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6 Basic Strategies For Casino Games

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If you want to be a successful online casino gamer then you have to become a master of online casino strategy. Here at Casinobillionaire we want you to be a winner, which is why we offer a collection of helpful strategy articles to help you increase your bankroll and improve your casino gaming skills. Come back frequently to find helpful tips and strategies for all the exciting casino games we offer. Below you can check the Basic Strategies for the most popular online casino games. Enjoy!

Blackjack Basic Strategies

Blackjack Basic Strategies

The game of blackjack is one of the few games that a player can learn to beat with an understanding of basic strategy. Basic blackjack strategy is a simple and easy-to-use system that helps players make the best move in every situation when playing online blackjack.

Basic blackjack strategy can be found in table form. The table, or chart, represents all the possible combinations for your own hand and the dealer's up card and, based on this, lets you know what the best move is. For instance, should you hit, stand, double down, split or surrender? If you want to beat the house at blackjack you simply have to study and remember the values on the basic blackjack strategy chart.

Note that each blackjack variation has it's own strategy chart. The reason is that the best move in one variation may not be the best move in another. Odds are based on a variety of factors, which include the number of decks used, whether the dealer stands or hits on soft 17, and the rules applying to splitting and doubling down. Learn the rules of the blackjack games at Casinobillionaire and find a fitting strategy chart and you can increase your winnings in a flash.

Blackjack strategy charts can easily be found online or in books about blackjack strategy. Study these charts and memorize them and you can guarantee yourself the best odds of winning.

Classic Slots Basic Strategies

Slot Machines Basic Strategies

Classic slot games account for some of the most popular casino games, both online and off. Players thrive off the excitement that comes from the game's randomness and surprise. Though many players believe that there is no such thing as slots strategy there are actually several things that you can keep in mind in order to take the leap from casual slots player to slots winner.

For starters, the most important thing to keep in mind when playing online classic casino slots is money management. You should never wager more than you can afford to lose. In fact, many players choose to set aside a specific amount of money that they will allow themselves to gamble with per day, week or month. You should also set an amount at which you'll walk away when you are winning. Setting limits for yourself is the best way to manage your money, hold on to your winnings and minimize your losses.

When you play classic slots online you also have to keep in mind that you can only qualify for the big payouts, bonuses and progressive jackpots when you wager the maximum amount of coins. When you play with fewer coins than the maximum you earn smaller payouts. If you want to qualify for the big payouts then it's important to choose a slot with a maximum number of coins that fits your bankroll and make the maximum wager for every spin. This is where money management comes in-make sure to split your bankroll into hourly allotments if you want to play slots for a long period of time so you don't spin through your bankroll before you've even gotten into the swing of things. offers a large variety of classic slots. Some of the most popular online slots at include Fruit Slots, Diamonds are Forever, Berry Flavors, Red White Blue and Bankroll Reload. Before you start playing familiarize yourself with the pay table, jackpots and bonuses for the classic slot machine you are playing so you know what to expect as you spin the reels. Follow these simple strategies and you can greatly increase your classic slots winnings when you play at Casinobillionaire.

Craps Basic Strategies

Craps Basic Strategies

Craps is one of the most thrilling casino games. However, the game is quick and there are a huge number of betting options, making it one of the most complicated games here at Casinobillionaire. The good news is that a basic understanding of which craps bets have the best odds can help you to increase your chances of being a Craps winner.

The first step to take when you are learning how to win at craps is to learn about which bets should be avoided. Proposition bets have very high payouts. However, the house edge on proposition bets is a high 11%, making your odds of winning one of these bets very low. Bets with high payouts have high payouts for a reason—because the chances of your winning them are very slim.

Lay bets should also be avoided. A lay bet take a 5% commission, on top of having very low odds. If you do choose to wager a Lay bet in craps then remember that you'll have to pay commission on a win. Therefore you should place Lay bets in increments that are based on the commission rate. On 4 and 10 place bets in multiples of $40; on 6 and 8 you should place bets in multiples of $24; and on 5 and 9 you should place bets in multiples of $30.

When you are first starting out playing craps online it is also a good idea to avoid Buy bets. If you do decide to make a Buy bet then place it on 4 or 10, as 4 and 10 have the best odds of paying out. Remember that a $20 commission is taken on Buy bets and, therefore, you should place your bet in an increment of $20.

Once you understand which bets you should avoid it is important to learn about which bets you should make, as they have the best odds. The Pass and Don’t Pass bets pay even money. By placing hese bets you can start building your craps bankroll while familiarizing yourself with how the game works. Once you feel more comfortable you can start building up to higher risk bets with bigger payouts. You should also focus on Free Odds Wagers because the casino does not take commission on them.

