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Manhole - Nintendo Game & Watch

Manhole is a Game & Watch by Nintendo released in 1981 that sold anything between 250K - 1million worldwide.
This handheld game has 4 controls ( Upper Left, Upper Right, Lower Left and Lower Right ) and 3 lives.
You have to move a manhole to cover 4 holes while people are walking to avoid the pedestrian to fall into a sewage. The game starts very low with only 1 person walking but as your score go up, the number of people walking increases turning the game more difficult requiring more timing, technique and coordination.
The maximum score in the Nintendo Game & Watch Manhole is 999 and when you reach 300 points all misses will be reseted, and if you don't have any miss at this time you will get double score until a miss is made.
Every time a pedestrian walks through the manhole without falling, 1 point is scored. When a pedestrian falls into the sewage a miss is scored. When you get 3 misses, the game is over.

This Nintendo Game & Watch is really hard to find and it was one of the first released.


- There are 4 manholes and only 1 manhole cover. Player must shift the cover from manhole to manhole to prevent pedestrian from falling in.
- Player have to use the 4 buttons to move manhole cover so that pedestrian not fall into manhole.
- One point is added every time a padestrian passes over the manhole safety
- If the manhole is not covered at the time a pedestrian is walking through, the pedestrian will fall and one miss will be scored;
- When the players get 3 misses, the game is over.
- When the player reaches 200 and 500 points, any miss marks indicated at the time are erased with a fanfare and the game continues.
- Only one pedestrian appears at the beginning of the game, but as score increases, the number of pedestrians increases up to 10. The number of pedestrian decreases temporarily every 100 points scored.
- The maximum score is 999 ( score over 999 points is reseted to 0 and a new game is started)
- In the game B the walking speed of pedestrians increases as game progresses. In all other aspects, Game B is exactly the same as Game A.

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