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5 Sites to Bet on eSports

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E-sports betting sites: check how they work and which ones are the best to bet online in electronic sports.

The betting sites which are popular in traditional sports have gained space in esports in games such as League of Legends (LoL), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), DotA 2, FIFA, Pubg Mobile, and Free Fire. However, with the huge variety of online betting sites out there, users must pick a solid and trusted brand to avoid any hassles and have a lot of fun. In this blog post, you can read how e-sports betting works and how to find honest gambling sites.

How do eSports betting sites work?          best eSports betting sites     Live Score CS:GO & Dota2     What is eSports?     summary    

How do eSports betting sites work?

eSports betting sites work pretty much in the same way as regular online sportsbooks. If you want to bet on FIFA, you will have the same platform used to bet on soccer.

Bets work on the odds system, which is a multiplier of the bet amount. Therefore, if the odds on an e-sports team's win are 2.00 and the punter bets $10 on a team, if the team wins the match the prize will be $20.

The odds are constantly changing based on the performance of the e-sports team. The greater the favoritism of an e-sports team, the lower the odd, since it is assumed that chances of winning are big.

The largest amounts of money can be collected by betting on the "underdog" team, as the odds are usually higher.

There are sports betting sites that allow you to bet during the gameplay, with variable quotes depending on the result in progress. On other sites there is a minimum odd for betting, assuming that the team in question is almost guaranteed to win if the odd is too low.

Most of the esports betting sites are also offering live streaming, so, you can watch esports competitions live on your mobile device or PC while staking money on your favorite team.

In a few steps, you will be ready to bet on esports and enjoy amazing events. This easy guide will help you to start and have your account registered to bet on electronic sports. Check below the 4 steps to start:

  1. Visit your favorite sports betting site listed in my honest sites ranking and check the esports page.
  2. Choose the electronic sports you want to bet and click on it. You will see a list of all esports events available for this video game. It is very easy as the interface is user-friendly. You can also read more about each game available
  3. When you enter your favorite esports event you will see what kinds of bets are available. Most of the bets and odds are in the same format as regular sports. To know more about game, you can watch youtube videos or read the game's rules.
  4. With a funded account, you can place your bets on esports and watch the live streaming of the game at the same time. You will have an amazing experience.

eSports Odds

With the huge boost of esports popularity, you can easily find the best esports odds when registering an account on the sites listed on this page. With a selection of the most trusted online gambling sites listed here, you will have the best prices if compared with other bookmakers.

Enjoy the best esports odds for stakes on Pubg Mobile, LoL, Dota, Overwatch, Call of Duty, eFIFA, eNBA, eUFC, CS:GO, and many more titles.

You will have American Odds, Fractional, Decimal Odds just like any online bookmaker. Remember that you can enjoy the action on any mobile device using a mobile browser. If you want, you can install the mobile app. The odds will be exactly the same no matter the device you pick.

eSports Tips for online betting

Our community is made of real gamblers that are experts in esports making them authority in the market. In the comments section, you can check their picks and valuable tips for all you interested in betting on esports. You will find in-depth analysis and reports of live esports streaming and also schedule of the next games with real-time odds.

What are the best e-sports betting sites?

Because it involves money, it is always dangerous to bet on new or unknown sites. To find out if a website is safe or not, it is recommended to check reviews, recommendations, and the reputation of the site. Analyzing this information allows us to find the best e-sports betting sites. In addition, comments on the sites 'social networks also show users' feedbacks.


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Casumo Canada Sportsbook
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Leo Vegas
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In short, you must pick e-sports betting sites that are solid and well established. Is the site online for many years? This shows the site is very well established and online for many years, with a solid background.

Avoid new online gambling sites as they can cease their operations as soon as they started.

There are large sites that have an international reputation and even sponsor esports teams and events. An example of this is Betway which is an official sponsor of teams like MIBR, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and championships like ESL One.



1 - bet365


Needless to say, this is the king. In my opinion, the best site to bet on esports for clear reasons. They are online for many years. They are very solid in the online gambling industry and respected internationally. The site is offering extensive coverage of esports events including popular games like LoL, Pubg, Valorant, Crossfire, Dota2, eSoccer, eBasketball, and more.

Visit bet365!

2 - Casumo

Casumo Canada Sportsbook

Casumo is popular in Canada, India, New Zealand, and South Africa. Their innovative gamification system continues to take the attention of gamblers worldwide. Casumo esports is another option to bet online with real cash and have a lot of fun. LoL, CS:GO, Valorant, Pubg, and many other games are available in the eSports section at Casumo. You can bet using any mobile device. The site is responsive and user-friendly. The best esports odds, available in different formats; Decimal, American, and Fractional.

