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Parachute Nintendo Game & Watch

Parachute Nintendo Game & Watch was released in June 1981 and sold over 1,000,000 copies worldwide.

Skydivers with their parachutes are jumping out of a helicopter all the time. You have to control the boat left and right to save the skydivers.
In the game B, sometimes the skydivers are caught in trees and stay there swinging for some seconds until continue falling.
The maximum score is 999 and when you reach 200 and 500 points all misses are cancelled.
Sometimes you can handle with up to 10 skydivers at the same time.

When you miss a skydiver he will be eaten by a shark.

Skydivers come parachuting down over shark-infested waters and lifeboat tries to catch them.
1 - press the GAME A key and the highest previous score will be displayed.
2 - try to catch skydivers moving the boat left or right
3 - one point is awarded for each skydiver caught by the lifeboat
4 - when a skydiver falls into the ocean he is attacked by sharks and you miss one.
5 - when player reaches a bonus socre (200 or 500 points) any miss marks indicated at the time are erased with a fanfare and game continues.

Skydivers come down one at a time in the begining of the game. Then come down 2, 3,... as score increases.
Up to 10 skydivers will be on screen at same time.

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