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FIRE - Nintendo Game Watch - Review & Gameplay Video - 1981

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This handheld game, called FIRE, was launched in 1981 and sold over 1,000,000 copies worldwide. The game uses as usual 2 LR43 batteries, single-player, 3 lives, and offers two levels of gameplay: A e B (more difficult).

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The gameplay of FIRE Nintendo Game Watch is quite simple. You have only 2 buttons to control (left and right).
The game is based on a building on fire, and people are jumping from the balcony looking for help. Your mission is to control two firemen with a spring-board and get all these persons to the ambulance on the left side and avoid people fall on the floor.
Simple guide Left and Right and make sure to take all these persons to the ambulance
Every person should be throwing back 3 times until land in the ambulance. The problem here is when you reach 70 or so points, and dozen of persons start jumping down. You must be fast, man !

In the game B, they jump from all floors and make the game more difficult and intense while in the game A they only jump from the fourth floor.

The maximum score on FIRE Nintendo Game Watch is 999 and when you got 200 and 500 points all misses are cancelled.

8 Nintendo Game Watch Collection Fire



Date of Release: 4th December 1981

Model Nr: FR-27
Acronym: FiRe
Rating: DC3V 0.0002W
Battery: Alkali-Manganese batteries LR43 (or SR43) x 2
Manufactured: Japan
Sold: More than 1,000,000 Worldwide
Nr. of players: 1
Lives: 3
Modes: Game A & Game B
Controls: Left and Right Button
Other Buttons: Game A, Game B, Time, Alarm & ACL


Fire starts of with a fire in a flat, so lots of humans are jumping down from a balcony. You have to move two firemen who have a spring-board in their hands. If the people land on it, they're thrown back in the air and also a bit to the right side. After throwing back each human three times they land in an ambulance.

Game differences

In game A the people jump only from the fourth floor, whereas in game B they also jump from the third floor, so it's a bit more difficult.


Maximum score is 999 and when the score reaches 200 & 500 points all misses are cancelled.

Cheats and tricks

Speed increases with score. With every 100 points, speed returns to normal so you can take a breather before it starts to get faster again.
As the score increases the evacuees come down in greater numbers. A maximum of 9 evacuees can be on the screen at any one time.


1 point for every time you receive an evacuee.


You get one miss if you fail to receive an evacuee and he falls on the ground. Three misses (shown as angel marks on the screen) and the game ends.

Other notices

If you hold in Game A or Game B key the highest previous score will be displayed. The highest score will disappear if the ACL switch is pressed or if the batteries are detached. If the unit is left as it is after the game is over, time display will appear in about five minutes. A game is not interrupted even if TIME key or other game keys are depressed during game playing.

FIRE - Nintendo Game & Watch Review

FIRE is a classic handheld game released as part of the iconic Nintendo Game & Watch series. Developed by Nintendo in the early 1980s, this game offers simple yet addictive gameplay that has stood the test of time. In this review, we'll dive into the key features of FIRE and explore why it remains a beloved title among retro gaming enthusiasts.

Gameplay and Objective

In FIRE, players assume the role of a heroic firefighter who must rescue people jumping from a burning building. The game consists of two modes: Game A and Game B. In Game A, players control a single firefighter, while in Game B, two firefighters are simultaneously controlled. The objective is to position the firefighters under the falling people and safely catch them using a trampoline. However, players must be careful to avoid falling objects, such as flowerpots and birdcages, as they can cost valuable lives.

Simple Yet Challenging

FIRE features straightforward gameplay mechanics that are easy to grasp, making it accessible to players of all ages. The game's simplicity is one of its strengths, allowing for quick and enjoyable pick-up-and-play sessions. However, as the game progresses, the falling objects become faster and more numerous, increasing the challenge. This simple-yet-challenging aspect keeps players engaged and coming back for more as they aim for higher scores.

Quintessential Game & Watch Design

FIRE is a prime example of the signature Game & Watch design. The game is housed in a compact and sturdy handheld device with a dual-screen setup. The top screen displays the falling people, while the bottom screen showcases the firefighters and the trampoline. The LCD screens feature monochromatic graphics that effectively convey the game's visuals. The responsive buttons and clear sound effects further enhance the gameplay experience.



FIRE remains a beloved entry in the Nintendo Game & Watch series, offering simple yet addictive gameplay and the charm of a retro handheld device. It captures the essence of classic gaming and serves as a nostalgic reminder of the early days of portable gaming. Whether you're a fan of vintage games or looking to experience the roots of handheld gaming, FIRE is a title worth exploring.

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