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Nintendo Game & Watch collection

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Nintendo Game Watch collectionNintendo Game & Watch collection - when I started this blog, I used to write reviews of my precious Nintendo Game & Watch collection here, and now I decided to work in this post which is actually a quick guide to my handheld vintage game collection which includes both single and multi-screen games. Below I will list every single Nintendo Game & Watch I own, with a link to a deep review and video to check the gameplay. Though I don't have completed the collection yet,  here you will check some of the best Game & Watch titles, some of them mint in-box! As soon I've got new reviews done, I will update this page with the new thumbnail and link to review and video.

For all you, who don't know what is a vintage Game & Watch,, below is a picture of part of my old school handheld games by Nintendo, just to show you what I'm talking about.  Scroll down and check all my Nintendo Game & Watch collection. Click the game you want to read a full review and watch my video playing. I also uploaded all Game&Watch gameplay videos in a dedicated playlist on Youtube. Very soon I will record new videos as my collection has grown a little since the last video.

Play Online Now!

I am happy to announce that I started to add Game&Watch to play online. That's right! Now you can have fun and play the online version of classic Game&Watch games. Check the games I have done for you:

  1. Online version of Donkey Kong II

  2. Online version of Mario Cement Factory

  3. Online version of Mario Bros

  4. Unfortunately, the online version of the Game&Watch games listed below is not mobile-friendly. You can play the games below only on laptop and desktop computers.

  5. Online version of Donkey Kong Jr

  6. Online version of Ball

online version of Donkey Kong Jr and other mini-games already added. My goal is to offer you simply all Game&Watch games online. Bookmark this pages to get all updates.

Nintendo Game Watch collection

Ball Nintendo Game Watch Arcade game Arcade
Play here!

Mario Bros Arcade game Arcade
Play here!

Marios Cement Factory Arcade game Arcade
Play here!

Donkey Kong 2 Arcade game Arcade
Play here!

Nintendo Game & Watch reviews

Below you can check the reviews of my collection. Every review includes a piece of text, picture and gameplay video. The review table below will be updated with the online version of each respective game as new online versions is being uploaded. Enjoy!

Nintendo Game Watch Manhole
Rain Shower

Nintendo Game Watch Rain Shower

Nintendo Game Watch Greenhouse

Nintendo Game Watch FIRE-----------------------------


Nintendo Game Watch Chef

Ball Nintendo Game & Watch
Donkey Kong Jr

Donkey Kong Jr Nintendo Game & Watch
Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong Nintendo Game & Watch
Donkey Kong 2

Donkey Kong 2 Nintendo Game & Watch

Blackjack Nintendo Game & Watch
Mickey & Donald

Mickey & Donald Nintendo Game & Watch
Mario Bros

Mario Bros Nintendo Game & Watch
Mario Cement Factory

Mario Cement Factory Nintendo Game & Watch
Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Nintendo Game & Watch

Octopus Nintendo Game & Watch

Parachute Nintendo Game & Watch

Popeye Nintendo Game & Watch

Pinball Nintendo Game & Watch
Oil Panic

Oil Panic Nintendo Game & Watch
Snoopy Tennis

Snoopy Tennis Nintendo Game & Watch
Turtle Bridge

Turtle Bridge Nintendo Game & Watch

Squish Nintendo Game & Watch

This is a little part of my Nintendo Game & Watch collection. Hopefully I will get some time to play and record more gameplay videos and write up new reviews. I'd say there are a lot of old reviews I would like to update or write up new ones. I also have some "lost content" somewhere on my backup drives, and as I am finding new content I will uploading here to keep you informed. I'm a huge fan of vintage video games so, on my free games page I will also started to upload Game&Watch emulators you can play online instantly on mobile, tablet, iOS Mac, or PC. I already have Donkey Kong Jr., and Donkey Kong and very soon I will add a bigger variety of Game&Watch games to play online. Bookmark this page as more regular updates will start to happen starting on May 2019. Thanks for your visit!

How I started my collection

It all started when my childhood neighbor came with Donkey Kong Game & Watch. He shows me and explains to me it is a portable video game you can play wherever you want. I played a couple of times and simply fell in love. I started to ask all my schoolmates if anyone else has a Game&Watch. One of my friends was a big collector. He showed me a bookcase in his TV room full of Game&Watch games. I started to play a lot and some of my best friends lend me some games during the whole weekend. The next step was to start buying my own games. My dad found a guy who travels a lot and asked him to buy one for me. My first Game&Watch was Turtle Bridge. As you probably read on my about page (bottom link) I was a gamer since I was a small kid, so, Game&Watch was part of my life.

