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Travel - Luxury Bathrooms in Las Vegas hotels

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A luxury bathroom is a good hotel is something essential to relax in a good bathtub after a busy day. Luxury hotels normally offer very well equipped rooms including state-of-the-art bathtub, mini-sauna and even mini-spas where you can relax sippin' your favorite drink and get ready for a good night of sleep and wake-up 100% ready for a new day. This is a must-have of any luxury hotel. Another important factor is the bathrooms in the common areas (lobby, casino floor, pool area...). For example, after some hours playing blackjack or roulette, you just want to take some water off your face, take a breather and return to the action. This is why it is very important a good structure within hotels.

Caesars Palace - Las Vegas

Although we never stayed at Caesars Palace during our last trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, we spent some time touring the hotel and casino. I would stay at this hotel without hesitation as it has an old world ornate feeling to it and I just love to be dazzled, especially in a bathroom. The hotel itself and the casino floor are breathtaking. There is plenty of marble to go around and you certainly don't feel like you are slumming it at the tables in this joint. Below you will see the lobby of Caesars Palace, something that is fit for a king and queen! On the right, is the Garden of the Gods Oasis Pool which is simply magical.

This particular bathroom is located just outside of the main casino floor. I walked in and almost died. Everything is very elaborate, with plenty of marble, mirrors and wood counters. This little alcove inside the bathroom shows how it is the little touches that turn the act of running to the bathroom into an experience you want to photograph and remember for a long time to come. This front area, with statue alcove and makeup mirrors and counters, then leads into the area where the actual stalls are.

Caesars Palace - Las Vegas
Palace Premium Suite

Caesars Palace - Las Vegas
Octavius Petite Suit

Caesars Palace - Las Vegas
Nobu Hakone Suit

Caesars Palace - Las Vegas
Palace Premium Suite

The Venetian - Las Vegas

Since my first trip to Las Vegas, my hotel of choice was The Venetian Las Vegas. Since I have always wanted to visit Venice, Italy I figured a hotel modeled after Venice was something that would suit me. From the moment I walked into the hotel and saw its grand lobby with the paintings on the ceiling, I knew that I had made the right choice. The service was excellent from the moment we arrived until we had to bid The Venetian farewell. Vegas does everything on a grand scale and to those who have never had the opportunity to visit, they may have a hard time understanding the great lengths these hotels go to in order to capture a theme and the amount of space they actually devote for the amusement of guests outside of the gambling area.

The Venetian - Las Vegas
Prima Suite

The Venetian - Las Vegas
Penthouse Suite

The Venetian - Las Vegas
Piazza Suite

The Venetian - Las Vegas
Luxury Suite

The indoor and outdoor gondola rides at The Venetian Las Vegas which are very short, yet something everyone should try and do. Walking around the shopping area is like stepping into Venice and entering St. Mark's Square. The ceilings are painted like the sky and you truly get the feeling you are roaming the streets of Venice as you meander around corners and across bridges to your next shop or restaurant.

For the most part, all of the rooms in the hotel are small suites with a sleeping area and a sunken sitting area consisting of a couch, coffee table, a couple of chairs, a desk and an armoire with a flat screen TV. The sleeping area has two queen beds, or one king and another flat screen tv. The room feels elegant and spacious, but the bathroom, well that is an entirely different story.

The Venetian bathrooms are what all bathrooms in hotel rooms should strive to be. If the beds were not so comfortable I probably would have just slept in the tub because it was that amazing!

The best shower I have ever had used in my life. This shower had multiple heads at different levels that allowed you to get a lower back massage while showering. Trust me, I am known for my quick showers, but here at the Venetian, I spent a lot longer because I felt like I was at a spa and could stand in there all day. Their luxurious bathrobes were to die for, I regret not purchasing one to bring home. I find most hotels, have robes that fit awkwardly, but these were a perfect fit and I actually used them. One little convenience I noticed, was that the shower included a loofa. Since I had left mine at a previous hotel, this was a very welcome gift, totally unexpected and one that really showed The Venetian has thought of everything. The shower was completely gassed on two sides and while some may not like it due to the shy factor, I loved it. I didn't feel closed in.

