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How to get a Bitcoin Wallet?

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I decided to publish a blog post explaining in an easy way how to get a Bitcoin wallet and start using the cryptocurrency to buy things, pay for services, receive payments or for investment. I already have a lot of Bitcoin blog posts here at but this time I will make the things really easy and fast. In a few minutes, you can buy Bitcoin using credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer or Neteller. Or you can receive Bitcoin as payment. The process is very easy, I won't mention any technical talk in this post. It will be exclusively focused to start using Bitcoin in an easy and fast way. No hassles. You can check my other Bitcoin posts if you want to go further. So let's start:

Coincorner bitcoin wallet registration

1 - Sign up

The first step is to register an account in a Bitcoin wallet. I recommend you CoinCorner, because this wallet has everything for you. You can buy bitcoins, receive bitcoins payments, trade, transfer bitcoins to money in your bank account, and more. You can buy or sell bitcoin in GBP and Euro. You can buy Bitcoin with Neteller, credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or SEPA. The coinCorner mobile app allows you to have access to your BTC wallet anywhere. The best thing: Bitcoin debit card will be soon available at CoinCorner. You can also use Bitcoin as a payment method for your business. This is not only good for your business but also a great way to get attention, just like the small bakery here on my street did. Easy, secure and fast.
Sing up at CoinCorner here!

Coincorner bitcoin wallet registration

2 - Deposit

How to deposit cash to buy bitcoin? Choose the best currency for you: GB Pounds or Euro. You can deposit using other currencies but it will be converted to Euro or Pounds. There are two ways to get your account funded with Bitcoin: receiving bitcoin or buying bitcoin. Here I will show how to buy bitcoin, which will need you to fund your account with money and then exchange the money for Bitcoin.
  • Login using your information (login and password) to access your CoinCorner wallet;

  • Click on Deposit and select if you want to deposit using a Credit card, bank transfer or Neteller; choose the currency (Euro or British Pounds); Proceed to deposit;

  • Deposit Confirmation will be sent to your e-mail. When your deposit is confirmed, you can use your funds to buy bitcoin at CoinCorner app or website.

    Coincorner bitcoin wallet registration

    3 - Buy Bitcoin

    So, how to buy bitcoin? Now that you have Euro or British Pounds in your CoinCorner wallet, you can use this money to buy bitcoin. CoinCorner wallet offers other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP). Click on Dashboard to access the opening screen of the wallet and check the list of cryptocurrencies available. Find Bitcoin and click on Buy/Sell. Then, you will need to enter the amount in Euro or Pounds you want to buy in BTC and proceed with the exchange. It is very easy and fast.

    Coincorner bitcoin wallet registration

    4 - Receive Bitcoin

    How to receive Bitcoin payments? You can also receive Bitcoin payments at CoinCorner in a very easy and fast way. Simply click on Send & Receive on the main menu, then select receive and click on Generate New Address. The bitcoin wallet will generate your unique bitcoin address that you can send to the person who will send the payment. CoinCorner also provides you QR codes so you can do it instantly, sending both BTC address and QR code for your client. I use this method to receive Bitcoin payments for content and digital marketing work. Two of my clients prefer to pay in BTC so I am receiving Bitcoin payments for a couple of years now and I'd say that is my favorite method. Absolutely fast and with penny taxes. Really worth a try. All I do is to generate new bitcoin address and send them the codes. I've got an SMS and e-mail informing I've received a bitcoin payment. If you have a retail or another kind of business that needs to receive Bitcoin payments on a large scale, CoinCorner merchant solution is what you should look at. The wallet has an especially service for business to automate Bitcoin payments, but this is a topic for a future blog post.

    Coincorner bitcoin wallet receive bitcoin
    Generate new bitcoin address to receive a payment

    Coincorner bitcoin wallet receive bitcoin
    Your client can send the Bitcoin payment using the QR code or the address string

    Using the bitcoin wallet mobile app makes things even faster! You can get the bitcoin address on WhatsApp or directly on your app and send and receive payments within a tap!

    5 - Withdrawal Bitcoin to a Bank Account

    Here the most asked questions will be answered: Can Bitcoin be converted to cash? How to withdrawal Bitcoin to a bank account? Another easy thing to be done that most people don't know. You can withdrawal Bitcoin on your bank account. The amount of Bitcoin credited will be converted to cash and will be available on your bank account to use with your debit card, credit card, investment, ... whatever.

    Coincorner bitcoin wallet receive bitcoin
    You can exchange Bitcoin to real money and transfer to your Bank Account


  • What is Bitcoin?

  • Bitcoin is a digital currency. It is NOT Multi-level marketing (MLM). Bitcoin is a currency just like the USA Dollar, British Pounds, Canadian Dollar, etc. A person in the UK can exchange British Pounds for USA Dollars. In the same way, this person can exchange British Pounds for Bitcoins. That's the same operation! You cannot say that exchanging British Pounds for USA Dollars is an MLM and so with Bitcoin.

  • Is Bitcoin Legal in Canada, USA, Australia and UK?

  • Bitcoin is not recognized as a legal currency in most of the countries but you can use the cryptocurrency if you want. Yes, you can use Bitcoin in Canada, USA, India, wherever you are. I already wrote a blog post about what I think about Bitcoin regulation, that you can read if you want. In a few words, using Bitcoin is not a good thing for banks and for this reason governments will be against it. But you can use and feel the advantages of using a digital currency compared to the obsolete money bills.

  • Are Bitcoins illegal in the USA?

  • No, Bitcoin is not illegal in the United States. It is said that bitcoin is not considered a currency, but the number of businesses accepting Bitcoin in the US is growing every day. You can use bitcoin in the US without any problem.

  • How to buy bitcoin in Australia?

  • Using this tutorial you can buy bitcoin in Australia. Simply follow the steps listed above and you can have your wallet ready to buy bitcoin with Neteller, credit card, debit card or bank transfer.


    This blog post aims to help you to start using bitcoin through your Bitcoin wallet. As you can see, a very easy and fast process. Bitcoin is the most used cryptocurrency and people are using to buy things on Amazon (through gift cards), Walmart, and a lot of other places and websites. You can also play casino with Bitcoin, book hotels, air tickets and many more things. You can also receive bitcoin payments in a very secure and easy bitcoin wallet app or using your computer. On the next blog posts, I will write about business accept Bitcoin and also details on how to buy Bitcoin with Neteller. Visit my Bitcoin blog to get more information and read more articles about this cryptocurrency.

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