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Game - Starblade - arcade game by Namco - Review

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It is impossible forget, back in the 90ies, when I was waiting for the weekend to go to the shopping mall and play Starblade. I was impressed with this video game by Namco and Saturday evenings my presence in the arcade house was a sure thing. I played Starblade for a couple of hours and left home to have dinner. Here you can read more about the Starblade video game and also watch a gameplay video of the online version I'm playing now.

Starblade Arcade Game 1

It was on 1991 or 1992 when I was a VIP client in the video arcade near my home, especially to play"that game" with space ships and wonderful graphics, running inside a cabinet making me feel like a real star warrior. The game I am writing about is Starblade produced by Namco.

The game is on rail shooter style (the path of the starship is automatic) and the player only have to shoot enemies in a space battle on Star Wars style. The awesome graphics for that year makes this space adventure very exciting. 3D graphics in that years were something very rare and impressive compared to bitmaps used in most of video games.

In 1994 was launched a version for Sega CD, but I believe in that year Starblade was not so impressive as it was in 1991. One year before Super Nes launched the classic video game Star Fox which the graphics was similar to Starblade.
The gameplay in Sega CD was a problem and to save memory and increase the speed most of the spaceships could not be rendered. So you was there shooting enemies spaceships and out of the blue a fleet of spaceships not rendered (only borders) appears in front of you.

Your role in Starblade is destroy a military station called Red Eye which is trying to attack the Mother Planet (player's planet). You have to destroy all enemies on your way to the Red Eye, find the reactor and destroy it. (yes, you have heard this on Star Wars )

An upgraded version was launched in 1996 for Playstation (Starblade Alpha). I never played any of video game versions but as I can see the Playstation version is very improved.

You can also emulate Starblade arcade using MAME. Starblade was definitely one of the top game at video arcades in 1991.
Take some time to play it in Playstation or emulated in MAME... if you are lucky enough, find the authentic arcade game to play and have the thrill of a space war in 1991.

Starblade Video : (check the gameplay)

Starblade Arcade Game

Starblade Arcade Game

Starblade Arcade Game

Starblade - Arcade Game Review

Starblade is an arcade game developed by Namco and released in 1991. It is a rail shooter game that offers players an immersive and intense space combat experience. With its innovative graphics and thrilling gameplay, Starblade quickly became a popular title in arcades around the world.


In Starblade, players take on the role of a starfighter pilot tasked with defending the galaxy against an alien invasion. The game utilizes a unique sit-down cabinet with a cockpit-like design, complete with a flight stick and throttle control. The immersive controls add to the realism and make the gameplay more engaging.

The game progresses through a series of levels, each featuring different enemy formations and challenges. Players must maneuver their starfighter and take down waves of enemy ships, asteroids, and other obstacles using the on-screen crosshairs. The gameplay is fast-paced, and quick reflexes are essential to survive.

Graphics and Sound

One of the standout features of Starblade is its graphics. At the time of its release, the game showcased cutting-edge polygonal 3D graphics, which were highly advanced for arcade games of that era. The vibrant and detailed visuals, combined with fluid animation, create a visually stunning experience.

The game also features a dynamic and immersive sound design. The audio effects, including the sounds of laser fire and explosions, add to the intensity of the gameplay. The accompanying music sets the tone for the space combat atmosphere, further enhancing the overall experience.

Difficulty and Replayability

Starblade offers a challenging gameplay experience, especially as players progress through the levels. The enemy formations become more complex, and the intensity of the battles increases. The game requires precise aiming and quick reflexes, making it a rewarding experience for skilled players.

Despite its difficulty, Starblade has a high replayability factor. The addictive gameplay, coupled with the desire to improve scores and reach higher levels, keeps players coming back for more. It is a game that can be enjoyed by both casual players looking for a thrilling space combat experience and hardcore gamers seeking a challenging arcade title.

Pros and Cons

Innovative and immersive sit-down cabinet design.
Cutting-edge polygonal 3D graphics for its time.
Fast-paced and intense gameplay.
Addictive and high replayability value.
Engaging sound design and music.

May be challenging for inexperienced players.
Limited number of levels.

The video game Starblade by Namco is a classic arcade game that offers an exciting and immersive space combat experience. With its stunning graphics, intense gameplay, and addictive nature, it remains a favorite among arcade enthusiasts. If you're a fan of rail shooter games or enjoy retro gaming experiences, Starblade is definitely worth checking out.

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