We also had a lovely bathtub to relax in and plenty of towels to go around. One of my biggest pet peeves of hotels is not supplying enough towels. I often take more than one shower per day, or I may shower in the morning and soak in the tub at night. I don't want to have to call housekeeping and ask for towels. Although I did not have time to have a soak in this gorgeous tub, I fully plan on it on our next visit to Las Vegas. Too bad they don't supply candles on request, but I guess they are considered a fire hazard, but still, it sure would be nice!

The Venetian bathroom also had a very nice sitting area to apply your makeup that I personally loved. It allowed my husband to be at the sink shaving and getting ready while I stayed completely out of the way of getting ready for the day ahead. It was also the perfect place for my daughter to sit down while I did her hair up for evenings out on the town. It is little things like this that elevate a hotel from nice, to posh. Hats off to The Venetian designers for taking the time to add the little touches that make a stay out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

Once again our beautiful Venitian model Jessie shows off the sink and vanity portion of our large bathroom. This area had two sinks and plenty of counter space for all of the things you have to cart with you when you go away. The complimentary cremes, lotions, spampoo and conditioner were very high quality and yes, I took them all home :) Mirrors in the bathroom abound and if you notice the door in this picture, that is the door to the private toilet so that someone can use that area of the bathroom and the rest of it is still free for others to get ready, shower or whatever. So far, The Venetian is my number one favorite bathroom for its size, attention to detail, all of the marble and the ammenities it offers to guests. The Venetian truely pampers its guests and it shows!

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world and Fairmont's Chateau Lake Louise is the crown jewel sitting on the banks of Lake Louise a glacier lake high in the Rocky Mountains. The hotel is an older hotel that is kept in impeccable shape and constantly remodeled to keep up with the times. Our room was small, and our bathroom wasn't big enough for two people to stand in at the same time without getting claustrophobic but the view, looking straight out onto the lake and glacier more than made up for it. I probaby would have given up my first born if I could have had a jacuzzi tub with that view, but you can't have everything!

One of the hardest parts of staying at hotels for my husband and I are pillows, they are usually terrible and not enough of them. The Chateau, being a higher end hotel gave us plenty of super comfy pillows and I slept like a baby. I would awake around the crack of dawn and just watch the sun come up as I worked on my laptop and marvel at exactly how lucky I was to be in this spot at this exact moment. After a leisure hour or two on the computer, I would get ready for a day of exploring and hiking. The shower head in the bathroom was a saving grace and the water pressure was more than adequate.

If you have the time, energy and strength we highly recommend climbing up to the Tea House up higher on the mountain. It is a long uphill journey but it is an accomplishment you will be proud of forever and know you are one of the few that visit Lake Louise yearly that make the journey. Keep in mind that depending on your level of fitness it may take 3 hours to get up the mountain and there are not many spots to take a pee break even in the bushes so when you finally make it to the tea house, make sure to use the out houses provided there.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

I think one of the reasons I became so interested in bathrooms in hotels and resorts is because of my need to use them so often. There is nothing worse than having to go to the bathroom badly and hotel staff giving you directions to a bathroom that appears to be several miles away. The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise impressed me with the shear number of bathrooms they had in the guest areas of the hotels. It seemed every turn you made there were bathrooms of various sizes tucked away. Even better was the fact that each one had its own personality, were almost always empty, smelled very pleasant and were spotless. This particular bathroom in the hotel was well lit, had an inviting feel and surpassed my standards.

It is the little touches a hotel adds to a bathroom that make all the difference. In this particular bathroom at Fairmonts Chateau Lake Louise a table with fresh flowers and a lamp added a touch of home feeling and made you want to just sit and stay a while. This served no function to the bathroom except to give you the feeling of elegance and invited you to just take a moment to relax, unwind, slow your pace down just for a moment before rushing off to your next adventure. The Chateau won my heart, and will be on my places to vist forever

As you can probably tell by now, I am a fan of large, heavy wooden doors in hotels. They are usually found in the older hotels when the quality of workmanship was often superior and hotels spared no expense on anything, including the bathrooms which were often used as sitting rooms by the ladies of the day. These beautiful dark wood doors did not have a scratch on them and they gleamed as if they were freshly polished. We took many more pictures of The Chateau's bathrooms but alas our laptop died taking with it all the pictures we had uploaded to it, so we only managed to save a few pictures that were still on our camera. On our next visit to Lake Louise we will take a lot more!

