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Malaga Spain

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In this post I will write a little about Malaga - Spain and also post some pictures I am taking in Malaga beaches, Historic center and other Malaga attractions. First of all, I'm not here in vacation so I used to take a stroll on the beach after work and some tours during the whole weekend. I will upload this post regularly with more pictures and information as I am getting used to the city. Anyway, in this first week, I can tell you some important facts: Malaga weather is very fair. I can compare with Malta, I think. I 'm loving the pubs and coffee shops here. The place is very secure to walk around and depending on your location, you will have everything in walking distance. The people in Malaga are very friendly and you can talk with anyone. They are very respectful and enjoy talking about anything. Visit this blog post regularly as I will keep updating with new information every week.

Malaga Transfer with Bus or Train

In most cases, use a taxi to get to your hotel or apartment could cost you €30 while if you use a bus you will pay €3. I was with one luggage and a handbag, so I can easily go on the bus. When I arrive for the first time though, I hire a transfer service directly with the person who is renting the apartment. If you are going to stay in a hotel in the city center (Centro), I believe you can go with the bus. Inside the airport, look for a bus stop marked with an A. Bus stop A. You can also get a brochure with the bus itinerary. I will try to scan the brochure I got and upload here, to help you in a better way. Another good option is go with the Train. The Train stops within the Malaga Airport (AGP) and you can get a more fast service serving both Malaga and other neighborhood places like Fuengirola.

Malaga Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Tour Bus

I finally got some time to enjoy a sightseeing tour in Malaga and nothing better than to stat with the famous Hop-On Hop-Off tour bus. I took the complete ticket including museums, flamenco, historical center and the tour bus in two different lines.
Well, I recommend you to pick ONLY the tour bus (not the complete package including museums and flamenco show, etc.) Why? I didn't get enough time to enter the Picasso Museum and the house where Pablo Picasso was born. The Picasso Museum has a lot of oeuvres and information to be seen and listen. You will be a little bit on the rush as the tour bus will operate only until 6pm. The tour itself is amazing but unfortunately, I will have to visit Picasso Museum again as I didn't see a half of the oeuvres and information available there. So, if you like museums and art, I'd recommend you to take these tickets alone as it will take a lot of time to see everything.
The sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off tour bus worth the investment. You will get a good idea of the size and the attractions of Málaga. You can check more about the tour itinerary and other information here.

Historic Center of Malaga

Historic Center of Malaga

The Historic Center of Malaga is being my favorite place to visit. I simply loved that streets which is like a labyrinth and on every turn a new pub, restaurant, bakery, museum, shop, café, etc. Normally, I spend a whole day in the Historic Center of Malaga (Saturday or Sunday) and you always will find a place you didn't notice the last time. It is a very difficult task to choose a restaurant to lunch. There are so many restaurants and all of them very attractive. You must take a stroll pick one and make a list. The same for cafés and pubs. The Café Central (est. 1922) became my favorite. The coffee is really good and this place has an incredible history.

Café Central in the Historic Center of MalagaCafé Central in the Historic Center of Malaga

Sip a good coffee at Café Central is the only sure thing when I am in the Historic Center of Malaga. The coffee has a superior quality and there are different types. There are also delicious you can taste while sipping the best coffee of Málaga. After visiting shops and walking around the historic center, before getting back home, a stop at Café Central is guaranteed. Sure, there are a lot of other good places to visit and I will sure visit all them. When you go through the Café Central, you will notice the crowd there. That's a good sign they are really good and traditional in the city. Go down the street in direction to the buses stop, and you will get in another delicious place which is Lepanto. You can sip a coffee and taste one of their delicious chocolates, pies, and more. Next door to CaféCentral, you can find La Canasta which is another highly recommended pastrie. Next door to Casa Lola, there is another good coffee place for you: Granier Bakery Malaga. (You can find Granier Bakery in Calle Granada y Calle Nueva in historic Center).

