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Donkey Kong JR Nintendo Game & Watch

Donkey Kong JR is another awesome Nintendo Game & Watch handheld game launched in October, 1982 and sold over 1,000,000 copies worldwide.

In this game you control Donkey Kong JR to rescue his papa, Donkey Kong, which is locked in a cage. Donkey Kong JR have to avoid spanjaws and birds attacking all the time and move to the edge of the cage. Then, Donkey Kong JR have to jump perfectly to grab the swinging key to unlock 1 part of the cage. Donkey Kong JR will need repeat all this way 4 times until get Donkey Kong completely released from the Mario's cage... then the game starts all over again.
To avoid the attacks from snapjaws and birds Donkey Kong JR can jump, hold on to a vine and drop a fruit on them.
The maximum score at Donkey Kong JR Nintendo Game & Watch is 999 and when you reach 300 points all misses are cancelled, and if there are no misses, double points will be awarded until you get a miss.

Mario has Donkey Kong locked up in a cage and Donkey Kong Junior goes to help his papa. He has to evade snapjaws and attacking birds and open the cage with 4 keys.

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