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Bitcoin High Rollers

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There is a small portion of Bitcoin users that are not so discussed on crypto forums or news. They are the Bitcoin High Rollers that, as the name suggests, are buying large sums of money of Bitcoin. This is true that these whales are usually buying for investments purposes, different than regular BTC users that receive, pay and send the cryptocurrency just like regular money. Although I endorse the usage of the crypto and do not care too much about using it for investment, these Bitcoin high rollers are playing an important role for the Bitcoin. Why? Because they are taking high stakes in the BTC, not in other cryptos. This shows that Bitcoin is very well seen by serious investors and that's why you must follow this for both usage or investment. In this blog post, I will write about the high rollers investments and why Bitcoin is the most used cryptocurrency. Some portion of the Bitcoin transactions (which are public) is exceeding 1 million. These could be a purchase or an investment. A group of serious investors is buying a large amount of money of Bitcoin because they see a bright future of the crypto. Who are these investors? How they get millions to buy Bitcoin? The truth is that these multi-million transactions can be a group of investors, sole investors or a fund of investment operated by a third party financial service. It is more likely that high rollers will invest by themselves, not through an investment fund. One thing is for sure: big money bitcoin transactions are happening all day, and you can check it in real time.

Bitcoin High Rollers - big investors

Big investors

Despite the facts of only massive amounts of money buying bitcoins are reported by the corporate media, you can be sure that high limit transactions are happening every day. There are regular transactions of $500,000; $1,000,000; $3,000,000 and more. Most serious investors are aware of the possibilities of Bitcoin to become the money that can be used worldwide. Then, they started to diversify their investments portfolio in something very promising. The Bitcoin high rollers can be compared to high rollers of casinos. They don't want to be part of groups, neither investment funds. They act alone or through their businesses. These guys are stock market investors, real estate investors, collectors and they know there is a big future of using BTC. I know an art collector who buys famous art as an investment, and he told me that is starting to buying bitcoins now as part of his strategy on diversifying his investments. This guy didn't buy 1 million at once but made regular installments of $50,000 to $100,000. Their goal is to a better balance in his investments portfolio. It was also reported also a lot of million-dollar buys and below, you can check something like this. I was capturing some screenshots and at the time of my print screen, 3 blue spheres fell at Bitnonkers. Blue spheres can be anything between 100 to 1,000 bitcoins. Let's say it was 100btc, then, 3 transactions of 500,000btc were happening at this second. If you take some minutes to check the real-time transactions, you will see that 500K is very usual. Not so far below, Purple spheres will fall, meaning that a 1000+ BTC transaction occurred - this is something like $5,000,000 transaction. Read more about BTC transactions below.

Real time transactions

This is another good thing about Btc: it is possible to follow every bitcoin transaction in real time. This is just to offer you some source of information to track what I am writing about big investments in Bitcoin. A form to endorse the million dollar transactions I am writing in this blog post. I will recommend you two links you can check and look for the millionaire bitcoin transactions. You can check them any time of the day and night to have an idea on how the cryptocurrency is widely used. Let's take a look in a couple of sites:

  • Blockchain:

  • (scroll down and click on transactions to check real time actions).

  • Bitbonkers:

  • If you prefer a graphic animation to visualize the real-time Bitcoin transaction, check which is based on colored balls with different sizes to identify amount ranges. This is a more user-friendly and comprehensive way to check the real time Bitcoin transactions and see giant balls falling with transactions of multi-million dollar worth of BTC.

    Bitcoin High Rollers - big investors

    Bitcoin High Rollers - big investors

    Why can I know this is true? You can simply get the two sites opened (blockchain 7 bitbonkers) in different windows (side-by-side) and compare real-time transactions on both sites. It will match. If you don't trust, you probably don't have a bank account or credit card. In this case, I must recommend you to start with Bitcoin right now to see a big difference.


    Serious investors are not buying bitcoin to risk their money. Sure thing. They know that the crypto will be stronger than ever and will stay solid on every damn fork which may occur in the future. Take the facts from my previous blog posts: Bitcoin is the most used cryptocurrency; young generation is very used to the crypto; more and more businesses are accepting bitcoin; multi-million dollar transactions happening constantly; serious investors are buying a large number of Bitcoins; blockchain; decentralized. The conclusion for this blog post could not be different. Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency. Stay with BTC to stay safe, and why not, start buying (or accepting) more. You won't regret.

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  • Bookmark my blog as I am publishing more posts about Bitcoin here. You will have soon a new page like a kind of directory with all of my posts. Thanks for reading!

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