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Atari Metaverse Casino Review

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Atari Metaverse Casino Review: An Infinite Open World Casino - From a giant yellow circle aimless eating dots and running from ghosts to designing a fully functional crypto-based infinite open world! Atari brought its "A" game into the casino world but is it really what people are talking about?

Video games have undergone a massive improvement over the years. With Atari being the few pioneers of our gaming addictions, the brand has created something outstanding with its years of experience.

According to some of the top video game websites, Atari is set to launch its own metaverse casino that features a giant open-world environment where players can roam, buy cars and play all sorts of casino games.

What's exciting about the Atari metaverse casino is that the brand partners with NFT's and brings real-time investment into its metaverse ecosystem. The developers have promised other entertainment sources like basketball courts, planes, cars, and yachts. Still, we have yet to see how much Atari delivers on its promise. So let's find out more in this Atari Metaverse Casino review.

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Atari Metaverse Casino Review

About Atari Metaverse Casino

Game Features - Atari Metaverse Casino is like an amped-up version of GTA where you can do everything except kill other players (though we aren't sure if Atari will add this or not). But the rest of the features are similar to Rockstars' best-selling series (GTA). You can buy cars, planes, yachts, hang out with friends, and most of all, win real money in casino games.

Atari Metaverse Casino is set to take over the online gambling industry with its immersive experience, NFT's, and character creation features.

But the sad news is that the trailer on YouTube wasn't officially released by Atari. Instead, it was leaked by an insider source. A recent Tweet by Atari confirmed that the trailer wasn't supposed to be up, but everything in the video is real.

As I am covering the most important innovation in the online gambling industry, I recommend you to check my blog post metaverse casino which is explained how innovative online casinos and sports betting will be in the metaverse.

Atari Token

Metaverse Currency - Now that we know that Atari's metaverse casino is real, the first question that comes to mind is which currency we will use? Atari has launched its own crypto-based on Etherium blockchain called "Atari Token". To play the game, players have to buy a set amount of Atari tokens that they can utilize.

All casino bets at the Atari metaverse casino are powered by Atari Tokens. So if you are thinking about investing in this coin for crypto profit, you might be on the right track. But as of now, the game is in development, and we aren't sure whether it'll come out as promised.

Atari Metverse Casino
Atari tokens to play casino games and buy NFTs

Gaming Experience at Atari Metaverse Casino

Atari Metaverse Casino is bringing a revolutionary game to the market, and its fans are on the edge of their seats. After all, our favorite game developer is taking a swing at crypto, NFTs, and metaverse, so what's not to love?

Each user gets an avatar to enter and explore the metaverse. Avatars are customizable, giving players unlimited personalization options. The in-game currency is Atari Token which is an ERC-20 token built on Etherium, meaning it's safe.

The crypto casino is similar to conventional casinos. However, the major difference is that bets are made and collected in cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the winner gets more money if the crypto's value increases - a sweet treat for crypto lovers!

Additionally, crypto payments are non-taxable, so you get to keep the lion's share of your winning. Crypto casinos aren't new to the market, but Atari's metaverse experience looks promising.

Atari will be partnering with Decentral games for this project and offer several arcade games on the platform. In a company blog, Atari reveals that players will come across some nostalgic titles. If they are lucky, they'll be able to win unique sets of digital cards (NFTs).

The Atari casino project looks promising with a captivating experience based on the promotional video. But fans fear the game might be laggy because it includes some heavy-duty programs. If Atari can manage to deliver an outstanding gaming experience, the crypto market for Etherium will spike uncontrollably and might make this crypto the new bitcoin.

Atari Metaverse Casino Games

Getting Started...

  • Step 1: Create an Account

  • After the game has been downloaded and installed, run the setup.exe file as an administrator, and you'll be taken to the main screen. Here you need to connect your wallet. You can choose between MetaMask, WalletConnect, and Torus.

    After choosing a wallet, you'll be asked to sign up with your email address and password. The signup process is pretty straightforward, but you can only choose between two genders – quite behind modern standards.

  • Step 2: Setting Up The Game

  • Setting up the game is more like creating your avatar. You can also tweak the graphics as per your system. We won't say that character customization is detailed because most wearable items look similar. Moreover, the graphic quality wasn't as good as the trailer. But it's a bitcasino game, so the character customization can be modified in later updates.

  • The Controls

  • Next comes the control menu, where you can see how to control your character. You have the option of changing the controls, but they might be ineffective. Moreover, there are no in-game sounds as of yet whether you are out in the open world or playing in the casino.

  • The Marketplace

  • The last option in "setting up the game" is "marketplace." This option isn't available yet, but we assume it'll be a sweet spot for people looking to shop for new clothes for their avatar. The game developers promised that Atari metaverse casino would have cars, yachts, and other vehicles – maybe you can buy them in the marketplace option.

  • Deposit Options

  • To start betting in the metaverse casino, you have to make a deposit of around $100. Unfortunately, the game doesn't support any other crypto than ATRI. We didn't have Atari Tokens in our wallet, so we decided to buy them from the casino. Besides the price of ATRI, we had to pay an Etherium fee and transaction cost. So the value was slightly above $100.

    Atari Token

    Inside The Atari Metaverse Casino

    The graphics of this game aren't groundbreaking but comfortable to look at. The latest graphic mods with anti-aliasing and shadows are pleasing to look at. Still, they are uncomfortable after playing for more than an hour. So we didn't mind the game's low to medium graphic setting.