Hyatt Regency

The Hyatt Regency in Maui is a beautiful hotel. Like many hotels n Maui much of it is "open air". What that means basically is that the indoors and outdoors flow into one and much of the time you aren't sure if you are in the hotel, or outside of it. Upon entering the hotel you see the center of the hotel is a tropical garden open to the elements. It is only areas like the front desk that are sheltered from the elements. We stopped by the hotel for the Drums of the Pacific Luai and we were certainly not disappointed.

Hyatt Regency in Maui Hawaii

This small bathroom is located in a corridor just behind the front desk and is probably one of the bathrooms most visited by travel weary people just checking into the hotel. After getting directions on where the bathroom was, I ended up walking right by it and had to backtrack to find the door. Once inside I saw that it was a spotless and well maintained bathroom. The double sinks were clean and I loved the fact that they had fresh flower arrangement. It is a small touch but one that can really impress you.

The entry way into the lobby bathroom at the Hyatt Regency in Maui is very discreet. The entire entrance area is a beautiful rich wood as well as the door. Heavy wood doors rich with color are a favorite of mine and I couldn't wait to get inside to see what it looked like. Ok, so I also had to go the bathroom after the walk from our hotel to the Hyatt, but that is besides the point! Lets just say I was eager in more ways than one!

This is another view of the sink and counter area. As you can see the Hyatt Regency in Maui cared enough to decorate the washroom a bit and put a small nicely framed picture up. I am sure it was not expensive, did not take a lot of work to do, but it is the small things like this that make the difference. Also notice that they have facial tissue on the counter. It seems very few public washrooms have this anymore. I for one am sick of having to go back into one of the stalls to grab toilet tissue to wipe my nose with. All washrooms should have this!

To the left of the sinks is the paper towel and disposal area. This area was very clean, the garbage was basically empty and there were plenty of paper towels. It is so annoying to see over flowing garbae cans and empty paper towel dispensers showing a clear lack of care. Luckily the Hyatt makes sure the staff take excellent care of their washrooms. I also hate hand dryers. I have enough problems with keeping my skin moisturized without turning what amounts to a hair dryer on them every time I go to the bathroom, and they also take forever to dry! Kudos to the Hyatt Regency for sticking with paper towels. The product station in the picture for feminine products was actually in working order. Far too many washrooms either don't have them or they are broken so I really appreciate seeing one that actually works!

The stall area consisted of two side by side doors. Each were made of the lovely solid wood that the entry door and hallway outside the bathroom were made of. It was easy in and out of the toilet area which is good. How often have you had to twist yourself into a pretzel to get the door closed in a public bathroom? Not the case with the Hyatt Regency. Locks on both doors work and were easy to latch. The toilet tissue area had plenty of product as well as toilet seat covers.

Lastly we have the stall area. As you can see it is so clean it shines. The tile floor and walls were spotless. The toilet itself was clean and was automatic flush. The auto flush actually worked. There was also an area on the back of the door to hang your jacket or purse. What would have been nice is the fold down shelf so that those with clutch purses or bags don't have to put them on the floor while they do their business. You can't have everything. All in all their washroom gets a thumbs up from me. It is not the flashiest bathroom in the world, but it is well thought out and spotlessly clean.

This blog post is from Bathrooms of the World. Bathrooms of the World reviews and photographs bathrooms from around the world. Everyone is curious about bathrooms, what they look like, if they are elaborate or do they look like something straight out of a prison. Bathrooms can make you feel like you are staying in the lap of luxury or a dungeon. Our hope is that all hotels, resorts, and restaurants will take heed and understand the importance of the bathroom and how it affects our perception of your establishment. We welcome fellow travelers to submit their own pictures and stories of the bathrooms they have encountered and we also encourage all establishments to arrange for a personal critique of the bathrooms you provide your guests. We are back from Europe and still don't even have all of our bathrooms up from Hawaii. That means you can expect a lot of bathrooms to go up very shortly. We are encouraging our readers to submit pictures of bathrooms they visit and to also contribute pictures of our own home bathrooms for our new home section that is going up.

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