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About Casinobillionaire

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I spend my days searching for innovations in the online gambling industry including new games, online casinos, sports betting sites, and concepts that could be interesting for my players.

I'm not linked with any online gambling corporate media or associations that dictate (through paid advertisements and sponsorships) what are the best gambling sites.

Very different than other sites, I will list a few gambling sites tested and approved by my players - you deserve the best. will help you to find trusted gambling sites to play casino games and bet on sports - less is more.

You can keep updated about my blog: follow me on Twitter (

Many Years of Research

Casinobillionaire is an one-guy blog online since 2002, but my experience in online gaming started back in 1997 with some free hosted blogs on geocities. When this blog was launched I was working with the business side of the online gaming industry adding as many casino sites I can to recommend to my visitors.

Today, as you can see, I am working in totally opposite way listing only a few sites in a web environment free of blinking banners, but reputable and full of information. I only list reputable gaming sites which means: very well established, solid, well funded, excellent history and reputation, professional support, online for many years. You don't need to worry about those money prizes won and never paid, or those casinos vanishing out-of-the-blue.

Only trusted and honest gambling sites - is trusted - a trusted source of information about online gambling sites (online casinos and sports betting sites).

My passion for exclusive research and innovation will provide you the best online casinos and sports betting sites with solid backgrounds.

Casinobillionaire Blog
Casinobillionaire Blog

I'm not part of any forum or industry organization that dictates what's the best casino to play. Instead, I try the casinos and sports betting site and if I think their are good, I will list here at

I do not care if a new casino is launched today and all "paid media" behind it are saying they are good and everyone must subscribe for their affiliate program. I will wait two years (most of the new casinos are closing on the first year) to see they are well funded and can at least pay big wins to my players.

I changed a lot. I'm doing my steps alone on this site and I'm proud of it. My VIP casino players are loyal and know I am always recommending the best deals in my exclusive newsletter.

Welcome to - less is more. Only the best gambling sites that will pay you on time. Trustworthy online gambling networks with many years of experience and solid backgrounds.

I take your fun seriously!

About Casinobillionaire

My alias was given by a friend a long time ago. No, it isn't because I won a billionaire jackpot playing a one-armed-bandit or Euro Lotto.

The alias casinobillionaire born in those years I was traveling heavily with friends, visiting beautiful places in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, India, Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz (Germany, Austria, Swiss). I always loved to play casino (especially slots).

Most of the destinations we visited and resorts we stayed used to have a big casino. I was always playing some spins on slot machines prior the dinner, the nightclub, etc. One day (didn't remember if Casino Bregenz or Wien), we were set to leave at 6pm to dinner and then take a night tour at some pubs.

My friends were all ready and I, obviously, was playing some slots in the casino pub a few steps from the entrance hall. The clock hit 6pm and they saw the tour bus coming our way in the resort.

Immediately, my friend asked the others in the group "Where are the casino billionaire?" and everyone start laughing while she went to the entrance of the casino pub and shout "Casino billionaire, come on!!". From that trip, I started to be called casinobillionaire for many, many years. At the time of establishing a blog, I thought: "Why not use my alias?". So, here I am my friends, regularly updating my blog since 2002.

Casinobillionaire reviews and lists pretty much all online casinos, including those not-endorsed (this case without a "play now" link) and the most reputable online casinos you can find checking our home page or landing-pages in different languages. Currently, I have Casinobillionaire in 13 languages listing online gambling sites recommended for all regions including Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, India, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and more...

At the end of 2017, I decided to start some changes at which includes some extra features for my visitors. This work is still in process and very soon you will get an even more friendly entertainment environment on cyberspace including not only casinos, sportsbooks, poker, bingo, free games but a more interactive touch like cooperation, bloggers, and other interesting stuff.

A new business model

I just limited the number of online casinos, online sportsbooks, online poker rooms, and online bingo sites that I recommend to my readers.

I will only recommend a few brands that are online for many years with an excellent reputation, very solid and well funded. I do not list all hundreds of new online casinos popping up every month, and then closing its doors out-of-the-blue.

I've had very bad experiences with new casinos - they are not trusted and not secure for players. Not trusted, because a lot of them tried to harm my blog after I said "no" for affiliate program invitation - if they do that with a blog, I can imagine what they can do for a player.