    The Atari Metaverse Casino inside was reminiscent of a physical land-based casino but less crowded. There are several games inside, including slot games, poker, blackjack, and roulette.

    However, most of the games weren't working when we reviewed the game. The slot machines inside the casino were official Atari machines with iconic games like Asteroids. Unfortunately, we accessed the beta version, so these games weren't up and running.

    There is a stand outside the casino which is an excellent touch to the metaverse factor of this game. We immediately understood that this stand is for clothes and shoes for the players' avatar, and they cost real money.

    Free-Roaming In The Metaverse

    After exploring the Casino, we made our way to the outside city to see how things were. The city was gorgeous, and the graphics weren't too overwhelming. The walkways were reminiscent of classic MMORPG games, and if you are a fan, you'll love the ambiance of this game.

    Just a couple of minutes' walk from the casino was a building where two apartments were for sale. Players can buy these virtual properties through ATRI and use them as NFTs. However, we couldn't get the hang of how real estate valuation works in the game.

    Our team wanted to make an early investment, but we weren't sure how the value of these NFTs would increase. Plus, our ATRI (Atari token) would have been wasted if this game was never released or didn't receive enough attention from the consumer market.

    A couple of blocks from the apartment was the NFT mall which was empty. The mall piqued our interest because we wanted to know what was for sale. The game was pretty smooth, so we assume "the mall" would be a common hang-out place for players to take a break from the casino.

    The Bottom Line

    The game was in its beta phase when we reviewed it, but it was pretty impressive. The developers have several things in mind, and they are slowly implementing them in the game. Even after the game launches, there will be several heavy updates that'll change your experience. There were unfinished pieces, and the game crashed several times, but it was all in good faith because it was a beta version.

    All in all, the Atari Metaverse Casino game was pretty cool, and we wanted to explore more places, take a car for a spin, or sail in a yacht. But we couldn't as these features were under development.

    During the Atari metaverse casino opening party, it was registered that over 2,000 users attended the event. During the party, the guests also enjoyed several promotions including give away Atari tokens, NFTs, and MANA. It was a very important event to promote the upcoming presence of the legendary video game in the Metaverse.

    more to come...

    Atari Casino Hotel Las Vegas

    Atari Casino Las Vegas

    You can check the first look at how the Atari Casino in Las Vegas will be. The architecture and design firm in charge of the project released some images of how the hotel-casino will look like.

    "Like Atari’s legacy in innovation, Atari Hotels is infusing synthetic reality into every aspect of the hotel, creating an immersive hospitality and gaming experience for our guests. From our virtual interactive world to the physical locations, every element of Atari Hotels will offer a unique and authentic experience for everyone.”, said Shelly Murphy, Managing Partner, GSD Group."

    Atari hotels will be available in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Phoenix, Arizona, and other locations in the future, attracting video game and cyberpunk enthusiasts. Other locations are on the list: Austin, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle. The group is already in talks with other possible partners to build themed hotels in other countries and Dubai, Gibraltar, and Spain could be the first ones to get their presence.

    The pioneer video game company is diversifying its business with video game themed hotels, casinos, NFT, and exploring new trends and innovations.

    Guests will for sure enjoy a variety of themed locations and attractions as the group owns more than 200 video games and franchises including popular arcades like Space Invaders, Asteroids, Enduro, Missle Command, Jungle Hunt, Centipede, and many more.

    The hotel is expected to have 500 rooms, which means this will be a small hotel if compared to the big titans in the town offering over 3,000 rooms, like The Venetian Las Vegas for example. It is expected to the hotel open its doors in 2022, but I believe it is too early to predict a date as the things are not visible yet.

    Atari Casino Hotel Las Vegas

    The hotel will have the format of the Atari logo, a big "A" in neon with a very modern look-and-feel. Their goal is to offer a fully immersive experience for every age and gaming ability, including AR and metaverse. The rooms will have different themes and guests will enjoy shops, restaurants, casino, bars, esports, and sure, retro video games.

    You can get more information by checking this post regularly or visiting the Atari hotels official website that will publish the progress of their building process.

    Review by: Alex Ramos
    Last update: 13 January 2022


    What are Atari Tokens, and how do they work?

    Atari Tokens are created by Atari to fuel the in-game economy of its game in progress. This metaverse game will include casino games and NFTs that you can purchase via Atari token. Players can use Atari tokens to give tips, buy NFTs and play casino games online.

    What is Atari Casino metaverse's release date?

    Atari metaverse casino game trailer was mistakenly released in 2021. Still, the game developers haven't shared any details about the release date of their passion project.

    Can I win real cash playing Atari Metaverse Casino?

    Yes. It is a real money casino accepting real money gambling so you can wil real cash on slot machines, video poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, dice, and many other casino games that will be available.

    When Atari Casino Las Vegas will be ready?

    There is no date for the Atari hotel in Las Vegas openning day, even if the project will really happen. Check this post regularly for updates about the Atari hotels.

    Last update: 13 January 2022

    Author: Alex Ramos

    Alex Ramos

    Author Bio: Alex Ramos is a casino specialist that reviews online gambling sites and games. A professional and independent blogger not linked to any casino corporate media or association. Alex dedicates its career for online casinos and online entertainment. He is graduated in Computing Science and is working in the online gambling industry since 1997.

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