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USA Mega Millions Lottery - Mobile App for USA Lotto

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Arizona , Arkansas , California , Colorado , Connecticut , Delaware , Georgia , Idaho , Illinois , Indiana , Iowa , Kansas , Kentucky , Maine , Maryland , Massachusetts , Michigan , Minnesota , Missouri , Montana , Nebraska , New Hampshire , New Jersey , New Mexico , New York , North Carolina , North Dakota , Ohio , Oklahoma , Oregon , Pennsylvania , Rhode Island , South Carolina , South Dakota , Tennessee , Texas , Vermont , Virginia , Washington , Washington, D.C. , West Virginia , Wisconsin , U.S.A.

USA Mega Millions SCHEDULE
Tue 23:00 Fri 23:00

Jackpot paid in 26 annual installments.

USA Mega Millions CASH VALUE : About 50.00%


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Play USA Mega Millions Lottery

The USA Mega Millions Lottery started in 1996 as "The Big Game" and it only becomes the Mega Millions Lottery in 2002 when two additional states were added. Since then USA Mega Millions Lottery continued growing its state list. The Mega Millions Lottery offers the largest lottery jackpot in North America at $390 Million.

USA Mega Millions Results Online

Here at CasinoBillionaire, we maintain a database of Mega Millions Lottery results updated with the most recent Mega Millions drawing. The Mega Millions Lottery results are available to all visitors to check.

USA lottery app

USA lottery app - Illinois lottery tickets available on mobile
Illinois state lottery launched its online wagering service offering the opportunity for punters to purchase lottery tickets and check results and other information. The lottery mobile app is the perfect solution for all punters interested not only in the State lottery but also in Powerball and Mega Millions offers.
Clients can find the nearest lottery ticket outlet and also purchase lottery tickets online with a minimum purchase of $5.

The USA lottery app is available for persons over 18.

VISIT THE ONLINE LOTTERY PAGE - check results, upcoming draws and jackpots

Mega Millions lottery - $640 millions winners

Mega Millions lottery $640 millions winners - officials will identify Mega Million lottery winners in the next hours

Mega Millions lottery - $640 millions winners - Huge lines in all USA lotteries with buyers dreaming to get a share of the biggest lottery jackpot in the USA history totaling $640 million.

Officials don't know how many winners will split this jackpot but they guarantee that one winner is already confirmed who bought a lottery ticket in Baltimore County.

"This is truly remarkable and historic," said Maryland lottery director Stephen Martino.

In Atlanta, was announced the winning numbers of this drawing which are: 2-4-23-38-46 and Mega Ball 23. Due the number of $1 lottery tickets sold it will take many hours to identify the winners.
The odds of winning a lottery jackpot is 175 million to 1 and if a single ticket wins the winner will receive the millionaire jackpot in 26 annual installment payments or a one time payment of $462 million.

In 2007 the previous Mega Million biggest jackpot was $390 million and was splited by two winners in Georgia and New Jersey.


US$ 336M Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot shared by two

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US$ 336M Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot shared by two.

A New Yorker and a Southern California man both guessed correctly all five numbers plus the Mega Ball and hit the second-biggest Mega Millions Jackpot in Mega Millions history.

The odds of winning the Jackpot were one in 176 million.What made the win even sweeter for Kevin Ogawa, the winner from Southern California, was that he bought only one lottery ticket, for a dollar. That is indeed a sweet return on a dollar.Kevin chose the cash option, meaning he will take home about US$ 107 Million.

James Groves, the lucky winner from New York, commented in his interview to the New York Post that winning the lottery happened in a point in his life when he was completely down on his luck, completely broke and that he felt like the skies smiled upon him and granted him his wish.

The winning combination in August 28th drawing was37, 1, 17, 31, 54 and Mega Ball 31.Mega Millions is a multi-state game played in 12 states.