Visit Casumo!

3 - Spin Sports

SpinCasino SpinSports

Spin is an online gambling site very popular and respected. If you are playing casinos online for many years you probably remember the brand SpinPalace. It was revamped to Spin to offer casino, sports betting and e-sports. The esports section is very well structured covering the major esports competitions including CS;GO, Rainbow Six Siege, StarCraft II, League of Legends, NBA2K league, Dota2, King of Glory, and Overwatch. You will be very well-served with Spin esports content. Worth a look!


Casumo is popular in Canada, India, New Zealand, and South Africa. Their innovative gamification system continues to take the attention of gamblers worldwide. Casumo esports is another option to bet online with real cash and have a lot of fun. LoL, CS:GO, Valorant, Pubg, and many other games are available in the eSports section at Casumo. You can bet using any mobile device. The site is responsive and user-friendly. The best esports odds, available in different formats; Decimal, American, and Fractional.

Visit Casumo!

4 - Bodog


Bodog is present in the online gambling industry for decades. They were one of the first bookmakers online. Now Bodog is very solid in Canada offering a casino and a big sportsbook. Their esports section includes game lines and futures and the odds can be decimal and american. Bodog esports section offers LoL, Dota2, Starcraft, Rainbow Six, Valorant, and King of Glory. Unfortunately, Bodog is not available in India anymore.

Visit Bodog!

5 - LeoVegas

Leo Vegas

Leovegas is another site that started with a focus on live casino games but as soon they noticed the buzz over sports betting, they launched their sportsbook platform. The site offers Valorant, CS:GO, Dota2, and League of Legends. LeoVegas esports section is not so complete but you can for sure enjoy more things this site has to offer. It will be almost impossible not having fun with their live dealer games. They are known as king of mobile.

Visit LeoVegas!

Betway esports

Play Betway real money
Betway - up to €/$30 in Free Bets


The gambling site Betway is now with a strong focus on esports betting not only offering this gambling possibility but also sponsoring esports teams around the world including ESL New York, ESL One Cologne, ESL Pro League, Blast Premier, IEM Katowice. The site is covering the best esports tournaments and offering the best esports odds for its clients. If you want the best odds for esports betting, you should visit betway and take a look at what they are offering. While other sites are offering esports solely to get traffic, betway are really serious about it also sponsoring athletes, esports teams, and tournaments.

Visit Betway

As the name suggests, Videoslots was primarily focused on slot machine games but soon they realized the growth and preference of sports betting. Their online sportsbook is active for some time now and as they are aware of the new generation of punters, esports are available. You can have fun with electronic sports wagering, but I'm sure you won't resist and try their video slots as well in different tournaments and races.

Visit Videoslots!

What is eSports?

E-Sports - or Electronic Sports - is a great way of entertainment with a growing number of video game enthusiasts worldwide meeting and playing online in tournaments. For many people, e-Sports have the same value as a traditional sport. And you, what do you know about eSports? Have you ever thought about betting on e-Sports?

esports (electronic sports) are video games competitions that are streamed online, on TV, or physically in a venue. These competitions are made by video game players, video game developers, online streaming platforms, and eSports leagues.

In e-sports competitions (played in electronic games), players act like professional athletes and are watched by a huge audience, through online streaming platforms such as Twitch and Youtube, or on TV. The main difference in relation to classic sports is that e-Sports do not test their athletes' physical skills, but rather their mental agility and reasoning.

Just like a chess game, the market already considers Electronic Sport as a real sport. Professional players have a rigorous training routine, with daily loads that can reach 12 or 14 hours, in addition to legal contracts with teams, sponsorships, etc.

Currently, there are many types of electronic games. Among the best known is League Of Legends, Fortnite, Free Fire, Pubg Mobile, FIFA, and CS: GO.

Bet On Esports Games

What are the most popular electronic sports played?There are a lot of electronic sports that are popular in different countries. For example, in India PubgMobile is on top of the ranking while in Canada we have LoL, Dota2, Counter-Strike, FIFA, and more games. It depends on the country. Formula1, NBA, Rocket League, Rainbow Six, Freefire, Fortnite, are always the favorite in competitions. First shooting and battle arena are popular and the audience loves to watch the action live in-play. These games can be played individually or with a team.

