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How to improve Alexa ranking?

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I'm getting a lot of e-mails on my SEO agency from clients and prospects asking me how to improve the Alexa ranking, so I decided to write this post about it and give you some ideas. Why I am not writing this post on my SEO agency website? Strategy - is the answer.

Later in this post, you will better understand why I am writing about increase Alexa ranking here on this site. Strategy... and that's what you have to plan carefully to get good results on search engines.

Let me be honest with you, my valuable reader: I never worried about Alexa metrics too much as my primary focus is conversion. If I do, I could be buying an Alexa ranking service that can do it for me ( just my competitors are doing.

Most of my competitors are buying Alexa ranking from rankstore, but what I really care about is real clients converting on my site, not a wrongly estimated ranking to impress others.

I do not care to have a huge amount of traffic if the traffic I'm getting is not my target.

So, most of my clients want to increase their rankings on Alexa to show to others their websites are powerful in traffic.

Will it worth the effort? If you put the same effort into targeting your audience your conversion will improve and you will get much better results in terms of profit, maybe with less traffic.

Here is the point: depending on your niche, you don't need to worry about traffic but focus on a valuable audience that will increase your conversion. Your Alexa ranking is down, but your conversion rate is excellent. Let's find out more about it:

Two Different Cases I can Prove for You

I have dozens of websites, and I selected a couple of them as examples. I NEVER bought media and advertisements based on Alexa metrics because in most of the cases, I think they are wrong... I mean, really wrong.

My first site is this one ( and the second one is clubapostar (a portuguese target gaming site).

Well, in a comparison with these two websites let's take this information:
  • Option 1: 200 visits/day, bounce rate: 55%, visit duration: 5 minutes
  • I have a lot of free games available here so people tend to spend more time on the site playing free slots. Visitors usually play more than two free slots so I get a lower bounce rate and a longer duration of the visit.

  • Option 2: 25 visits/day, bounce rate: 83%, visit duration: 2 minutes
  • Clubapostar is a niche website. It is in Portuguese and targets a vertical audience. Players here are invited to bet with real money. No free games are advertised.

    Surprisingly, the second option has a much better ranking in Alexa. has an Alexa ranking of 800,000 while (with higher visits, low bounce rate, higher session duration) has an Alexa ranking of 2,000,000.

    Also, not only the Alexa ranking is controversial, the Top Keywords and the Popular Articles are totally wrong in both cases if compared with the Google Analytics report.

    To make the things even worst, Alexa suggests for the following Easy-to-Rank Keywords: mr bean games, cartoon tv, boomerang channel, 3xtreme. Seriously...

    Check the images below:

    Alexa Ranking - clubapostar

    How to improve Alexa ranking?

    How to improve Alexa ranking?

    Alexa Ranking -

    How to improve Alexa ranking?

    How to improve Alexa ranking?

    Right after sending an e-mail and showing this information, BOTH sites were deleted and no ranking information is being shown anymore.

    Thankfully, I have a video recording showing all this situation. I will upload it (probably on Bitchute) and will place the link in this blog post as soon I have it done.

    BUT... let's continue with another example out of my igaming network. I have a friend that owns a new site that is dedicated to his city.

    He writes news about the city and published on his site on daily basis.

    The thing became more interesting in this case. No "Popular Articles" is shown but the "TOP KEYWORDS" are insane and my friend confirms that his site has nothing related to these keywords.

    Check the image: the first keyword simply doesn't exist on his site. The third keyword is related to an adult website (porn sites). The second, third, and fifth keywords are correct.

    How to improve Alexa ranking?

    That's absolutely bizarre! So, yes... fuck Alexa ranking. How can a tool have precise information about your visit and the traffic you are getting?

    When I buy online advertisement, I ask for the Google Analytics reports and also the commission report of affiliate programs.

    The VIP Clients at

    Again, just like I wrote above. I do not care about traffic volume. I do care about traffic quality. Especially when it comes to real money online gambling, the traffic volume is very different than a celebrity website showing pictures and videos.

