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Book review: Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won't Teach You at Business School by Richard Branson

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Book: Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won't Teach You at Business School

In this book, Mr. Richard Branson is answering different questions received in his e-mail. Questions about fund a start-up, how to start a business in a correct way, business team, customer support, and many more. The book has a strong focus on customer support and how important this mater could be to project your business on top of your competitors. Branson also explain other projects like Virgin Galactic, Environmental care, philanthropy projects, and also about his first steps on businesses, starting from the School magazine and other ideas he was working on when was a young. I will keep the focus on the business side, but below my review, you can check the complete chapters in the book.

The book Like a Virgin by Richard Branson is a good reading and is recommended for all interested or involved in the entrepreneurial universe. The book will give you smart advices written by a business expert.

I don't agree on everything written, obvisouly this is something based on personal experiences and other people might agree with everything or with nothing. I think the customer support is definitely very important, but unfortunately, nowadays is not easy to find a business with excellent customer support. There are a lot of people working in large companies, only willing to get their paychecks by end of the month, but not willing to be part of the team... they don't want an ABCD (always be a connecting dot) , as mentioned in the book.
There are incredible stories about excellent customer attention in all Branson's companies that I am decided to fly with Virgin Airways very soon just to test it. I'm writing this, just because by the end of the book, I was experiencing the worstest nightmare in different areas (bank, university, cable TV service, mobile phone service). All these large companies with extremely poor customer support and people who don't want to work.

That's the reality. I have the book Like a Virgin among my favourite books room and I will constantly read and search for interesting points I've read . I will also work to make my best and reach the excellence, but on my case it's quite simple: I work all alone with a few free lancers. Now, the big challenge is have everything running smoothly in a large company. My bank manager didn't reply my e-mails asking for investments opportunities; my cable TV took off some channels and continue to charge the same amount; my mobile phone plan are not following the signed contract; & When you are dealing with small businesses the thing are much easier. Large companies are almost impossible to check how things are going in regular basis.

Mr. Branson suggests that managers should be on floor talking with employees which is absolutely a great tip, but they won't. They don't have time and the pressure is always intense. They have goals and they will put extreme pressure on all employees to reach it. Pressure. That's the word on businesses today. I'm not writing to make you feel better or to be politicaly correct, but in most cases, if you don't put pressure, things won't happen.

I agree with all theory written in the book, but as one of my University's master told us: “On real life, the theory is all different than we are studying here”. Sure, we all want a better work environment with all people being connecting dots ( ABCD page ) but the reality is far from it today. I see good managers re-allocated to lower positions and bad guys being promoted to managers as they treat people like slaves.

Book review - Like a Virgin by Richard Branson

Five Secrets to Starting a Business
People Power
Nice Guys can Finish First
The Weakest Link
Business Philosophy
Screw you, Goliath!
The Importante of not being earnest
The Perfect Pitch
The Opportunity on Risk
Private Space
They Say
A Perfect 10
If you never make mistakes
The customer's always right
Brand awareness
Steve Jobs
First Impressions are huge
To win the war on drugs
Science: The Last Frontier
Chocks Away
Like a Fine Wine
What's in a name?
So, you want to be CEO ?
The chinese plate trick
How to bake an entrepreneur ?
Change is in the air
Don't like the second opinion ?
Breaking Up
If I could do it all over again
More walking and talking
Accidents happen
Reach for skies
Sustainable Energy
New Ventures
Get Big
Selling Customers is easy
What is success?
When going walkabout
Surviving a downturn
Rising above it all
Living the Branson life
Early endeavours
Change is good
Managing the launcg
A shocking revelation !
A noose around the neck
Today's failure
Real change for good?
Be a leader
Great customer service
Can bad news be good news ?
Choosing a partner
Invest in your people
The day the music didn't die
Good training
Social Services redefined
Empowerment and appreciation
Launching a business
Keep an eye on the details
The lonely entrepreneur ?
The planet's problems
Let's shake on that
Office relationships
Earn your customer's trust
To work better
Strike up the brand
Shaking life's lessons
Power to the people
Watching your waistline
What's better than a handout ?
Home and/or office
Kick-start the economy
Rules of the road
School of hard knocks

Book Review: "Like a Virgin" by Richard Branson

In "Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won't Teach You at Business School," renowned entrepreneur Richard Branson shares his personal experiences, insights, and philosophies on business and life. Published in 2012, the book offers a unique perspective on entrepreneurship, leadership, and finding success in unconventional ways. Let's explore the key aspects of "Like a Virgin" and evaluate its content.

Key Themes and Concepts

"Like a Virgin" covers a range of themes and concepts that are central to Richard Branson's approach to business and life. Some of the key ideas explored in the book include:

Writing Style and Tone

Richard Branson writes in a conversational and engaging style, making the book accessible to readers of various backgrounds. He shares numerous stories and anecdotes from his own entrepreneurial journey, providing practical examples and insights. The tone of the book is optimistic, upbeat, and filled with Branson's trademark sense of adventure and fun.




"Like a Virgin" by Richard Branson offers valuable insights and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders. Branson's unconventional approach to business and his emphasis on creativity, innovation, and people-centric values make this book a compelling read. While it may not provide in-depth analysis or a comprehensive roadmap, it serves as a motivational resource and encourages readers to think differently and pursue their passions.

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