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Lotteries results and expected lotteries jackpots

Lotteries results and expected lotteries jackpots

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U.S.A. - Powerball US$ 33,000,000 Florida - Lotto $3 US$ 32,000,000 Europe - Euro Millions € 15,000,000 Florida - Lotto $2 US$ 17,000,000 California - Super Lotto US$ 16,000,000 Germany - Lotto € 11,000,000 New York - Lotto US$ 13,000,000 Ireland - Lotto € 9,000,000 Australia - Oz Lotto Au$ 15,000,000 Canada - Super 7 Can$ 12,000,000 New Zealand - Powerball NZ$ 14,500,000 Spain - El Gordo € 6,300,000 France - Loto € 6,000,000 U.K. - National Lottery £ 4,400,000 Florida - Lotto US$ 7,000,000 Israel - New Lotto NIS 26,000,000 Finland - Viking Lotto € 4,500,000 Switzerland - Lotto SFr. 6,800,000 New Jersey - Pick Six US$ 4,500,000 Missouri - Lotto US$ 4,400,000 Wisconsin - Megabucks US$ 4,300,000 Brazil - Mega-Sena R$ 8,000,000 Finland - Lotto € 3,000,000 Spain - La Primitiva € 3,000,000 Romania - Loto 6/49 RON 12,568,655 Australia - Powerball Lotto Au$ 5,000,000 Canada - Lotto 6/49 Can$ 4,000,000 Australia - Saturday Lotto Au$ 4,000,000 Illinois - Lotto US$ 3,250,000 Hong Kong - Mark Six HK$ 21,000,000 Tennessee - Lotto Plus US$ 2,500,000 Colorado - Lotto US$ 2,500,000 Connecticut - Classic Lotto US$ 2,300,000 Oregon - Megabucks US$ 2,200,000 Washington - Lotto US$ 2,100,000 Quebec - Quebec 49 Can$ 2,000,000 British Columbia - BC 49 Can$ 2,000,000 Indiana - Hoosier Lotto US$ 1,500,000 Tri State - Megabucks Plus US$ 1,350,000 Michigan - Classic Lotto 47 US$ 1,300,000 Arizona - The Pick US$ 1,300,000 Belgium - Lotto € 900,000 Austria - Lotto € 750,000 U.S.A. - Hot Lotto US$ 1,050,000 Sweden - Lotto Skr 7,000,000 Massachusetts - Cash WinFall US$ 900,000 Massachusetts - Megabucks US$ 500,000 Greece - Lotto € 350,000 U.K. - Thunderball £ 250,000 Poland - Duży Lotek PLN 1,000,000 Louisiana - Lotto US$ 325,000 South Africa - Lotto R 2,500,000 Kansas - Super Kansas Cash US$ 235,000

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This is the Lotto Drawing currently with the Biggest Declared Jackpot in the world!

U.S.A. - Mega MillionsUS$ 325,000,000 08:00:38

- Or choose one of the following lotteries with the highest jackpot in the world,sorted for your convenience by their jackpot.

2 Italy - SuperEnalotto€ 42,500,000 23:30:38

3 Ohio - Classic LottoUS$ 36,100,0001 day 05:29:38

4 U.S.A. - PowerballUS$ 33,000,0001 day 07:59:38

5 Florida - Lotto $3US$ 32,000,0001 day 09:00:38

6 Europe - Euro Millions€ 15,000,000 00:00:38

7 Florida - Lotto $2US$ 17,000,0001 day 09:00:38

8 California - Super LottoUS$ 16,000,0001 day 08:57:38

9 Germany - Lotto€ 11,000,000 22:45:38

10 New York - LottoUS$ 13,000,0001 day 09:06:38

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Italian Super Enalotto offers the BIGGEST Jackpot in its history

Italian Super Enalotto offers the BIGGEST Jackpot in its history

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And right now, the Biggest in the world! To win the Jackpot, one´s numbers must match the 6 numbers drawn. Last time someone won a SuperEnalotto Jackpot of extraordinary proportions was in 2008, when a 100 Million Euro Jackpot was hit.To participate in the SuperEnalotto, please click in the link below :

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US$ 1.8 M Lotto Jackpot won in Louisiana

Charles Spansel Jr. of Kenner, Louisiana won the US$ 1.8 M Lotto Jackpot just as his deceased father had foreseen

Before Charles Spansel Jr.´s father passed away, he told Spansel´s wife that his son would one day win "the lottery". Two months later on July 1, Spansel claimed the US$ 1.8 Million Lotto jackpot from the June 6 drawing.

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Spansel, age 57 of Kenner, used his winnings from a previous drawing to purchase the ticket that won him the jackpot. However, after a relaxing vacation with his family, he had difficulty finding the ticket.

