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5 Tips on Video Poker Games for You

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Video Poker fans will find here, at, a lot of information and also free-play games to practice your skills and strategies. You know, Video Poker is much more skill than luck. Think with me: if the live Poker table is a strategy and skill game, why a Video Poker machine shouldn't be? It is exactly the same game, but you will be playing against a machine. Sure, some elements you won't have while playing video poker - bluff for example: you cannot bluff a video poker machine. You will have a lot of rules and strategies to follow. There are some winning hands that worth discard to try a better combination. There are higher hands possibilities that you will want to discard to guarantee a lower prize. Video Poker games are complex and difficult for serious players. In this blog post, you can read 5 tips on Video Poker games for you.

What I like about this game is the huge variety of options you can play. The popular All American Video Poker which became a success for enthusiasts in Las Vegas casinos and online casinos. I don't know why new online casinos are not offering video poker games. Players must find the best online casinos to have a variety of VP games. If depends on new casinos, players will only have slots. You know, every time I walk in at any Las Vegas casinos, I see hundreds of Video Poker games and a lot of people playing. It is a very loved game by USA players. Curiously, both new and vintage Las Vegas casinos are offering the game for its players. Sure, you will find a better variety at the old casinos like Binions, Golden Nugget, Harrah's, Flamingo, Circus Circus, and others. My point is: if Vegas casinos are offering the game, what's up with those new online casinos that are only offering slots? Well Video Poker players: here at you will have a lot of Video Poker games, including free play versions to practice your strategies.

With a lot of options and versions, you will find a big variety of games to play. You can start with the classics Jacks or Better, Joker Poker or explore the more complex machines allowing you to play multiple hands. You can choose to play Single Hand or Multiple Hand Video Poker and there are a lot of different variants for both options. If you started to play Video Poker recently, you must know that there are games allowing you to play 100 hands simultaneously. There are so many varieties to explore that it is difficult to mention everything here. With a lot of possibilities, I believe you will enjoy the option to play free video poker games here at and that's what I will be writing below.

Free Video Poker Games

Different than other sites, I will give a lot of attention for video poker games and that's why here you can play for free with no deposit required. I already added some free video poker games and in the next weeks, my plan is to add many more games. It will take some time because I will need to write a short review within every game added (any help will be welcome) to explain the differences and particularities of each game. My free slots page is huge and I am planning to make my free video poker games page very complete as the slots.
Free Video Poker Games
Free Video Poker Games

What are the most played Video Poker Games?

The most played Video Poker games are the classic ones where the rules are simple. The most played are the single hand, but a few multi-hand video poker games are also listed. You see that low variance games are the favorite for obvious reasons. High volatile video poker games like Loose Deuces or Triple Double Bonus are more played by professional gamblers. The most played Video Poker games at are:

  1. Joker Poker

  2. Jacks or Better

  3. Tens or Better

  4. Deuces Wild

  5. Louisiana Double Poker

Where to play Video Poker Games in Las Vegas?

I'd say you can play Video Poker at pretty much every casino in Vegas. I like to play in the old casinos because normally I find more options there. So, if you go to Bally's, Casino Royale, Four Queens, Golden Nugget etc... you will have hundreds of video poker games to play. So, my list with the best Video Poker games in Las Vegas would be:

  1. Slots A Fun

  2. Harrah's

  3. Treasure Island

  4. Golden Nugget

  5. Binion's Horseshoe

I played a lot of times at Slots A Fun which is a sister property of the classic Circus Circus Hotel Casino. You can actually find vintage slots and video poker games in both casinos. When it comes to playing real money Video Poker I always prefer the casinos part of the Las Vegas history. All the look-and-feel is very propitiating for Video Poker action.

Slots A Fun Las Vegas
Just me, playing Video Poker another night at Slots A Fun

Below you can also check some common questions about video poker gameplay. You can read some tips on strategies and ideas on how to take your skills to the next level. Anyway, read them, but do not forget to practice a lot playing my free Video Poker games listed here in this page.

Video Poker FAQ

If the house edge is only .05% on a 9/6 video poker machine, how important is hitting the royal flush in the overall payback? I usually play a $1 machine.

