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Best Casino Affiliate Programs - Affiliate Marketing

In this blog post, I will help you to start a solid online casino affiliate marketing career. If you have a blog and want to monetize working as an affiliate of online casino, here I will save you time and recommend the best online casinos affiliate programs to start keeping miles away from ripoffs. No matter what if your blog theme, here you will find a casino affiliate program that matches your niche and will monetize your blog, twitch or Youtube channel. I am involved with casino affiliate programs since 1997 and I know exactly how your start must be to avoid hassles and start building a solid trajectory. So, let's start:

  • Rewards Affiliates

  • Buffalo Partners

  • Vera & John

  • Slotland Affiliates

  • eGaming Online (EGO)

  • Best Casino Affiliate Programs

    There are so many rogue affiliate programs out there and that's the reason that most of the webmasters who start to marketing casino affiliate programs, pull out on first months. The affiliate programs that I will recommend you below are the best to start and monetize your blog. I am working with some of these programs since 1998 and getting paid on time. I know the casino affiliate managers and I can help you on any issue. So, let's take a look on what the best casino affiliate programs must offer:

  • No negative balance carried to the next month;

  • Commission payouts on time using a variety of methods;

  • Professional affiliate managers to help webmasters on doing the best strategies;

  • Honest casinos with a clean history of fairness;

  • Responsive on all e-mails sent by the webmaster;

  • Please, read below why the online casino affiliate programs listed here are recommended.


    Online Casino and Poker Affiliate Program

    29 casinos and 2 poker rooms to promote, including mobile casinos. A group of reputable online casinos you can promote in Canada, New Zealand, Germany, UK, and other good markets. Choose the best commission model for you. With only 1 account, you will have over 30 sites to promote and maximize your blog monetization. You will definitely find a casino in the same niche your blog. For your information, Casino Rewards group has been online since 1997, operating the top online casinos like Grand Mondial, Quatro Casino, Captain Cooks and many more.

    Sign-up now!


    casino affiliate program Buffalo
    - Affiliate program for casinos and sports betting - Buffalo Affiliates

    Start your affiliate marketing career promoting very respected online gambling brands. I'm talking about Platinum Play, Euro Palace, 7Sultans, Jackpot City, Spin (formerly SpinPalace) and many more. You can easily start placing some banners on your blog and monetize your content with one of the best casino affiliate program, online for many years.
    Sign Up at Buffalo Affiliates!


    Vera&John Casino Affiliate Program

    Place banners and links of Vera&John Casino on your blog, youtube, Instagram and other social media platforms and get monthly commissions. Available for clients worldwide, the Vera&John Casino affiliate program is one of the best options for bloggers talking about travel, games, fashion and other subjects. Casino brands: Vera&John, Jackpotjoy, Intercasino, and Finlandia Casino. You can explore pretty much all countries in Europe including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, UK and more.

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    Slotland Affiliates program

    Three casino brands specializing in slot machines. They pay commissions on client's deposits. For all deposits, you will get a share starting from 15% to 40% depending on how much you generate. The more clients and deposits you generate, the more deposits share you will get. You can promote Slotland, Win A Day Casino and Cryptoslots. Cryptoslots is the new casino launched by Slotland Group which is focused on cryptocurrency. The casino accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash. So if you have a Bitcoin blog or a general content about cryptocurrency, you can marketing Cryptoslots on your blog.

    Sign-up now!

    Affiliate Program information

    How to make money in my blog or website? This is one of the most asked questions and it's not so easy to list all business opportunities for webmasters, bloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers. For all newbies, starting their blogs and websites, the big challenge is to keep scammers out of their ways and believe me, there are dozens of them outside just waiting to catch you.
    One thing that bloggers and webmasters pay attention is for the highest commissions or highest CPA offers, and this should not be the right thing to start off your online business and get some revenue.

    As I am working with my websites network over a decade, I will give you some fast consulting here and will list my recommended affiliate programs which you can trust you will be starting in good hands. All of these affiliate programs are honest and pay on time... and that's what a start-up needs to be successful. Start with some top affiliate programs to fund your business and then, when you have a good traffic and client database, you can deal with higher commissions and other incentives.

    No doubt that online casino affiliate programs can be very profitable for bloggers and webmasters, but the key here is to find the best online casino affiliate programs, otherwise, you will have a really tough start-off and maybe dealing with wrong partnerships, your business will not take off.

    Affiliate Program commissions

    There are a variety of online casino affiliate programs that will pay good comissions for the player's lifetime. The most online casino affiliate programs offer 25% to 35% of revenue share. But, there are other affiliate programs more interesting for webmasters that are starting their blogs and websites on the online gambling industry.