When you learn about which bets to avoid and which to focus on you can improve your craps winnings at Casinobillionaire in no time.

Roulette Basic Strategies

Roulette Basic Strategies

If you want to increase your odds of winning at online roulette there are a variety of tips and strategies that you should keep in mind. Here at Casinobillionaire we want to share the secrets of roulette with you to help you minimize your losses and maximize your winnings when you play roulette with us.

When you are first starting out in the world of online roulette it is a good idea to learn about all the different bets you can make and their payouts. As a beginner the best strategy is to stick to even money bets such as reds or blacks, odds or evens, high numbers (19-36) or low numbers (1-18). These bets give you a 50/50 chance of winning and are a great way to help you build your bankroll. Once you get the hang of things and build up your casino bankroll you can start making riskier bets with higher payouts.

When you play roulette you should also use money management tips in order to ensure that you hold on to your winnings and maximize your losses. It is always a good idea to put aside money to play casino games with and only play with this money. You don't want to risk money that you cannot afford to lose. Set limits for yourself on when you will walk away when you are losing, as well as when you are ahead to make the most of your casino winnings and avoid big losses.

Once you understand the basics of roulette play you may decide to go ahead and learn some more complicated and advanced roulette systems and strategies. Roulette systems include the Labourchere, the Split Martingale and the Martingale Plus systems. These systems involve keeping track of numbers and sequences of spins and placing bets based on these sequences. The D'Alembert System takes into consideration which numbers have not come up in awhile and is based on the idea that these numbers are bound to come up soon. Under the D'Alembert System players also manage their money by increasing bets by a unit when they lose and decreasing bets by a unit when they win.

Sticking to basic roulette strategy or learning about more complex Roulette systems are both great ways to maximize your winnings when you play Roulette online.

Video Poker Basic Strategies

Video Poker Basic Strategies

A basic knowledge of video poker strategy can greatly improve your odds of winning big when you play video poker online. Here at we offer a variety of video poker games, including Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, Deuces Wild and Deuces and Joker. If you want to maximize your chances of winning all you have to do is study up on some basic video poker tips and strategies.

Video poker games are different from regular poker games because you are not playing against other players. In video poker you are attempting to obtain specific hands that pay out. Therefore, traditional poker strategies such as bluffing are obsolete when it comes to video poker.

One of the most surefire ways to improve your winnings when you play video poker online is to familiarize yourself with odds. Understanding the probability of getting specific hands can help you because you can focus on trying to obtain the hands that are more likely to come up.
When you play video poker you also have to remember that different video poker variations offer different payouts for different hands. Therefore, before you begin playing you should study the payout chart for the video poker game you are playing to that you know which hands pay out and you should try to obtain these hands.

Try playing a free game of video poker if you are new to the game to familiarize yourself with the rules and strategies. Once you begin winning your free game you can try a real money game.

Video Slots Basic Strategies

Video Slots Basic Strategies

A lot of casino players enjoy video slots for the high payout opportunities they afford as well as the thrill of the randomization and chance. However, may casino players incorrectly assume that there is no strategy for the game of video slots. In fact, there are several tips that can help you increase your chances of winning when you play video slots on the Web.

One of the most important things to keep in mind, and one that many players don't realize, is that if you want to qualify for the big jackpots and bonuses you have to wager the maximum number of coins. For instance, you may not earn a payout at all for a particular spin when you play with one coin that would pay out a huge amount of money if you wagered the maximum number of coins. For this reason you should always choose a video slot machine with a maximum bet that is affordable for you.

When you play video slots your odds improve the longer you play on a single machine. If you spin once and lose, don't move on to the next machine. Stick around and the chances of the machine paying out will increase. A lot of slots players at Casinobillionaire choose a favorite machine-for instance, the Fruit Slot, Lucky Number, Ocean Fantasy or the Bingo Slot-and play on it regularly. However, if you start to feel like you are on a losing streak you may want to try a different machine.

Money management is also a key element when it comes to video slots strategy. You don't want to go through your entire bankroll in one go, and you also don't want to bet away all your winnings when you are ahead. Therefore, it is wise to set stop loss limits for yourself-decide how much you are willing to lose before you quit for the day. Stop win limits, where you decide when to quit when you are ahead, will also help you hold on to your winnings.

Author: Alex Ramos

Alex Ramos

Author Bio: Alex Ramos is a casino specialist that reviews online gambling sites and games. A professional and independent blogger not linked to any casino corporate media or association. Alex dedicates its career for online casinos and online entertainment. He is graduated in Computing Science and is working in the online gambling industry since 1997.

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