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Welcome to the Bitcoin page! Here you will find everything about Bitcoin, no matter if you are a newbie wanting to know how to start your Bitcoin wallet of if you are an experienced user of the cryptocurrency looking for more tips and content. I will start from the basics and help readers to register a Bitcoin wallet explaining how to buy Bitcoin or transfer coins to others. There are a lot of interesting topics to cover about the crypto and you will know some ideas on how to get Bitcoins and also how to convert bitcoin to cash. I will start listing all Bitcoin blog posts on this page to help you to find exactly the article you are interested in. Enjoy! PS: if you want to register a Bitcoin wallet to start buying or receiving bitcoins, you can start reading this blog post.

Why use Bitcoins?

I know that it could be tricky, but believe me, that's a world trend that the money will be only one. I am always reading and studying about the growing number of people and businesses adopting Bitcoin. Let's check the main reasons you should start using Bitcoin:

  • Security
  • You can't compare the security of any bank account or credit card with the state-of-the-art encryption and high levels of security in a Blockchain transaction. Bitcoin is the safest money around. You only need to take your wallet access protected with a good password and enable the two-factor authentication and no one will take your money. Blockchain is the most secure technology in the world. All banks security systems are obsolete if compared to Blockchain.

  • Privacy
  • You have your identity protected using Bitcoin because your blockchain transaction doesn't need to include personal data. Very different than banks, where criminals can get access to your name, address, credit card information and your money (totally obsolete). Bitcoin protects your identity - you can send a payment without any personal data. It is all based on the bitcoin address to send or receive funds.

  • Bring the power back to the people - You control your money
  • The money is yours - you don't need an intermediary business to hold it for you. You don't need an intermediary business to send or receive funds. You are your own bank. This is not the future, this is the present - are you still living in the past?

  • Zero or very low fees
  • You don't need a middle-man. If you want to send money to someone, you simply take the amount you want to send and put in the wallet of the person. Just like handing money to a person next to you. You don't need an intermediary business to do it. That being said, the fees are very low if compared to any banking transaction.

  • Fast payments worldwide - no bureaucracy
  • The Bitcoin network is modern and based on Blockchain technology. You can pay or receive cash to/from anywhere with no waiting time. A person in Canada can send a payment to Australia and it will take only a few minutes. Again, you don't need anyone to do it for you. Simply send and it's done.

  • Decentralized - this is everything! (BLOCKCHAIN)

  • Latest Posts

    Here you can check some posts on my blog. As soon new posts are being published, this page will be updated, so bookmark this page to get fresh information. Continue reading below, as I will list my Bitcoin gaming posts.
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    Bitcoin Games

    The articles posted below are not part of my blog, but still, the article produced for All articles below are more focused on play online games using Bitcoin, so, if you are interested in bitcoin games, here is a selection of interesting articles for you.

    - Bitcoin Poker

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    - Play Bitcoin online bingo games

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    - How to get bitcoins playing online games

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    Bitcoin blog at


  • How to get Bitcoins?
  • There are a lot of forms to get Bitcoins - there are bloggers that are getting paid from affiliate programs, others are selling goods online and get paid with bitcoins, others are playing Bitcoin games and get credits using the crypto, etc. The possibilities are endless.

  • Can Bitcoin be converted to cash?
  • Absolutely! Although I do not recommend you to do this, you can easily convert bitcoin to cash and have it on your bank account. How does it work? Logged on your BTC wallet, you must sell your bitcoins which will give you a cash balance in your account. Then, you can request this balance to be transferred to your bank account.

  • How to buy Bitcoin?
  • You can buy bitcoin using your credit card or, depending on the wallet you are working, there are a lot of other deposit methods to get Bitcoins like Paypal, Neteller, Bank transfer and many more.

  • Are Bitcoin illegal in the USA?
  • No, Bitcoin it's not illegal in the USA. Why? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency (virtual money) and if you buy Bitcoin, you'd probably doing it with declared money. If you receive bitcoins as payment, simply follow the instructions of IRS to declare your coins.

    Just like all other pages of my blog, and pages at, this Bitcoin page will be updated regularly with new information and new blog posts related to the crypto coin. If you are interested on reading bitcoin blog posts, bookmark this page and return to check the latest news. Thanks ofr reading!

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