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Content Monetization Platform - K im

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In times where content creators are being demonetized and de-platformed by big platforms, it seems there is a light at the end of the tunnel. is a p2p solution for content monetization that could be what content creators were dreaming about. You can sell your content in a very secure way. You simply need to inform your audience the link to the content (file) you are selling and the rest is made in a few clicks. Your clients will pay for it and download the content - a fantastic pay for download solution.

Content Monetization Platform -


  1. Get paid for your work - Protect, share, and monetize your digital content;

  2. Secure your files - utilizes double encryption technology to protect your content;

  3. Control your storage - you can use your favorite cloud storage service (IPFS, Dropbox, and Google Drive);

  4. Monetize your content - your content will only be delivered upon payment;

  5. Cryptocurrency Payments - extremely fast payment processing time.

How Works? is a content monetization platform that will help everyone struggling to get their content monetized by Youtube, Bitchute, Dailymotion and other content platforms. This solution is basically a shop in a file. YouTubers, for example, could use it to sell exclusive and additional content for their audience. Musicians could sell exclusive music, models could sell exclusive photoshoots, software developers could sell PHP s, and so on.

It is a payment in a file: you select the content you want to sell, the system will deploy a double encryption procedure to upload and store your file in a container. You will get an exclusive link for this file to advertise on your blog, sites, social media platforms. Your clients can buy this file and download to their computers, phones or tablet. To open the file, the clients must proceed to the payment within the file. A very cool and innovative way to make p2p commerce on the internet that content creators (especially those who were demonetized on Youtube) can enjoy.

Content Monetization Platform -

The payments are based on Bitcoin using an instant-confirmation system that will work as the platform currency. It is called Kim Coin.

The platform was built with the original internet philosophy which is freedom of speech, freedom of commerce, no middlemen, lower fees, and more. Blockchain cryptocurrency is something that is taking us closer to a different reality where the power will turn back to the people.

So, what will provide is a new way to do e-commerce. It is distributed using double encryption security along with your steps. To have an idea, your file will be encrypted the first time on your device, only after that, the file will be uploaded to the platform where it will be encrypted again. The payment process also utilizes the same encryption. The content will not be centralized in local servers. The content will be distributed using the concept of Blockchain which will guarantee your files will be there, available for sale at any time.

With the blockchain technology being used, content creators can share and monetize their content directly to their audience. You don't need any centralized platforms to do it and that's the innovation of

Double Encryption

Two layers of encryption: client-side and server-side. Your content will be upload encrypted to the platform. This is very important to keep your content secure and stored correctly. The second layer of encryption will protect that your content cannot be displayed without a payment. Consumers will have instant access to the content upon payment. platform was built with security in mind, using very high standards to guarantee a very secure e-commerce environment.

It is a Bitcoin centered and to surpass some limitations as payment processing time the platform is using Liquid technology to get more security and speed of transactions.

Content Monetization Platform -

How developments are going?

It all started with initial crowdfunding in 2016 when the project raised over €850,000.00. Then in the third quarter of 2017, the demo version was launched ( Also, encryption and platform services were developed. In the first quarter in 2018 the payment channels were added and also the Bitcoin cryptocurrency was integrated. By the end of 2019, went into testnet publishing platform with a private demo version for proof of the concept. In 2019 the Lighting was integrated and now the token generation event is scheduled for November 2019. In 2020, have on schedule the following developments:

  • Liquid Network Integration

  • application and services prototyping

  • Testing and Security Audit

  • UI/UX Final Integration

  • launch expected on Q3 2020!

  • Content Creators

    I know that most of the readers of this blog post are content creators looking for a good and reliable way to monetize their hard-work content. Probably you are just like me, that had my Youtube channel demonetized and other Youtube channels closed for no reason.

    You love your work and spent a lot of time creating content for different internet centralized platforms and what happened is that suddenly you get your channels banned/censored/blocked/demonetized. Now, you can use your own site/blog to upload your free content and use the content monetization platform to sell your exclusive content.

    This will for sure help you to monetize your content creations and there is no limit for the usage. Simply all kinds of professionals can use to monetize. As long as you create digital content and are looking for a reputable way to monetize it, you are a potential user for

    I Collect Vinyl Bootlegs

    For example, I have a growing collection of bootleg vinyl records for several bands. I am constantly investing in new rare vinyl records. I used to upload a video reviewing my rare vinyl collection on Youtube, and playing 10 seconds of each track for my audience have an idea of how the record sounds like. The result?

    Content Monetization Platform -

    WOW!!! Severe violations, guys! I played 5 to 10 seconds of music. This is really a severe violation... I deserved it!

    Meanwhile, I can still found really brutal content on Youtube. They only want de-platform you to avoid you to get monetized.
    Now, I have my rare vinyl records blog and will use the to monetize my content.

    A Step Back From Alt-Tech Sites should be a good alternative for a free-speech platform, BUT when I had my account blocked with no reason, I contact the support at Twitter... blocked me on Twitter and in a really weird way, I had my 10 years-old Twitter account blocked!

    So, don't put your bets on Alt-Tech as they will de-platform you the same way the monopolies do. I registered a new Twitter account to ask support some explanations and guess what? blocked me on the new Twitter account as well.

    So, my friends... work to create your content, marketing on your own platform and monetize it using Keep away from 3rd parties, no matter who they are. By the end, they are all corporate media.

    Content Monetization Platform -


    I believe that has everything to be a successful project because today there is a lack of content monetization options for content creators. Artists and influencers can benefit from an innovative monetization platform to sell content online and be rewarded for their creative efforts.

    I already wrote several blog posts about the Bitcoin usage - The use of the Bitcoin is very important to make this crypto playing in our favor. Bitcoin is on the people's side. Meanwhile, big corporations and obsolete banking systems want people to keep seeing Bitcoin as an investment opportunity. could be a good start for the real use of Bitcoin - the use of the crypto as a real currency!

    If you are interested in the subject, visit my Bitcoin blog to read many other posts about the crypto.

    In a few words, I would say that is a content monetization platform that is very welcomed by content creators - artists, YouTubers, Instagrammers, influencers. On the other hand, is hated by monopolies and centralized platforms that will do everything possible to make this project fail.

    It is here that USAGE is the key factor. You must use it to bring the power back for people. We have all the tools available to change this reality. We can embrace it and use it, or we are going to waste our biggest opportunity ever.

    As a conclusion of this post: use Bitcoin as currency the more as you can AND use for your content monetization.

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