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Drinks - my preferred Beverages

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I don´t drink too much, but when I do it, I do it with style. I like the best champagne, the best beers and the best drinks. Below you can check my preferred ones, mostly from Europe. I certainly know that many other brands should be listed here, and as soon I taste new brands I will update this page. Though I don´t listed all the best here, you can help me to complete this page send me your reviews and pictures of the drinks you like ! Do it through my Twitter ! I will update this page regularly.

PLEASE note that I don´t encourage people to drink out of control as this page is for informative purposes only. "Know when to stop before start drinking". If you think you have any drinking problem, please visit and look for help.

Just added a few more beer which reviews will be online very soon.

The Trooper beer - Iron Maiden beer picture


The Trooper beer - Iron Maiden beer picture


TSINGTAO Chinese Beer !!!

Guess what?? TSINGTAO beer is one of the cheapest beer I found in the imported beer section but this doesn´t mean it is the worst. I really enjoyed the taste of this flaverful beer and I back to buy more and more. China is doing very well in all kind of business and so in its beers. Just put TSINGTAO beer in your list and give it a try !



1906 Beer

This is another spanish beer and it´s a special edition (Reserva Especial). I would suggest you to take a couple of bottles and serve in a large glass as this bottle has only 33c. It was brewed in Spain in a very traditional brewery founded in 1906. Good beer and you can buy and leave your feedback here




Lobkowicz Beer

Lobkowicz family bought and old brewery in 1474 (the original is from 1466) and it´s from Czech  Republic. In my oppinion Czech Republic is the capital of breweries. There are a lot of good beers out there and Lobkowicz is one of them. There are some nationalities you can buy beers with guarantee quality. Czech Republic is one. Taste Lobkowics and you will see what I´m talking about.



Licher Deutsch Bier !! 

Icht liebe Deutsch beer ! German is on my must-visit list. I would like to plan a vacation in German and taste all kind of beers. Sure, we can´t forget the awesome dazu ... their famous wurst ! In this page I already listed a variety of German beers and I´m sure there are dozens of beers to be listed in future. Prost, meine freunds !!



Russian Beer !!
Baltica beer is from Russia and they are the best brewery there.  Baltika opened in 1990 and since then have received numerous awards including international. I taste only this beer in the picture, but they have others which will be tasted really soon. I love Russia and soon I will visit this wonderful place and why not, visit Baltica in St. Petersburg which is the second largest brewery in Europe.




Fruh Kolsch - Germany beer.. Needless to say, this is a must-taste beer and you won´t be disapointed with an intense flavour and high quality of this Kölsch beer.  This is my very first Kölsch beer tasted and I love it. I have to mention that Fruh Kölsch is considered one of the best Kölsch beers. Try it !





Old Hooky beer is a beautifully balanced beer, fruity by nature with a well-rounded body and the suggestive echo of crystal malt, brewed for it as an accompaniment to meat dishes. Chers !!!History: JW Clarke - great great grandson of John Harris the founder of Hook Norton Brewery. Hook Norton Brewery have been brewing award winning beers since 1849. The traditional victorian tower brewery, deep in the Oxfordshire countryside, is still powered by a steam engine.



Santa Fé beer - the old cowboys are gone from old Santa Fé these days, but the rugged spirit of the American Southwest lives  on in this blond and flavourful larger. This is a beer for those who want to grab a bull by the horn and have a real wild ride. This beer is from Brazil and it´s a tribute to the old cowboys in the US. It tastes really good and very light. For those of you who don´t like that strong beers, try Santa Fé and you will be surprised about its flavor.



WARSTEINER PREMIUM VERU BEER - I really love Germany beers specialy the strong  ones and full of flavours. Warsteiner is light but exceptional ! Enjoy this world-class international premium pilsner. A unique slightly tart taste experience. The top quality of the ingredients are exceptional. The exquisite premium character is inimitable. Thanks for the  especially soft brewing water you will taste a pleasantly light beer.


Brooklyn beer

Brooklyn Beer

Brooklyn Brewery was founded in 1988 and since then they are strive to brew the best beer possible. Flavorful beers. I taste their Large and can guarantee you they are true on flavorful. Here you will taste a firm malt with a floral aroma hop and the caramel malts shows in the finish in this amber-gold in colors beer. All this aromatic qualities are made by their centuries-old practice of steeping the beer with fresh hops as it undergoes a long, cold maturation.





AK Damm beer

AK Damm beer

This beer is brewed by DAMM brewery, one of the biggest brewery in Spain. It´s a really light and moderated flavour beer with a clear yellow color. If you like light beers you should taste this one (not my case). I know this is a good beer but I rather strong beers but AK Damm has a good drinkability and should be really appreciated in hot summers.