9/6 (full house: 9, flush: 6, one coin inserted) Jacks or Better video poker is associated with a house edge of 0.5%. But if you do not hit a royal flush, the casino advantage will be higher. As a matter of fact, the royal flush is so dominant in casino payout calculations for video poker machines, that until you hit that royal flush you'll be losing beaucoup more than chicken scratch, especially on a $1 machine. Even with your keen eye identifying machines with a decent payback, expect to lose more than the .05% house edge on a 9/6 video poker machine. "And why is that?" you ask, mentally doping out the statistics of the thing. Because the casino trolls figure that once in every 40,000 hands, some buckaroo is going to drop a Royal Flush on 'em, and they'd better be ready for it. From the typical player's point of view, that's a bit scummy, since his never wife will never let him play 40,000 hands. So how much of a hit are you taking without hooking a royal flush? On a $1 Jacks or Better 9/6 machine, the kind that you play, you will lose at a rate of 2.5% while you hope, pray, and sweat for a royal. Here's another way of looking at it. If you were to play 600 hands per hour, you should expect to lose about $75 per hour, on average, for each hour you play without hitting that elusive royal. Waving bye-bye to that kind of chump change might be a mild annoyance for some, but catastrophic for others. You recall that old household tune: "Remember the second mortgage."

Compared to Caribbean Stud Poker and Let it Ride, is Three Card Poker a better game to play?

The object of Three Card Poker is to have a three-card poker hand (no draws) that beats the dealer's three-card poker hand. Or, if you do not want to bet against the dealer, you can bet instead that your three-card hand will be at least a pair. The casino's edge for the Pair Plus is 2.3 percent and for the Ante wager it's 3.4 percent, based on the initial bet, or 2% and 2.3% respectively based on the total money wagered. The house edge for Caribbean Stud Poker is 5.3% and 3.5% for Let it Ride. Three Card Poker is clearly the better game for the player.

I get plenty of high pairs in video poker, but rarely convert them to better hands. How often should I be getting two pairs, trips, etc?

Here is the list, straight from Valhalla, of just how often certain combinations should be obtained when you are holding a high pair.
Two pair: Every six times
3-of-a-kind: Every nine times
Full House: Every 98 times.
4-of-a-kind: Every 360 times

Of course, by holding a single pair you cannot get a straight, flush, straight flush, or a royal flush. Matching your conversions against these average outcomes should more or less tell you how your luck is running.

Last week you mentioned different combination possibilities in video poker once you have a high pair (Two pair every six times, 3-of-a-kind every nine times, etc.). Does a low pair produce the same result as a high pair?

Aye, the same would hold true for a low pair. However, do not forget that the high pair packs more punch, as you would automatically get your money back. Then, there are scenarios where you would toss aside a low pair for a chance at a better hand. Example: You are dealt a Queen, King, and Ace of Hearts, and a pair of deuces. By keeping the deuces and going for two pair every six times, 3-of-a-kind every nine times, etc. you'll be cruisin' for a billfold bruisin.'

My buddy put $20 in a video poker machine, playing $5 a hand to get the maximum payout. He lost the first three hands, but on the fourth was dealt a natural royal flush. Number one, what are the odds of a natural royal flush happening in video poker? Number two, what would happen if he got nervous, and pressed the wrong button discarding all the cards instead of standing? I suspect in that case he is out of luck, and there is no payout. Keith A.

There are a total of 2,598,960 different hands that can be dealt to you in video poker, or 649,760 for each of four suits. Odds for a natural flush on the hand as dealt: one to 649,760. Luckily, the casino allows us mortals to discard some cussed cards before we cross the Rubicon (See below.) By drawing, simultaneously with using your noggin, your chances of hitting a royal flush rise to approximately one in 40,000 -- sixteen times better than the odds on a natural. As to the second part of your question, -- nervous buddy, wrong button, etc.. - -NOTTA thing would have happened. Why? Because, realizing most players do have nerves on edge passing through what they see as a jungle of hungry lions, slavering tigers, and grizzly bears, all casinos (OK, if not 100% of them, just a twitch fewer.) idiot-proof the machines so as to lock in the jackpot, thus blocking any suicidal tendency among those of us who get nervous among undomesticated beasts.


Video Poker machines still the king in Las Vegas casinos. Unfortunately, the reality at online casinos is very different (in some cases). Most of the new online casinos didn't offer any video poker games leaving the fans of the game with very limited options to play online with real money. When you visit Las Vegas casinos you can see a lot of people playing Video Poker. Most of the casinos in Las Vegas has an area where Video Poker machines overrun the casino floor. There are always a lot of players playing and if you go to the vintage casinos of Las Vegas the amount is bigger than the casino in the Strip Boulevard. While new online casinos are not offering video poker games, the casinos that are doing it are getting more visitors from VP enthusiasts. You know, here at you will never feel alone and I am also a big fan of Video Poker games. So, let's have some fun!

Last update: 08 November 2019

Author: Alex Ramos

Alex Ramos

Author Bio: Alex Ramos is a casino specialist that reviews online gambling sites and games. A professional and independent blogger not linked to any casino corporate media or association. Alex dedicates its career for online casinos and online entertainment. He is graduated in Computing Science and is working in the online gambling industry since 1997.

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