Restaurants in the Historic Center of Malaga

I can recommend you Bodegas El Pimpi, Casa Lola, La Reserva del Olivo (you can also try other restaurants by Grupo La Reserva) as good restaurants. There are a lot of them and obviously some ripoffs. (More updates soon). If you like gourmet Burger, you can try Napolitan BBQ Burger & Grill (Calle Granada 24) or La Fabrica (which is a very good brewery with good food as well). If you like tuna, there is a specialized restaurant called Zhara. Near the LaFabrica Brewery (Cruzcampo) you can also try La Deriva Restaurant which is close to LaFabrica. Another great tip I can easily recommend you, is El Rescoldo in the heart of city center. I've got a delicious vegetables paella there, but the variety is huge, just like the quality. In all these recommendations, try to get early or you may have a long waiting time until getting your table. It is difficult to find an authentic Italian pizza in other countries, but I can recommend your Terra Mia Pizza Malaga ( - typical Italian pizzeria in a very cozy place.
Restaurants in the Historic Center of MalagaRestaurants in the Historic Center of Malaga - always a difficult choice

There are all kinds of restaurants in the Historic Center of Malaga. I am trying to make a list of my favorite and also visit all of them. There are very famous and important restaurants there. Every turn of the corner will reveal a different one. It is difficult to pick one. Very soon I will compile a list of my visits and will publish here to help you.

What else to do?

You can get short trips, one-day trips, to places like Granada, Ronda, Marbella, Fuengirola, Nerja and Gibraltar. Usually, these tour buses depart early morning and you spend the whole day in the destination of your choice, returning on evenings. It will cost you around 50Euro for a tour like that. It's worth. I just went to the tour to Ronda departing from Malaga and it was very good. It was a good bus with a professional guide. Now, I will certainly do the tours to Gibraltar and Granada.

  • Marbella
  • A very recommended place to visit. The beach is absolutely amazing full of attractions - restaurants, pubs, bars and a good structure to relax on any part of the year. You will love it. You can go with the bus and departing from Malaga it will take around 1 hour. The bus from Malaga to Marbella departs from the bus station accross the street of Maria Zambrano railway station.
  • Fuengirola
  • Another favorite vacation hot-spot of tourists in Europe. Very beautiful place and just like Marbella, full of things to see and to do. You can go with Train and the trip will take around 45 minutes. You can depart from Malaga to Fuengirola in the Maria Zambrano railway station.
  • Nerja
  • Both Nerja beach and Nerja Caves are something interesting to visit. Nerja Caves worth a visit, but the structure there is not good. The only restaurant/bar there is disgusting, so it is recommended that you take your food and drink with you. Nerja beach is very beautiful. Highly recommended spot to visit and enjoy the whole day. There are a lot of bars and restaurants and the place is very cozy. You can go from Malaga to Nerja with Bus departing from the bus station close to the Port of Malaga (City Center).

    Where to Stay in Malaga?

    If you are coming on vacation or to stay just for a few days, I'd recommend you to stay in the historic city center, or very close to it. The things are happening there. You will pay a little more but you will stay in a very good location in Malaga with restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, shops, supermarkets, shopping and everything. I rent an apartment in Carretera de Cádiz and usually, I go to the city center walking, running or with a bike. You may find a lot of apartments to rent on Airbnb and the closest the city center, the most expensive you will pay. There are also good hotels in Malaga you can check. If you want a luxury hotel in Malaga, I'd suggest you Grand Hotel Miramar Malaga - very well located offering you high-class accommodation and services. I can also suggest you two kind of options when it comes to hotel and good location in Malaga City. The first option is to stay right in the historic center - Molina Lario Hotel or AC Malaga Palace Hotel. In a few steps from the rush but still very close to everything - Hotel Mariposa and Nono Malaga Charming Stay.

    Other Tips

    If you will get bus or Metro a lot, maybe it is a good idea to buy a transport card. In the bus, for example, you pay 1.30€ with cash while using the bus prepaid card, you will pay 0.80€ and if your second trip takes less than 60minutes, you won't pay for it. The same with Metro. If you buy the Metro card, pay attention to the differences of the 3 available cards. There are cards which is good for travels inside Malaga, travels combining Metro and Bus inside and outside Malaga. You must check your itineraries and see which option will better suit for you. Anyway, if you plan to get bus, you can buy the prepaid travels by visiting an "Estanco". You can pre-paid 5, 10, 20 travels.

    Malaga pictures

    Malaga Spain

    Malaga Spain

    Malaga Spain

    Malaga Spain

    Malaga Spain

    Malaga Spain

    Malaga Spain

    Malaga Flights

    Here I will try to list the best flights to Malaga departing from some airports in Europe. I will search some sites and list here some tips. That is the next update I will post while I will continue to list new recommended restaurants and activities.

    Well, I will keep updating this blog post about Malaga regularly as I am visiting more places here. Also, I will upload some videos on Bitchute and Dailymotion so you can also check videos showing the beach, center and other attractions. Check here some Malaga attractions to start planning what to do.

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