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"Once I heard about the winning ticket from New Orleans, I had a feeling it was mine," shared Spansel. "I went to the Lottery Web site and realized that my numbers matched the Lotto winning numbers." Although Spansel wanted to share this wonderful news with his family, he kept it a secret. "One of my daughters was getting married eight days later, so I thought it would be best if I waited. I didn´t want to steal the spotlight from her day," he said.

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For two weeks, Spansel kept his winnings a secret from his family until early Father´s Day morning when he told his wife and children. "They were all shocked, but it´s fitting that I shared the big news with everyone on Father´s Day. I was honoring my father who knew I would win all along," said Spansel.

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Spansel won $1,845,829 and received $1,292,080, after federal and state taxes were withheld.

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California man working 3 jobs wins US$39 M lottery jackpot

California man working 3 jobs wins US$39 M lottery jackpot

For 20 years, Clyde Persley of Santa Cruz worked more than 60 hours a week making candy, driving limousines and waiting by the phone to pick up extra hours at a restaurant.

He bought lottery tickets and hoped for his big break. And he got it. Persley, 49, turned in his winning SuperLotto Plus ticket to the California Lottery office Tuesday night, said California Lottery spokeswoman Cathy Doyle Johnston, and will receive a check for about US$ $16 Million in four to six weeks.

"I´m so happy for my family," said Persley, who is married with a 4-year-old daughter. "We gotta´ get the money first, but we are definitely not going to waste it.""The next step is to get financial advisers," he said "And I have to take my wife to Hawaii. She really wants that."

Persley has been working three jobs for the past six years to support his family. He worked part time as a limousine driver and on-call at El Palomar restaurant, but he worked full time for Santa Cruz Nutritionals, formerly Harmony Foods, operating candy-making machines.Although he no longer has to work, Persley finds it hard to think about leaving his job.

While there are no plans for penthouses or private jets just yet, Persley does see relaxation and family time in his future.His priorities include a college fund for his daughter, support for his mother and his father-in-law and traveling."I want to live a quiet life without stress," Persley said."There is not much more you could ask for."

UK Thunderball – New at theLotter

Online lottery tickets lotto lotteries

Online Lottery

UK Thunderball – New at theLotter

We are happy to present the newest addition to our list of available lotteries – the UK Thunderball.Thunderball is a 5/34 +1/14 PB game, offering fixed prizes. The draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday.Thunderball owes its popularity to its great winning odds of 1:3.8 Million and to the fact that whenever there’s more than a single Jackpot winning ticket, the Jackpot is not divided by the number of winners - each winner receives the whole Jackpot Prize.

Online lottery tickets lotto lotteries

€126M Euro Millions lottery ticket was purchased Online

€126M Euro Millions lottery ticket was purchased Online

Online lottery tickets lotto lotteries

Online Lottery

Euro Million's biggest lottery winner didn't know she had won €126 Million (US$170 Million) because she was in bed with the flu.The lucky woman was the only jackpot winner of May 8th Euro Millions drawing.

She failed to realize her numbers had come up until she dragged herself to work on Monday to save herself from being fired.The unnamed 25-year-old, from Majorca, said, "I still had the flu on Monday but with the crisis we are going through, I decided I had to go to work anyway out of fear of losing my job."

She had bought her ticket from an Internet Vendor, who repeatedly tried to contact her by email and phone over the weekend. But she ignored them all because she was sick, before finally answering their call at work.

She will now pick up the biggest Euro Millions jackpot check ever awarded to a single person — for €126 Million.Playing on-line, through theLotter, shields you from the risk of losing your lottery ticket. There is also no need to check lottery results. Upon winning, our customers receive an immediate e-mail notification and their winnings are credited to their Credit Card or bank account.

Online lottery tickets lotto lotteries

A couple Luton won 11 Millions playing the UK National Lotto On-Line

Lottery Tickets Online

Online Lottery

A couple from Luton won 11 Millions playing the UK National Lotto On-Line

Martyn White and wife Sandra were finishing off their packing for a week-long vacation to Italy when they learnt that they had won 10,784,075 Lotto Jackpot in the April 8th drawing.