Turtle Bridge - my first Game&Watch

This game suffered a lot... I was playing every day and during the weekends in almost non-stop gameplay sessions. I was very curious about finding some tricks to get higher scores. I found out that if you play without the batteries cover, and press and release the batteries very slowly, some kind of tilt happens and your level and score jump to the heights. I opened Turtle Bridge several times trying to discover something that I can do to cheat the game and also to know how they assemble the game. I was really crazy about these mini-games.

The only Game&Watch I had in those years was Turtle Bridge, but the good thing is that nobody has my game, so I was constantly exchanging with my friends and also with friends of friends. I spent the whole weekend playing until Monday when my Turtle Bridge returned to the home. With this, I played almost all the games available and started to build a buying priority. My second Game&Watch was Donkey Kong Jr., then Donkey Kong. I stayed for many years without buying any game until finding some offers on eBay. Then the list started to grow fast and I have a lot of games in my private collection now. Watch my gameplay videos on Youtube!

My Game & Watch Pictures


Donkey Kong 2

Donkey Kong Jr


Green House


Mario Bros

Mario Cement Factory

Mickey & Donald

Mickey Mouse


Oil Panic




Rain Shower



Nintendo Game & Watch Advertisements

Below you can check some vintage advertisements by Nintendo in the United States, Europe, Asia, and other countries.

This is a TV advertisement for the release of Donkey Kong and Oil Panic.

Nintendo Game & Watch Advertisement Zelda
Zelda Game & Watch

Nintendo Game & Watch Advertisement Donkey Kong and Oil Panic
Donkey Kong and Oil Panic

Nintendo Game & Watch Advertisement Donkey Kong and Oil Panic
Donkey Kong and Oil Panic

Nintendo Game & Watch Advertisement BALL
Ball was released as Toss Up in the USA

Nintendo Game & Watch Advertisement
Donkey Kong, Oil Panic, Silver Series games: Ball, Vermin, Judge

Nintendo Game & Watch Advertisement
Mario Cement Factory and Donkey Kong Jr - Wide Screen series

Nintendo Game & Watch Advertisement
Mario Cement Factory and Donkey Kong Jr - Wide Screen series

Nintendo Game & Watch Advertisement Wide Screen series
Wide Screen series

Nintendo Game & Watch Advertisement Donkey Kong Jr
Donkey Kong Jr

Nintendo Game & Watch Advertisement Silver Series
Silver Series

More photos of my Nintendo Game&Watch Collection

Nintendo Game & Watch Vermin

Nintendo Game & Watch Judge

Nintendo Game & Watch Helmet

Nintendo Game & Watch Lion

Nintendo Game & Watch Egg

Nintendo Game & Watch Fire Attack
Fire Attack

Nintendo Game & Watch Bomb Sweeper
Bomb Sweeper

Nintendo Game & Watch Safe Buster
Safe Buster

Nintendo Game & Watch Gold Cliff
Gold Cliff

Nintendo Game & Watch Zelda

Nintendo Game & Watch Tetris

Nintendo Game & Watch Flagman

Top 10 Nintendo Game & Watch games

These rankings was submited by collectors. You can also submit your ranking using my contact page.

Marcel Reich all time Top 10

  1. Chef (FP-24) Because it one of the fastest games. Very very difficult. I like difficult and fast games.
  2. Fire (FR-27) Also very fast and difficult. One of the two Game & Watch we had when I was about 5 years old. It was the Wide screen.
  3. Mickey Mouse / Egg (MC-25 / EG-26) I can tell you. My thumbs begin to sweat when I play these two games. I prefer Egg, it a bit more difficult.
  4. Mario the Juggler (MB-108) It unbelievable fast. Maybe a bit too difficult.
  5. Mickey & Donald (DM-53) Also one of the two games we had when I was young. It a classic for me.
  6. Manhole (NH-103) Yes, you need to have more than 2 eyes. I prefer the New Wide screen.
  7. Lifeboat (TC-58) Very difficult, but when you concentrate you can finish this game in about 5-10 minutes. It goes so fast.
  8. Vermin (MT-03) A simple Game & Watch that is very difficult, too. "What do I say?"
  9. Donkey Kong Jr. (DJ-101) New Wide screen. Now always left, right. It's good that it won't begin new, when you reached 999 points. It's faster then.
  10. Safebuster (JB-63) I like the figure you have to move. It looks so sweet.

