone else) that you will now become a regular, book the hotel you want for the dates you need in advance for the following year (and in some cases, 2 years in advance). It’ll be worth it, trust us!

    This goes for villa rentals as well. If you choose to rent a villa, start the process by contacting Wimco and seeing what villas will suite your needs. Starting this process a year or two in advance for peak-seasons and holidays seems crazy, but it’s the only way that you’ll have a shot at staying on this island!

    Restaurants should be booked as soon as they let you. Always get a confirmation email, or ask your hotel concierge to book the restaurants for you. If you wait until you get there to book, you may be eating room service for your whole trip!


    There is a reason this island has remained exclusive, simply put, it’s difficult and expensive to get to. Forget the ferries, you should definitely experience the flight into St. Barth. It’s just a 10 min. flight from St. Maarten. Chances are you will be on either a 6 or 15 person plane. You won’t be on-time and the approach onto St. Barth’s ridiculously small runway will make you think you should’ve updated your "will". But, the view from the plane is well worth it!


    With the hills on this island you need a light, easy to navigate car. Plus, finding a parking spot on this island on is easier with a small car.

    a. If you bring too large of luggage, it just won’t fit. So pack light!
    b. Reserve a car through your hotel for a seem less experience.


    Spend Sunday brunch at Nikki Beach. Enjoy great food, drinks and the hottest brunch party in the Caribbean.


    Let’s just get this one out of the way. Nude sunbathing is frowned upon, however topless sunbathing is the norm. Actually, you may feel more uncomfortable on some of the beaches wearing a top. That being said, this island is French so if you want to go topless, this is the perfect place to do it! C’est La Vie!

    Best Month to Visit St. Barths

    Best time to go to St. Barths is November-May. This Caribbean gem is a perfect sunny escape from the cold dark winter months and is a great kick-off to summer in April or May.

    The biggest parties in St. Barth’s revolve around New Year’s Eve. Everything is triple the price and super chic!

    Avoid the summer/fall season filled with hurricanes and super humid weather.

    How to Get There?

    Airport code: SBH

    Flying to St. Barth’s can be tricky, scary and often delayed. But, the view from the plane and the short runway landing makes it all worth it!

    Fly from the US to St. Martin (code: SXM). Then hop on WinAir for a flight of a lifetime!


    Area: St. Barth’s has a few areas. Gustavia and St. Jean are where you’ll spend most of your time and money
    Weather: 70-80 degrees with mild humidity in the winter months, getting more humid toward summer.
    Language: Creole, French and English are widely understood and spoken.
    Currency: Euro


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