"It was Saturday and we were leaving for our flight so I switched on my computer first thing to double check our flights and to see whether there were any delays. Whilst looking, I saw there was an email saying I was a winner. I thought lovely - that will go in the holiday kitty. I wasn't going to check but intrigue got the better of me and I logged onto my account. It took me ages to spot the amount and even then I thought the email was wrong. Next I checked the winning numbers and recognised them all... it began to dawn on me that it wasn't a mistake and that we actually hit the Jackpot!”

Martyn, a sales manager for a vehicle electronics company, hopes to take early retirement whilst Sandra plans to swap her pastoral role at her local school for that of interior designer once they have found their dream home. "We are hoping to buy something nearby as we have lived here all our life and have lots of friends locally. I have always wanted a swimming pool and can't wait to start planning the interior decoration of our new pad when we find it."

Lottery Tickets Online

One Euro Millions lottery ticket wins €126M jackpot

Lottery Tickets Online

Online Lottery

One Euro Millions lottery ticket wins €126M jackpot (US$170M).

One lucky lottery ticket from Spain matched 5 lotto numbers plus the two Lucky Stars in May 8th Euro Millions drawing to win a massive jackpot of €126 Million (US$170 Million).The huge prize was the result of six successive drawings without a winner.

The winning ticket, worth €126,231,764 (US$170,198,287), was sold in a central Madrid lottery sales office.The winner has not yet been revealed, as to be expected. Government lottery offices normally recommend that lottery winners take some time to receive financial counseling and make proper arrangements.

Previous Euro Millions winners include two French citizens and a Portuguese national who shared €183.5 Million (US$246 Million) in Feb. 2006, and Irish resident Dolores McNamara who collected €115 Million (US$154 Million) in July 2005.

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Two Friends Split 1,7 Million Missouri Lotto Jackpot

Lottery Tickets Online

Online Lottery

David Murdock of Cameron and Jon Hubbard of St. Joseph will split the US$ 1.7 Million jackpot from the April 1 drawing.

The two men started playing Missouri Lotto together when they were both employees of WireCo World Group in St. Joseph.

"I don’t like to check the tickets," said Hubbard. "So even though I don’t work at WireCo anymore, I just kept buying them and sending them to David."

Lottery Tickets Online
Murdock, 44, would get the ticket from Hubbard, 54, and check the winning numbers on the Internet. When he discovered that all six numbers matched on April 3, he picked Jon up and made a trip to Kansas City to claim their prize at the Missouri Lottery regional office.

"I feel like a million bucks," said Hubbard, after presenting the winning ticket.

The men will evenly split the lump-sum payment of US$ 850,000. After taxes are withheld, each will receive a check for more than US$ 300,000. Both indicated plans to invest the money.

"I’ve got two children in college," said Murdock. "And I’ll probably pay off the house."

This is the 188th Missouri Lotto jackpot awarded.

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Great News for Massachusetts Megabucks Players

Starting with May 2nd drawing, the Massachusetts Megabucks offers a new game matrix designed to produce more winners and higher jackpots. The improved Megabucks game, called appropriately Megabucks Doubler, will be a far more enjoyable game due to a number of attributes:

Starting jackpots will be increased from US$ 400,000 to US$ 500,000

Lower-tier prizes for matching 3, 4, or 5 numbers all dramatically increase:
Match 5-of-6 jumps from $1,500 to $2,500
Match 4-of-6 jumps from $75 to $100
Match 3-of-6 jumps from free bet to $2

To participate in Megabucks Doubler drawings held on Wednesday and Saturday, please register your account and follow the instructions.

Ohio resident claims US$ 75.6 Millions Mega Millions jackpot

The identity of the winner won't be made public after two attorneys claimed the prize on behalf of a blind trust — which Ohio law allows.Attorneys Deborah Barrington and Ronald Rowland, co-trustees of Ross County Beneficiary Trust, claimed the US$ 75.6 Million prize for the winner.

The holder of the winning ticket, chose the cash option, valued at US$ 46.9 Million before federal and state taxes. After taxes, the winner will receive about US$ 32.4 Million.

The US$ 75.6 Million prize was the Ohio share of the US$ 227 Million Mega Millions Jackpot drawing on May 1. Other winning tickets were sold in Virginia and California.

Online lottery tickets lotto lotteries

Last update: 02 August 2022

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