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Donkey Kong II Nintendo Game & Watch

Donkey Kong II is the sequence game for Donkey Kong. In this game & watch you have to control Donkey Kong Jr in a very dangerous mission: to rescue Donkey Kong wich was captured by Mario.
Donkey Kong Jr have to throw the key to the upper screen to unlock the lock of the jail and face birds, snapjaws, and electric shocks all the way until to reach the jail on the upper screen.
On the upper screen there are 4 locks and every time you unlock one you will have to do all the way back to grab another key on the bottom screen and continue the game until you have unlocked all the 4 locks. You can't forget to throw up the the key on the bottom screen otherwise you will get the locks and will have to back down to do it.

After unlock all 4 locks Donkey Kong is free and the game starts all over again.

The maximum score in Donkey Kong II game & watch is 999 and when the score reaches 300 points one more Junior is added and if you haven't a miss you will have double score points until you miss.

All Donkey Kong games are great and with Donkey Kong II you will continue this amazing journey !

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