    For example, just one of my VIP casino players can worth more than a thousand of penny slot machine player. So, the value of a very target traffic will never be tracked by Alexa neither by Google Analytics.

    My mailing list of premier casino players worth more than 1 million visits a day. Most of my high roller players are working with me for over 10 years - was launched in 2001.When I send an offer for these players, most of them will buy and will deposit a large amount of money. So, the worth of your visitors matters.

    How to improve Alexa ranking?

    How Alexa ranking works

    Alexa gives you an idea about website traffic, keywords, similar sites, and other metrics. This information is collected by users that have the Alexa toolbar installed on their web browsers, which means you will have probably webmasters or competitors using it.

    I survey some users and no one has the Alexa toolbar installed. This shows that their metrics are not correct and you can compare, for example, the keywords showing on Alexa and on your Google Analytics.

  • Alexa shows you an idea of traffic with information collected by users that have the Alexa toolbar installed

  • If you are interested in it, you may send a newsletter to your users asking them to install Alexa toolbar. :)

    This is not a very friendly approach, isn't it? Also, there is a time when blogs added the Alexa rank widget on the bottom of the pages to show how they are ranked. This is a very bad thing to do as it can mess with your website's aesthetics.

    When I started to work as a webmaster, back in 1998, I remember there was nothing else but your own site reports on your web hosting service.

    Years later, I discovered Alexa and just a few webmasters were using it. Today your readers are using Alexa to have an idea on how your website is doing. The thing became massive and obsessed not only by webmasters but by visitors.

    How to improve Alexa rankings?

    The formula is quite simple. You must have a site that is good for the masses. If you have a celebrity website, for example, talking about Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner or a kind of gossip site, you will get a huge amount of traffic and your efforts will grow your Alexa rankings.

    If you have a niche website the thing may work a little bit different. For example, is targeting high roller online casino players that can play higher limits on slots, blackjack, and roulette.

    Casinobillionaire is not offering free spins, free cash, free casino bonuses or anything else. The site wants to attract high limit slots players and high rollers for Blackjack tables. Normally, online casino players can bet $1, $5 per spin on slots.

    Casinobillionaire is interested in players that want to bet $50, $100 per spin. One high roller player can worth more than 1,000 penny slot machine players. I'm not saying that small clients are not important. I'm just explaining to you how big traffic could be something that depends on what you get.

    You want traffic to generate sales or to increase Alexa ranking?

    See the difference? Which website do you think will get more traffic: the one advertising "See Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner in a bikini pool party" or "Play live Blackjack with high limits".

    That's why a higher Alexa ranking is something that depends on your niche. Lot's of traffic is not interesting for, but high-quality traffic is extremely important for this site.

    For a gossip site showing Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner in a bikini pool party, huge amounts of traffic are crucial because they will probably sell advertisements or will use Google Adsense to monetize the site.

  • 1 - Select powerful keywords on your niche

  • 2 - Write regular new articles - 2X week would be fine

  • 3 - Promote your site on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, gab, minds, twitter, etc.

  • 4 - Do collaborations with influencers and other webmasters

  • 5 - Post videos on Youtube, Bitchute, Dailymotion,, ...

  • 6 - Write articles on Medium, Steemit, Guest posts...

  • 7 - Buy traffic - ppc, guest posts, ...

  • 8 - Do some valuable link building

  • 9 - Yes, offsite SEO also helps

  • Let's analyze a couple of examples:

    Kylie Cosmetics

    How to improve Alexa ranking?

    Kylie Jenner's website Kylie Cosmetics became famous after the website went down after a single post on Instagram. This was shown in an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Let's study Alexa ranking and see what's showed on reports.