Cedric Thonont all time Top 10

  1. Lifeboat (TC-58) I love this "book" form, I love the typically G&W characters, the background and of course the gameplay.. You must have one eye on each screen !
  2. Snoopy Tennis (SP-30) The Characters are really funny (who doesn't like Snoopy ?). The Gameplay is really interesting and funny too !
  3. Mario's Bombs Away (TB-94) The first I found in Venice, 2 Years ago, then I started to collect ! My favourite Panorama with Mario in an unusual role. Really beautiful colours and graphics.
  4. Mickey & Donald (DM-53) Excellent Multiscreen with an incredible casting ! Very interesting game !
  5. Balloon Fight (BF-803) I discovered this game when I started to collect. For me the best g&w with scrolling. Play the game with the sky as background ! Very beautiful !
  6. Mario's Cement Factory (CM-72) I love these colours ! Not really fast but fun... One of my greatest toy when I was young !
  7. Fire (RC-04) I discovered this game when I started to collect. A classic of course ! Everyone knows the wide version, I prefer this one because it seems to be a real antiquity!
  8. Squish (MG-61) The best "modern" Multiscreen, with good scrolling and crazy gameplay ...
  9. Donkey Kong Jr. (CJ-93) Really beautiful with rich gameplay and music ! I love Donkey Kong characters..
  10. Greenhouse (GH-54) A classic too. Really fast, you can become crazy with this game. Nice typical g&w character !

Peter Hassing all time Top 10

  1. Ball (AC-01) The 1´st game of Nintendo, pure nostalgic.
  2. Snoopy (SM-91) This orange colour is just cool and nice design.
  3. Donkey Kong Jr. (DJ-101) I remember this game from my school back from the 80´.
  4. Mickey & Donald (DM-53) This game is funny to play, and once again nice design...
  5. Fire Attack (ID-29) I think I have played this game for 100hours back in school..***cool***
  6. Pinball (PB-59) This pinball game is just like playingat the Burger-bar...Funny to play....
  7. Popeye (PG-74) I love Popeye he is my hero..
  8. Donkey Kong Hockey (HK-303) Nice entertainment for 2.
  9. Vermin (MT-03) Over 20 years old and cool to play..
  10. All 3 crystal games

Gustaf's (Fletch) all time Top 10

  1. Squish (MG-61) My childhood game, this is what game&watch is to me!
  2. Mickey & Donald (DM-53) I love the colour, design, figures and the game rocks!
  3. Greenhouse (GH-54) This game is so tense, Stanley is the ultimate game&watch icon!
  4. Rain Shower (LP-57) Every game has a story behind it, and this story is just to great!
  5. Chef (FP-24) I love the background and it's an honour to help the chef.
  6. Vermin (MT-03) This game is beautiful; silver, art and game in one!
  7. Snoopy (SM-73) You have to see the original box to really appreciate this game!
  8. Tropical Fish (TF-104) A great game and the name is just so cool!
  9. Turtle Bridge (TL-28) The nr 1 game&watch to play in the summer.
  10. Safebuster (JB-63) Great characters and sooo game&watch!

Ramrodius all time Top 10

  1. Super Mario Bros. (YM-901-S) The most beautiful of all the game and watch no matter what else you think about it. Splendid.
  2. Snoopy (SM-91) I love the panorama series as they look great and are generally good to play. This is the best.
  3. Mario's Bombs Away (TB-94) As above, this game is easy on the eye and fun on the fingertips.
  4. Donkey Kong Jr (DJ-101) Another enjoyable one. The multiscreen DK isprobably better but this is the one that I spent mostof my childhood playing.
  5. Mario the Juggler (MB-108) What I like most about this game is the box. What a shame that it was the last as this (and Balloon Fight, Climber and Super Mario Bros before it) has a quality box with gorgeous Nintendo artwork.
  6. Flagman (FL-02) Don't bother playing this just look at it and marvel at its all-round loveliness. Except that it's not that pretty, just rare, rare, rare.
  7. Micro Vs. Series When I first started collecting Game and Watch these were some of my favourites. Now I class them with Blackjack as they are definitely the most boring G & W ever. I just wish that I had one of these when I was at school as two-player rocks (in theory only).
  8. Mario Bros. (MW-56) Back to gameplay and this is one of the games I play regularly. Awesome twin screen action and excellent training for a generation of shelf-stackers across the world.
  9. Judge (IP-05) I like Judge. Purely for the quirky game that it is. I think that most of the concepts behind the silver series games are quite odd and I put this down to their 'Japaneseness.' I think Judge demonstrates this best and I love it all the more for it.
  10. Fire (RC-04 / FR-27) This is the game I play most. It can go on a bit but it is the best for a quick blast of game and watch enjoyment.