For these reasons, I'm not interested in casino affiliate programs anymore, just like I was when started I have this blog as my hobby now. Visitors can play live Blackjack with real money, free slots, read casino reviews, slots reviews along many other features. Our Youtube casino streamer channel (now moved to Bitchute) includes live gameplay with real money and test gameplay of new video slot machines launched. My Top #5 casino ranking will list only the most reputable online casinos.


Well, my inspiration is a mix of casinos/games (something I love since I was a small kid) and business. On early days in school, some of my drawings was futuristic machines, games or vending machines... anything coin operated was a true passion for me.

When I was 10 years old, I run away from the school after the lunch break to play pinball in the arcade house a block away from the school. I simply loved the mechanical side of the whole thing: insert a coin and the game will be active. I was doing everything possible to be at arcade houses as much as I can.

I was so in love with coin operating machines that if there are no arcades near, I used to insert a coin in a public telephone just to see the thing go live. I didn't call anyone, simply hung-up and the coin will be returned to me. It was something magical and very interesting for me.

Early days passion still today: Pinball

On the other hand, I was always passionate about businesses, especially big factories. There was a big factory behind my home which fabricates shoe ornaments using huge machinery.

I was always watching the whole process through the window and as the owner is the father of my schoolmate, I was constantly invited to enter the factory and see the operations. I was simply addicted and impressed with that huge machinery.

My father was working in big factories at those years, and some weekends they used to work - I was always there. On festive dates and to celebrate our grandpa's and grandma's birthday, all the families went to the countryside home of my uncle in Wisconsin.

There was a lot of food and delicious homemade pastries and while other kids were filling themselves with sugar delicious, I was always visiting my uncle's big-old factory.

I stayed there for many many hours, impressed with the size of the machinery in there. I stayed wandering around the factory analyzing every detail and asking him about the things.

My mom, cousins, friends made whatever thing possible to take me out of the factory to play with kids, but it seems my life was there... looking for the machinery and feeling the smell of a big old factory. This was a thing that excited me.

When I was 13 or 14 I noticed a closed big room inside my Uncle's factory. It took my attention all those electronic equipment in piles with non-stop blinking lights (red and green).

As I was already part of their business I asked about that room and he told me it was a part-time service he is working on. Actually, the service was available 24/7 but he was only working a few hours on it.

My Uncle was one of the first guys to start with 900 lines in Canada and the United States. He told me that the big room was a little, but profitable phone service company. I know nothing about it and he explained to me everything - showing the 900 lines in Canada and USA working, reports, call lengths, etc.

I was fascinated by the possibility to have a phone number where hundreds of people could call at the same time and get paid for how many minutes each one stayed connected. It was another thing I started to study a lot.

They provided pre-recorded 900 lines of a fortune teller, Zodiac, and live chat on the phone (just like cross lines). He was making a huge amount of money marketing their 900 lines in Canada and the US.

The Fortune Teller 900 line was later changed with live operators and this practically made my uncle win four times more only with this line. The Zodiac 900 line was only pre-recorded and was the top seller.

The live chat was funny as men call to one number and girls called to others, then the system made the connection. People stayed talking for long hours.

The services were replaced to international numbers and opened a huge amount of new markets, and he was now working with live operators in different languages and marketing the numbers to other countries. It was phone numbers based in Moldova and other countries.

My Uncle is a visionary and I learned a lot about business and innovation only by observing his endeavors. This was also an important step in my professional career as I also had 900 international lines years after my Uncle's.

I won a good amount of money until the lines were shut down and this kind of service never more returned. Then I started with blogs as I see something similar with 900 lines: you can attract a lot of people simultaneously.

Also, in the early days in school, I was always in management, not in classrooms. I was assisting the management, bringing documents, papers, sending messages to other areas, etc.

This was also happening during my entire scholarship. I wanted to be involved in business things, so, I started to sell tickets, music tapes of bootleg albums, and rare stamps during the class break.

Arcade houses, pinballs,s and every kind of coin operating game or machine are still part of my life. What some adults were interpreting as an attempt to be a lazy guy, today (I hope) they realize that I was doing what I love.

It was flowing in my blood and nobody was able to change that (thank God!). So, I have my own firm established in 1995 (business) and this blog since 2002 (games) that was the two things I was passionate about since I was 7 years old.

I would like to thank you for visiting this blog and being sure: this is a passionate hobby for me. I am planning a lot of new improvements soon.

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