    The following keywords are showing as the most traffic generator for, BUT, take a look in the keyword gaps and the easy-to-rank- keywords. This will give you an idea on what the website is all about and what kind of traffic the site is getting. Sure, you will only have the real situation if you access the Google Analytics for The keywords "nude, Justin Bieber, Laura Lee, KJ Apa, chloë grace moretz, bretman rock, makeup websites" are all listed as good opportunities to increase the Alexa ranking of

    The keywords driving most of the traffic for the site is:
    kylie jenner 47.71%
    kylie cosmetics 14.2%
    kylie lip kit 3.58%
    kylie 2.85%
    kyliecosmetics 1.45%

    Check more here:

    How to improve Alexa ranking?

    Kourtney Kardashian's poosh site had its peak on July 1st, 2019 with an Alexa ranking of 72,224 and suddenly dropped to 107,360 on July 28th, 2019. What caused this dip on Alexa ranking? It may be only an issue on Alexa while her website ( continues to grow an audience base.

    The Google Analytics for could be showing a very different situation with growing traffic, while on Alexa we see this huge dip. Kourtney Kardashian launched, though, it was beautiful to see how fast the site improved on Alexa ranking.

    Regarding the keywords, although the site was promoting a collagen product, what we see on Alexa is only the name Kourtney Kardashian and poosh.

    This suggests that people are searching for this "terms" and reaching the site but missing other terms that could increase the conversions like "the best collagen" or "collagen products". is generating a lot of traffic but the conversion rate of this site seems to be very poor and could be improved much more.
    Check more here:

    The fastest way to increase Alexa ranking?

    With a less effort, you can advertise on Google Adwords and buy ads from other blogs to generate more traffic and increase your Alexa ranking but this will only help you to get a beautiful ranking on Alexa, while your conversion will remain the same.

    You can also produce more content and make something for the visitors to engage with your content with comments, reviews, promotions, etc.

    There is no secret trick to increase Alexa ranking in a good way. You will need to work hard for it if you judge this is an important thing for your website. Better than a metric number, I'd work to get the best clients out there.

    Those clients that will buy large sums of money and increase the website profit. One big client could worth more than 200 small clients. A website that is selling luxury diamonds will probably have less traffic than a website offering discount coupons, but one single client buying a luxury diamond will generate a revenue 2,000 higher than a bunch of clients using discount coupons.

    You can FAKE your Alexa Ranking!

    Yes! As I said before, at the start of this blog post, you can fake your Alexa metrics using specialized services. Just like Youtube views and subscribers, Instagram followers, etc, there are services specialized in sell you a good Alexa ranking.

    Rankstore is one of the most popular and is used by 99% of the sites in the online gambling community. You pay a monthly fee to keep your good ranking. The better the Alexa ranking the higher the monthly fee to keep it.

    Again, you will be paying a monthly fee to fake Alexa ranking and other businesses could buy advertisement with you. BUT, in the end, your conversion could be poor and you will lose your client forever.

    That's why less is more. If you have a low traffic volume but very target on your audience, your results will be much better than a simple number on Alexa.


    Check your niche and see what is important for you. Is your site targeting mass audiences and your revenue is basically from advertisers buying media on your site?

    Then, you must keep working consistently to get more and more traffic to increase your Alexa ranking. Is your site similar to that is targeting high rollers (big clients) that spend large sums of money?

    You won't get too much traffic, but the few traffic you get is very targeted and you will be much better conversions. In this case, I would suggest you Neil Patel's Ubersuggest tool that can give you important insights on what to do to improve your conversions.

    So, is Alexa ranking important? It depends on your case. I, honestly, never give too much attention to it. Some people regularly send me e-mails wanting to buy advertisements at and asking about my traffic volume and Alexa ranking.

    As I do not sell advertisements and work only with business agreements my only worries are on the quality of my conversions. Also, you must be aware of some services offering miracles like "improve Alexa rank in 30 days" or "get huge traffic to boost Alexa rankings". Normally these services will ruin your business as they use blackhat tricks that sooner or later will be turned against you. There is no miracle - the thing is huge, exhausting work. Good luck!

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