Gautier's all time Top 10

  1. Vermin MT-03 this game is 20 years old, but to my mind, it's the funniest game to play! A bit stressful, but not too much, really the best!
  2. Lifeboat TC-58 normally I can't play to this kind of Multiscreen,because I can't have an eye on each screen, but this one is perfectly playable for me! A very good game, I like all in this game, the character, typically Game & Watch-style, the design, the gameplay...
  3. Super Mario Bros YM-105 so different of the other G&W... Maybe becauseof its NES-style, I really like this game!
  4. Green House GH-54 the game from my childhood...Nothing to say, except I love this game!
  5. Zelda ZL-65 a so cool gameplay and design! When I play to this game, it's different of all the other G&W, maybe because of its various action?
  6. Fire FR-27/RC-04 So classic, so cool!
  7. Squish MG-61 Cool game, very original concept!
  8. Ball AC-01 The first G&W, it's really a pleasure to play with. Just a bit repetitive.
  9. Popeye PG-92/PG-74 Great game, I love the high-coloured design!
  10. Lion LN-08 You have to be VERY attentive in this game! Hard to make highscores!

Games in the Silver series

The games where called Silver Games because the front plate of the games where silver. Five different games where released within a couple of months.History was created when on April 28th, 1980 Nintendo released it's first Game&Watch game: Ball. It was a small handheld unit that featured a Game and a Watch.


My Favourite SILVER Series Games in order

1. Vermin (MT-03) Simply the best Silver Game. Fun and fast
2. Fire (RC-04) The Classic.
3. Judge (IP-05) Fun to play against the computer or an opponent
4. Ball (AC-01) Fun, but gets a bit too repetitive
5. Flagman (FL-02) Unfortunately not my favourite as it gets a bit tiring after a while and if you have a pen and paper it is very easy too cheat. Prefer Game B.

Games in the Gold series

On the 29th of January, 1981 Nintendo released its second series of the increasing popular Game&Watch, the Gold games. A couple of new features was added to the games. First of all an alarm feature, a second small hole was added on the front so the owner could set an alarm time. And on the back of the game there where a small metal pin that you could fold out so that the game could stand on a table. The front plate was gold coloured.


My Favourite GOLD Series Games in order

1. Manhole (MH-06) Very catchy. You need eyes all over the place
2. Helmet (CN-07) Not as difficult, but one of my schoolyard favourites.
3. Lion (LN-08) Still Fun, but very frustrating when the lions keep moving around, pretending to come out and then don't.

Games in the Wide Screen series

Wide Screen games were introduced in June 1981. New screen size, hence the name Wide Screen, together with new game characters. Three well known cartoon figures where licensed by Nintendo. Popeye, Mickey Mouse and Snoopy. From June 1981 to April 28th, 1982 Nintendo released 10 different games. Well, actually it was 9 games. Mickey Mouse and Egg are practically the same game. The only difference is that Mickey where replaced by a wolf and sold as Egg.

Mickey Mouse
Turtle Bridge
Fire Attack
Snoopy Tennis

My Favourite WIDE Screen Games in order

1. Popeye (PP-23) Excellent Fun! Specially trying to avoid Brutus Fists.
2. Turtle Bridge (TL-28) First Game and Watch I owned.
3. Fire (FR-27) Actually more fun than RC-04 as you get your points faster.
4. Chef (FP-24) I love the way the mouse takes the fallen food.
5. Octopus (OC-22) I like this because depending on how brave you are you can get loads of gold.
6. Parachute (PR-21) Another Classic.
7. Snoopy Tennis (SP-30) Fun. I like when the ball is hit back to me. Very confusing.
8. Fire Attack (ID-29) Good fun, but I keep forgetting to press the hit button.
9. Mickey Mouse (MC-25) Better than Egg it's Mickey
10. Egg (EG-26) Quite fun, but you never seem to know witch egg is going to drop first.