Pilsner Urquel beer


Pilsner Urquell beer

Pilsner Urquell is a beer born of legend. The world´s first golden beer, untouched by time with a distinctive, full bodied taste. I personally love all Czech beers because its full bodied taste. I already listed here the 1795 beer which is brewed in Czech Republic too. Though I drink only a small percentage of Czech beers I can guarantee this country has a real tradition on beers as you will find hundreds of good breweries there. Czech beer is a sure shot ! Cheers !!




Brewed in Estonia using pure deep-well water specially selected barely from across the Baltic region. Well balanced with a light hoppy flavour and a gentle note of vanilla.

Bright golden lighj and refreshing 5% pilsner style larger.  Crisp and clean with consistent maltiness.  A fresh, easy drinking brew that is pleasant and well-balanced.

Awarded Gold at the Monde Selection Quality Awards Brussels 2008. Saaz hops provide a subtle elegance from the first delicate scent to the smooth lingering finish. Brewed from 100% malted barely, finest hops, yeast and natural spring water. Flash pasteurized to ensure it riches far-away places in flawless condition. A range of ma flavour from slightly sweet to caramel to ever-so-lightly roasted.


This is an Australian beer which guaranteed to turn heads, this is the  beer that
inspired a new generation of ale drinkers. With
its fruity and floral characters, balanced with a
crisp bitterness, Coopers Pale Ale has a compelling
flavour which is perfect for every occasion.
Naturally fermented in the “Burton-upon-Trent”
style, a secondary fermentation creates the
trademark sediment that gives ‘Pale’ its fine
cloudy appearance.
4.5% Alc/Vol


Produced in Amsterdan - Netherlands. Very good taste in this light beer. If you don´t like strong beers AMSTEL PULSE is a must-taste beer. Good for summer time.







A really nice beer from Czech Republic. Czech Republic has a range of brewers and this is a must-taste beer.







The famous Dublin dark beer with an unique taste different than any other beer. Try it !








This is a special edition of the famous and tasteful Heineken bottled in a small aluminium bottle. Great for keep it icy.





I love Germany´s beers. For generations beer have been produced in Bamberg by using the traditional  art of brewing. Bamberg´s - Kaiserdom´s -  specialities are guarantee for  sophisticated, fully developed taste. Composed of natural ingredients, as decreed by  royal bishop in 1498. A binding tradition.



This belgian beer is distributed in 80 countries and it´s pure supreme quality. Stella Artois has 9 steps to pouring and to do it perfectly you have to master all of them.







Traditional beer in the US. This beer is brewed from the finest malted barley selected ceral grains and choisest hops.





Another beer from Holland with 7,9% of alchool. Good for that huge winters.








This is a Belgium beer with 6.5% of alchool.Leffe Brown is a  brewed according to the recipe of the Abbey of Leffe. Leffe Brown has a taste of vanilla and clove, and the full aroma of toffee and caramel. It thanks its deep, dark brown colour to darkly roasted malt.





Hoegaarden is a Belgium beer loved by beer enthusiasts and all this success carefully.
Taking the legendary recipe as their inspiration, Hoegaarden have also created some interesting twists and interpretations throughout the years.





Birra Moretti is the beer in Italy ! This beer is brewed with traditional methods which are unchange since 1859. All best ingredients  used to make Birra Moretti, including a special blend of high quality hops gives to the beer an  unique taste and fragrance, enhancing its perfectly balanced bitter taste.





If you love strong beers you don´t need to worry that ERDINGER Weissbier Pikantus dark bock beer is going to be too sweet, like other bock beers. Despite the higher alcohol content, the Erding brew masters have succeeded in retaining the special Pikantus taste.




Another traditional Germany beer. Compared to pale wheat beer, dark wheat beer has a greater dark malted wheat content, hence its enticing chestnut brown color. The substantial 12% original gravity gives it  its irresistibly pleasant taste, while its fresh, strong aroma reveals a hint of roasted malt. Paulaner Helfe-Weissbier dunkel has a 5,3% of alchool.





This beer is from Czech Republic brewed and bottled by Family Bernard brewery. This outstanding Celebration Larger is enriched with fine cultivated yasts. The final fermantation takes place in the bottle to create a delicious flavour and characteristic haze. Matured in the larger cellars for several weeks, even months, this is an award winning fully natural unpasturised beer. It is also a source of vitamin B, trace elements and biocatalysts.














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