    The big problem is: You can really make big money promoting online casinos but if any player wins $100,000 your commission account will be deducted 25% of $100,000 too... and the worst part is that your negative balance will be carried to the next month. And it's a really bad thing to webmasters who are starting to work in the online gambling industry.

    So, if you are starting to work with online casino affiliate programs, I recommend you to start promoting online casinos that will pay you a % for each deposit made AND casinos that will pay you a revenue share for the player's lifetime, and DON'T carries negative balances to the upcoming month.

    Another good deal is the gross revenue that will pay webmasters for the amount deposited by their referred clients without discounts (player wins, losses, refunds or chargebacks). Each deposit will return a commission from 15% to 35% depending on the amount deposited, and this works for the life of the player. All deposits will generate you a gross revenue. One of the recommended gross revenue affiliate program is Slotland.

    CPA is an amount credited per player, and it's paid only one time. The amount can change based on the player's first deposit. The bigger the deposit, the bigger the CPA, BUT this is not a lifetime commission as you will receive a flat fee on the first deposit only.
    Particularly, I don't like CPA deals because you can generate more money with the life of the player. Maybe the player deposited a few pounds to test the casino and in future can be a high roller.

    Cost Per Click (CPC) In this type of program, the Affiliate is paid per click, meaning they earn every time someone clicks on the banner, link in the review, or any advertising that is running on their blog, website or social networks. In this case, Affiliate compensation will depend directly on the performance of the advertiser's campaign. The commission per click may vary depending on the conversion rate.

    Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) In the Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) format, the advertiser pays a flat fee amount to the Affiliate when the banner advertisement reaches 1,000 views. This format could be interesting for Affiliates who has many hits because it will be paid on a recurring basis regardless of how many visitors click on the banner.

    Below I will list some of the best online casino affiliate programs to start. After you see some results, contact me and I can give you support for more programs and also on search engine optimization and online marketing.


    After sign-up in all casino affiliate programs listed above, you can visit and register as a real player in these casinos. Play in the free money version and if you want, play for real money to test the casino. You can start writing the current promotions for each one and also writing a deep casino review to inform your gambling audience about all details of each online casino. Welcome bonus, promotions, tournaments, and an updated offer is important for your readers.

    BANNERS: Place some casino banners on your website or blog, using banners that fit well in your design. I'd recommend you to use GIF banners (not flash banners). There are some casino banners that are updated automatically and using this advertisement, your website will be updated with all current promotions and offers.

    E-MAIL DATABASE: through e-mail marketing is not working as good as in past, it's important to build your e-mail database and send out weekly offers directly to your gambler's e-mail inbox.

    SOCIAL MEDIA: use your website profile on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Minds, Bitchute,, Twitter and Google+ to inform your followers about the latest online casino promotions.

    There isn't an easy way to make money from your blog or website. You have to work really hard every day to keep your website updated and advertise the current promotions and offers. Take some time to write new analysis and reviews every day, and when uploaded, spread the news in social media to tell your audience you have something new. Avoid black hat techniques and keep away from that miracle offers that "can give you millions of pounds" in a few days.

    Slotland affiliate program review

    Slotland  Affiliate program review

    Slotland is a very cool website full of online slot machines and loved by players worldwide. In the land-based gambling industry, more than 90% of players spend their money and time in front of slot machines. In the online gambling industry, it isn't different.
    Slot machines are very profitable to every online casino and also for webmaster portals.

    The SLOTLAND program will pay you 15% for each player deposit. It doesn't matter if the player wins or losses. Every deposit will generate you 15% for all deposits made by the player you refer. If you show some good result, they will update your commission to 20% !! Slotland is a nice program to start making money with online casinos.

    Slotland webmaster program is the best to start as you will not have any negative balance. You don't have anything to lose, you will only win with Slotland webmaster program.

    Click here and start promoting Slotland and make huge money every month.

    You can make huge money working with internet in your blog, website or portal. You will receive money commissions for every sale, sign up, click in gross revenue. The Internet can bring you huge money.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing has grown expotentialy and everyone can benefit from this awesome business trend. Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most popular ways to create extra revenue on the Internet. Whether you are a small user with a personal home page to a huge corporate website with millions of visitors a month, there's money to be made!

    As you read above, affiliate marketing can be an excellent opportunity for everyone who owns a blog, youtube channel, instagram account or have a good number of followers on social media. You can start your affiliate marketing campaigns immediately by posting your affiliate links on different channels. All visitors that sign up and make a purchase using your affiliate link, will generate you a commission.

    Another good thing about affiliate marketing is that you can get unlimited clients. The sky is the limit. The more clients you refer, the more money you will make.