Games in the Multi-Screen series

The Multi-Screen series is the largest with 15 different games. It surprisingly is also the easiest to complete and seems to be very popular amongst collectors. These were the only games with more than one screen in the Game & Watch series.

Oil Panic
Donkey Kong
Mickey & Donald
Donkey Kong II
Mario Bros.
Rain Shower
Bomb Sweeper
Gold Cliff

My Favourite MULTI Screen Games in order

1. Donkey Kong (DK-52) I'm sorry, but this has to be nr.1... First Game and Watch I EVER played. Just Fantastic!
2. Greenhouse (GH-54) Great Game. Fast and intense
3. Bombsweeper (BD-62) Who said only the old games are the best.
4. Mickey & Donald (DM-53) I like this game. Not easy controlling 2 players.
5. Zelda (ZL-65) Another great 'New' game.
6. Donkey Kong II (JR-55) What can I say? Donkey Kong rules !!
7. Oil Panic (OP-51) I like the idea where the top screen is a close-up of the bottom screen.
8. Mario Bros. (MW-56) Another game where you have to control 2 people. Difficult.
9. Lifeboat (TC-58) Fun. Game B is much harder than Game A
10. Rain Shower (LP-57) I like the way the birds pull back the line on Game B.
11. Squish (MG-61) I prefer Game B to Game A
12. Gold Cliff (MV-64) I like the Continue feature, but can't quite get used to the long jumps by holding the jump button.
13. Safebuster (JB-63) I don't know. The tube is a bit too long.
14. Black Jack (BJ-60) It's not too bad I suppose. Good for a gamble.
15. Pinball (PB-59) Boring !!! Just not very realistic.

Games in the Tabletop series

Definitely the largest Game & Watches that were made. Probably not the most popular as they were difficult to carry around in your pocket.

Donkey Kong Jr.
Mario's Cement Factory

My Favourite TABLETOP Games in order

1. Popeye (PG-74) Yeeeah......Take that you bully.
2. Donkey Kong Jr. (CJ-71) Coleco Great Game. More colourful than the original.
3. Mario's Cement Factory (CM-72) Good game. Can be confusing which way the lifts actually go.
4. Donkey Kong Jr. (CJ-71) Put it as #4 just to confuse you.
5. Snoopy (SM-73) Just can't seem to get into this game.

Games in the Panorama series

These games are amongst the classiest made. They are sleek, fold up nicely and are in colour.
Donkey Kong Jr.
Mario's Bombs Away
Mickey Mouse
Donkey Kong Circus

My Favourite PANORAMA Games in order

1. Popeye (PG-92) Go and get him Popeye !!!
2. Mario's Bombs Away (TB-94) Excellent game ! Fun to blow up all the soldiers.
3. Donkey Kong Jr. (CJ-93) Great Game. Save Donkey Kong.
4. Donkey Kong Circus (MK-96) Not too fussed. Can take it or leave it.
5. Mickey Mouse (DC-95) Same concept as MK-96.
6. Snoopy (SM-91) Same as Snoopy Tabletop. Just can't get into it.

Games in the New Wide Screen series

New wide screen where introduced in October 1982. The last one releases, Mario The Juggler, was in October 1991. The game play for Mario The Juggler is interesting, it is very close to Ball, the very first Game&Watch game. Looks like Nintendo ended the Game&Watch era with the same sort of game they started it with.

Donkey Kong Jr.
Mario's Cement Factory
Tropical Fish
Super Mario Bros.
Balloon Fight
Mario the Juggler

My Favourite NEW WIDE Screen Games in order

1. Super Mario Bros. (YM-105) One of the most fun Game and Watches ever made.
2. Manhole (NH-103) Simply a great game. See also MH-06.
3. Tropical Fish (TF-104) Good fun. Game B a lot harder though.
4. Donkey Kong Jr. (DJ-101) Another Classic. Difficult to judge the jump.
5. Climber (DR-106) Keep Climbing! Endless fun.
6. Mario the Juggler (MB-108) A spruced up version of the original Ball
7. Balloon Fight (BF-107) Great game. A pity only one life.
8. Mario's Cement Factory (ML-102) Always confused if the lifts go up or down?


