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Travel - Slots A Fun Las Vegas

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Very known for cheap beers and a huge amount of slots, Slots A Fun Las Vegas was for many times my after party in the sin city, sippin' the last beers of the night while playing slots or video poker. Talking with some friends, we were reminiscing about our after parties at Slots A Fun Las Vegas. It is a piece of the vintage Las Vegas alongside Circus Circus and other important hotels located on Strip Boulevard: Flamingo, Casino Royale, Harrah's, and Ballys. A one-of-a-kind place where you can find all kind of gamblers: degenerates, homeless, drunk, girls and many more... one thing is for sure: our closing nights at Slots A Fun Las Vegas was really fun, and that's why I am writing this blog post. This place is called as a small casino but I was impressed by the variety of slot machines, blackjack tables, and video poker machines. You can also play pool tables, bowling, pinball, and arcade video games. Outside the casino tempted people to enter advertising free drinks, $1 Blackjack, $1 craps, $1 roulette, 24h beer pong and a lot of freebies. It is only a casino - no hotel. The casino is steps from CircusCircus which is also another great place to get the Las Vegas nostalgia atmosphere.

Slots A Fun Las Vegas

Gambling and Drinks

The night was absolutely perfect! Who couldn't enjoy the TAO Nightclub at The Venetian Hotel full of friends and having a lot of fun? Well, when we found enough for the night we talked about a quick after party in a space not so crowded. That's when the good old Slots A Fun Las Vegas came up. We left TAO Nightclub and the luxury of the beautiful hotel The Venetian and headed to one of the latest vintage Las Vegas casinos on Strip. Slots A Fun Las Vegas is only a casino and bar... it is not a hotel. The place is known for a lot of promotions on slots calling the attention of degenerate gamblers. Free beer and cheap drinks call the attention of drunk guys and some homeless that can drink paying just a few bucks. Drunk guys, degenerate guys, late night gamblers = girls, girls, and girls. Well, none of the cases listed was our goal. We just wanted a place not so crowded to play video poker games, drink one more beer and go back to the hotel. There we were, enjoying the old Las Vegas gambling halls (nothing compared to the Fremont Street casinos). The place is full of slot machines, video poker machines, table games (Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette) and also a few of those modern virtual dealer Blackjack machines. I'd say the strong point of this casino is the vast variety of slot machines - especially for those who like to play vintage slot machines. The most of games are the classic three reel slots also known as one-arm-bandit. There is a huge bar where you can order drinks and food, but I'm not so comfortable to eat something there. I always ask for a bottle of bear. Degenerate slot players will feel in heaven there, just like video poker fans. Don't think you will find those modern video slots... there are some of them and maybe you can play some spins on Britney Spears slot machine, but the real attraction is the penny slot machines (3 reels), the classic slot machines.

Slots A Fun Las Vegas
Hundreds of slots and video poker machines

Slots and Video Poker

So, we sat in front of some video poker games and started to feed the machines and playing while ordering some beers to close our night. The place was not so crowded and we could talk and walk around with no problem. A homeless guy came after us and asked for a dollar to play slots. We gave him $5 bucks and the guy was very happy with the tip. He went straight to the penny slot machines and started to play and soon the waitress gave him a bear. One good thing is that the RTP (return to player) in these old casinos are much better than the big luxury casinos on Las Vegas strip. We noticed that on slot machine games. Blackjack tables are always busy for this reason. If you want to play Blackjack in the US, you must check a lot of factors including how many decks are using, and what's the pay rate, the dealer rules and more. At old casinos, the Blackjack tables are more friendly to the players, while on most big casinos the tables are predatory. The whole environment was very funny at this time. Late night gambling is always funny. We took a walk around and we found people everywhere spinning the slots. There are huge rows of slots and you find some people there, in the last row, close to the end of the building and you start thinking "What makes this guy choose this particular slot machine?". Some of the slots are paying in coins and you must exchange for dollar bills in the cashier if you want. The penny slot machines and blackjack tables are always crowded even late of night. A good thing of Slots A Fun Las Vegas is that the place is open and you can overlook the street. The place is wide open on front with ATM and Ice Cream machines. There are some tables and people walking by stop to get ice cream or eat something. It is very different than other casinos that put you on clausure. Claustrophobic people will love as you can see the Las Vegas Boulevard rush while playing casino games. We changed to other games constantly and tried different slots (mostly vintage slot machines) to hear that classic "ding ding ding" sound. We saw some high rollers there playing $20 or so per spin. Some crazy girls drinking heavily and playing penny slots. The staff was very friendly and we could take some pictures of the environment and also during our gameplay session. The noisy slot machines started to get a little bit bored for us, as there was a lot of people playing at the same time. On video poker machines, a good number of people was trying its hands to get some Royal Flush late of night. We were having a lot of fun, playing a video poker machine with our sunglasses so the machine couldn't detect our bluff, or to avoid showing some eyes movement that the machine should detect our strategy. Late night, after party, drinking some beers. That's the result.

Slots A Fun Las Vegas
Playing video poker with sunglass - the machine couldn't read my bluff :) HAHAHAH

Anyway, we played a lot of video poker and slots, drank the latest beers of the night and headed back to our hotel. Las Vegas, intense as ever. It is recommended to visit some places not so appealing to tourists, as you may find interesting things inside. Where could you find bowling, arcade, pinball, 8 ball pool alongside slot machines, video poker games and blackjack? I know most tourists prefer to get information on how much costs a Gondola Ride at the Venetian or maybe go to other tour or attraction, but don't forget to visit the vintage bit of the city (including Fremont Street). It is a very entertaining place which is interesting for slot machine players, but if you are walking by, why not enter and check what's inside? Slots A Fun is not a modern luxury casino. It is part of the nostalgia of Las Vegas, so next time visit this place, just like you are visiting Casino Royale, Flamingo and Circus Circus.

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