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Vinyl - Pink Floyd - The Final Cutting (rare bootleg) - review

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Pink Floyd Final Cutting Bootleg Final Cut
Everyone interested in rare recordings from Pink Floyd will definitely enjoy this one. Actually, this rare record is recommended for those fans of the Final Cut album, because regular Pink Floyd fans may comply with the quality. This came from a tape that was bought in Argentina many years ago and for some reason, was not published anywhere. After the tape leaked on the internet, a record company launched some copies and name it "The Final Cutting". I particularly love the album"The Final Cut" so this recording is something very special in my private collection.

There aren't too many information about the Pink Floyd bootleg "The Final Cutting". I know that this is the exclusive show for the record company when Pink Floyd presented the music ready to be recorded. There are some differences in lyrics, instrumental, and effects. It could be a rehearsal session before the album has been done for recording and at the same time a private show only for the record company and special guests. You barely can hear some audience present.

The difference in some songs are very high and this makes this album a must-have for any fan of the original album"The Final Cut".

The quality obviously is not very good but as a hard-to-find Pink Floyd album, the bootleg "The Final Cutting" is absolutely amazing. The original album has something unique and special...  some fans don't like it... Others said this is a continuation of The Wall (no, it isn't)... It's an album you won't listen at any occasion. Due to the years of the tape, some parts are damaged, but the final result of the recording, in HD, makes things smoother. For a rare bootleg, this rare album is one of my preferred.

So, if you love the original album, you can get the demos and early mixes for the Final Cut LP, recorded live in 1982 in a personal presentation of the work for the record company.

01 - The Post War Dream
02 - Your Possible Pasts 03 - One Of The Few
04 - The Heroes Return (Part 1)
05 - The Guners Dream
06 - The Heroes Return (Part 2)
07 - Paranoid Eyes
08 - Get Your Filthy Hands Of My Desert
09 - The Fletcher Memorial Home
10 - Southampton Dock
11 - The Final Cut
12 - Not Now John
13 - Two Suns In The Sunset

Pink Floyd Final Cutting 1

Pink Floyd Final Cutting 2

Pink Floyd Final Cutting Disc

Vinyl - Pink Floyd - The Final Cutting (Rare Bootleg) Review

The Final Cutting is a rare bootleg vinyl release that showcases outtakes and live demos of Pink Floyd's album "The Final Cut." This collection is rumored to have been recorded in Argentina, offering fans a unique glimpse into the early stages of the album's development and the band's live performances during that time.


The Final Cutting features a selection of tracks that were recorded in the studio as outtakes and live demos. The specific tracklist may vary depending on the version of the bootleg, but it generally includes songs such as:

"The Post War Dream"
"Your Possible Pasts"
"One of the Few"
"The Hero's Return"
"The Gunner's Dream"
"Paranoid Eyes"
"Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert"
"The Fletcher Memorial Home"
"Southampton Dock"
"The Final Cut"

Sound Quality

Given that The Final Cutting is a bootleg release, the sound quality can vary. Since the recordings are unofficial and sourced from various sources, including live performances, the audio fidelity may not match that of a professionally produced album. However, for avid Pink Floyd collectors and fans, the allure of hearing these early versions and live renditions can outweigh the potential audio limitations.

Importance and Rarity

The Final Cutting holds significance for Pink Floyd enthusiasts who are interested in the band's creative process and the evolution of their music. This bootleg offers a rare opportunity to hear the songs from "The Final Cut" in their early stages, providing insight into the band's decision-making and artistic development.

As a bootleg, The Final Cutting is considered a rarity among collectors. Its limited availability and the scarcity of original copies contribute to its allure and appeal.


For die-hard Pink Floyd fans and collectors, The Final Cutting offers a fascinating glimpse into the making of the album "The Final Cut" and the band's live performances during that era. While the sound quality may not meet professional standards, the rarity and historical significance of the recordings make this bootleg a sought-after item.

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