I am a huge fan of vintage Nintendo handheld games and became a collector after playing some titles when I was a kid. Today I still searching for some games that I need and usually buy them on eBay or directly from other collectors. I believe Nintendo Game&Watch games are creative and beautifully developed. Could you imagine a kid in the mid of the '80s where video games were something restricted and to play some decent games you should go to an arcade house? Then this kid gets their hands in a beautiful, colored box with an electronic mini-game inside. Each box contains only one game, then to play different titles you'd have to buy more, or exchange with friends. That was magical! Nintendo Game&Watch games are perfect in my opinion: lovely characters, great stories and themes and a lot of creativity - which made the difference in those early days of video games. Now, you can start collecting your own vintage games buying them online on eBay or Amazon, or by visiting some specialized shops like Big Rig Bounty Hunters, Cajun Pawn Stars, American Pickers, American Restoration, Pawn Stars, rare toys, rare vintage games. Have fun!


This is a rare original Nintendo OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). As Nintendo didn't have their own distribution centres in various countries, Nintendo sent the game in this box to the different companies to distribute the game in their country. The company (for example Ji21 and tricOtronic) would then package the game in their own designed box and sell it.

Nintendo Game Watch DC 95Nintendo Game Watch MK 96

Have you ever wondered why Mickey Mouse has the label DC-95 and Donkey Kong Circus has the label MK-96. Me too and I believe that Nintendo got it the wrong way round. If anyone knows more about this then let me know.

The game that features most in the Game & Watch series is Super Mario Bros. There is YM-105, YM-801 and YM-901. All the same game in different formats. You might say there are 3 'Popeye' and 3 'Donkey Kong Jr.' also, but Donkey Kong Jr. DJ-101 is not the same game as CJ-71 or CJ-93. Popeye PP-23 is not the same game as PG-74 or PG-92.

'Fire', 'Manhole', 'Snoopy', 'Mario's Cement Factory', 'Climber' and 'Balloon Fight' are the same game and come in 2 different formats.

Nintendo Game Watch Mario the Juggler

Did you notice that Nintendo's first released Game & Watch Ball (AC-01) and Nintendo's last released Game & Watch Mario the Juggler (MB-108) are more or less the same game? I think it was intentional as they wanted to end the Game & Watch series as they Started. A kind of loop.

As you know Mickey Mouse (MC-25) and Egg (EG-26) are exactly the same game with different characters. Egg is far rarer as it was released in certain countries only. If anyone knows more about this, then please let me know.

Over 1,600,000 Game & Watches were sold from 1982-1983

All games have a 'test' mode. Most of them light up all the crystals when you put in the batteries or press the ACL button. Those that don't you will have to hold down the Jump/Eject button while you put in the batteries. The test mode will be there until you release the Jump/Eject button.

Here is some useless information. If you don't want to press the ACL button you can press the following buttons simultaneously to get the same result:

Turtle bridge (TL-28): Time + left button + right button
Fire Attack (ID-29): Time + lower left button + lower right button
Snoopy Tennis (SP-30): Time + left button + lower right button
Oil panic (OP-51): Time + both buttons
Mickey and Donald (DM-53): Time + down on left button + right on right button

Greenhouse (GH-54): Time + down-right
Lifeboat (TC-58): you can activate game 'B' by holding in the Left and Right button, and then pressing the Time button
.Squish (MG-61): Time + down on left button + left on right button
Donkey Kong Jr. Panorama (CJ-93): Time + down-right
Manhole (NH-103): Time + lower left + lower right

More interesting trivia on Nintendo Game & Watch games:

Balloon Fight: you can get to the 17th level by holding the time button as you press the game button.

If you hold the Jump button and then press the Game button In Super Mario Bros YM-105 you will start at level 3-1.

The game where you are allowed the most misses is Mickey Mouse (or Egg). You can get up to 6 misses (only if you miss when Minnie (or the Lady) appears) before the game ends.Oil panic you can miss 5 times before the game ends.

Bomb sweeper is the only game which has only one control panel. The game with the most buttons (10) is Donkey Kong Jr. (Separate buttons for Up, Down, Right, Left, Jump, Game A, Game B, Time, Alarm and ACL).

How did Gunpei (Nintendo's Game & Watch creator) manage to make the Tabletop and Panorama games in colour, since a LCD screen can only have two states, either see through or black. The clever thing here was that he reversed the technique he had used on previous Game & Watches. Instead of the figures, characters and hazards showing up as 'black' (on) he made them see through (off). This means the background is in colour and when nothing is there the crystals are 'black' and when you move your character around the crystals where he is at become see through. Get it? The only problem with this is that you need a light source behind the colour masks to be able to see the characters.