Pubg Mobile

There is nothing bigger than Pubg mobile in India. You can enter the game and play, and when you check the ranking you will see the top positions are always Indian players that are dominating this electronic sport. There are big esports tournaments in India and the focus is always Pubg. One interesting detail is that the esports competitions in India are 100% with mobile devices. The Indian Gaming League, DreamHack Mumbai, ESL One Mumbai, COBX Masters, ESL India Premiership, Dew Arena, DreamHack Delhi, and just a few of the competitions amassing a huge amount of spectators. The market is set to be worth billions of dollars in a near future and everything started with one game: Pubg competitions played with mobile phones.

League Of Legends

LoL is a game is categorized as a "battle arena". The players' teams face off in an arena called "Summoner’s Rift". The goal is to destroy the other team's base while defending your own base.A typical "League of Legends" game can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, with different teams gathering across the map to engage in tactical battles to destroy the opponent's base.


In the same way as LoL, Dota2 has two teams competing against each other with the goal of destroying each other's bases. Dota2 is much more strategic than action. A tournament called The International offers multi-million dollars in prizes. Dota = Defense of the Ancients.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike is a first-person shooting game that is pure action. It involves two teams divided into terrorists and counter-terrorists, facing each other in 30 two-minute rounds. Terrorists must place a bomb in one of several locations, while counter-terrorists must defend those locations. You can bet on different ways and markets in this game. Different than "battle arena" games that are more tactical, first-person shooting games are more into the action. CS:GO = Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Live eSports Online

Our website starts a campaign promoting several live e-Sports events to bet online on the best online gambling sites. Keep an eye on our blog to access the updated schedule of matches in the largest e-Sports leagues and tournaments in the world.

Here we will list the best sites to bet on e-Sports with bonuses and many promotions. Reliable and well-established sites in the world of online betting.

Do not miss the opportunity to have real fun in our online betting options in e-Sports. We have Counter-Strike, League of Legends, FIFA, NBA, Dota 2, Rocket League, King of Glory, Call of Duty, and many other games.


Here at, you will find solid information about esports bettting. I know that the new generation of gamblers is done with those boring slot games that are the same for centuries. That's why I am taking esports seriously and making constant in-depth research to recommend you the best gambling sites with esports betting. The esports betting is not the future... is the present! The new generation of online punters is feeling comfortable placing bets on esports events.

This page will be updated regularly to present you with solid information about this market.

Very different than other gambling sites, is totally independent and not affiliated with any gambling corporate media that dictates which sites must be recommended. My punters' community is doing this job. You can be sure, this information is made from players to players.

Review by: Alex Ramos
Last update: 15 December 2021


How eSports work?

eSports works pretty much like a regular sports event, with live events that are streamed online on Facebook, Twitch, Youtube, or through TV. The structure is complete including narrator, live audience, teams, leagues and tournaments. There are a huge fan base of esports that are consuming content and wagering online.

How are the eSports wagering?

It is the same as regular sports. For example, if you bet on FIFA video game match you will have the same options of betting on soccer. The only difference is when you bet on specific rounds of LoL like the round 1 or maps.

Are the eSports wagering rules the same of sports?

Yes. You won't have any difficulty to bet on esports. The sites are explaining all details like the match duration, odds, and more. If the match is based on real sports events the payout limits will be based on the limits of electronic sports. The rules are very easy with small differences.

What are the best sites to bet on esports in Canada?

Canadian clients can have fun with trusted and honest sites to bet on electronic sports. I'd recommend bet365, Casumo, Videoslots, PartyCasino, LeoVegas, SpinSports, Betway, and a few more. Be aware of new sites: they usually don't pay your winnings.

Can you win real money with esports?

Sure! If you are not a player part of any team and you have good knowledge on esports games, you can win real money with online betting. You can bet on esports competitions and leagues and win real cash.

Are esports betting legal?

Yes, as long you pick a licensed site to take your online wagers. In this page you can check legal gambling sites with licenses in trusted jurisdictions. You can bet on esports with legal sites.

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    Comment: Opening Week for ESL Pro League With all matches now scheduled to be played online, Season 11 of the ESL Pro League's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive series got underway Monday and will continue to the Grand Final. Saturday's action will see Fnatic (–550) take on North at 2 PM ET, streaming live on Twitch and YouTube. ======== Top-Ranked Invictus Take on LGD After kicking off the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) 2020 Spring season with four straight victories, Invictus Gaming will put their undefeated steak on the line against No. 13-ranked LGD Gaming (1-3) this Thursday when they lock horns at 2 AM ET. Streaming coverage will be available on Twitch.

    Author: Alex Ramos

    Alex Ramos

    Author Bio: Alex Ramos is a casino specialist that reviews online gambling sites and games. A professional and independent blogger not linked to any casino corporate media or association. Alex dedicates its career for online casinos and online entertainment. He is graduated in Computing Science and is working in the online gambling industry since 1997.

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