    Nowadays, it is getting difficult to monetize your Youtube channel, Instagram account, Facebook page, or blog. Make a small test now: sign up in one of the casino affiliate programs listed below (reputable affiliate programs) and place your affiliate links in your social media channels, blogs, youtube and more. You will see the results flowing. If you have a good number of visitors or followers, you will get the first commissions within a month.

    Affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize your online presence. You have nothing to lose. Give a try and start your affiliate marketing career today. Just like me, that started on affiliate marketing as a part time job, and today is my full time entertainment.


    What is an affiliate program?

    An affiliate program is a partnership with an online merchant who compensates you for any sales you send the merchant from links on your site. This is an affordable way to earn money from your site, without going through the expense of setting up an e-commerce infrastructure.

    How does an affiliate program work?

    Visitors to your website will see your banners advertisement or revuiews offering them products and services. Your visitor can click on a link to visit the client's website and view the promotions offered in more detail. Should they conclude a transaction, you earn a percentage of the revenue generated.

    Are there any fees or hidden costs associated with joining an Affiliate Program?

    No, absolutely not. It is free to sign up, free to promote and free to use our standard promotional materials.

    Why become a casino and poker affiliate?

    Unlike most other affiliate programs, our casino and poker affiliate program really does pay! It's not a case of a once off payment but rather worthwhile commission that you will earn on an ongoing basis. Players are typically regular spenders who visit the casinos and poker rooms on an ongoing basis. Thus they will provide you with a regular sustainable income. Our casino clients offer their players an enjoyable, trustworthy gambling experience in a stress-free environment. Accompanying this are great promotions, loyalty bonuses and other incentives, which keep players coming back for more.

    How do I sign up as an affiliate?

    Simply go to the list of the best casino affiliate programs listed above and register. Typically there is a 24-hour approval process. Once approved you will receive a welcome mailer and get access to an affiliate portal. Here you can view and change your personal information, view your accounts, download banners, pop-ups, marketing material and promotional e-mails for inclusion in your website, as well as opt-in mailing lists. What's more, you will be able to promote our hugely successful casino clients together with our poker clients from one account number.

    Can I promote more than one Client?

    When you are accepted into the program you will be given the opportunity to promote all our casino and poker clients, this we encourage. Remember, each client is treated separately so a negative balance on one client will have no effect on other clients that you promote.

    How my refered players are tracked?

    The banner tags, e-mails and other promotional material that you download from your personal banner farm on affiliate website are embedded with your personal affiliate tracking code. The casino affiliate program makes use of session tracking for all purposes. When players you refer visit the client's website for the first time, this tag (session) is captured by the player tracking software. Any further activity in the casino by this player will then be allocated to this tag. You will then be credited for all income generated by the player.

    What are tags and how do they work?

    Tags are randomly generated sequences of alphanumerical code, which are attached to all your banners, e-mails and other promotional material. When a player visits the casino for the first time the tag is captured and logged. These tags will inform us that you have referred the player to the site, thus enabling us to track commissions for the player to you.

    How do I earn income off the players that I refer?

    When a player wagers money on the site you will be allocated a percentage of the wagers lost by the referred player. In poker, you will earn a percentage of the rake generated by the referred player.

    How do I check my stats and account information?

    You can log on to the casino affiliate website all day, everyday. There you will be able to view your account, payment history, subscribe to affiliate newsletters, read training materials and much much more.

    How are commissions calculated?

    Your commissions are derived by calculating the total wagers (income) less payouts, free money, charge backs & progressive contributions. The remaining amount is the casinos net income (Net Gaming Revenue) or purchase amounts wagered and spent. Your commission is calculated on this amount. Commissions are calculated by adding the income for all your referred players for the month by casino and applying the valid commission percentage. We have tiered commissions ranging from 25% to 40%, depending on performance.

    How are CPA payments calculated?

    CPA payments are split into two parts - $200 upfront and $200 extra bonus. The first $200 is earned when a new active player makes a second purchase (minimum casino purchase - currently $20). The second $200 is earned after 5 months if the player is still active. Please refer to the terms and condition for full details.

    What percentage of the sale will I receive?

    Casino Affiliates programs offer high commissions, which start off on 25% and range all the way up to 40%. Some affiliate programs also pays fro Sub-affiliates (2nd tier) you may refer.

    What happens if one of my players wins a progressive jackpot?

    A progressive jackpot has no effect on your affiliate income.

    What happens in the event of a chargeback?

    Chargebacks are deducted from the affiliate when and if they occur. Our casino and poker clients do everything in their power to prevent chargeback abuse. In the case where there is a chargeback, the amount will be deducted from the affiliates account. Please note: this will never result in a negative balance on your affiliate account.

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