The most popular game ever was Donkey Kong and was introduced in 1982 as one of the 'Multiscreen' series.

The interesting thing about the 'Multiscreen series' is that because Nintendo patented the game housing (unlike the other versions) there were hardly any pirated copies. Many companies stole Nintendo's concept in the early days and produced their own bootlegs of Nintendo games. The most obvious are the Russian games.

Licensing of game characters continued. In the game Mickey & Donald (DM-53), three popular Disney characters appeared. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. Then there was Snoopy, Popeye and Nintendo's own Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Mario, Luigi and Zelda

The serial number system that Nintendo used was based on a 2 plus 6 digit scheme. The two first numbers was pre-stamped on the label, the six remaining digits was a sequential number.

There were exactly 60 different Model Nr. of Game & Watches made. They are: AC-01, FL-02, MT-03, RC-04, IP-05, MH-06, CN-07, LN-08, PR-21, OC-22, PP-23, FP-24, MC-25, EG-26, FR-27, TL-28, ID-29, SP-30, OP-51, DK-52, DM-53, GH-54, JR-55, MW-56, LP-57, TC-58, PB-59, BJ-60, MG-61, BD-62, JB-63, MV-64, ZL-65, CJ-71, CM-72, SM-73, PG-74, SM-91, PG-92, CJ-93, TB-94, DC-95, MK-96, DJ-101, ML-102, NH-103, TF-104, YM-105, DR-106, BF-107, MB-108, BU-201, UD-202, BX-301, AK-302, HK-303, YM-801, DR-802, BF-803 & YM-901.

There could have been 61 had Nintendo decided to release Tetris (TR-66). Unfortunately, Nintendo thought it might ruin sales of the Game Boy version. There are rumours that some got out to the public, but that is just rumours. I have yet to see any, but if anyone has any they would be worth a fortune. You can however buy the mini classic version if you want to see what it would have looked like.

OEMoriginal equipment manufacturer

Originally OEM was an adjective used to describe a company that produced hardware to be marketed under another company's brand. Mitsumi, for example, produced CD-ROM drives that dozens of companies would label as their own. It's often now used as a verb, as in this sentence: "This CD-ROM drive is OEM'd by Mitsumi."



Q. When did the Game & Watch era start?

A. The first Game & Watch that was released was Ball on the 28th of April 1980

Q. When did it end?

A. For Nintendo it ended in 1985, but it authorised a company after that to produce them. The last game was Mario the Juggler and came out in 1991.

Q. Who started it?

A. Well, the company was Nintendo of course. The brainchild behind it was Gunpei Yokoi. I would suggest you read Nintendo's history. It's fascinating.

Q. How many Game & Watches are there?

A. 60 Different games (model numbers).

Q. I know there are a lot of variations of the game and different boxes. Could you explain more.

A. I would suggest going to Reviews. It will give you all the information you need.

Q. Who has the highest scores on each game?

A. Well, I don't know what the world records are, but if you go to Hi-Scores you will find some great scores.

Q. Where can I find these games?

A. is probably best, but for more information go here.

Q. What about the value of these games?

A. Well, the value is only what a collector is prepared to pay at a certain given time. However mint games seem to mostly go up in value as you can see on this value guide.

Q. People talk about the 60th Game & Watch, what is it and where can I find more information?

A. Well that is the only official Game & Watch that came out as a limited edition and could only be won as a prize. See here.

Q. I've seen some Game & Watch games that don't have the Game & Watch logo. Why is that?

A. It could be bootleg copies. Most of them came from Russia. Also some companies put their own Logo there (with Nintendo's authorisation of course) to use as promotion items such as Bosch on Turtle Bridge, Candia on Popeye and Mickey Mouse and Alsthom Atlantique on Popeye. These games are quite rare and were only available in about 200 copies.

Q. So was Game & Watch a success for Nintendo?

A. Well, not as much as you would think. The problem was that many of these Game and Watches in circulation were illegal bootlegs. The first real million sellers were Donkey Kong and Popeye. Otherwise these games were relatively unsuccessful and Game and Watch was dissolved in the summer of 1985, although some appeared later on. It did however pave the way for the amazingly successful Game Boy.


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